Homeopathy Tips for 6/22/10 Latex Vulcani

Latex Vulcani is a more recently proven remedy (2001) by Misha Norland and the School of Homeopathy. I have now given the remedy many times and want to share a few insights about this most wonderful remedy. The remedy was made from an untreated latex condom. I have found that this energy is embedded into the remedy and forms it’s essence.

Latex comes from the sap of many different plants is the “glue” that helps the wound of the plants surface heal. It is harvested from the rubber plant by cutting the bark and letting it bleed into a can to collect the sap. Latex is collected from trees in the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae) and in particular Hevea brasiliensis. Sulphur is used to vulcanize rubber so that it is more stable, and pliable. Latex is used to make many articles but most notable are condoms, latex surgical gloves, balloons and rubber bands.

Main  mind themes that came forth from the proving are;  Cosy and Cocooned, Calm, Restricted, Claustrophobic, Bubbles, Separation, Disconnected from People, Difficulties  with Communication, Disconnected from Feelings, Unfeeling, Ruthless, Selfish,Sex & Birth & Death, Sterility, Disconnected from Self, Distortion, Invisible, Disconnected from Events, Moving with the Flow, Violence, Shock and Paralysis, Safe, Brave, Reckless, Focussed, Running on, Lacking Boundaries, Vulnerable, Suspicious, Attacked, Sensitive, Irritable, Shame & Guilt, Clairvoyance, Lacking Concentration, Confused, Clumsy, of Control

In every case I have seen there has been a certain disconnect from themselves. This translated to an inability to take action or a theme of being held back. In the first case I saw every descriptor that the person spoke of was in relation to being a balloon. Her primary physical complaint was back pain that was debilitating and she would routinely lose her voice. This she had experienced her entire life. Some of the phrases she used were,  “Emotions bouncing all around. On another planet, Something in the house trying to kill me, Responsibility is like bouncing balls,”

In her first follow-up she reported she “did not feel as deflated, so on the floor.” She received a get well balloon and then went on to say her husband commented she was more “buoyant”. She wanted to not feel so stuck and have negative energy bounce off of her”. Her back healed in one month and had no back pain whatsoever. Her voice has remained stable for years now. She used words that exactly describe latex.

In the next case it was a much more difficult case; one of the most difficult cases I have ever treated because many very well selected remedies had no effect. Her main complaint was eczema around the hairline on the back of her head. Sulphur was the most indicated remedy and seemed to help only a little. After several months Psorinum was given., again with only marginal results. After asking about other aspects of her life she shared that she was going to lose her home to foreclosure along with two other investment properties. I asked what she could do to protect her interests and she that she knew of all of the things to do but could not do them, even simple tasks to take care of the problems. She was now going to lose all of her investments to simple negligence. This seemed odd and after further investigation she was helpless to help herself. Then I started to look a different ways to see this case and related it to paralysis, and then to a drug state. Several more remedies were given until I changed to a new repertization. Mind;Negligence, Paralysis, Mind;Detached; problems,from her.

After starting the remedy everything shifted for her. She claimed for the first time in her life she was able to see her world from a much different perspective. She said that she could see from the back of her head and beyond that to include a world she had never experienced. One that included herself. Looking back she made comments of not connecting to her feelings, and like there was a boundary that kept her back from focusing on the positive.

In a most recent case the client again had severe back pain. She made motions with her hands while talking that conveyed a barrier. She would start something and it would get stopped. She had a very protective mother and it played a part in her inability to move forward in life and release herself from  the stuck-ness.

Another client again was unable to do anything to help herself. She was aware of her financial  situation that was developing but unable to do anything about it. If the situation continues this way, she is sure to go to destitution. She knows this but is unable to do anything about it.

There is a disconnect from self in this remedy. It is like the person is wearing a condom over them that keeps their connection to self and the world apart. They are aware of their condition but are powerless to do anything about it. When you take latex in a sheet form and stretch it, it will stretch far and become almost transparent. It is like the person can view their life through this film but it is all viewed imperfectly.

The condom also provides a very good metaphor for the energy of the remedy. The condom is to protect from pregnancy by trapping the sperm. It is also to protect from getting disease or infection. This works both ways in the energy of the remedy. The person is unable to access their spiritual creative energy. The sperm is the holiest of substances and is the only thing that can penetrate the egg and create life. This is about releasing G-d’s creation. When it is blocked by the barrier of the latex the act of intercourse can not be fruitful. It then becomes an energy that is blocked to be the co-creator with G-d. It is a perfect metaphor for how the person needing Latex Vulcani is blocked from their ability to access their higher creative self and see their problem clearly. It is not really about seeing the problem though as it is about having the inability to do anything for themselves.

Here are Rajan Sankaran’s keywords for the Euphorbiaceae family;

Sensation keywords:
o Tied, bound, bind, get entangled, straight jacket, arrest, captive, capture, catch, clasp, clutch, detain, ensnare, entrap, get snarled, strangle, get stuck, get tangled, get trapped in, grab, grasp, hold of, hold, net, seize, snag, snare, stifle, suffocate, take prisoner, prisoner, throttle, trap.

Active reaction keywords:
o At liberty, boundless, break away, break free, free, freed, liberated, not tied up, release, untied, released, unbound, unchained, flowing open, limitless, uncontrolled, escape, separate, separate from, disentangle yourself and get away from.

Hopefully this will help you the next time you have a case of someone who is unable to activate themselves to help them self. If any of you have any other comments about Latex Vulcani or cases that you have seen, please share them below.

24 comments so far

  1. Dr. Poonam Batra on

    Dear Robert, thanks for sharing your experience about the new remedy.
    The drug picture resembles that of the symptoms of schizophrenia. Which potency do you use, is this remedy easily available?

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Dr,

      The remedy is available from Hahnemann Labs 1-888-427-6422 and Helios in England. Potency is a case by case decision. Once the remedy is determined then we must find the correct potency for the individual .

      Robert Field

  2. prof.paulo de lacerda,md,phd on

    Dear Robert,


    good to know about new provings and I suggest you kindly to improve experiments with new remedies of the Amazon Rain Forest from Brazil for infectious diseases etc..

    Example: Hura Brasilienesis for leprosy etc..



  3. ashok on

    Dear Robert,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with this rare medicine.
    Your all tips are really thought provoking and very helpful.
    I request you to give some tips for treating seborrheic dermatitis and nail fungus which are very prevalent and difficult to treat.



  4. Sharon Cardenas RN on

    Thanks Robert, forgive my ignorance but it is amazing this works indirectly, and the original tree sap from Hevea Brasiliensis was not used.

    • Robert on

      Hi Sharon,

      The sap from the Hevea Brasiliensis can create irritation in some people. It therefore would not be so useful in its raw form. By potentizing the substance we can use it for a variety of things and much more than just the indications based on the physical effects. Potentization reveals the energy of the substance which is always much more than the physical.


  5. Dr HP Pandey on

    Dear Robert,
    Thanks for sharing your experience and drug picture about the new remedy.

  6. Willow Buckley on

    Dear Robert
    I believe Sharon was asking why a condom was potentized instead of the actual sap. If it isn’t what she wanted to know I would like to know 🙂

    Great proving and wonderful addition to the MM

    Thank you

    • Robert on

      Hi Willow,

      I was not a part of the proving and have no idea why a condom was used other than it is an easy source for pure vulcanized latex.


  7. Dr.Aradhana Srivastava on

    Good Morning,
    Any more details available about the Drug.
    Kindly help me understand the Remedy more Clearly..


    Dear Sir,
    It is an excellent article on the MATERIA MEDICA OF THE MEDICINE LATEX VULCANI.

    In the modern world most of the people have this mind posture that they have trapped up feeling. For example I find some people telling that I have trapped up with my wife. I trapped up with this most hell creating job. Some how I want to get rid of these. But I am helpless.

    Can you suggest me whether the drug latex vulani can be used on these mental conditions?

    with warm regards,

    • dr.arshad on

      dear sir,
      You can use SEPIA instead of LATEX VULANI in these mental conditions.Old remedies are very valuable and keys of all diseases.

  9. dr.garima on

    dear dr

    for such meaningful information.

  10. H.Dr.Muhammad Ayub Khan on

    Dear Sir,
    I appriciate the proving.Latex Vulcani no dout is from one of the plant kingdom but in above prooving Remedy strength/concenration is not mentioned. kindly provide more knowledgeful tips.
    Thanks with regards,

    From: H.Dr M.ayub Khan

  11. Dr Shorab Ibrahim on

    Hi Doc,
    It was very recently that I subscribed to your news letter. I find it very interesting and informative. I thank you for the trouble that you take to keep us informed on these very interesting topics. I’m enjoying every bit of it, Keep it up Doc, your are doing a service to us, and Homeopathy

    Dr Shorab Ibrahim – Srilanka.

  12. nilesh mahadik on

    thanks for such nice information for back apin remedy

  13. shahid siddiqui on

    dear, dr.
    I have read the details,you have describe the all symptoms of minds,it was very informayive,keep it up.this remedy is available in india.
    with best regards
    thank you.

  14. F. Sheikh on

    I also read you news letter regularly and thoroughly enjoy it.
    Great information. Thank you!

  15. Jennifer Angone on

    I would imagine this remedy to also be very beneficial in a lot of case of childhood autism. Have you had any experience or heard of any cases with this remedy and treating autism?

    Keep up the great work!

  16. ginni ghaziri on

    Great stuff. how about some more info on positron and falco p. these new remedies seem to be coming up more and more in cases. to be expected no less with our changing way of life. use of plastic wraps and food savers etc…. allopathic and designer drug abuse, air pollution. we must stay ahead of things with new remedies for new disturbances. tks Robert you are doing a great job for which I am truly grateful.

  17. Mah-jabeen on

    Thanks, Robert share this rmaidy .

  18. raju on

    dear doctor these medicine can we give to patient like wevaring mided unable to take decission,nervousness often afriding negative thinking etc

  19. Sammi on

    Hello doctor! I was recently told to take Natrum Mur 12 x for my head injury. I have horrible post concussive syndrome, headaches, and mild seizures. I was wondering if I could take the Natrum Sulphuricum with the Natrum Mur? Can they be mixed? Also I was wondering how much of the Natrum Sulphuricum one would take? I would truly appreciate any help. Thank you!

  20. Julius Fernandes on

    Hi am re entering my comment that it can be used in cases of dementia. I am looking for such a remedy for a case I have of dementia. But will have to wait and see if it works.

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