Homeopathy Tips for 6/03/08 Anxiety Attacks

One of the more common complaints from clients is anxiety attacks. It seems in this hurried modern world we live in more and more people are having anxiety attacks during the course of their day. There might be many reasons for these especially from the allopathic diagnosis (Hormone imbalance, thyroid deficiency, mental disorder etc.) but nothing takes the place of simple case-taking and understanding how the person is responding to their thoughts or environment.

When someone complains of anxiety attacks it is important to ask them to tell you a story about when this happens. From their story you will glean much about what it is that is triggering them. Some times it may be a closed room, or the stuffy feeling that they were experiencing. Other times it might be the presence of a crowd or  riding in an elevator. It would be important to know if it was the closed areas of the elevator or the movement that frightened them. Sometimes it is in anticipation of an event or thinking about the future that is enough to bring on the anxiety or fear.

The time of day (on waking, evening, nighttime etc.) as well as where they feel the anxiety in their body will also be very helpful. Ask them to describe what it feels like. Once again, these descriptions should come out of their story. It is best not to ask too many questions and let them speak, let them tell you their story and how it is for them. It is also good to know about any drugs they may be taking for the anxiety. It will help you in the evaluation so you might know what you can expect for them after starting the remedy.

Here are a list of rubrics from the Complete 2005 Repertory that come up often around Anxiety Attacks;

  • Mind; fear, panic attacks, overpowering
  • Mind; anticipation, agg
  • Mind ; fear, high palces
  • Mind; fear , narrow places
  • Mind; fear, crowd, in
  • Mind; fear, open spaces, agoraphobia
  • Mind; anxiety, future, about
  • Mind; anxiety, chest
  • Mind; anxiety, heart, region of
  • Mind; anxiety, stomach
  • Mind; anxiety, anticipating
  • Mind; anxiety, of conscience (guilty feelings)
  • Mind;anxiety, riding, in a closed carriage (car)
  • Mind; fear, control, of losing self
  • Mind;anxiety, causeless
  • Mind; anxiety, breathing, preventing
  • Mind; anxiety, driving him from place to place (Restlessness)

There are many more. I could go on and on. Look for the ways that they suffer and find the rubrics that best describe how they feel and what brings the anxiety attacks on. Choosing good rubrics will help you alot in coming to a good selection of remedies.

There a few remedies that come up very often in Anxiety or panic attacks. Two that I have found to be the most common are Argentum Nitricum and Aconite.

Argentum Nitricum has a particular fear of losing self control. This I have found often in many suffering from anxiety attacks that seem to not have an origin. Many times the most calm and controlled person will benefit from this remedy. Something about how they need to have control in their life and how that translates to the feeling that the must maintain self control is usually the theme. They may be very responsible people who have a high level of integrity and will always keep their word. But to maintain this level can lead to high anxiety as well. Sometimes they will not relate to themselves with this perspective. For them they know what is the right way to be and may not see that it is an issue of control for them. Ask about fear of heights to confirm this remedy. They will most often tell you they feel like they are getting pulled over the ledge when standing on a high place.

Aconite is another remedy that comes up often especially if the anxiety is after a fright or accident. It is usually the first remedy to think of after a sudden unexpected event. When anxiety persists or starts even after some time away from the event, Aconite may be the best remedy.

Other remedies that you might consider and come up more often than others are, Kali Bromatum, Cannibis Indica, Hydrogen, Arsenicum Album, Veratrum Album, Androctonus, Tarantula and Stramonium. This by no means is a complete list but meant as a quick guide of remedies to investigate.

The best way to study about anxiety attacks is to ask others how they might feel if they were having one or consider how you might feel during an attack. Then study your repertory and look for ways to describe those feelings. You might want to look up each of the above mentioned remedies and read about them in your Materia Medica’s. Look for ways that describe how a person might respond if having an anxiety attack. The next time a person comes to you and explains their anxiety attack you will have a much better understanding of how to help them.

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    Good work.

  2. Dr Nadya Dhanani on

    very good
    i have used argentum nitricum and ars alb very frquently with successfull results

  3. Debasish on

    Feeling very good to read your article.I also learnt the various rubrics regarding anxiety attack that our patient tells us.I think no body can tell that they are free from anxiety. To select a similimum we should search for general symptoms, Particular symptoms too. It is found that past history and family history also helps to select a remedy. But Dr. Rajan Sankaran and his followers are treating their patients according to the levels of symptoms. I think this method will help to slove the problem by selecting some uncommon remedies which I don’t use generally.
    I appreciate your great effort.



  5. ghulam mustafa on

    Hay! respctable Mr.Robert
    It is a very intresting topic for me beacuse i am attending a congress in ATHANS on 22-24 june and the topic of congress is ralavent today,s topic that is ” PSYCHOSOMATIC ILLNESS AND THEIR ALTERNATE THEROPY OPTIONS ‘ So psycho means mind and somatic means body or systems.as you know as a homeopath when a persion suffer from any intrensic disease its initial suffering will be mind and when any psycho pt.treted by allopathic drugs we know they give that pt. sadation type medicine for a long time or in somatic illness they give antibiotic , trunculizer or inflamatory, these druges are if some cure pt.on the other hand these druges make new diorder in the pt.as a after effect like ulcer arthritis renl problems etc.so alternative therepies are not harmfull for body like homeopathic thrapy so WHEN A HOMEO DOCTOR GIVE THE ACCODING TO THE PT. SYMPTOMS SIMILIA REMEDY THE ANXITY MUST BE CURED AND NOT CONVERT INTO SOMATIC ILLNESS .

  6. karthiyaini on

    I am watching you regularly,it was,it is,it ll be very nice.I have one request,in ur next editon pl publish about infertility &Homoeopathy treatment.Thank you.

  7. Monina Vazquez on

    Very helpful, thanks a lot.

  8. Debbie on

    Thank you!
    Here in Beirut, anxiety is a fact of life. After the 2006 summer war I got some “Triple A + G” made up in a 30 potency.
    It’s Aconite, Arg. Nit., Ambra Grisia and Gelsemium combined.
    I have shared it with friends and family as well as stressed out school teachers on the various occasions we have cause for anxiety here and all report an easing of their anxiety.
    It can be beneficial retroactively too, as well as in an anticipatory context. It helped a 6-year-old child the other week who was struggling to breathe during a panic attack.
    Breaks a few rules of classical homeopathy, but then warfare/fighting are not ideal either!

  9. Dr. Ghulam mustafa on


    Yes if you can come to Reno, Nevada you would be most welcome to come to the class. The Schedule is on the website. Robert Field

  10. meghnaborkar on

    greattttttttttttttt…. i read the article its very informative,comprehensible & efficient ….. i m glad that big homoeopaths are sharing their bits& bytes of info with us….

  11. mah-jabeen on

    thanks, its agood efforts iread your information and apply it these is very iseful God bless you thanks a lot

  12. dr.vivek on

    one girl is age – 11 dreaming about t.v serial ,she make dreams or thoughs about romantic serial . at atime of sleep, she want stay lonely in house,very irretating nature ,

  13. Julie on

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for the great information! I “found” homeopathy in an effort to cure anxiety, in both my daughter and myself, and have been more than thrilled with the results. It’s great to hear that other people are benefitting as well!

    🙂 Julie

  14. DR.Manjunath shinde on

    Whether Anxiety attacks associated with confusion of matters well understood prior to such attacks also be considered under the Rubrics or just as a associated symptom? kindly enlighten.Which symtom should be treated as a prescribing symptom?

  15. Robert on

    Hi Dr. Manjunath,

    In regards to your question above, I find that anxiety attacks are usually something to consider in any case you take if it is present. Find the rubric that best describes the symptom and use it with all of the other rubrics taken. There will usually be a pattern of energy in the case that will connect this valuable mental symptom to other physical sufferings. When you find that pattern you will easily find the remedy best for the case.


  16. KIRTI on

    thanks for all information u give. can u please give me some remedies on chronic anxiety problems in 63 yr old female , post hyterectomy done at age of 39, multiple problems, has CAD angiography done 4 yrs ago. cervical left spondolitis, sciatica. appendectomy done at age 40 aloge with hysterectomy. p/h/o of asthama since age of 30, cured with homeo treatment for 2-4 yrs at age 45,(after dose of syphylimnum) it was cured.

    when will i receive your answer, where you will send it.

  17. Dagmar on

    Dear Robert,it is wonderful to have your letter every time as I learn more and more.For my anxiety+panic and excrutiating neuralgic pain mostly in my left side of the body/vagus nerve/ I am using Natrium muriatricum,then later with combination of Magnesium Phosphate and now with addition of Sepia all in 200 .I take this combination almost for a year–but with very small help.Any suggestion please?I would be greatful for your input—Thanks and keep the excelent work….

  18. tariq on

    dear dr,great work doing it help all homeopth dr god bless u

  19. devika kashikar on

    i’ve an axiety problem.wd like to know about homeopathic medicine.
    symptoms:closed room,tunnels,closed elevator,fear of loosing self control,stuffy feeling in anticipation. moron feeling .in the evening . feel as if i wd loose breath.uneasyness in stomach and chest. pl prescribe

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