Homeopathy Tips for 6/02/09 Prophylaxis

     The question of prophylaxis to prevent disease using homeopathy comes up often. There are many books written about the subject with disease names and remedies used to prevent them. Often they are reporting that homeopathy can take the place of vaccines and protect a person from specific disease. I would like to share my opinion about this.

     Websters Dictionary defines prophylaxis as, “measures designed to preserve health and prevent the spread of disease.” Preserving health is a key idea of prophylaxis. This would indicate that proper hygiene be used and infected people should be approached carefully so their disease does not spread. I endorse this view. I also know that no two people with a similar disease name ever suffer the same. We see the use of the genus epidemicus remedy, when enough cases have been successfully  prescribed to,  that indicate it is the best “general” remedy for the latest epidemic of disease. This does not mean that every case of this disease will require the exact same remedy. We still need to take the case and use good homeopathic principles to prescribe by.

      In the case of infectious diseases, we see that they can run through populations quickly, but not everyone will become infected. Even those persons living in the same household and are exposed, often do not express the disease. This tells me that all expressions of illness must come from susceptibility and not the infectious agent.

      Vaccines are specific preparations of actual viral agents that have been altered, so as to not be alive or active. When they are injected or ingested in the body the immune system recognizes the physical microbe and mounts an immune response to it. Supposedly this immune response will give us the immunity to the disease. The problem with the viral/vaccine approach is that virus’ mutate quickly. To create a vaccine for specific disease is difficult when it is not even known yet what the exact virus is.

      This is where homeopaths have tried to do the same by recommending homeopathic remedies for specific diseases as a prophylactic.  All disease expressions happen as a result of a disturbance of the vital force. Because the vital force is responsible for all expressions of life, disease and the healing of disease, any illness first happens in the vital force and then expresses into the physical. So to attempt to treat the physical disease is an inaccurate approach if we are using pure homeopathic principles. We would always want to treat the vital force. Because the vital force expresses at all levels of our being we end up treating the person and not the disease.

      To attempt to predict how a person will  respond to any disease pathogen requires great hubris. I personally am not clairvoyant and do not have a crystal ball to achieve such lofty accomplishments. How could any of us know the specific remedy for a person before they actually needed it?

       Good hygiene is the best prophylactic measure in times of infectious disease. Wash our hands often. Cover our mouths when we sneeze.  Basic respect for those around a suffering individual will go along way towards preventing the spread of disease.

      Taking a vaccine  to prevent the disease only confuses the body and may make it more susceptible. The body has very defined ways to cast off the disease. It is written in our genetic code. When we acquire a disease from vaccination with the intention  to build immunity, we have bypassed the normal immune response to the pathogen. In the case of common cold or influenza for instance, the first response of the body usually is a sneeze or itchy eye with lachrymation. This is the body’s way of trying to cast off the disease. Next we may mount a fever and sore throat. Inflammation and fever is another perfect response from the body to kill the pathogen. As the process continues the immune system is constantly changing its tactics to bring the disease to an end and get back to equilibrium.

      When the disease is acquired through an artificial means,  the natural means to cast it off cannot happen. Remember Hering’s Laws of  Cure? We will heal in the reverse order of symptoms. When the natural way to cast off the disease has not been allowed to happen because of the artificial acquisition, the immune system becomes confused. Prior to the vaccination there is no need for the vital force to be susceptible to the disease, so the response to the vaccine is not a natural response. In the end I believe it weakens us.

     When we give a homeopathic remedy, intention and why we give it are very important. If we take a remedy to learn more about it and have a proving, we will experience something much different than if we simply give the wrong remedy to a suffering person. Our intention is different and the response will be different as well. If our intention is to give a remedy as a prophylactic, then attached to the intention is fear of the disease. If we are trying to prevent it from getting us, then we are not trusting that we would not be susceptible. We must trust that the body has the wisdom to heal and that only a person susceptible to the disease could ever express it.

      Remedy energies are very powerful and when taken with the intention to prevent disease can actually make us more susceptible to getting it. In Aphorism 1 of the Organon Hahnemann says, “The physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.”  He did not say prevent disease. Before a remedy is taken there is no response to an artificial morbific agent by the vital force. The only way we could ever recognize the remedy energy, is if we already have an existing susceptibility or the remedy energy has grafted to us, creating a new susceptibility and dis-ease expression. 

       Homeopathy has proven to be most effective in the treatment of every disease because it is such individualized medicine. We have so many different remedies available, that what becomes unique in the disease expression guides us to the right remedy. The challenge of the homeopath is to see the vital force’s expression accurately and prescribe accordingly. We could only do this if there are symptoms present. The best prophylaxis for a person is to continue a constitutional remedy to help them heal their life. If they come to you with a fear of the latest disease you will want to help them by giving them a remedy based on this fear and not the disease.

     Fear is our greatest separation from source and the root of all dis-ease. It is the original sin (meaning missing the mark) and the essence of Psora. Do not prescribe out of fear and always let the vital force tell you what to do next. Prescribe on this and you will never fail.

      I know there are many who believe in homeopathic vaccination or prophylaxis. I welcome all of your comments below.

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  1. Dr.Ranjit Singh on

    Hello Doctor,
    I agree to your openion.The best prophylaxis for a person is to continue a constitutional remedy to help him to heal his life. There is no need of giving Vaccination which has not been proved on healthy persons.They will create their own symptoms in healthy human beings.

  2. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Dear Dr.Robert i also agreed with you.The best prophylaxis is which have been proved in our medicine applying on a healthy person.The vaccines of modern medicines are not always safe as it has some adverse reaction or cant protect the disease.In our homeopathy there is no vaccine,we have best prophylaxis.When treating patient we have to study the patient giving priority on mind,modality,specific organ disturbed,what cause an improvement or aggravation,on certain leading symptoms present such as anxiety associated with high degree of restlessness,thirst,temparature etc.Choice of medicine should be given to enhance the vital force of sufferer first.Its my own openion.Regards,yours truely,malaker

  3. Dr.K.M.Sreenivasan on

    It may be incorrect to say that the body has some mechanism to deffrentiate a vaccine and an a natural virus.For the body both are invaders and the deffence machanism will come into action and the immunity for both will be generated.Let us not negate the effectiveness of vaccine so long as it is

    With love and regards.
    Dr.K.M.Sreenivasan (Sreenivasan Madhavan)

  4. P Venkatappaiah on

    Dear Sir,
    Thank u very much. Both the articles, educating the patient and the prophylaxis are quite enlightening. I agree with your comments which are really helpful.
    Thanking you and looking forward for more such tips.
    Yours faithfully,

  5. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Sir:
    I agree on your major point that the best prophylaxis is constitutional treatment from childhood. but maybe I shouldn’t thow the baby out with the bath-water. I wish to offer a different viewpoint based on the context of reality in areas where medical service is limited or unavailable especially affordable homeopathic practioners. I have seen my parent’s relatives in my childhood bearing the after effects of a polio attack (heavy metal leg braces)or smallpox (facial pockmark scars) and their devastated psyches of being ostracized from society. My point is – vaccination does protect a large majority of people from contracting polio, smallpox and other devastating diseases. Yes, there is long term harm to the immune system by using vaccination. But it is easier to use homeopathy to constitutionally correct the long term harm from the effects of vaccination than to correct the immediate lameness and scars after having contracted these diseases. (I am not even taking into account the lifelong psychological scars). Potencized Curare & Thiosinaminum can only do so much after polio or small pox has devastated a person, even a constitutional medicine is not going to restore a lame polio limb to life or smooth out the scars or remove the blindness of a smallpox victim. Till the day that there is a homeopathic practioner available in every village able to minister to the constitutions of the poorest of the poor, we may have to co-exist with the neccessary evil of vaccination. Even Vithoulkas & Sankaran both agree that vaccination has side effects but both agree there is no mass viable homeopathic alternative (logistically speaking for large populations). Even “homeopaths without borders” operates only in a few regions of the world. So how are we homeopaths going to offer homeopathic constitutional treatment or genus epidemicus prophylaxis during the outbreak of a epidemic unless we are available in large numbers. Interestingly, Tyler’s Drug pictures (page 346) speaks of how Cuprum Aceticum by homeopathic action had only 2% fatality during a small pox epidemic. Also, I sincerely question if Hahnemann was against homeopathic prophylaxis. Footnote 17, page 115 of Organon mentions Hahnemann’s own experience of using Belladonna to successfully protect the children of Konigslutter from an epidemic of scarlet fever. Thank you for the opportunity to be a supporter of homeopathy but to also offer the context of present day reality as seen from my eyes.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Philip,
      Thanks you so much for sharing your views. Like I said earlier this is a controversial subject. There is no black and white to this matter. This forum is for all to express their opinions and as you well know there are many in the field of homeopathy. If there were a choice to give a prophylactic either in the form of a vaccination or a homeopathic remedy, I would certainly choose the homeopathic remedy. By far it is safer and gentler. And it could possibly be more effective as well. Thanks again, Robert

  6. Philip Joseph on

    In continuation of the above, please read below some more information on the effectiveness of HP (Homeopathic prophylaxis) from Hahnemann’s writings. I took the highlights from an article by Harry Van Der Zee in Interhomeopathy Links. There is alot of information and lots of stats on Homeopathic prophylaxis of epidemics.Article posted below in part:
    The History of Homeopathy
    Before discussing future ways of applying homeopathy on a world-wide scale it is interesting to go back in time to the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. In terms of public acknowledgment and scientific recognition as also in terms of clear and significant results was the period during which homeopathy was at its best. The reason for this is because homeopaths were using homeopathy’s best asset – the treatment of epidemics.

    Genus epi – A remedy for a disease
    Hahnemann himself already laid down the foundation for successful treatment of epidemic diseases. The rule is very simple:
    • Take a good number of cases and put their symptoms together
    • Include all disease specific symptoms
    • Exclude all patient specific symptoms
    • Select one or more remedies based on the disease totality

    In the American Homeopath (1998 – ‘As If One Patient’) Greg Bedayn describes how Hahnemann discovered how to treat epidemic diseases:
    • ‘In 1799 Hahnemann first applied the genus epi; the single homeopathic remedy to treat a similarly affected population, during a scarlet fever epidemic he treated in Königslutter, Germany. The story of how he accidentally discovered the genus epi is interesting: There was a large family that had members with scarlet fever.
    Hahnemann noticed that one of the children who had been taking Belladonna for another reason did not have symptoms of scarlet fever. He discovered that by giving the other members of the family Belladonna, as a prophylactic, they did not get scarlet fever. Hahnemann concluded that a remedy that rapidly cures at the onset of an illness would be the best preventative.
    This serendipitous discovery led Hahnemann into developing the principle of genus epi – where if one takes the symptom-totality from each person in a epidemic population and then puts those features together into one case, as if one person, and gives the indicated simillimum to the entire affected population – that it will cure.’

    This approach, as Hahnemann found out, worked well. Bedayn continues:
    • ‘The curative results of the genus epi were so positive during the epidemics in the ensuing decades that they not only cured the majority of those affected where nothing else had worked, but they also drew international acclaim towards homeopathy, the new, the rational, medicine. There is something intrinsically powerful about the success of homeopathy in curing large populations that is undeniably attractive to anyone gifted with the power of observation, and it was through these early cures with epidemics that Hahnemann was able to quickly and widely spread the word: Homeopathy. It was from his discovery of the genus epi that Hahnemann later developed his theory of miasms; the taints that color and shape all family trees, as representing the basis of chronic disease.’

    Hahnemann later writes about the genus epi principle in his ‘Organon’ §101:
    • ‘It is possible that a physician meeting with the first case of a certain epidemic should fail to perceive at once its perfect image, because every collective disease of this kind will not manifest the totality of its symptoms and character until several cases have been carefully observed. But after having observed one or two cases of this kind a physician may approach the true condition of the epidemic that he is enabled to construe a true characteristic image of the same and to discover the true hom remedy.’

    Hahnemann broadens this general principle in §102, when he says the complete knowledge is only to be obtained in a perfect manner by observations of the affections of several patients of different bodily constitutions.

    Using this as-if-one-person approach homeopaths impressed the medical establishment with their results. Here are a few quotes to illustrate this:
    • Epidemics in general: “In epidemics the mortality per 100 patients is 1/2 to 1/8 in homeopathic hospitals compared to allopathic hospitals.” (Dr. Thomas L. Bradford’s ‘The Logic of Figures …’ (1900)
    ‘Homeopathy had become very popular in North America during its early years due to its amazing successes obtained by the “old guard” during the epidemics – epidemics of diphtheria, scarlet fever, cholera, malaria, yellow fever – especially yellow fever; the death rate for that was 55% when allopathic treatment was used, but less than 5% in cases with homeopathic treatment; and it was the same for cholera. It is here with the “old guard” that homeopathy obtained its golden letters.’ (‘From its Roots Upwards’, Interview with André Saine, N.D., D.H.A.N.P., Vienna January 1994.)
    “Ever since Samuel Hahnemann homeopathy has time and again been able to successfully treat epidemics/pandemics with a small number of remedies.” (Stahl, Hadulla, Richter, AHZ 2006)
    • Cholera in Europe: “In den Ja 1830 und 1831 wurden in Russland in den von Cholera ergriffenen Gouvernements Saratoff, Tambtoff und Twer 1270 Patienten homöopatisch behandelt: 1162 davon genasen, 108 starben… d Verhältnis dem Ergebnisse der homöopatische Behandlung der Cholera in Ungarn, Mähren und Wien fast ganz gleich ist.” (Gebhardt 1929) (Of 1270 Russian cholera patients treated with homeopathy only 108 died which is ± 8%)
    “When in the year 1854 cholera came to Palermo 1513 soldiers fell ill … Of these 902 were treated with allopathy of which 386 died, a bit more than 42%; 611 were treated with homeopathy, of which only 25, so almost 4%, died.” “In the abovementioned years cholera also visited the Caribbean, and on the ‘pearl’ of these islands, Barbados, 2113 people fell ill. Of the 346 treated with allopathy 154 died, but of the 1767 treated with homeopathy only 370.” (Gebhardt 1929)
    • Cholera in USA: 3% of the cholera patients under homeopathic treatment died (Cincinnati 1849). Mortality rate of cholera patients under allopathic treatment was 40-70%.
    • Spanish influenza: Homeopathic treatment of the Spanish influenza during the pandemic of 1914-1918 was effective (Isaac Golden, Vaccination & Homeoprophylaxis? A Review of Risks and Alternatives).
    “Homeopathy has been used with great degree of success in influenza and other epidemics for 200 years … In 1918 flu pandemic homeopaths reported around 1% mortality in their cases, while conventional doctors were losing 30% of their patients.” (www.life.us/flu)
    NB! The Spanish influenza virus we know now was an avian virus. ±40 million people died in just 18 months.
    “Dr.TA McCann from Dayton, Ohio reported that 24,000 cases of flu treated allopathically had a mortality rate of 28.2% while 26,000 cases of flu treated homeopathically had a mortality rate of 1.05%. This last figure was supported by Dean W.A. Pearson of Philadelphia (Hahnemann College) who collected 26,795 cases of flu treated with homeopathy with the above result. Dr. Herbert A Roberts from Derby, CT, said that 30 physicians in Connecticut responded to his request for data. They reported 6,602 cases with 55 deaths, which is less than 1%.” (The Journal of the American Institute for Homeopathy, May 1921)
    “The most severe epidemic of all time was the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918. Twenty percent of the entire world population was infected and 20-40 million people died. The epidemic was so devastating that the average lifespan in the United States was decreased by ten years. During this epidemic homeopathic medicines were used widely both for treatment and as prophylaxis. The average mortality under standard treatment ran from 2.5-10%, while 1% or fewer patients died under homeopathic treatment.” (Homeoprophylaxis Fact or Fiction – Todd Hoover MD)
    • Yellow Fever in USA: The success of the homeopathic treatment of yellow fever was so great that the report of the United States Government’s Board of Experts mentioned several homeopathic remedies, despite the aversion to homeopathy of some of its members. (Haris Coulter, ‘Divided legacy’). (Treated in allopathic hospitals the mortality was around 55% and homeopathy decimated that percentage!).
    These are clearly impressive figures, certainly if we compare them with the results of contemporary studies. If homeopathy could come up with similar significant results in our time and age general acceptance might follow a lot easier.

    Why is there such a huge difference in the outcome of old and new studies. One reason is that these old figures concern epidemics, whereas more recent studies mostly concern individualized treatment of chronic diseases. The great advantage of the homeopathic treatment of epidemics is that the individuality of the patient is not an issue, nor is the skills of individual homeopaths. Once a successful (group of) remedy(ies) is identified any homeopath will be successful. The case is a lot simpler and the skills of the homeopath have less influence on the results. Another reason why these amazing figures come forward from ancient records is that penicillin had not been discovered yet, so the means to treat epidemic diseases was largely absent in allopathic hospitals. And as we know from Hahnemann, a lot of what they did rather speed the process toward death.

    What happened since 1918?
    With the US taking the lead homeopathy went into a decline. Homeopathic hospitals were closed. The light of homeopathy was kept alive by smaller number of homeopaths, but many lost track of what we call Hahnemannian homeopathy and as a science little progress was made. This changed in the last decades of the 20th century. Homeopathy flourished again and especially in the treatment of chronic diseases and in the understanding of the materia medica great advances were made. Soon the materia medica started to expand, many new remedies were introduced, and new approaches to case analysis and materia medica research saw the light. We all know this because we are all in the middle of this development.

    If we look at homeopathy today the use of the as-if-one-person approach for epidemic diseases is marginal. Partly because in the west epidemic diseases like those mentioned earlier hardly play a role anymore. If we however look at the state of health in the whole world we see that epidemics still influence and take the lives of millions. With people migrating as never before and with virologists warning for a new avian flu pandemic also the west has to bring back epidemics into its consciousness.

    It has also become very clear that Big Pharma does not and will not have all the answers and actually creates many of the problems we are facing today. More and more virulent strains of bacteria and viruses are created as a result of the war against them. The WHO is aware of this and so should any doctor, but an alternative is not recognized because the alienation of the diseasing agent as an enemy that should be extinguished is deeply seated in mainstream medical philosophy.

    © Harry van der Zee 2009

    I posted the article partially, with all honor due to it’s author Harry van der Zee. The for and against of Homeopathic prophylaxis will continue, my intent was to let the reader judge for himself and explore from his own experience and the experiences of others. Thanks, Philip

  7. Robert Field on

    Hi Philip, I very much appreciate the article you have shared. I think your observations are important. Giving the genus epidemicus remedy is a little different approach than vaccination. When a disease picture is formed, then by the methods you have shared above,genus epidemicus remedies could be chosen. There would still need to be some individualization for the remedies to be successful. I agree that until we have a homeopath in every village then our ideas are lofty. So until then offering a single remedy as the vaccination would be only partly successful, but if it saved one life, would be worth it. I appreciate you taking the time to share. All readers of this will benefit. Thank you, Robert

  8. dr naseer on


    your topic and other doctors comments

    are very knowledgable learn more.

  9. ginni on

    Thank you all for your input.I would just like to mention that during my study classes we were introduced to giving carcinocen in high dosages i.e 10m as prophylaxis if and when there is cancer in the family soil?

  10. Anindya Das on

    Thank you Sir, for your useful guidance to all the homoeopaths. I also believe in the same opinion.But I learn from here ‘what will be the effect of medication as prophylaxis’ new.

  11. Asthma Humidifier on

    I enjoy looking through a post that can make people think.

    Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

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