Homeopathy Tips for 5/28/13 Remedy Pictures

When I speak with fellow homeopaths or students I often hear them refer to people as a remedy. The comments are, “he is so Lycopodium”, or “she is so Sepia”. When I hear these kind of comments I cringe. This tells me the person is thinking in remedy pictures and has prejudiced themselves. This is the case no matter how in passing their comments might be.

In the course of most homeopathic education there are numerous lectures painting pictures of what a homeopathic remedy looks like. Because there is no real person needing the remedy present, it leaves the recipient of the lecture with a picture they have constructed in their mind about what the remedy must be like.This is very dangerous when a prejudgement like this exists in a homeopaths mind.

When the homeopath meets a client for the first time they know nothing about them except for the brief introduction. This is where case receiving begins. As a person tells their story ideas about remedies often pop up in the homeopaths mind. This is natural. It is also the place where most homeopaths make mistakes in prejudice when they attach to an idea about a remedy.

If we are holding ideas about remedies formed by remedy pictures then we will easily miss important parts of the case or other remedies that may be much better suited. Often the remedy picture is so generic that reading about them is much like reading the horoscope from the Sunday newspaper. There is a world of difference between this type of description and the an in depth reading from an astrologer. The same holds true for homeopathy.

If the homeopath is comfortable and casual about referring to people as a particular remedy it tells me that they are doing the same in their case receiving. This type of unacknowledged prejudice will influence their ability to be the unprejudiced observer that Hahnemann describes in the Organon of Medicine.

Every person is unique and their sufferings and symptoms are unique as well. When we think of our clients in terms of remedies we have put them in a box. We have matched them to the remedy rather than the remedy to the person. Remember Homeopathy is the reason to give the remedy and not the remedy itself. Just as there are no two people alike, there are no two dis-eases alike also. Even if they have the same disease name and need the same remedy, no case can be put in a box.

This is one of the problems I have with some schools of homeopathy now. There are systems being established in new homeopathic students minds that reinforce putting their client into a category. If forces the homeopath of that system to ask the question, “Is this client Psoric or Tubercular or one of about 12 different miasms? By doing this we have been encouraged to make a judgment. We have also limited our available remedies for the person when the judgement is made. This can not be a good system of homeopathy when it has encouraged us to be judgmental. Then the final decision is based on a remedy picture that fits the box. Now the  remedy can be prescribed. This in my humble opinion is not good homeopathy. It may be a system that helps a student that does not know any different to feel more confident by following the system, but again this is not what Hahnemann described.

Be very careful in how you think about your client. During case receiving, when a remedy pops into your mind let it go. Wait until the last word has been spoken then ask the question, what is asking to be healed here? Only then should you be selecting rubrics that are undeniable and best express the core of this question. And when a well selected group of rubrics present a number of remedies as ideas, go back and again repeat to yourself what is asking to be healed. Finding the perfect remedy will be much easier. If you have ideas about remedies and hold remedy pictures in your mind it will form a prejudice. Be free of prejudice and approach every case as the only case ever like it. And if you find yourself referring to people as remedies, stop and consider what that means. If you do you will become a better homeopath almost instantly.

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  1. Syed Husain on

    ” Be very careful in how you think about your client” contrary to this Present days new Homeopaths are prescribing multi medicine at one time instead of single medicine violating the basic principle without hearing full history of the client. On the whole the article is informative instructive

  2. ved prakash gupta on

    the lecture is very very useful for practicing

  3. Dr.Sarfaraz Ali on

    The article gives a very good guidance

  4. ramakrishnan mumgathmattham on

    Yr observation in first para is correct. It is dangerous to go to such drs. There is no such concept in homoeopathy. Once u repertorise such a case
    u can find out the real remedy, then only u r right to say ‘she is so so and so. These drs rely on their meager memory of some polychrests. Real remedy can be found on repertorisation only. This is the real cause why people even intellectuals say homoeo prescribes by trial and error.

    Every person is unique, and i would also emphasis that (disease) symptom picture of person is also unique. U can find a somewhat similar case.
    But it is not possible to find two cases alike.

  5. Robert Lal on

    A very good lesson for new Homeopaths !

  6. Mohamed El Siddig on

    Hi Robert

    You are right the only fatal thing in Homeopathy is the prejudge prescibers many time Sepia can cure men the main thing is totality.
    M.ElSiddig, Canada

  7. josef on


  8. josef on

    Selecting or choosing a remedy in Homeopathy is actually difficult, it depends on how sharp a prescriber is, because he should have the idea of the correct remedy by experience and the same time with the help of repertorization i e a good homeopathy reperty software

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