Homeopathy Tips for 5/27/08 No Mans Land

Last week I went over one of the changes that begins to occur as a person heals. This is the state of being in the “Observer”. Another stage of a persons healing that can be a little disconcerting is when the person is changing so fast that everything about their life seems different. This is the main indication for knowing they have entered “No Mans Land”.

“No Man’s Land” is usually very uncomfortable for most people. As they have moved into the observer  they become more aware of their interactions with others. Sometimes established relationships will change dramatically as the person becomes more aware of the unhealthy ways they have related in the past. Many times significant relations with family and friends will shift and the person sometimes makes the comment, “How did I get here?” This is one of the most common comments I hear when a person is in this stage of their healing. They are seeing their world differently and the old ways the dis-ease spoke through them is leaving them with a new perspective.

Sometimes they will report that the physical surroundings do not seem the same. That friends have changed, their family may seem different. When I investigate how they are feeling sometimes with their new awareness they will report that they have never quite seen their life so clearly before, but it is uncomfortable none-the-less. The reason for the uncomfortable feelings is that as they change, the old ways do not apply anymore. They know that they cannot go back and the future has not yet revealed itself; it can be a little scary for some. It is necessary as the homeopath to guide them through this delicate time. Explaining the healing process and where they are at is essential. Share with them the hope of new possibilities. As the old ways die it can feel like a death has occurred and a grieving process will happen. Support them through this as best you can. Be very careful of changing the remedy at this time. The remedy that got them this far will be the remedy that will get them out as well. Do not give a standard grief remedy like Ignatia or Natrum Muriaticum. It could really upset their healing unless it was this remedy that got them to “No Mans Land”.

This time is the best opportunity for a persons deepest healing and change. The future is uncertain and the past they cannot return to. This leaves them in the present. It follows Herring’s law of cure as we heal from the present to the distant past. The present is the only place we can really do the healing and since it is forever the present moment, “No Mans Land” is a wonderful place to be. It can be very freeing for the person if they can remain supported and out of fear. How the homeopath understands this state and can explain to the client what is happening will help them tremendously.

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  1. umar on

    dear sir,

    The meaning of discuss to undestand inform the person .But your language is too difficult to follow .Iwould like to say to reduce voluem of the languege .

    Dear Umar,
    If I could speak your language I would. I am so sorry but it is difficult to explain such complex ideas in a much shorter format. Please keep trying to understand. Thank you for your comment.
    Robert Field

  2. ss on

    it is good to know but patiet in this world want quick relief

    Hi SS,
    I know they want quick relief. The allopathic approach may give them a quick relief but not a permanent one. And when they return to the doctor again they could very well be much sicker. If we are to help our clients we must educate them and help them through their spiritual journey. Homeopathy can be quick medicine as well but if there is no aggravation, there is no cure. So we must follow the pure doctrine of homeopathy set out by Dr. Hahnemann to see the best results. If we do not have an idea of the “road map” of healing, how are we to help our client? Keeping this in mind as homeopaths, we will have much greater results and happier clients.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Warmest regards,
    Robert Field

  3. Michele O'Brien on

    Once again the timing of this information is perfect as I AM in no mans land right now! I have achieved a sense of such clarity and healing and yet now I am faced with new challenges as I am aware I can no longer live my life the same way. I have outgrown that life and am now shedding that skin, but as you say, “the future is uncertain…” I really enjoy reading the information you share as it always seems to appear when I need it and the topic is always appropriate.

    Thanks for the insight!

    Hi Michele,
    You are very welcome. I am glad you are enjoying the newsletter and that the timing is right for you. Remember nothing ever stays the same. The only constant in life is change! If you hold tight to your highest truth I’m sure all will turn out well.
    Blessings, Robert Field

  4. Adorrah on


    I am struck by the similarity of “no man’s land” to the difficulties that come to people who begin a spiritual practice such as meditation and *inevitably* begin to “shed their skins.” Traditions have been advising for generations that spiritual growth is best accomplished with the help of an experienced guide. I strongly suggest that homeopaths consider this in their own practice. I believe that the ethical homeopath, who, if I understand correctly, has the power to facilitate transformation, must have a solid sense of ethics, commitment, and humility. Otherwise chaos and harm will result. The same rule applies for all healers: “first do no harm.” I believe it is essential for me as a future practicing homeopath to have a commitment to spiritual practice in order to provide the support you describe in “No Man’s Land.”

    Hello Adorrah,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. Homeopathy being spiritual medicine is in reality not a whole lot different from any other spiritual practice. In a very real sense when we respond to the remedy it is like responding to our own voice from the farthest reaches of the universe. A voice only we could hear and respond to. This brings us back to ourselves, but sometimes we are so far off of our path that the journey home can be uncomfortable. Thanks for your keen observations.

    Blessings, Robert Field

  5. Connie T on

    Hi Robert
    I thought it about time that I let you know how much your newsletter and the wisdom you pass along in it is appreciated. (Really liked watching the video!)
    Many thanks

  6. Anthony (Australia) on

    Hi Robert Thanks again for your insight. Its the finer points of Homeopathaic Practice that make the difference between really helping a client or just prescribing a remedy. Anthony

  7. Dr R.B.Lakhkar on

    hi Mr Robert
    It give me Immence pleasure to read your articles in resonance school of homoeopathy.you have very keen observations,good presentations and good language. keep it up.homoeopathic people will undertand u better
    Dr R.B.Lakhkar

  8. dr naseer on

    hi Mr Robert

    This topic of healing is very interesting

    and points out grief and happy. specially

    grief remedy IGN great role for homoeopathic

    for healing purpose. A person suffering from

    from grief no other remedy is work to heal

    his mental problem. Great homoeopathic medicine

    for grief to relief menatlly as well phyically symptoms. healing for homoeopathic

    system totally and completly for chronic

    diseases but require great knowledge for

    system of medicine and philiosophy . most

    important is clinical experience for practicalo


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