Homeopathy Tips for 6/17/08 Kent

One of the great Homeopaths to share with his colleagues was James Tyler Kent (1849 – 1916) . He has become most notable for his use of higher centisimal potencies and his Repertory.  But Kent was also a leader in his day of the importance of mental symptoms and generalizing less. He focused more on the particulars of the case in order to differentiate remedies.

Kent  lectured at many of the colleges and at the request of his many students several volumes of his lectures have been compiled. His Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy and Lesser Writings are filled with gems of homeopathic understanding.  He really understood the nature of man and dis-ease and expressed it well. I want to share a few of his precepts from his Lesser Writings with you. I think you will see the importance of his work in reading just a few.

  • You cannot divorce Medicine and Theology. Man exists all the way down, from his innermost Spiritual, to his outermost Natural.
  • A truth, on any plane, presented to different men, is accepted or rejected by each according to the good or evil of his mind.
  • The external man is but an outward expression of the internal; so the results of disease (symptoms) are but the outward expression of the internal sickness.
  • Everything is harmoniously working in the well man. Consider the man, heal the sick.
  • If you loose the attitude of mind which seeks the good of the patient you will loose your Homeopathy.
  • Those who have tested homeopathy and it is a failure have only exposed their own ignorance.
  • A physician’s attitude in performing his duty to the sick, is different from that of any other person. He has a different sphere from that of the ordinary man. This is a thousand times amplified in Homeopathy. One who has entertained that peculiar “circumcision of the heart”, always looking to the good of the patient, never thinking of the criticism of man, acquires an ability to say what is right to do. He establishes a garment of righteousness.
  • If there were no Idiosyncrasy there would be no Homeopathy. Every individual is susceptible to certain things; is susceptible to sickness, and equally susceptible to cure.
  • Cure rests in the degree of susceptibility.
  • Remedies operate as by contagion. He caught the disease, and catches the cure.
  • You must see and feel the internal nature of your patient as the artist sees and feels the picture he is painting. He feels it. Study to feel the economy, the life, the soul.
  • Memorizers have no perception; they can only remember what they see, and they see only the surface.
  • Memory is not knowledge until it is comprehended and used; then grows the ability to perceive.
  • Understand the remedy first, the keynotes last.
  • The physician who violates his conscience, destroys his ability to perceive.
  • What appears to be intuition comes from using that which is in the understanding.
  • Man cannot be made sick or be cured except by some substance as ethereal in quality as the Vital Force.
  • It is unthinkable to speak of Motion or Force without a simple, primitive substance. Force, or action of a nothing is unthinkable.
  • If you do not use your Homeopathy you will loose it. This is a responsibility so great that where one has gone into truth and does not make use of his knowledge, he will become like Egypt of old.
  • The disease is not to be named but to be perceived; not to be classified but viewed, that the very nature of it may be discovered.
  • Throw aside all theories, and matters of belief and opinion, and dwell in simple fact.
  • The human mind should not be burdened with technicalities. They destroy description, and close the understanding.
  • Materia Medica never inspires perception. The physician must have the love of it’s use, and he becomes wise in proportion as he loves his use, and in proportion as he lives uprightly with his patients; that is, desire to heal them; beautify their souls. Can the physician, who does not love his neighbor as himself, get into this position?

These are filled with great wisdom. Let them inspire you to become the very best homeopath you can be. Incorporate them into your life.  They will help you more than anything  else I could ever recommend to you.


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  1. Dr. Ghulam mustafa on

    Last week,s topic my comments are not submited i try many times but the page can not opend . thands
    i e-mailed you my last weeks comments
    dr.ghulam mustafa

  2. Debasish on

    Many many thanks for your compilation of this article. I think all homeopaths should read this article once again. It’s a great article and try to imply on our everyday practice.

    Debasish Bandyopadhyay

  3. Dr. Charlotte Morgan on

    Several parts of Kent’s quotes really sttod out this morning for me. I also think that reading them over at different times and with different experiences, we will notice different things within these quotes.

    “Attitude of mind” I spend a brief time between each patient that I see to sort of “cleanse” my mind. To have that fresh attitude with each person. This helps with balancing my life and energy.

    “Duty of the sick.” This reminds me that once we are exposed to information, education and experiences, we are then obligated to share those.

    “Susceptible to sickness and equally susceptible to the cure.” It is always interesting and a challenge to me when patients are living within disease. It becomes their life. The Dr. office business, pills and surgeries. It is a challenge to assist this patient to the cure. To let go and embrace the cure.

    “Caught the disease, catch the cure” I will carry this with me today.

  4. N.Guruprasad on

    I has a copy printed and pasted on the door of my clinic, by that i can read twice a day before entering the clinic. I feel this will help to treat my patience in a good procedure.
    with regards,

  5. Lucinda on

    Today I will remember the phrase “beautify their souls”. It makes me smile. I guess Kent, and you Robert, must have just beautified mine.

  6. Rusty on

    Kent’s phrase that will stick with me is “Throw aside all theories, and matters of belief and opinion, and dwell in simple fact”.
    Mindful awareness of every moment leaves us open to any possibility.

  7. mah-jabeen on

    sir , iread it again agin and thankful to you . god bles u

  8. Anthony (Australia) on

    Hi Dr Robert THANKS AGAIN

    “THE EXTERNAL MAN IS BUT AN OUTWARD EXPRESSION OF THE INTERNAL”, I like that.I know that nice people get sick, however what we see on the ouitside is not necessaraly a true picture of what is going on inside. I have one for you “IF YOU CANT BE A KING OF QUEEN BE A HEALER”

  9. dr naseer on

    thanks for your articles.about the mind.

    mind is important role of homoeopathicy and

    patients today life. dr.kent stress the mind

    to cured mind symptoms to cure the phyical.

    mimd symptoms expression the patient symptoms

    in the illness. great study of materia medica

    of every impotant indidulization symptoms

    to be memorized. homoeopathic system depends upon

    mind and maismatic background as indidudal

    symptom of the patient and remedy. it is deep

    studies of materia medica and experience of

    case taking and experience practical experience. ome of my patiemt is ill to always

    clean his hands to meet his friend. His history

    was great stress of grief. I have given syphillinum 200 4 doses in month. cure

    the mind symtoms as well phyical symptoms.

  10. vasu on

    this is a real gem….

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