Homeopathy Tips for 5/26/15 The Books I find Important

There are so many books written for Homeopathy it is hard to decide which books are important and which books will not add so much to our greater understanding and level of practice.

There are libraries full of books on homeopathy. In the latest renaissance of the last 25 years many new books have been written. I have purchased so many books as I have evolved as a homeopath. Some are real jewels that I could never live without. Others are simply taking space and collecting dust. This is just the way it is. We all gravitate to the book we most resonate with.

That being said, there are some books that just stand out and I resource often. This does not mean that these are the only books worthy of your library. And this is not an endorsement per say. This is just the core works I have found most useful.

First every homeopath must have a copy of the Organon by Samuel Hahnemann. There are many translations and everyone is slightly different. I know some have extensive explanations along with the literal translations. Personally I prefer the literal translation by Boericke. It is simple and clean. Although anyone who has read the Organon will argue that Hahnemann’s Organon is easy to understand once it has been translated. The Organon requires study. When I read it I must slow down and track his words carefully. It may take three or four times reading an Aphorism to “get it” but once it sticks its there for good. That’s why I prefer the simple translation.

Repertories are now most easily used through computer programs. But if I had to buy a Repertory I would purchase the Complete Repertory. It is just as it’s name implies; Complete. But it is expensive, dated and a lot to lug around. So for the sake of having a Repertory in a book the most complete for the money is Robin Murphy’s Homeopathic Clinical Repertory. He has included rubrics from many different authors and organized it in an easy to follow alphabetical way.

As for books on philosophy there are many again. A few have stood out and stood the test of time and scrutiny. The first book to include in your library would be Kent’s Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy. It is filled with gems of knowledge and experience. Another wonderful work is by Herbert Roberts, The Principles and Art of Cure by Homeopathy. The third is by George Vithoulkas. His seminal work, The Science of Homeopathy offers a basic guide to the practice of homeopathy. These three books will provide answers to most questions that arise in regards to understanding homeopathic principles.

The next group of books necessary in homeopathy are Materia Medicas. There are lots of ways to organize a Materia Medica and some authors I prefer over others. The real information of any Materia Medica comes from provings. If possible, always go to the source. But some source provings are not readily available and I am grateful for the many authors who have contributed to our Materia Medicas over the years.

The early masters Kent, Boericke, Clark, Phatak, Nash, and others left us with a collection of basic and dependable Materia Medicas. All of them are incredibly useful. Some information in these overlap. Again Robin Murphy collected the best of many different authors and created the Lotus or Natures Materia Medica. It is organized in a more medical way with some information sprinkled through from mythology, the natural world of the substance and other additions. It is a solid, basic Materia Medica that serves well any homeopath.

The next Materia Medica that really completes the picture of remedies and their essences is Prisma, by Frans Vermuellen. This and the accompanying volume of smaller remedies Synoptic 2 are must haves in any library. I use these volumes daily in my work. His remedy essences are spot on. And his essential information about the remedies are perfect. He goes into great detail about the substance itself and I find this is most enlightening to really grasp the nature of the Remedy and substance.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. These are the books that I find I go to most often. They are the core of my library. One can spend a fortune on homeopathic books. All of them useful. But after creating a well established library the books I use most often are the ones most valuable. Please share the books that you love and use by leaving a comment below.

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