Homeopathy Tips for 6/23/09 Making Choices

     Often I see a client or am asked the question, “what does homeopathy really do?” The short answer is, “ultimately it gives us more freedom of choice.” What do we do about this? … love ourselves!

     Instead of writing this week I want to share a 11 min. 25 sec. video with you. This is from one of the client follow-ups at the Resonance School of Homeopathy. Her picture has been altered to protect her identity, so when the video starts, don’t be alarmed.

     This particular client is very willing to listen and do her healing. What I have shared with her is applicable to everyone. I hope you enjoy the video.

Click HERE to begin viewing.

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14 comments so far

  1. Becky Litton on

    I am not able to hear the audio. I can hear other videos but not this one.

    • Becky Litton on

      Sorry, there was something wrong with my sound driver.
      All is working well now!

  2. Robert on

    Please check your auido levels and whether your audio is on mute or not. I have played this many times from several computers and have not had a problem. Also if you have an older version of flashplayer then you could possibly benefit from an upgrade. Thanks, Robert

  3. Deborah on

    That was awesome Robert! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. SACHIN on


    • Robert Field on

      Hi Sachin,
      The video has been working great. It must have something to do with the internet connection and the ability to stream data quickly. Sorry.

  5. Surya Narayan Sarangi on

    Dear Robert,
    This is a case of forced zygotisation leading to distorted emotional state right from the birth due to repulsive interaction of parental hidden forces(spiritual heart)and has been aggravated on her failure/shock to find the right environment/friend/learning.In short,this is a case of wounded heart and the problem lies in the forbidden(hidden) part of the spiritual system,where nobody dares enter.In addition to treatment,psychotherapy is highly essential the doctor must feel the hidden part,keep the patient in that state of pain and show the truth of what is happening,why happening,the track of life ,its repairing…etc.It is really a very difficult task but with right learning,things improve permanently.The knowledge on this hidden part is lacking in the world.Such patients can permanently improve without the use of medicines also.
    However, the advice “to love yourself” is difficult even for a sane human being to conceive/understand.How can ‘I’ love ‘I’,who will love whom?
    With love & regards,

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Surya,

      I cannot comment on your psycological speculations. You seem to have a very complex view of her psycological state. This is only a very small part of her follow-up after 18 months of treatment and many other follow-ups. This is a return of old symptoms, now asking to be healed in the present moment in time. I see that the remedy has been working beautifully and this is another layer to her healing. It always amazes me how the vital force knows how and when to do it’s healing. All that is required is a little inspiration from the remedy and that process is accelerated greatly. My advise to her about loving herself was to help reinforce acceptance of her situation, knowing that she is in a process of change. If self doubt and dicipline or punishment were to work, it would have along time ago in her life. If there is a comparison of the carrot or the stick to inspire change, I have found that the carrot works much better in the end. When we learn to beat ourselves up we become our own worst enemy. Hopefully with the support of her healing response to the remedy she will heal her issues in a loving gentle way. I think this is what Hahnemann spoke of when he described homeopathy. I feel kind words can have lasting and inspiring effects when they are finally heard.
      Thanks for your comments,

  6. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Doctor: Thanks for the case. Did she need a remedy at all or was the counselling enough. The only remedy that came to my mind was “Lac Caninum”. She had a lot of energy which is indicative of animal remedies, she affirmed the things you said (i.e: obedient like a dog)and finally she had a lot of either antagonism with self or contempt of self which is marked in Lac Can. Please tell us how the case was resolved. Did her increased self awareness and instructions to love herself more have the same healing as a remedy, did she need counselling frequently to keep the energy pattern correction happening, would a remedy have kept the progress going for a longer time interval.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Philip,
      She has benefited from the remedy Rhus Toxicodendron over the last 18 months. All physical symptoms have improved significantly. No more asthma, greatly reduced back and extremity pain (No more drug therapies), and continued mental and emotional awareness and growth. This follow-up she reported her awareness of the issues of control and her frustration with the pattern of thoughts/behaviors. This is an aggravation that will resolve. She has no self contempt. I offered her these words of encouragement because she will take them seriously and benefit. It is a simple shift from beating ourselves up with discipline and negative self talk (why am I still doing this? etc.) to one of acceptance and understanding that if there were a better choice one could make they would be making it. Her desire to heal insures her success. It is just that time is mercy and she needs to go through the experience to get beyond it. My guess is that one year from now, her issues will probably be non-issues. They will fade away. You will see her case and follow-ups in the coming months. She always offers such eloquent descriptions of her process and works very hard to willfully and consiously change. It has been a joy to work with her and she has taught our class very much.
      Robert Field

  7. Dr.Rubina Altaf on

    sorry to say that i cant hear voice only

  8. Samuel Oppong-Boadi on

    I could not view the video or hear the sound

  9. Robert Field on

    Hello everyone,
    I am sorry that the video has not worked for some of you. I have investigated and the video is good but there is some problem with playback on some of your computers. I will look further into this as all of you should be able to view the video. Thank you for your feesback. This will help me to fine tune any of the processing or delivery of future videos.
    Robert Field

  10. VASANT on

    Nice presentation. video, audio no problem.I have question about what potency you achieved maximum benefit to the patient ?


    Hi Vasant,
    Like the remedy, potency is also determined in a case by case way. No two cases are the same. Hahnemann said to give the remedy in a slightly stronger potency than the vital forces expression of the disease. I use all potencies; from a daily dose of lower C potnecies to single dose of higher potencies, to daily doses of LM potencies usually in water. I also put C potencies in water when necessary to soften the inspiration and have the client sniff if nercessary. Potency issues are really case by case.

    Robert Field

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