Homeopathy Tips for 5/31/11 Erectile Dysfunction

If you live in the United States and watch television you have all become aware of the big problem of erectile dysfunction. Nearly every hour of television programming is riddled with advertisements for Viagra or Cialis. Erectile dysfunction is quite a popular subject; at least from the drug companies perspective. This is a billion dollar industry catering to erectile dysfunction. Drug therapy does not heal the problem and forces the body to have an erection. But homeopathy offers real healing.

Erectile dysfunction or commonly known as impotence is the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection. If a person is to heal from impotence the cause must be addressed. The most common causes are emotional in nature and only seldom have real physical causes. Emotional causes are;

  • Anger towards a partner
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Discord or boredom with a partner
  • Fear of pregnancy, dependency on another person,. or losing control
  • Feelings of detachment from sexual activities or one’s partner
  • Guilt
  • Inhibitions or ignorance about sexual behavior
  • Performance anxiety about intercourse
  • Previous traumatic sexual experiences

All of these factors must be considered when treating impotence. It is a delicate subject for most men because of the stigma around men being seen as virile. You must ask open questions and get the person to talk about the emotional components. It take great trust for a man to open up and tell the truth about sexual matters. Be patient and confident that they will tell all. With enough gentle persuasion they usually open up and share.

Physical problems can contribute to impotence. Because erections require so much blood, vascular problems are the leading cause. Narrowing of arteries can be caused by atherosclerosis, diabetes, blood clot or surgery. The most common surgical procedure leading to erectile dysfunction is prostate surgery. Sometimes neurological damage from surgery, stroke, spinal injury, MS, or alcohol and drugs can cause problems. Hormonal imbalances are also possible especially for those men 60 years or older. Testosterone drops significantly as we age and could play a part in lack of libido, muscular atrophy and erectile dysfunction. Although erectile dysfunction is not a life threatening condition, it could be a symptom of  more serious health problem.  Encourage your client to get a full medical evaluation.

The most common approach to erectile dysfunction is drug therapy. Psychological therapy is also advised to help with the emotional aspects that may be contributing to impotence. Homeopathy offers many remedies that are useful to treat the person having erectile dysfunction. Remember NO remedy is for a condition. The remedy is for the person experiencing the condition. We always want to treat the person and not the dis-ease. It is imperative to understand all of the aspects of what is contributing to a persons impotence. A full case must be received. Look for patterns in the person’s life that reflect impotence. The remedy can cure much more than erectile dysfunction if applied accurately.

Here are a few rubrics that may be useful from the Complete 2010 Repertory;

  • Male; ERECTIONS, troublesome (409) : abr., 2abrot., absin., achy., acon., acon-ac., adren., aegle., aego-p., 4AGAR., 2agav-a., agav-t., 4AGN., aids, alco., 4ALCO-S., 4ALL-C., 4ALOE, 4ALUM., 3Alum-p., alum-sil., 4ALUMN., 4AM-C., 3Am-m., 4AMBR., 4ANAC., 3Anan., anh., anil., anis., 4ANT-C., ant-o., ant-t., anth., anthr., anthro., 2ap-g., apis, aq-mar., aran-ix., ard-h., arg., 4ARG-N., 4ARN., 4ARS., ars-h., 4ARS-I., arum-d., arund., 3Asc-t., 2aspar., 3Aster., atista, 4AUR., aur-i., 2aur-m., aur-m-n., aur-s., aven., ba-sv., 4BAMB-A., 4BAR-C., bar-i., bar-s., 3Bart., 3Bell., bell-p., 4BERB., blatta-a., bond., 4BOR., 3Brom., bros-g., brucin., 4BRY., 2bufo, buth-aust., butho-t., c-di-o., 3Cact., cahin., 3Caj., 4CALAD., 4CALC., calc-i., 3Calc-p., 3Calc-s., calc-sil., 4CAMPH., 3Camph-br., 4CANN-I., 4CANN-S., canna-i., 4CANTH., 4CAPS., carb-ac., 3Carb-an., 4CARB-V., 3Carc., 3Card-m., carl., caruk-b., 4CAUST., 4CEDR., cench., cent., 3Cere-b., cere-s., cerv., 4CHAM., 4CHEL., chen-v., 4CHIN., chin-ar., 3Chin-b., chin-s., chlol., chlor., chlorpr., cic., 3Cimx., cinch., cinis-p., cinnam., 4CINNB., 4CLEM., 3Cob., 4COC-C., coca, cocc., coch., 4COD., 3Coff., 3Colch., 3Coloc., colocin., 4CON., 4COP., 4CORN., cortico., cot., crot-c., crot-h., 3Croto-t., 4CUB., cur., 3Curc., cycl., cymbo-ci., cyna., cypra-e., cyt-l., 2dam., daph., del., diaz., 4DIG., digin., 4DIOS., dol., 3Dulc., elaps, 3Equis., 3Erech., erig., 3Ery-a., ery-m., 4EUG., 3Eup-pur., 3Euph., fab., fago., 4FERR., 4FERR-I., ferr-m., ferr-ma., ferr-p., ferr-pic., 4FL-AC., 4FORM., galv., gast., 4GELS., germ., 4GINS., glyc., 3Gnaph., 4GRAPH., 4GRAT., guai., guare., gymn., halo., 4HAM., 3Hell., 4HELON., 4HEP., hura, hydr., hydr-ac., hydrc., 4HYOS., 3Hyper., 4IGN., ind., 4IOD., jac-c., jug-r., kali-ar., 4KALI-BI., 4KALI-BR., 4KALI-C., 4KALI-CHL., kali-fcy., 4KALI-I., 4KALI-N., 4KALI-P., kali-s., 3Kali-sil., kali-x., kalm., 3Kola., 3Kreos., lac-ac., lac-c., 4LACH., 3Lact., lant-c., lappa, lar-ar., lat-m., latex, lath., 4LAUR., 3Lec., 4LED., 2lepro., levo., lil-t., linu-c., 4LITH-C., 3Lup., 3Lupin., 4LYC., 4LYSS., 4M-ARCT., 4M-ART., 3M-aust., 3Mag-c., 4MAG-M., 3Mag-s., mang., 4MED., 2meny., 4MERC., merc-acet., 4MERC-C., merc-cy., merc-n., merc-v., 4MEZ., moly., morph., 4MOSCH., 4MUR-AC., musa, musca-d., 2mygal., naja, nat-ar., 4NAT-C., nat-hchls., 4NAT-M., 4NAT-P., nat-s., nat-sil., 3Nicc., 4NIT-AC., nitrob., 3Nuph., 3Nux-m., 4NUX-V., oci., oci-s., 3Oena., 4OL-AN., ol-sant., 3Onis., 4ONOS., 4OP., opun-v., orch., 4OSM., 4OX-AC., oxyt., 3Pall., 4PAR., parth., ped., pen., perh., pers., 4PETR., 2petros., 4PH-AC., phase., 4PHOS., phys., 3Phyt., 4PIC-AC., 4PIP-M., pip-n., pisc., plan., 4PLAT., 4PLB., plect., polyg., 2polyg-a., pras-s., 3Psor., 4PULS., puls-n., 4RAN-B., raph., 4RHOD., rhodi., rhodi-o-n., 4RHUS-T., rib-ac., ros-b., ruta, 4SABAD., 2sabal., 4SABIN., sal-ac., 3Salx-n., saroth., 2sars., 2scroph-n., scut., 2sec., 4SEL., seneg., senn., 4SEP., sid-al., 4SIL., sil-mar., sile-c., 4SIN-A., 4SIN-N., 3Spig., spira., spirae., 3Spong., 3Stann., 4STAPH., 4STRAM., 3Stry., stry-p., 2sul-ac., sul-i., 4SULPH., 4SUMB., syc-co., 3Syph., 4TAB., 4TARAX., 4TARENT., 3Tax., tell., 4TER., terb-o., tere-ch., tet., teucr., thal., thala., thea., 4THER., thiop., 4THUJ., 3Thymol., thymu., 3Trib., 3Tub., tus-p., ulm-c., upa., 3Uran-n., 3Ust., valer., 2verat., 2vib., vichy-g., 3Viol-t., visc., vitis, voes., 3Wild., x-ray, 4YOHIM., yuc., 4ZINC., 4ZINC-P., zinc-pic., 3Zinc-val., zing.
  • Male; ERECTIONS, troublesome; incomplete (94) : achy., acon-ac., 3Agar., agav-t., 4AGN., 3Ant-c., aq-mar., aran-ix., 2arg-n., arn., ars., ars-i., aur-m-n., 4BAR-C., berb., bros-g., 3Calad., 3Calc., calc-s., 3Camph., carb-v., 3Caust., chen-v., 3Chin., chin-ar., 3Cob., coc-c., coca, 4CON., curc., cymbo-ci., cyna., ferr-p., 3Form., 4GRAPH., 3Hep., hura, ign., ind., iod., kali-ar., kali-fcy., 3Kali-i., kreos., lac-c., lach., 3Laur., linu-c., 4LYC., lyss., m-art., m-aust., mang., med., merc., merc-cy., moly., mosch., mur-ac., naja, nat-ar., 3Nat-c., 3Nat-m., 3Nat-p., nit-ac., 3Nuph., 3Nux-m., 3Nux-v., oena., 3Onos., ox-ac., pers., 3Petr., 4PH-AC., 3Phos., pic-ac., plb., rhod., rhodi., rhodi-o-n., sars., 4SEL., 4SEP., sin-a., stann., stry-p., sul-i., 4SULPH., tab., tarent., tere-ch., ther., upa., zinc.
  • Male; ERECTIONS, troublesome; wanting, impotency (232) : abr., 2abrot., absin., aegle., aego-p., 3Agar., 4AGN., aids, alco., alco-s., 3Alum., alum-p., am-c., ambr., 3Anac., anh., anil., 3Ant-c., ant-o., 2ap-g., apis, aq-mar., aran-ix., arg., 4ARG-N., 3Arn., ars., ars-i., arum-d., 2aspar., 3Aur., aur-i., aur-s., 3Aven., ba-sv., 4BAR-C., bar-i., bar-s., bart., bell-p., berb., bor., 3Bufo, buth-aust., c-di-o., 4CALAD., 4CALC., calc-i., calc-p., 4CALC-S., calc-sil., 4CAMPH., cann-i., 3Cann-s., canth., 4CAPS., carb-ac., carb-an., carb-v., 3Carc., 3Card-m., 3Caust., cere-s., 4CHIN., chin-s., chlol., chlor., chlorpr., cic., cinnam., clem., 3Cob., 3Coc-c., coch., cod., 3Coff., 3Coloc., 4CON., corn., cortico., cot., crot-h., croto-t., cub., 4DAM., dig., dios., dol., 3Dulc., elaps, ery-a., ery-m., eug., 3Eup-pur., euph., fab., 4FERR., ferr-i., ferr-m., ferr-ma., ferr-p., 3Fl-ac., gast., 3Gels., 3Gins., glyc., 2gnaph., 4GRAPH., gymn., halo., 3Ham., 3Hell., 3Helon., 3Hep., hydr., hydrc., 3Hyos., 3Hyper., 3Ign., 3Iod., kali-bi., 4KALI-BR., 4KALI-C., kali-i., 3Kali-p., kali-s., kali-x., kreos., lac-c., 4LACH., lact., lappa, latex, lath., 3Lec., 2lepro., levo., 4LYC., lyss., 2m-art., 3M-aust., 4MAG-C., 4MED., 3Meny., 3Merc., merc-n., merc-v., morph., 4MOSCH., 4MUR-AC., musca-d., 3Nat-c., 4NAT-M., 3Nat-p., 3Nit-ac., nitrob., 3Nuph., 3Nux-m., 4NUX-V., oci., oci-s., onis., 3Onos., 3Op., orch., ox-ac., oxyt., pall., pen., perh., petr., 2petros., 4PH-AC., 3Phase., 4PHOS., 3Phyt., 3Pic-ac., plan., 3Plb., polyg., 2polyg-a., 3Psor., 3Puls., 2rhod., rhodi., rhodi-o-n., rib-ac., ros-b., ruta, 3Sabad., 3Sabal., sabin., 3Salx-n., saroth., 2scroph-n., scut., 3Sec., 4SEL., 4SEP., sil., sile-c., 3Sin-a., 3Sin-n., 3Spong., 3Stann., 3Staph., 2stram., 3Stry., sul-ac., sul-i., 4SULPH., 2sumb., syc-co., 3Syph., tab., tax., terb-o., teucr., thal., thala., ther., 3Thuj., trib., tus-p., 3Uran-n., ust., 2vib., x-ray, 3Yohim., zinc., zinc-p., zing.
  • Male; ERECTIONS, troublesome; wanting, impotency; disappearing during coition (7) : ambr., 3Camph., fl-ac., graph., m-aust., nux-v., 3Ph-ac.
  • Mind; SADNESS; impotence, with (5) : 3Aur., 4CALAD., 3Gels., 4KALI-BR., 3Spong.
  • Male; ERECTIONS, troublesome; sexual desire, without (77) : agn., alco-s., 3Alum., 3Am-c., 3Ambr., anac., arn., asc-t., bor., bry., bufo, 3Calad., 3Calc-p., 3Cann-i., cann-s., 3Canth., 3Caps., carb-v., caust., chin., chin-b., chlol., cic., crot-c., eug., 3Euph., ferr-ma., fl-ac., galv., 3Graph., ham., hyos., iod., kali-c., kali-n., kali-p., kali-sil., kalm., kola., lach., laur., lyss., m-art., mag-c., mag-m., mag-s., nat-c., 3Nat-m., nat-p., 3Nit-ac., 3Nux-v., ol-an., ped., petr., 4PH-AC., phos., 3Pic-ac., plat., 3Plb., 2sabad., sabin., 3Sel., senn., 4SEP., sil., 3Spig., staph., sul-ac., sul-i., sulph., tab., tarent., ther., thiop., ulm-c., vichy-g., 3Yohim.

As you can see there are many remedies that are useful in impotency. The mental aspects become most important to understand. They will lead you to the best selection of remedies. Below are a few of the most common remedies useful for the person with erectile dysfunction.

  • Agnus Castus – Especially useful in older men with a history of sexual excesses and premature old age. After abuse of sexual powers. Apathy and contempt of self after masturbation or sexual abuse. Penis is small, cold, and flaccid. No desire.No power. Complete impotence.
  • Baryta Carbonica – For older men. Premature aging. Diminished sexual desire or power. Loss of memory.
  • Caladium – Penis remains relaxed even when excited. Great sexual excitement and desire.Impotence from suppressed gonorrheal discharge.
  • Conium – From suppressed sexual appetite or over-indulgence. Sexual desire without erections. Emission from least excitement or being in the presence of a woman. Useful for widowers or old bachelors. Useful in strong healthy men who have great desire but who have an emission as soon as they begin to caress a woman.
  • Ignatia – After the loss of a loved one. Grief. With sexual desire and romantic notions.
  • Lycopodium – One of the most common remedies for impotence. Erections are incomplete or absent. Erections failing after a very short time. Useful for young men who become impotent from excessive masturbation or old men who marry again.
  • Nux Vomica – After any excess. Too much masturbation, alcohol, drugs. Irritable and nervous with gastric disturbances.
  • Selenium – Coldness and relaxation of the sexual organs.
  • Loss of semen during stool, and after urination. Erections slow, incomplete, with too quick ejaculation. Mental weakness, confusion after sexual emission. Semen thin and odorless.
  • Staphysagria – After self-abuse or sexual excesses. Guilty expression on their face. Loss of memory. Sexual organs relaxed. After sexual abuse.
  • Thuja – Impotence after gonorrhea.

There are many remedies that are useful in impotence. You must receive the case and find out the sexual disposition of the person. Are they excited or is all excitement absent? Are they able to get an erection but it fails? At what point does it fail? Are erections completely absent? Do they have a history of sexually transmitted diseases? Is there a history of sexual excesses or masturbation? Has there been a change in the primary partners relationship? What are the emotional components? Are there any physical changes since the erectile dysfunction?

You must be able to answer these questions. It is not a good idea to ask too many questions but to be able to piece the persons story together. Asking a few question to confirm something is okay but let the person tell their story. With good listening skills you will be able to pick up much information by asking open-ended questions. Creating a trusting and confidential environment is essential in getting the real story from the person. Encourage them to tell all if your are to really help them. With good homeopathic treatment most cases of erectile dysfunction can be helped.

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        What potency of selenium is effective for more time sex.

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        What potency of selenium is effective for more time sex.

    • Tariqul islam on

      What potency of selenium is effective fo erectyle dysfunction and what for pre ejaculation, penile atrophy and enlarge prostate.

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    AOA.Male impotency is the alarming problem of the current world.Patients often seem to be depressed and play lethal role to conduct the activities of their life.All comments above are reliable for the treatment of “erectile dysfunction but The most common causes are emotional in nature and only seldom have real physical causes(that may be addressed as under diet also). Emotional causes are to treated psychologically and by good coaching.However Agnus Castus,Lycopodium,Nux Vomica,Caust,KALI-Phos 6x,PHOS 30,Acid phos 3x , Aurum Met and Argentum Met are prefered Normal Erectile dysfunction.

    HDr Muhammad Ayub Khan

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    SIr, iam 20 years old, 5 feet 6 inch height, weight 60kg. I am in great problem. I did excessive masturbation. I have wet dream without erection or not seeing any dream. Sleeping problem at night. Often pass night without sleep. Eye burning, itching and irritation with acute dryness. Acute in winter. Great desire of sex but no erection seeing any exciting seen or erection for a very short time or in complete erection. Morning erection after awake but decline suddenly.If quick ejaculation.Penis has been samll in length and girth. please tell me the remedy and how to take them with doses and time same prbl as above nd i also smoke bt 2 to 3 cig per day

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    Erectile dysfunction (ED), Premature ejaculation (PE), early ejaculation, are the most commonly occurring health problem now a days. Yes it has lots of health complication in future life. The The molecular and clinical understanding of erectile function can be helpful to select the group of homeopathic remedies sutable for each patient. Homeopathy is a full proofe science and the remedies acts in a scintific way. But unfortunately many homeopath are not intrested or want to appply those things to select remedy. It is 200 years old science and the medical and health scenerio at that age has been drastically modified by the science. The termonology has also modified. The pathogenesis of each and evry disease has been very cleared now. So there are inumerable scope in homeopathy to develop remedies for each and evry disease. But again n the same mind set up ‘classical’ ‘non classical’ ‘totality’ arguments arises in our homeopath comunity. Regarding ED the penile erectile tissue, specifically the cavernous smooth musculature and the smooth muscles of the arteriolar and arterial walls, plays a key role in the erectile process. In the flaccid state, these smooth muscles are tonically contracted, allowing only a small amount of arterial flow for nutritional purposes. Penile erection is managed by two mechanisms: the reflex erection, which is achieved by directly touching the penile shaft, and the psychogenic erection, which is achieved by erotic or emotional stimuli. The former uses the peripheral nerves and the lower parts of the spinal cord, whereas the latter uses the limbic system of the brain. In both conditions, an intact neural system is required for a successful and complete erection. Sexual stimulation triggers release of neurotransmitters nitric oxide (NO) from the cavernous nerve terminals. This results in relaxation of these smooth muscles. Dilatation of the arterioles and arteries by increased blood flow in both the diastolic and the systolic phases. Trapping of the incoming blood by the expanding sinusoids. Compression of the subtunical venular plexuses between the tunica albuginea and the peripheral sinusoids, reducing the venous outflow. An increase in partial pressure in oxygen PO2 (to about 90 mmHg) and intracavernous pressure (around 100 mm Hg), which raises the penis from the dependent position to the erect state (the full-erection phase). A further pressure increase (to several hundred millimeters of mercury) with contraction of the ischiocavernosus muscles (rigid-erection phase).
    So here 2 things we need to consider if the person has any psychological disturbances like long term grief, emotional temperament, anxiety and stressful life style, suprression of sexual desire, so that will come under psychogenic erection and that is controlled by limbic system of brain. In that case Natrum mur, onosmodium, conium, agnus castus, caladium, nux vom etc will be shoosen as per the symptoms similarity back ground. But if the person is diabetic, hypertensive, old age, then there must have intra arterial endothelial damage due to hyper glycemia and hypertension so we can think the remedies act on arterial level like baryata carb, baryta mur, acon, bell, fer, that again on symptom similarity basis. If there is any disturbances of testosterone synthesis due to varicocele, or testicular atrophic condition then the hamamalis, flouric acid, spongia, Con, rhodo . So without knowing the detail etiological back ground of the ED giving of remedies specific will not give any result. The time has come we homeopath who are either post grduate qualified or undergraduate should come forward and to catageroise medicines as per the pathogenesis and select the specific by applying symptom similarity then we can challenge to give specific med for any health factor.

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    Iam 40 years old . recently i have noticed loss of erection in me.it could be due excessive sex. because i have sex everyday.erection suddenly drops down within a minute or two.there is no premature ejaculation.but i take long time to come.i smoke but may be a 2 cigrettes a day. i am trying to stop it.i have erewction in the morning and then after urinating it drops down.my weight is 68 kg, height is 5.5.
    i eat non veg food but not fond of it everyday.i have very great desire for sex.i dont sleep well i feel, not at a strech for 6 hours. i wake up in the middle.i work in hotel industry ,lot of stress factor is there.
    please do suggest me some medicine which could cure this .i have been having this may be from past 6 to 8 months.i take sildifil citrate tabs. but not regular on that.

    please help me out.

  32. zakirhm2 on

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      Please try first with 200 potency to see its results.

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    I have already said to try 200 potency at first instance.For pre ejaculation problems try white ginger seeds g rinded in a mix y and small quantity of the paste to be taken in empty stomach.There are several Homeo remidies are available to be used based on the symptoms.

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