Homeopathy Tips for 6/09/09 Difficult Cases

     In the course of seeing hundreds of clients there are those that do better than others. And then there are those that do not seem to respond in any of the expected ways. I define these as the difficult cases.

    For every case the main indicator that the remedy is working is movement. The question I ask myself is, “Is there movement in the case?” Movement to me is  symptoms or events in the persons life are changing. There will be evidence that the vital force is expressing in a greater way than before. Sometimes this may be indicated by aggravations or return of old symptoms. Other times it is indicated by a greater sense of well being or new events in the persons life. Anything that can be understood as movement in the case will keep me feeling that the remedy is helping, if only a little bit. Then I must retake the case and look for more clues to a better remedy or trust that their healing is happening but just not on my expected time schedule. These cases are a little more challenging but not difficult.

     Difficult cases are those that I see no movement or a worsening of symptoms, even when very well selected remedies are chosen.  We do not get to choose how a person does their healing, but we should be able to see movement. When this occurs I  retake the case and start over again. If after three visits the person is still not reporting improvement and I cannot see any movement I will stop charging for my services. I explain to the client that in all good conscience I cannot continue to accept payment when there is no improvement.

       This is not a reflection of whether I am a good homeopath or not. I never belittle myself or homeopathy. I will only give a remedy if it is clear to me that it is the best remedy. This keeps my conscience clear. But when results do not happen, for whatever reason, I also cannot receive the payment. This also keeps my conscience clear. I explain that I want to continue to work with them and that I never give up. These cases I eventually learn the most from. I want them to continue and express this.

      It happens in only several cases a year, out of hundreds,  that I discontinue payment. The latest case was of a woman 56 years old, single. She started treatment 10 months ago for dry eczema on her scalp and having problems getting things done in her life. She had several houses that were needing to be repaired and sold to avoid losing them because she had no income at this time. They could be rented or sold but she was determined to do work on them prior to this. Yet she could not make herself do the tasks at hand, even though it would only take several weeks of a concerted effort on her part or hiring someone to do them for her. It was as is she didn’t care. Yet from follow-up to follow-up the story was the same. “No I haven’t done anything yet. I just can’t make myself get up and do it. I know I need to and beat myself up about it. I say to myself, tomorrow I will do this and that, but it never happens.”

     She was very aware of her lack of follow-through but was unable to activate herself to do anything, even as the consequences of her inaction were bankruptcy and losing everything she had worked for. 

      The first remedy I gave her was Sulphur. There were no improvements. The next remedy was Psorinum and still no movement after 4 months. As I continued to listen to her describe herself it sounded as if she were in a drug state. It was almost as if her inaction were drug induced. Rubrics I took were;

  • Mind; Ennui, boredom
  • Mind; succeeds never
  • Mirillis themes; negligence
  • generalities; anesthesia, insensibility

     I gave her the remedy Heroinum. Still no changes after 2 months. At the next follow-up still trying to understand her paralysis and negligence to her responsibilities in her life, I took 3 more rubrics;

  • Mirilli’s themes; negligence
  • Mirilli’s themes; paralysis
  • Mind; detached, from his problems

     Only one remedy covered the case  and described her condition very accurately. This was the remedy Latex. I prescribed it daily in the 12C potency. At her next follow-up the results were amazing. She had gotten a very well paying job and sold one of her houses just in time to avoid the foreclosure loss. The other home she was going to loose, but could keep the home she lives in. She reported,” I am way more connected to my feelings . Having this job has been good.  My skin is clearer. One week after starting the remedy I felt I was right here, up next to my eyes, instead of from the back of my head.   I was almost an observer of my feelings before, but now I am less detached. I now feel more feelings.”

     Finally there was movement in the case. As cases go it has been one of the more difficult ones. I never give up. There is always a remedy that can help. After this follow-up she offered to pay without me even asking. She said it was important for her healing. Never did she ever speak about her detached feelings in any way that would have used the metaphors or themes of Latex; seeing though a film, floating, balloons, deflated etc. But the remedy was definitely working.

    What I learned from this case is that some of the more difficult cases are those that do not present themselves as clearly as others. Even after using good case-taking techniques to draw descriptions of her suffering out, and listening to her words very carefully, it took some time to come to the right remedy. She could not share her sensations clearly before taking the remedy and this is what the case was about. After taking the remedy she was able to.

       Never give up. No case is unsolvable. Some are easier than others but eventually you will succeed if you are true to yourself and persistent. Never prescribe a remedy unless you are completely sure, even if it proves to be wrong. This way your conscience is always clear. Some cases are more difficult than others and this does not mean that you are a bad homeopath if you do not see results. This means that the universe has not shown the results you are looking for. That is all. Keep working toward movement in the case and eventually you will get there. You cannot fail if you are persistent.

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  1. Peter Bezemek on

    An interesting case indeeed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Dear Dr.Robert,thanks this tips will help us to improve the technique of treatment.Regards,malaker

  3. Baba Yunus Muhammad on

    My Doctor, you are marvelous. Tips like the one you have just given help us to solve what is otherwise an unsolveable case. please keep it up.

  4. shirley gillotti on

    Hi Robert
    Thank you for sharing this today. This is why I know I am studying with the right person! Thank you for appearing in my life as my teacher! As a budding homeopath, I question my confidence too often and I can see the value in embracing persistence as a virtue!


    Hi Shirley,
    As a homeopath, try not to be attched to the outcome or results, whether they are good/positive or not. Simply observe and do good homeopathy. The rest will take care of itself. I think one of the greatest challenges as a homeopath is our self criticism. It will get in our way if it is fostered. Be loving, and kind to yourself first and it will be a part of the homeopathy you do. Our expectations are not always fulfilled but this does not make us a bad homeopath. Persistence will lead to confidence.

  5. Dr.Ranjit Singh on

    Dear Doctor Robert,
    Really you Have given a marvelous idea in solving the difficult cases.Dont be despair and hopeless when the resuls are not according to the hopes.BE persistent and the day will come when you reach the right remedy which can solve the problems.Thanks a lot.
    Dr.Ranjit Singh

  6. dr ali on

    i am not satisfide this one ok

    Hi Dr Ali,
    I do not understand your comment. I will be happy to respond. Please try again,

    • Dr.H.C.Malaker on

      Dr.Ali your comment is contradictory,please mention here bravely what you have gotton wrong in this topic.Having a little knowledge you should keep yourself far away to reply as respected Dr.Robert Field is always helping us through this forum without any money or fees for entrance in this topic.Thanks,malaker

  7. Surya Narayan Sarangi on

    Thanks dear Robert for your God-spirit,humanity & sincerity.I deem it to be an essential qualification to be a doctor which we lack in the present day.

  8. Surya Narayan Sarangi on

    And regarding the case you mentioned ,such people need a different type of psychotherapy to breakdown the rigid pattern of mind in a smooth way.

  9. P Venkatappaiah on

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks a lot for the present tips. It really boosts the confidence in treating. The persistence and retake will definitely find a right remedy. Please contiue to share your experiences and thoughts.
    I remain grateful,
    Yours faithfully,

  10. meera on

    Dear Dr,
    Thankyou for sharing your tip.

  11. Suresh Harvu on

    Dear Dr Robert,

    That was amazing thought process as an Homeopath. Just no words to describe your selfless contribution. I am sure all of us will be immensely benefitted. I dont’ think one gets such advice from a book. It is only your commitment that brings up such beautiful results.

  12. Robert Field on

    To all who are replying,

    Thanks you for your wonderful comments. I am very happy to share and am grateful that you are benefiting from the newsletters.

    Robert Field

  13. Yulia Cherniakov on

    Dear Robert!Thank you for the wonderful letters and all the ideas and knowledge.
    I was very glad to read about “not charging” if you don’t see the movement after several times. It’s so rare (from my experience), that a homeopath will act like this.
    Thank’s a lot.

    This is not difficult to do. It does not cost me anything but some time. And if the person is committed to their healing and comes back, I am honored to be present to help them. Every single time I have done this the person has ALWAYS offered to resume payment when they are feeling better.

  14. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert:
    Thank you for sharing your persistence for cure and your compassion by not charging. Truly very noble and praiseworthy. Just out of curiosity what potencies were employed for Latex. What repertory did you use. I referred Kent, Synthetic, Complete, Murphy, Phatak but could not come across Mirilli’s themes. Would you be kind enough to educate me on this. I am trying to see if a a proving of rubber tree plant exists and see if it is similar to Latex symptoms. Thanks

    Hi Philip,
    The Complete 2005 repertory is what I used and it contains Mirrilli’s themes. I recommended 6C potency of latex but the lowest potency that Hahnemann Labs had was 12C. The case was started with 12C potency. Ficus elastica is the rubber tree and I do not find that it has been proven and called this. The milk from the tree is latex and has been vulcanized, (heated) and proven obviously.
    Warmest regards,

  15. mah-jabeen on

    thanks to share a useful information

  16. manoj kumar on

    health related

  17. Samuel Oppong Boadi on

    Dear Robert,

    I am encouraged by this tip,i nearly quit helping people, but i think i have a good companion to revive me when i am down hearted due to difficult cases.Thank you.

    Hi Samuel, With your name the same as Hahnemann’s there is obviously a great connection to homeopathy. Try not to loose hope. Sometimes it feels like this can be a thankless occupation if we let it. Try to see the smallest improvements as great victories, knowing that if the person had not taken the remedy it may not have occurred. When there is movement, there is hope. Also the best way to get beyond the disappointment is to know that we are NOT the healer and that all healing happens by the Grace of G-d. Then it is not up to us to decide. All we need to do is show up and do homeopathy with as much love and integrity as we have. Do not judge yourself harshly.
    Blessings, Robert

  18. Monica on

    Hello, Robert!
    Thanks’ for sharing.
    I also tried to find something on the Mirilli’s themes but couldn’t. Please tell me where to look or teach me more about it.
    Thank you again,
    Hi Monica, Mirrilli’s themes is a chapter in the Complete Repertory and included in the recommended computer program MacRepertory available from Kent Homeopathic Programs.

  19. Sarah Cordish on

    It sounds like Mirilli’s themes is a good book to have.

    Hi Sarah,
    Mirillis’themes is not a rubric system based on provings. It is Mirrilli’s observations about particular themes and the remedies that include them. It should not be used routinely, but with great discretion. It does not take the place of solid, easily observed and undeniable sypmtom/rubrics derived from provings.

  20. Dr.Poonam Batra on

    Dear Robert,
    very encouraging and inspiring tip. I feel the same with difficult cases and feel really guilty to charge when the patient is not responding. What i have been thinking of doing, you are already doing. Thank you very much for suggestions. God bless you. keep sending the practical tips.

    Dr PoonamBatra,
    I usually give myself 3 visits to learn about my client. If after that there is no movement then I will start to consider a relief of payment. Try this sometime yourself and see how you feel. I always remind the client that their healing is valuable and that a fair exchange is good. But that I feel that if I am not helping them, then I will not give up, if they do not give up. This keeps them involved without losing anything. Most never really expect me to do this and when it happens to them they appreciate it very much. I keep my clients for a long time this way and it is ultimately very good for business as well.
    Thanks for your comment,
    Robert Field

  21. Dr.Rubina Altaf on

    Thank u very much for educating abt how to solve difficult cases

  22. Dr.Rubina Altaf on

    Thanks for giving very important tip

  23. Dr.Sarfaraz on

    Dear Dr.Robert,
    This is very good topic.I am very much encouraged and impressed that we should not be always after money and fees but we should be always after commitmnet to our profession and sincerety for the humanity.
    Thanks very much for presentation of this case.

  24. Surya Prakash C N on

    Dear Dr.Robert,
    This is very good tips .I am very much grateful to you and with this iam vey much impressed that we should not be always be geedy of money and we should be always after our commitmnet to our profession and sincerety for the humanity.
    Thanks very much for the beautiful presentation of this case.
    further i look forward to see what are the results for the treatment of hammorohids and fistula in ano.

  25. dr naseer on

    Respect robert

    chronic cases started by Psor 1000 one dose after

    sul 30 than case study similr syptom of skin

    throat symptom or other skin chronic symptom. before

    sul you must be given psor higher dose tham sul

    30 than you case will be cured.

  26. Syed Najm-ul-Hassan on



  27. K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

    Some cases do really give headache.
    Thanks for the advise of PERSEVERANCE.

  28. Dr.Muhammad Mujahid Ahmad on

    Thanks for the tips. It helps me inspite of having 25 years experience in the field of Homoeopathy.

  29. LP on

    Hi Dr Robert,

    My mother, 73, has been recently put on dialysis with urea 220 and creatinine 12.5. She is barely eating and vomits frequently.

    For about 20 years she has been on homoeopathy. Mentally she is extremely distrusting of anyone, including doctors treating her. It was very hard to convince her that dialysis can clean up the toxins from the blood. She has been resisting even allowing blood samples to be taken from her body, saying they want to steal her blood and want to make her weaker. We had a reflexologist work on her feet; she told us not to call him again because his treatment was painful.

    Please suggest a remedy for such utter distrust. Thanks.

  30. Dr.M.Rizwan Ali on

    Thank u Dr.Robert for such wise words n Really pearls of wisdom,thanks a lot plz keep guiding!!

  31. dr.yunus ali mdhom,arsh(uK) on

    thank you dr robert.may allah bless u all the time with taufic and hidayah.

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