Homeopathy Tips for 6/08/10 The Crystal Ball

Some metaphors really describe homeopathy better than simple descriptions. One I use often to describe homeopathy as  being “life medicine” is the image of a crystal ball.

We are born into this world a pure spirit. If our miasm is not too very strong we are like a pure smooth crystal ball. Flawless. We can see through it and our life is an expression of this perfection. As time passes and the challenges of life grind on us, the smooth crystal ball becomes faceted, like the ones we hang in windows that reflect beautiful rainbow colors.

Each challenging situation or event, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual leaves it’s facet on the surface of our crystal ball. The crystal ball is still the same crystal ball that we started life with but now has a new surface to reflect our inner purity. Though the perception of the different colors that are reflected change, we are still looking at the core essence of the person.

When I receive a case I am looking at the all of the different facets of the person. They all shine a different color and change in different conditions but are still expressive of the persons pure vital force. These facets amount to the ways a person has survived in life. They show the suffering, the challenges, the way they have made choices in response to life’s challenges. They can equal our mental, emotional and physical states of being. This is what is asking to be healed for a person.

We may accumulate many facets in a lifetime but it is still representative of one vital force expression. There will always be a core issue that the person has been born with that eventually gets expressed through the patterns or similarities in their facets. Our job as the homeopath is to help them polish these facets smooth. This is the healing process.

Because the facets reflect the inner part of the crystal, we can do healing of one aspect and still have other aspects or facets to heal and polish. I do not think we ever really return to the smooth crystal we were born with. But with proper homeopathic treatment we can heal and polish the majority of our facets smooth. When this has happened we are in a much better place and life is easier, we are healthier and a more true reflection of our spiritual purity.

We often wish we had a crystal ball to gaze into and see the future; to get answers to all our questions. When our crystal ball of life has done great healing we have evolved. In a more evolved state our psychic abilities to know develop. In many ways the return to a healthier state is just like having or being the crystal ball. We may then move through life easier to express our more divine purpose. The only form of medicine that I know of that can help a person accomplish this is homeopathy. Let these images of the crystal ball, being representative of our life, help you understand the real power of homeopathy. Homeopathy is life medicine!

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  1. Susan on

    Beautifully said! Thanks.

  2. M. El Siddig , Canada on

    Hi prof. Robert
    You are absoloultely right , the way how homeopath dsplay thru his pts case the more can see the real crystal ball thru the journey cure of the individuals.
    M.El Siddig

  3. uzairatabassum on

    Hello sir!I don’t know much about crystal ball if they can heal the patient same way as of homeopathy.But ur tip has definatly given a new way thinking…thanks

  4. mah-jabeen on

    thanks ,Robert its a beautyful way

  5. n.s.rao on

    trash waste of time.stic to the subject

  6. Dr. Md.Nuruzzaman on

    Dear sir,
    Thanks a lot. Crystal ball is a good metaphor to describe Homeopathy.

    Have you any tips on Drainage & Canalization?

  7. Dr. Meena Supnekar on

    Yah I totally agree with u!

    Can u elaborate on how to pass kidney stones of greater than 8 mm size or smaller ones in the kidneys.

  8. c.ferns on

    Dear Dr. Robert,

    It is a beautiful metaphor for life medicine. The crystal ball of life is great. We go through various challenges in life and the colours fail if the challenges are not fulfilled.

    Thanks a lot for your advice.



  9. pragya on

    awesome description. it was my first newsletter i liked it. thank u sir

  10. Preetika Goel on

    Thanks Robert, for such a wonderful description!!!

  11. sacheen khirid on

    dear sir, beautifully put , very reflective & philosophical actually ! yes a good homeopathic Rx is like putting back the shine in the best possible way, wish selection of the right remedy for the right facet was as easy as you have put it though.

  12. R.N.Gupta on

    Dear sir,
    You have compared the ageing of humanbeing with crystal ball in appreciable way.

  13. Benjamin Hardt on

    Hippotacres said; It is more important to know what kind of person has a disease, than what kind of disease a person has.
    I agree with your post.

  14. Andrea K on

    I absolutely love what you wrote. I hope it is okay to borrow the way you present homeopathy and the metaphor you have so brilliantly conveyed! THANK YOU!!!!

  15. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert: The analogy of the patients’s inner personality or essence or vital force being reflective like a crystal ball is very thought provoking. As a persons’ vital force peaks and wanes with life’s joys and sorrows, so does its expression change like how a crystal ball clouds up or darkens or lights up. But I am always trying to use new homeopathic knowledge for practical purposes and I asked myself how does the view of the vital force as a crystal ball help point to the remedy similimum in a patient. I think the idea of a looking for inner person reflecting to the outside means one must look for the essence and not pay too much importance to the peripheral particular symptoms or outward disease symptoms. Many patients often tell white lies in their symptoms, for example, they say they are very diligent, very neat & tidy. But if you question further, they admit their house is a mess, their wife balances the accounts and pays the bills, buys groceries and so on. So, rarely take the patient at his word especially when good qualities are quoted. Question further or observe into the crystall ball past the outer shiny glass. Likewise, the homeopath should not be caught up in seeing his own reflection in the patient’s expression of symptoms. Some one once said that a homeopath armed with the knowledge of only a few remedies is like a a person with a hammer – to him, everything looks like a nail!. Yet again, those patients in the difficult social circles -a poor patient infected with several syndromes – traces of tuberculosis, past history of sexual diseases, parasitic infestation, subsistence nutrition – what does one look for on their face…to prescribe successfully …here the miasms syphyllitic, sycotic and psoric are mixed and layered and suppressed. It takes a very experienced homeopath to see through their clouded or faded crystall ball and judging from some actual cases in Asia & Africa, a combination of methods are used. Homeopathy (miasm remedies) with Drainage remedies, Bowel nosodes, Bach remedies and even Organotherapy (of course not all at the same time). Probably because the Vital force has been weakened so much by the assault of these diseases and unsanitary life conditions from which there is little escape. So a multi pronged approach just to stabilize the vital force enough to show its true colors in the crystal ball for proper simillimum treatment. Purists will scream at me but I recently read some actual cases of homeopaths serving in slums and tribal areas where fiction often becomes fact and the homeopaths even gave high potencies a few minutes apart to bring a patient back to ife and then onto the next remedy as each inner layer re-appeared so rapidly. So, Yes, the concept of the Crystal ball is a good focal point and try to see past your own reflection on the surface, or what the patient thinks is socially acceptable to reveal to you, go beyond that – into his generals, modalities & mentals – past his outer social mask. The generals, modalities, causations and mentals are like psychic tools to peer into the crystal ball and often recognize the correct similimmum lurking inside. Thanks

    • Nancy on

      In reading through the responses I feel that I’ve gained both the insight of the article i.e. the analogy of the crystal ball and more as well through the comments. I thought most particularly about a statement from the reply “the homeopath should not be caught up in seeing his own reflection in the patient’s expression of symptoms” and I know from persoan experience that this can happen. When I was the patient, I asked the homeopath if I coud be a partner in the process. But, it was not something with which he was confortable. Alas, the remedy was not really the correct rememdy – at least not at that time. In my studies over the last 5 years – I have found incredible remedies for myself and bless the prior experience in that it challenged me to do so.

  16. Robert Lal on

    Dear Dr Robert:
    It is very good piece of writing related to philosophy of human body. We all need to polish ourselves in order to shine and become transparent without any dis-ease.Thanks for your suggestive information!

  17. Dr. Kumar, Malaysia. on

    Dear Robert,

    Beautiful naration. Thank you.

    Kumar, Malaysia.

  18. K.Rajagopala Kurup on

    Will you be able to suggest a software giving good guidance, mainly for mental conditions more than physical?

  19. Dr.Syed Najmul Hassan,Islamabad,Pakistan on

    Dear Dr.Robert,
    A well explained article to look through inner picture of a patient.Appreciate your effort.
    “Thank You”

  20. kumar on

    Dear Dr, Really informative. We would like to share more from you.

    With care and prayers

    Have a wonderful day.

  21. ambikakumarpatnaik on

    It is really a very very useful article.The task of getting adequate information from patient is the real challenge, one faces during ones practice.we expect more on the subject from you sir,

  22. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    Thank Dr Robert for this new area of this article to inform us who has shallow knowledge on homeopath. Here in bangladesh many people are suffering from itiching whole body sometimes hands, legs, underparts with swallen and red. we are trying urtica mother, apis mel, ars alb but not yet recovered. pl let us know the remedy. Dr Rahman Bangladesh

  23. ahmed abbas on

    Dear Doctor

  24. ahmed abbas on

    Dear Doctor, I’m a novice to your site. i will send

    comments soon. Regards

  25. rakesh panchal on

    thanx sir , i got my first news letter .it was very halpful for me . your artical was presious. it was useful for all homoeopaths in world.

    thanks. sir,

  26. fakhrulislam, peshawar pk on

    I am a new commer. i am of the openion that this artical is very good part of homeopathic philosophy as described by Dr Kant.

  27. parasuran on

    dear doctor,
    thank u sir in motivating about homeopath.

  28. Asghar Ali on

    Dear Sir,
    In Homoeopathy the more deep we go the more revealing it becomes. Thanks for imparting education.

  29. krishnanand.v on

    thank you for explaining about homeopathy attractively

  30. mohammedhussain on

    dear sir,

    thank you for explaining

  31. surendra kerkar on

    Very nicely put.

  32. noor on

    Very nicely put.

  33. Habib Rahman on

    We may not be able to recover the original state of our crytal ball as health has been treated in reactive manner. Furthermore in most cases we could not see inside unless the problem has emerged onto the surface of the ball. However I believe homeopathy could offer better treatment in the area it has evolved as it works in harmony with the requirements and the basic ingredients of the ball.

  34. Sibghat Aziz on

    Life like a crystal ball, also life is a crystal miror.. Thanx

  35. P.Karan on

    Interpretation is interesting indeed!.

  36. Mihir Bhandary on

    This valuable description not only great homoeopathic philosophy,but also high level condensed spirituality.

  37. purnima rao on

    DEAR DR,
    This valauable information helps us in our practice..thank u

  38. Muhammad Ayaz Khan on

    Dear Doctor,
    As you mentioned about spiritual purity,we as a muslim beleive in spiritual purity.
    Spirtual power is a great gift from the GOD to humen beings.
    Homeopathy is life medicine, you are 100 % correct.

  39. jayaprasad on

    naration is beautiful. suject is exalent. like to have more information to know much more about spiritual purity. thanks

  40. maggy on

    Really I am thankful for your post again!

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