Homeopathy Tips for 6/17/14 Coincidence

Coincidence plays a part in all cases and is the telling sign of confirmation in some cases. In my humble opinion there is no such thing as coincidence. There is perfect order in the universe and sometimes it is so blatantly obvious that when we experience coincidence it will be as if G-d is speaking directly to you.

Websters defines coincidence as; exact agreement. Occurance together apparently without reason. The temporal property of two things happening at the same time.

Many times being a homeopath is much like being a private investigator. I’ve often thought that we are much like Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes, wrote about coincidence in “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle,” “Amid the action and reaction of so dense a swarm of humanity, every possible combination of events may be expected to take place, and many a little problem will be presented which may be striking and bizarre….” (Conan Doyle 1892, p.245)

A coincidence is a surprising concurrence of events, perceived as meaningfully related, with no apparent causal connection. This happens often in receiving a case. There will be something that happens that is beyond the odds of occurring randomly and coinciding with a thought, idea or observation about the case.

Most often this happens in the later phases of receiving the case. The main body of material will have been delivered and good rubrics will have been chosen. By this time I will be sure about what is asking to be healed.

I will be in the process of looking at remedies or reading Materia Medica, and the person will say the exact word as I am reading it. When this is a key word to the case sometimes it will bring confirmation to the remedy. One may argue that this was just a random event but when it conveys the main idea about the case, it is not mere coincidence to me. It will be the last thing I need to experience to make that final decision about the remedy. This happens often.

When you have experienced such coincidence many times it is much easier to trust that this is a message from higher powers to confirm the case. I do not question this anymore. When coincidence happens in the beginning of a case, I will be more cautious about it’s significance. I do not want to be led into speculation when I have not formed solid ideas about the case yet.

All things that happen during case receiving are significant. If the phone rings, a fire truck passes by, a sneeze or twitch, or any other event happens, it has meaning. Paying attention to these events will make your “Sherlock Holmes” job of discovering what is asking to be healed much easier.

The time of case receiving is sacred. There is divine guidance available to help you if you are open and accepting of it. This requires that we pay attention to all things during this time. The universe works in mysterious ways. One of the more profound ways is through coincidence.

When it happens for you, do not ignore it. Let it play with as much weight in your mind as your confidence is about the case or remedy. Once you begin to trust this process, you will find that it is happening more often that you could ever imagine.

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  1. Jamie B on

    I can certainly agree here. Perhaps I am just paying better attention, but there have been many times where I or a family member have been afflicted by an ailment and I’ve studied and sought out the appropriate remedy or treatment, only to need to draw from that same experience to help someone else within a short few weeks or months. I put solid stock in God’s intervention when helping others.

  2. Asghar Ali on

    Intuition certainly plays an active role but to establish relation with Almighty Allah (GOD) is not enjoined by all. May HE be pleased to endow us all with these qualities to serve the ailing humanity. Such tips undoubtedly play a positive role in faith building. Please keep us educated.
    Asghar Ali

  3. Sarfaraz ali'Islamabad on

    I am very much impressed by the article.I had undergone the writings of arther Conan Doyal.Coincidence is again a great miracle.Homeopath benefits from such things and experiences.I very much appreciate the comments of Asghar Ali Sahib.

  4. Karen on

    Thanks for the words of support and clarity regarding coincidence.

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