Homeopathy Tips for 6/03/14 Making Sense of Dis-ease

Every expression of illness has a mental and emotional component. Even accidents that affect our body have meaning. Most often, long before illness presents itself there is a mental and emotional conflict that is present in a persons life.

Mental emotional conflicts exist when we are faced with a situation that there is no easy answer for. Often it is a catch-22 that no mater what the desire is there is no easy way out. These mental emotional conflicts are the roots of all dis-ease.

When we experience these conflicts they are recorded in the brain. The brain records specific conflicts in specific areas. These have been described by Dr. Hamer in his New German Medicine. Eventually the programming that has accompanied the mental/emotional conflict lesion in the brain is activated and the physical body then reflects this into a physical illness or a particular body part or system. These conflicts are very specific to the physical expression of dis-ease.

I have found that sharing more about these concepts have really helped my clients bring resolution to the dis-ease. This information is really not that useful in determining remedies. It does not take the place of the homeopathic process. The homeopathic healing process though opens many doors to the client who is suffering and makes new knowledge much more acceptable.

In order to complete the physical healing it helps to know why we get sick the way we do. When the reason for our illness makes sense to the person, they can begin to really heal the mental/emotional conflict and the programming in the brain responds. Once the programming is turned off, the dis-ease process can end as well.

I have seen this help so many people now; I am convinced of this truth. The brain is the master programmer and sends the signals for dis-ease as well as healing. Without the information the person is always asking why they have become ill. When the story of their life has helped complete the picture of the illness, and it makes sense, the conflict is resolved.

You can learn more about this form of healing by studying the work of Dr. Hamer and New German Medicine. One book that I have found very useful is The Biogenealogy Sourcebook by Christian Fleche. This book explains the most common dis-eases and the mental emotion conflicts related to them. I have used this information many times and found it to be 100% accurate.

With a little investigation into a persons story the reasons for the illness usually appear. Sharing with them the meaning of their illness, and helping them to understand their mental/emotional conflict, is the quickest way to make sense of their dis-ease. When the light bulb goes off in their head it is amazing to see how quickly they heal. This coupled with the very best homeopathic medicine and treatment is a winning combination.

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  1. ARIF on

    Thanks, This useful article

  2. Dr.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Dear Dr.Robert Field,
    Thank you very much for presenting us with the above valuable article.This
    are new concepts less known to us. I would like to know whether the book
    “The Biogenealogy sourcebook” by Christian Fleche is from the Homeopat-
    hic world i.e written by a Homeopath. I would also like to know where from
    I can buy the book.
    Dr. Mahbubur Rahman

  3. Sarfaraz ali'Islamabad on

    Again it is very useful article.It opens anew avenue which needs our attention.Thanks

  4. Dr.Mahbubur Rahma on

    Dear Dr.Robert Field,
    I have found the above book from Amazan Books co and placed order for the book. I expect to get the book within 2nd July. I am very sorry for the query I made to you on the 13th June. I regret for that.
    Dr.Mahbubur Rahman

  5. Karen on

    Good tip!

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