Homeopathy Tips for 6/14/11 Energy Follows Intent

When I first became interested in Homeopathy I met a homeopath in Australia.  Wally was his name. He saw my enthusiasm for homeopathy and took me in for a couple of weeks. He encouraged me to come by his home and hang out while he talked a bit about homeopathy. It has been so long ago I can not honestly say what I learned during this time except for one thing he repeated many times during each of my visits. Energy follows intent.

He would say this at least a dozen times in an afternoon. It was so drilled into my head that to this day I find that many times I spontaneously recall that energy follows intent.

It helps to explore what this really means. Intent is described in the Websters dictionary as, “The state of mind with which and act is done: volition. Purpose, Aim. Meaning, Significance. Determined.” This indicates that with the correct use of free will we can choose to set our mind in a determined way. We can set our mind with volition and purposeful way to a desired outcome. In the seeds of every thought, set with intention, are the end results.

Intent will always help determine the final result of any action. If we are mindful we can then choose with clear intent. I have found that this single use of mindfulness influences more in a homeopath than any other aspect, no matter how strong their intellect is or how vast their knowledge has become. It is through right intention that more help and healing occurs.

All manifestations are at the end point of G-d’s creation. We are living expressions of this end point that has been given the gift of consciousness. With this we have  self-awareness. Also with this we have been given free will. This means we can use our consciousness to co-create with G-d through the use of this free will. Now it is our responsibility to use this appropriately.

If we make a practice to set our intention regularly we will always be drawing on the energy of G-ds creation to co-create. If we do not set our intention regularly it is easy to unconsciously create through the influence of  our random thoughts, fears, imaginations, etc.

The maxim Energy Follows Intent is a primary law of the universe. We must be fully conscious and aware of how we are creating. If we are to be co-creators with G-d then we must remain diligent and clear about what our intention is when it comes to everything in our life as well as how we show up as a homeopath.

We can influence the energy of our day by setting our intent upon waking in the morning. Vision a clear path for your day where all right action is supported. See that the results of your right actions are noticed and that as the universe is giving you the immediate feedback, you are noticing this and remembering to give thanks for the gift. Before a client enters your space visualise and clarify your intent. See the session unfolding perfectly and how you are an open, unprejudiced observer ever so aware that nothing goes unnoticed. Know that the very best remedy will be selected and the persons healing is a direct reflection of G-d’s gift of them also being co-creators. See your client healing and spiritually evolving in the most perfect way for themselves. Know this to be true.

As you hold this intention you will soon see that energy follows. Their healing does not follow your desire for them, but your intention, (the part that you are responsible for), will open many doors for yourself and your client in regards to your relationship. This in turn will be part of the creation and they will benefit.

G-ds desire  through all manifestation is for increase. We live in an expanding universe. Time allows for more to be expressed. We come together and reproduce. The tree grows and naturally it bears fruit and more trees. The fruits of our right intention will bear much fruit also. As a person heals they will bring more increase into their lives and the lives that they touch. If the seeds of this increase happened as a result of your good intention then in essence we are assisting in G-ds work.

So get clear about who you are. As a homeopath and a person. Set your intention often. Get clear about your feelings. Have empathy in your heart and all that you come upon will benefit immensely. As a co-creator this makes the creator very happy and blessings will abound.

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  1. Dr. A.M Howlader,Dhaka,bangladesh on

    We as homoeopath must have known this maxim: energy follows intent.Without a firm intention nothing is possible to be done and it is more true in the case of Homoeopathic science>None can succeed in anything without firm determination.Thank you for doing the job of instil this great maxim and help to lead us to do something in our small span of life time.During the last two years since you started imparting the great science of homoeopathy by despatching your valuable articles on homoeopathy,I can say of myself that i could learn many things those none were able to learn in any institution.
    But i am very sorry to learn that following an accident in computer loss ,you have decided to release the valuable News letter on Bi-Weekly basis.What does it mean/ We keep ourselves waiting for Tuesday to learn new things from my great teacher Dr.Robert.pleases don’t disappoint us.
    Yours most sincerely,
    Abdul Mannan Howlader,dhaka.bangladesh.

  2. Rooksie on

    So important and so well said! Thanks again for all the teaching. Of course it is not co-incidentally that this exact subject came up in two of the classes that I taught yesterday!
    I will use your thoughtful words to follow up with my students.

  3. Deborah Inskip on

    Of course I recieved your message at the exactly perfect time! Thank you Robert, my messenger of G-d today! It is also important to note how this message IS a very personal one too, not just as homeopaths or caregivers, but in order to maintain our own personal positive future. Thank you again.

  4. HDr Muhammad Ayub Khan on

    Dear Robert,
    I pay great compliments to you for sending a good release of your thought. Really nothing can happen if there is no intention. According to psychology science one can only move with a positive intention for approaching its post of vision. In Homeopathy intent play a role of potential force to extract hidden virtues out of one’s heart and mind.If vital force would be feeble than action will be slower and fear will overcome on true intent,so for some time patients reply for unsat condition even treated by hit remedy.A Homeo Dr should be good psychopath for patient to conceal his/her intent for healing his/her essence while focusing on revival of vital force.

  5. Yulia on

    Thank you, Robert.
    It is so correct. I try to do it every day, and if I start the morning with setting the intentions – the day is much more “clear” and with more results. And it’s not enough to know that you need to do it. It’s actually allowing time, even few minutes, for doing it.

  6. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert: I am trying to understand “Energy follows intent” statement better but I see some exceptions. For example, I may give a remedy to myself and fully believe that it will cure me, but sometimes it doesnt. Similarly, I may give a remedy without any intent to cure at all to a person and despite the lack of intent on my part the remedy still cures the patient if it was the similimmum. If ‘Energy follows intent’ is always true, then we would not need a remedy. We could just have a good strong intent, and no remedy need be given. But often times we find both the right remedy and the right potency and the right repetition and right hygenic observance by the patient is needed before cure happens. In this case both the healer and the patient had a good intent, but the cure needed the similimmum in exactly the right potency and the right repetition etc. Please can you elaborate on this and please do not take my question as any criticism but more as an attempt to improve my learning and knowledge. Thanks, Philip

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Philip,
      Everything you said is true. All scenarios are possible. But the bottom line is each of us has our own part to do. I can not do your healing for you and you can not do mine for me. So in the end we each have to be responsible for the grace we recieve. Energy does follow intent, but we do not always see what we want to see in health and healing. But good intent will always bring us in alignment with ourselves and this is the best we could hope for. If our intent is pure eventually the energy will follow. The universe/G-d wants to support all intent whether we have defined it or not. It is best to get clear and not approach our lives or our work without clear intent.

  7. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert: So sorry to hear about your computer loss. Hopefully it can be found and returned to you
    Thanks, Philip

  8. Muhammad Siddique on

    Thanks Dr. Robert
    Truly you are paying the right of Homeopathic world, Every articles relative with the nature, The nature is peaceful, we men create lot of problems, as negative thought, negative activities, need willing power to be clean and pure love each other, no hate. As a doctor treat the mind the person, change the negative thought to positive.

  9. Syed Husain on

    Like other articles the present one is also an informative article. Actually the purpose / intention of a Dr. should be to serve the people which is perhaps has been ignored resulting a number of problems. If dedication, honesty is there problems may be avoided and if vice versa the problems will be created automatically.

  10. Unnikrishnan PM on

    Thank you for your msg

  11. Dr.S.Kalyanasundaram on

    Thanks for the very informative and practical article.

  12. ahmad on

    homeo is realy a magic for human life.

  13. Mihir Bhandary on

    Dear Sir,
    My vision you are not only a great Homoeopath,but a Raj-Yogi also.You are realy a favourite son of God.Thank you Sir.MIHIR

  14. Karen on

    Awesome! I really needed this today! Blessings to you! I’m a yogi (ini) too!

  15. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Respected Dr.Robert Field,

    Thank you very much for releaseing such a wonderful
    article full of fathomless wisdom like the oceans.
    You are not only imparting true knowledge of Homeopathy
    but also taking us to the spiritual thinking to know the
    real truth & to attain the higher purpose of our life
    as our great teacher Dr.Hahnemann said.
    “Energy follows intent” is universally true.There is no doubt about it.We may say intent creates determination
    to achieve a result.Determination creates sincere &
    uncareless action.In our case as Homeopaths,sincere
    action helps proper selection of medicine i.e.similimum,
    which cures the patient.
    But energy do not follow intent unless we engage our
    energy to realising that intent.
    Thank you Robert once again.We shall be waiting for
    receiving your bi-weekly Homoeopathic tips.

    Kh.Mahbubur Rahman

  16. Peggy on

    Set your intention often.,,Many places we read “Set your intent or request and then let it go and forget about it”..Problems arise when we another thought crosses our mind and tht request is also sent. My master teacher often said “God is not a short order cook!”Decide what you want and stay focused ..don’t change your order. so I like this new phrase “Set your intentin often” Thanks for sharing

  17. Robert Lal on

    Thank Dr.Robert Field for your comment on ENERGY INTENT. Indeed we should always bear in our mind that a co creator with G-d we have to make the creation more beautiful .

  18. Dr.Sarfaraz Ali on

    Dear Dr.
    Intention of a physian should promotion of the art of healing.Economic benefits should not be main aim

  19. Frank O'Neill on

    Energy follows Intent – Good topic! Thank you. These kinds of cosmic relationships seem to be bi-directional and I wonder if this is true here. That is, the act of setting an intent [for wholesome action or outcome] can require an open inquiry into what would be wholesome and effective, and the energy [of spirit direction] replies from within, generating intent … So, intent follows energy, then energy follows intent?

    Frank in Oregon US

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Frank,
      Yes I think your analysis is also true. It can work both ways for sure. It becomes a positive feedback loop.

  20. Tauqir Ahmad Asif on

    Thanx for the information.I want to know the uric acid increasement in humanbeings and its effects as well as which homeo medicines can be used.

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