Homeopathy Tips for 5/24/16 Cramps

Cramps are common, even in healthy people and can be caused by an assortment  of reasons. They usually occur in the muscles of our extremities, the abdomen or intestine and in women during menstruation.

Muscle cramps can be cause by lactic acid build up after exercise or potassium deficiency. They are usually in the extremities and can effect large muscle groups or smaller associated with the hands or feet. Dehydration can be a major factor in  the causation. Proper hydration can alleviate the tendency to cramps, especially if electrolytes or potassium levels are low.

Stretching, avoiding caffeine and smoking, and staying hydrated are the biggest preventatives of sudden muscle contractions. Prescription drugs can often be a cause of cramping.

Cramping can also be caused by muscular or intestinal contractions in the abdomen. This can be due to dehydration, muscular use or indigestion and acute intestinal illness. These can also happen in relation to menstruation where the uterus is contracting to expel  old blood.

Homeopathy can help more than any drug. The key to finding the best remedy is to understand the cause. Usually associated with any condition there is a mental or emotional component. This and all of the modalities will help you find the very best cramp remedy for the person. Remember that cramps are a product of the singular vital force of the person. When we are searching for a remedy we must understand the whole expression of the symptom or the person to find the remedy best suited.

Here are a few rubrics and the remedies under them from The Complete 2015 Repertory.

generalities; cramps (490) : 3Abrot., acet-ac., 2acon., acor-c., 2adam., aego-p., aesc-g., aeth., 2agar., agar-cps., agar-ph., 2agath-a., agav-t., 3Agn., aids, alco., 2allox., alum., 3Alum-p., 4ALUM-SIL., 2alumn., am-br., 4AM-C., am-caust., 4AM-M., 3Ambr., 4AML-N., amph., 3Anac., 4ANAG., anan., 2androc., 3Ang., 3Ant-c., 4ANT-T., 3Anthr., antipyrin., 2apis, 3Apoc-a., aq-des., 2aran., aran-ix., 2arg., 3Arg-cy., 3Arg-n., arg-s., arist-cl., 3Arist-m., 3Arn., 3Ars., 4ARS-I., 3Ars-s-f., 2arum-t., arund., 3Asaf., 2asar., 3Asc-t., asim., 4ASPAR., atro., 4AUR., aven., 3Ba-sv., 3Bac., 3Bad., bamb-a., 4BAPT., 2bar-c., 3Bar-m., 3Bar-s., 3Bell., bell-p., benz., 3Berb., berb-a., 3Bism., blatta, bol-s., bold., bor., bos-s., 2bov., 4BRACH., 3Brom., 4BRY., 2bufo, buth-aust., 3Cact., 3Cadm-s., cahin., 2calad., 2calc., 3Calc-acet., 3Calc-ar., 4CALC-F., calc-i., 2calc-p., 4CALC-S., 4CALC-SIL., 3Camph., camph-br., 3Cann-i., 2cann-s., 2canth., 3Caps., caras., 4CARB-AC., 2carb-an., 2carb-v., carbn-o., 2carbn-s., 2carc., 4CARD-M., 4CARL., cass., cast., caul., 3Caust., cedr., 3Cham., 2chel., 3Chin., 3Chin-ar., 4CHIN-S., chlol., chlor., 3Cho., chrysan., 2cic., 2cimic., 3Cina, 4CINNB., 3Cit-a., clad-r., 3Clem., 2coc-c., 4COCA, 4COCC., coch., 2coff., 3Colch., 3Coloc., colos., 2com., 2con., conin., 3Conv., cop., corn., corn-f., croc., 3Crot-c., 2crot-h., 2croto-t., culx-p., 3Cupr., 4CUPR-ACET., 4CUPR-AR., cur., 4CYCL., cymbo-ci., cypra-e., 2der., 3Dict., 3Dig., digin., dinitrob., 4DIOS., diox., 2dros., 2dulc., dys-co., echis-c., 2elaps, 4ELAT., electr., eryth., 4EUG., 3Eup-per., 3Euph., euph-pu., 4EUPHR., 4EUPI., falco-p., fel., 3Ferr., 4FERR-AR., ferr-i., 4FERR-M., ferr-ma., 4FERR-P., 3Ferr-p-h., fic., 2fic-sp., fil., 2fl-ac., 4FORM., gado-n., galph., galv., 3Gamb., 2gels., 3Gent-c., 3Gink., 3Gins., 2glon., glyc-g., 3Gnaph., gran., 3Graph., grat., 2guai., guare., haliae-lc., 2ham., harp., 2hell., helod-c., hema-h., 2hep., her-s., 4HIPP., hist., holm., 2hura, 3Hydr-ac., 3Hydrc., 3Hyos., 3Hyosin., hyosin-s., 3Hyper., 3Ign., indg., inul., iod., 3Ip., irid., 3Iris, 3Itu, jab., 4JATR., 4JUG-C., jug-r., 3Kali-ar., kali-bi., 3Kali-br., 3Kali-c., 2kali-chl., kali-chls., 2kali-i., 3Kali-m., 4KALI-N., kali-ox., 4KALI-P., kali-s., 4KALI-SIL., kalm., kiss., kola., 2kreos., 4LAC-AC., 3Lac-c., lac-eq., lac-h., lac-lox-a., 2lach., 4LACHN., 2lact., 3Lam., lap-c-b., lat-m., 3Lath., 2laur., 3Led., leon., 2lil-t., lipp., 4LOB., 3Lol., 3Lyc., lycpr., 3Lysim., 4LYSS., 2m-arct., 2m-art., 4M-AUST., 4MAG-C., 3Mag-m., 3Mag-p., 3Mag-s., manc., 2mand., 2mang., 3Mang-acet., mang-i., mang-p., 4MED., mel-alt., 2meny., 3Meph., 3Merc., merc-c., 3Merc-d., 4MERC-I-F., 3Merc-i-r., merc-n., merc-pr-r., merc-s., methylp-h., 3Mez., morph., 3Mosch., 2mur-ac., mygal., myric., 3Naja, naja-m., 2nat-ar., 2nat-c., 2nat-f., nat-glut., 2nat-m., 4NAT-P., 4NAT-SIL., nelum., neod-s., neon, nept-m., 4NICC., niob., 2nit-ac., nit-s-d., 2nux-m., 3Nux-v., 3Oena., ol-an., 2olnd., onc-t., op., 3Orig., 2ox-ac., 3Oxyt., 4OZONE, 4PAEON., 3Pall., 2par., 3Pareir., paron., paull-p., peg-h., pele-o., perla, 2petr., 2ph-ac., 3Phos., phyll-a., 4PHYS., physal., 3Phyt., 4PIC-AC., 3Pin-s., pitu-a., 3Plat., plb., plb-acet., plb-chr., plect., 2plut-n., 4PODO., polyst., pot-a., 2propol., prot., 3Prun., 4PSOR., ptel., pter-a., 4PULL-G., 4PULS., pyrit., 3Pyrog., 3Rad-br., 3Ran-b., ran-s., rat., rheum, 3Rhod., 3Rhus-t., 4RHUS-V., ric., 3Rob., ros-ca., 3Rumx., ruta, 2sabad., 4SABIN., sac-alb., sal-ac., salol., sals-t., 2samb., 2sang., 2sanic., sapin., 2sarcol-ac., sarr., 3Sars., scol., scorp., 3Scroph-n., 3Sec., 3Sel., 3Sep., 3Sil., 3Sin-n., 4SOL-N., 3Sol-t., 3Spig., spirae., 4SPONG., squil., 3Stann., 3Staph., 3Stram., 4STRONT-C., 2stroph-s., 3Stry., 3Stry-n., stry-tan., 2sul-ac., 3Sul-i., sulfon., 2sulph., sus, 3Syph., 3Tab., tama., 2tarent., 3Tax., 2tep., 3Ter., terb-o., tet., teucr., thlaspi, 2thuj., thyr., 3Til., til-c., torul., toxop-p., trif-p., tril., 4TRIL-C., trinit., 4TROM., 4TUB., tub-r., turm-w., turq., tyto-a., ulm-c., uran., 4URT-U., ust., uv-lux., 3V-a-b., 3Valer., vanil., ven-m., 3Verat., 2verat-v., 2verb., 4VIB., 3Vib-p., viol-o., viol-t., 3Vip., visc., 3Wies., x-ray, 3Xan., 3Zinc., 3Zinc-chr., 4ZINC-I., zinc-m., 3Zinc-p., zinc-s., zinc-val., 4ZING.

extremities; cramps; legs (286) : abrot., acet-ac., acon., 2adam., aego-p., aesc-g., 4AGAR., 2agar-ph., aids, alco., 2allox., 4ALUM., alum-p., alum-sil., alumn., am-br., 4AM-C., 2am-m., 3Ambr., amph., 4ANAC., anag., 2androc., 4ANG., 3Ant-t., 3Apis, aran., 3Arg., 3Arg-n., arg-s., arist-cl., arist-m., 3Arn., 4ARS., ars-i., 3Ars-s-f., arum-t., arund., 3Aspar., aven., ba-sv., bac., bapt., bar-c., bar-s., 4BELL., bell-p., 4BERB., blatta, bos-s., 3Bov., 4BRY., 4BUFO, cact., cadm-s., 4CALC., 3Calc-f., 3Calc-p., calc-s., 3Calc-sil., 4CAMPH., cann-i., 2cann-s., 3Carb-ac., 4CARB-AN., 4CARB-V., 4CARBN-S., carc., card-m., carl., 4CAUST., 4CHAM., chel., 3Chin., chin-ar., chlol., cho., chrysan., 2cimic., 3Cina, 3Cinnb., cit-a., clad-r., clem., 4COCA, 3Cocc., coch., 3Coff., 3Colch., 4COLOC., colos., 2con., conin., 2crot-h., culx-p., 4CUPR., 3Cupr-acet., 3Cupr-ar., cymbo-ci., cypra-e., dig., digin., 3Dios., diox., dros., 3Dulc., echis-c., elaps, elat., eug., euph., euphr., 4EUPI., falco-p., 4FERR., ferr-ar., 3Ferr-m., ferr-p., galph., gamb., 3Gels., gink., gins., glon., 3Gnaph., 4GRAPH., guai., ham., harp., 4HEP., hydrc., 3Hyos., hyper., 4IGN., inul., iod., 3Ip., irid., 2iris, itu, 3Jatr., 4JUG-R., kali-ar., kali-bi., kali-br., 4KALI-C., 4KALI-CHL., kali-i., 3Kali-n., 3Kali-p., kali-sil., kiss., kola., kreos., 3Lac-ac., lac-eq., 4LACH., 4LACHN., lact., lam., lap-c-b., lath., 3Led., lil-t., lipp., 4LOB., lol., 4LYC., lycpr., 3Lyss., 3M-art., 2m-aust., 4MAG-C., 3Mag-m., 4MAG-P., mag-s., manc., mand., mang-p., 3Med., 3Meny., 3Merc., 3Merc-c., merc-d., methylp-h., 3Mez., mosch., mur-ac., naja-m., nat-ar., 4NAT-C., nat-f., 4NAT-M., nat-p., nat-sil., neon, nept-m., 4NIT-AC., 4NUX-M., 4NUX-V., oena., 2olnd., onc-t., orig., 3Ox-ac., oxyt., ozone, pall., 3Pareir., 4PETR., 3Ph-ac., 3Phos., phyll-a., 3Phys., pin-s., pitu-a., 3Plat., 4PLB., plect., plut-n., 3Podo., prot., pter-a., 4PULS., pyrit., 3Rhod., 4RHUS-T., rhus-v., ruta, sabin., sac-alb., sal-ac., sals-t., sang., sarcol-ac., 3Sars., 4SEC., 3Sel., 4SEP., 4SIL., sin-n., sol-n., sol-t., spig., spong., stann., 4STAPH., 3Stront-c., 2stroph-s., stry., sul-ac., 3Sul-i., 4SULPH., tab., tama., tarent., tax., tep., terb-o., thuj., til-c., torul., toxop-p., tril-c., 3Trom., 3Tub., tub-r., turq., tyto-a., ulm-c., ust., uv-lux., valer., vanil., ven-m., 4VERAT., 3Verat-v., verb., 3Vib., 3Vip., visc., xan., 4ZINC., 3Zinc-i., zinc-p., zinc-s.
extremities; cramps; feet (157) : 3Acon., 3Agar., agar-ph., alco., allox., alum., 3Alumn., 4AM-C., 2anac., 3Ang., ant-c., 2apoc-a., arg., arg-cy., arg-s., arist-cl., arn., 3Ars., ars-i., ars-s-f., 3Asc-t., bad., 3Bar-c., 4BELL., berb., bism., 4BRY., bufo, cact., 2calad., 4CALC., calc-i., calc-p., 3Calc-sil., 3Camph., cann-s., 4CARB-V., 4CARBN-S., card-m., 4CAUST., cham., 4CHEL., chin., chin-s., cho., clad-r., coff., 3Colch., 3Coloc., com., crot-c., croto-t., 4CUPR., dig., 3Elat., 3Eug., euph., 2ferr., ferr-ar., ferr-i., ferr-p., fil., 3Form., 3Frax., gado-n., gels., gent-c., glyc-g., gnaph., 3Graph., 3Hep., 3Hipp., hyper., ign., iod., 3Jatr., 3Kali-c., kali-p., 3Lac-c., 3Lach., lachn., led., lil-t., 4LYC., m-aust., mag-c., mag-m., manc., mand., med., mel-alt., meph., 3Merc-c., mosch., mur-ac., naja-m., 3Nat-ar., 3Nat-c., nat-f., 3Nat-m., nat-p., nat-sil., nept-m., nicc., 3Nit-ac., nux-m., 4NUX-V., olnd., orig., ox-ac., 4OZONE, 4PETR., 3Ph-ac., 3Phos., phys., 3Plat., 3Plb., 3Podo., polyst., pull-g., ran-b., 3Rhus-t., rhus-v., 3Rumx., ruta, sang., sanic., scol., 4SEC., 4SEL., 4SEP., 3Sil., spig., stann., staph., 3Stram., 3Stront-c., 3Stry., sul-ac., sul-i., 4SULPH., 2sus, 3Syph., tarent., tet., 3Thuj., til., turq., valer., 3Verat., 3Verat-v., 3Verb., 3Vib., wies., zinc., zinc-p., 3Zing.

extremities; cramps; hands (135) : 3Acon., aeth., 3Agar., agath-a., 3Alum-sil., am-m., 3Ambr., aml-n., 3Anac., ang., ant-c., 3Anthr., arg., 3Ars., ars-i., 2asaf., aur., bamb-a., bar-c., 4BELL., bism., brach., 3Bry., bufo, 4CALC., calc-s., calc-sil., 2cann-s., carb-ac., carb-v., card-m., 3Caust., chin., 3Cimic., 3Cina, cinnb., cocc., 3Coloc., crot-h., 3Cupr., 3Cycl., dios., 3Dros., dulc., euph., 4EUPHR., ferr-ar., ferr-i., ferr-ma., ferr-p., ferr-p-h., fil., fl-ac., gels., gink., 3Graph., haliae-lc., harp., hep., jatr., 3Kali-bi., 3Kali-c., kali-sil., kola., kreos., lac-eq., lact., 3Lyc., lysim., 3Mag-c., 3Mag-p., mand., mang., 3Meny., 3Merc., merc-c., merc-i-f., merc-i-r., mosch., mur-ac., naja, nat-c., nat-f., nat-glut., 3Nat-m., 2nat-p., neod-s., nept-m., niob., nit-ac., nux-v., olnd., paull-p., perla, phos., 3Phys., pic-ac., 3Plat., 4PLB., propol., prun., pull-g., puls., 3Pyrog., ran-b., ruta, sabad., 2sabin., salol., samb., sarcol-ac., scroph-n., 4SEC., 3Sil., 2spig., 2spong., 3Stann., staph., stram., stront-c., stry., 2stry-n., sul-ac., 3Sulph., 2sus, tab., thlaspi, thuj., tril., tril-c., valer., 3Verat., verb., zinc., zing.

abdomen; pain; cramping, gripping (695) : 3Abrot., absin., acal., acan-pl., acet-ac., 4ACON., acon-ac., adam., 3Adeps-s., adren., aegle-f., aego-p., 4AESC., 4AETH., 4AGAR., agar-ph., agath-a., agki-p., 2agn., aids, ail., alch-v., 3Alet., alf., 4ALL-C., all-s., aln., 4ALOE, alst-s., 4ALUM., alum-p., alum-sil., 4ALUMN., 4AM-C., 4AM-M., 4AMBR., amet., 2aml-n., amor-r., amyg-am., 4ANAC., anan., androc., 4ANG., 4ANGO., 4ANIS., 4ANT-C., ant-m., ant-o., 4ANT-T., anth., 4APHIS., 3Apis, apoc., apoc-a., aral., 4ARAN., 4ARG., 4ARG-N., arg-s., arge., arge-p., arist-cl., 4ARN., 4ARS., ars-h., ars-i., ars-s-f., ars-s-r., art-v., arum-i., arum-t., 4ASAF., 3Asar., asc-c., asc-t., 3Asim., aspar., 4ASTAC., 3Atista, atp, atro., 4AUR., aur-ar., 3Aur-i., aur-m., aur-m-n., 3Aur-s., 4AZA., bac., 2bacch-a., bals-p., bamb-a., 3Bapt., bar-acet., 4BAR-C., bar-i., 3Bar-m., bar-s., 4BELL., 3Bell-p., 3Benz-ac., 3Berb., beryl., 4BISM., blatta-a., 2boerh., bol., 4BOR., 4BOV., 4BROM., bros-g., bruc., 4BRY., 4BUFO, 4BUT-AC., c-di-o., cact., cadm., 3Cadm-s., cahin., 4CAJ., calad., 4CALC., 3Calc-acet., calc-ar., calc-caust., calc-i., 4CALC-P., 3Calc-s., 3Calc-sil., cale-z., calop-s., 4CAMPH., cand-a., cand-p., 4CANN-S., 4CANTH., 4CAPS., caras., 3Carb-ac., 4CARB-AN., 4CARB-V., 4CARBN-S., 3Carc., card-b., card-m., 3Carl., carn-g., caruk-b., 3Casc., 2cassi-s., 3Cast., cast-eq., cath-a., 3Caul., 4CAUST., cean., cedr., cent., cere-b., 4CHAM., 3Chap., 4CHEL., chen-a., chen-v., 4CHIN., chin-ar., 4CHIN-S., 3Chion., chir-f., chloram., chlorpr., choc., 3Cic., 4CIMIC., cimx., 4CINA, cinis-p., cinnam., 2cinnb., cist., citl-l., clad-r., clem., 3Cob., 4COC-C., 3Coca, 4COCC., 3Coch., coenz-a., 4COFF., coff-t., 4COLCH., colchin., 4COLL., 4COLOC., 3Colocin., colos., 4CON., 3Cop., cordy-a., 4CORN., 3Corn-f., cot., 3Croc., 2crot-c., crot-h., 3Croto-t., 3Cub., cuc-p., culx-p., 4CUPR., 4CUPR-ACET., cupr-am-s., 3Cupr-ar., 4CUPR-S., cur., curc., 4CYCL., cyg-b., cyg-c., cypra-e., cyrt-p., cyt-l., der., 4DIG., 4DIGIN., 4DIOS., diosm., diosp-k., diox., 4DIRC., 2dol., 4DROS., 4DULC., dys-co., 3Echi., echis-c., elaps, 3Elat., ephe., epig., epip., equis-a., 3Erech., erig., ery-a., 2eryth., eucal., euon-a., 3Eup-a., 3Eup-per., eup-pur., 4EUPH., 4EUPH-A., euph-c., 4EUPHR., 4EUPI., excr-can., 4FAGO., falco-p., 4FERR., ferr-ar., ferr-i., ferr-p., fic-i., fil., fl-ac., form., franz., 2fum., gall-ac., 4GAMB., garden., 4GELS., 4GENT-C., gent-l., geoc-c., 2gink., gins., 4GLON., glyc-g., 2gnaph., 4GRAN., 4GRAPH., 4GRAT., gryl-a., 4GUAI., gymn., haem., 2haliae-lc., hall, 4HAM., harp., 3Hedeo., 4HELL., helod-c., 2helon., hema-h., 4HEP., her-s., herin., 2hippo-k., hir., holm-o., hom., 4HYDR., 4HYDR-AC., hydrc., hydro-c., 4HYOS., hyosin., 3Hyper., iber., ichth., ictod., igf, 4IGN., ignis, ilx-p., 3Ind., 4INDG., ingluv., 3Inul., 4IOD., 4IP., irid., 4IRIS, 4IRIS-FOE., jab., 4JAL., 3Jatr., joan., jug-c., jug-r., junc., just., kali-acet., kali-ar., 4KALI-BI., 4KALI-BR., 4KALI-C., kali-chl., 3Kali-i., kali-m., 4KALI-N., kali-p., 3Kali-s., kali-sil., kali-t., kalm., kiss., kola., 4KREOS., 3Kurch., 3Lac-c., 3Lac-d., lac-dr., lac-eq., 2lac-h., lac-lup., lac-mat., lac-v-f., 4LACH., lachn., 4LACT., lam-cy., lampr-s., lant-c., lap-be-e., lap-gr-m., lap-laz., 2lar-ar., 2larr-t., lat-h., lat-k., 3Lat-m., latex, lath., 4LAUR., 2lava-e., lec., 4LED., lem-m., leon., lepi., 3Lept., leyc-f., 4LIL-T., 3Lim., lim-b-c., lina., linu-c., 2linu-u., lipp., lob., lob-d., lol., 2loxo-r., lsd, luna, lup., lute-o., 4LYC., 3Lycps., lyss., 2m-arct., m-art., 3M-aust., macrin., 3Mag-acet., 4MAG-C., 4MAG-M., 4MAG-P., 4MAG-S., magn-gr., 4MANC., mand., 4MANG., 4MANG-ACET., mang-o., marm-a., med., mel-alt., 4MENTH., 4MENY., 3Meph., 4MERC., merc-br., 4MERC-C., merc-cy., merc-d., merc-i-r., merc-pr-a., merc-pr-r., merc-s., merl., meteo-a., methylp-h., 4MEZ., micr., 3Mill., mim-p., mit., 3Mom-b., mom-ch., 3Morph., 4MOSCH., 4MUR-AC., mygal., myos-a., 4MYRIC., 4NAJA, naja-m., narc-po., 3Nat-ar., 4NAT-C., nat-hchls., 4NAT-M., nat-n., nat-ox., 3Nat-p., 4NAT-S., nat-sil., neod-s., neon, nepet., nept-m., 2nic-r., 4NICC., 4NIT-AC., nit-s-d., nitro., 3Nuph., 4NUX-M., 4NUX-V., oena., 4OL-AN., ol-j., olnd., onc-t., onis., onos., 4OP., oplo-h., opun-v., oreo., oro-ac., osm., 4OX-AC., ozone, 3Paeon., pall., 4PAR., paraf., paro-i., paron., parth., passi., paull-p., ped., pele-o., 4PETR., petros., 4PH-AC., 3Phel., 4PHOS., phyll-a., 4PHYS., 4PHYT., 3Pic-ac., pin-s., pip-m., pip-n., pitu-a., 3Pitu-gl., plac., 4PLAN., plan-m., 4PLAT., plat-m-n., 4PLB., plb-acet., plb-chr., plb-m., plect., plut-n., 4PODO., 4POLYG., polyp-p., polyst., pop-c., pras-o., 4PRUN., pseuts-m., psil-s., 4PSOR., 4PTEL., pter-a., 4PULS., 3Puls-n., pyrit., 3Pyrog., pyrus-c., 4RAD-BR., 4RAN-B., ran-s., 4RAPH., 3Rat., ratt-n., 2rauw., 2rham-cath., rham-f., rham-p., 4RHEUM, 4RHOD., rhodi., rhodi-o-n., rhus-g., 4RHUS-T., 2rhus-v., rib-ac., ric., 4ROB., ros-ca-a., 4RUMX., 4RUTA, 2sabad., sabal., 4SABIN., sal-ac., 2sals-t., salx-f., salx-p., 4SAMB., 4SANG., sapin., sarr., 4SARS., scam., schin., scorp., scroph-n., 3Sec., sel., 4SENEC., 4SENEG., 4SENN., 4SEP., ser-ang., 2sia-c., sid-al., 4SIL., sile-c., 3Sin-a., sin-n., 4SOL, sol-n., sol-t., sol-t-ae., soph-m., spect., 4SPIG., spira., spirae., 4SPONG., 4SQUIL., 4STANN., 4STAPH., stel., 3Still., 4STRAM., 4STRONT-C., 3Stroph., 4STRY., 2succ., 4SUL-AC., sul-i., 4SULPH., sumb., sus, symph., syph., 2tab., tama., 3Tanac., tarax., 4TARENT., 4TARENT-C., tart-ac., 4TAX., tax-br., teg-a., tela, 4TELL., telo-s., 3Ter., terb-s., tere-ch., term-a., 2term-c., 4TEUCR., thal., thal-s., 3Thea., 3Ther., 2thio-ac., thlaspi, 4THUJ., 2thyr., til-c., tong., toxop-p., trach-am., 4TRIF-P., trinit., trio., 4TROM., tub., tung., turq., tus-fa., tylo-i., ulm-c., unc-t., uran-n., uro-h., urt-u., 3Ust., uza., v-a-b., 4VALER., 4VERAT., 3Verat-v., 4VERB., verin., vero-o., vesp., 4VIB., vib-t., 4VICHY-G., vinc., viol-t., 2vip., vip-r., wild., 4XAN., 3Yuc., 4ZINC., zinc-acet., zinc-m., zinc-p., 3Zinc-val., 4ZING.

abdomen; pain; cramping, gripping; menses; during (85) : acan-pl., acon., alum., 3Am-c., am-m., anac., arg-s., arge-p., ars., art-v., aur-i., bacch-a., bar-c., 3Bell., 3Bor., brom., cadm., calc., carb-v., carl., cassi-s., cast., cath-a., 3Caul., 3Caust., 3Cham., chel., 3Chin., chin-s., choc., 3Cimic., 3Cinnb., clem., 4COCC., 3Coff., 3Coloc., 3Con., 3Cupr., cycl., form., gink., glyc-g., gran., 3Graph., hippo-k., hyos., 4IGN., ignis, 2irid., 3Kali-c., kali-n., kali-s., kurch., lap-gr-m., mag-m., 3Mag-p., manc., merl., mill., mosch., nat-c., 3Nat-m., nat-s., nicc., 3Nit-ac., 4NUX-V., 3Phos., 3Plat., podo., 4PULS., sabin., sapin., sars., sec., 3Sep., sile-c., sol, stront-c., succ., 4SULPH., telo-s., ust., vib., xan., zinc.

This list of remedies is a very general and incomplete list from general rubrics that may be helpful. But one has to start somewhere in narrowing down our choices for remedies. Here are some common remedies that you may find useful in cramps of various kinds.

  • Abdominal – In cholera; Dioscorea (has sharp pain in the stomach followed by belching which relieves the distress. It also has rumbling in the bowels) Iris Versicolor (sharp gripping pain in the bowels) Podophyllum (with weak, empty or sinking feeling, profuse painless diarrhea) Cramps in various parts of the abdomen and during pregnancy: Gelsemium is useful. In the stomach area after eating Crotalus Horridus, Nux Vomica,  and Staphysagria are helpful.
  • Around Menses –  Caulophyllum  (with profuse menses), Cimicifuga (pelvic pain from hip to hip), Colocynthis (Causing the person to bend double)  and Cuprum Metallicum (with suppressed menses or foot sweat, and during pregnancy) are all helpful. Pulsatilla ( with much weeping), Belladonna (with anger, after or before menses)  and Sepia (with irritability and indifference) can help when hormonal fluctuations are the root cause of the cramp.
  • Legs, Calves and Feet – Cuprum Metallicum is probably the best remedy for cramping of any kind especially the legs, calves and soles of the feet. Rhus Toxicodendron (when the person is obliged to get out of bed and walk). During cholera or dysentery Antimonium Tartaricum, Camphora, Colchicum, Cuprum Metyallicum, Jatropha, Magnesium Phosphoricum and Mercurius Corrosivus are all useful for leg cramps. Cramps in the morning in bed think of Causticum and Sulphur. Sepia has cramps in the thighs, from walking and when there is no traceable reason for the cramp. Nitric Acid has violent cramps especially at night and towards morning.
  • Hands and Fingers – Carbo vegetablis has cramping in the hands drawing them out of shape. For people using their hands Magnesium Phosphoricum and Stannum are helpful. For writers cramp in particular Anacardium Orientale, Causticum, Gelsemium are very good and to a somewhat lesser degree Nux Vomica, Ruta Graveolens, Secale, Staphysagria and Zincum Metallicum are also useful.

This is a very brief list of remedies that may be helpful in acute cramps. Cramps are usually self limiting and not life threatening. They could be a sign of a greater problem though especially if dehydration or loss of fluids and electrolytes is the problem. When they are isolated and not connected to an acute or chronic illness finding an acute remedy may be very useful. Even if cramps are a part of a greater illness homeopathy may help but do not ignore the associated symptoms. Often cramps are the least threatening but can be one of the biggest expressions of a more serious illness. Always seek medical help.

Remember that even in acute prescribing it is what is strange rare or peculiar about the cramp that would lead to a best selected remedy. Understanding why the cramp is there can be helpful if finding a great remedy also. Rubbing the muscle in extremity cramps can help. Some say a one ounce shot of apple cider vinegar will take a cramp away. Doing good homeopathy and prescribing for the whole person is the best way to help in cramps.



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  1. jim on

    Thanks for this very helpful and useful summary of medicines for cramps. I had calf/foot cramps around 4 or 5 AM a few months ago and took Sul 30 and a couple of days later took Caust 30. You mention both of those here and it worked well. I read that Magnesium was a good muscle relaxant so I have begun to take Magnesium Chloride (20grams crystals dissolved in one liter of water). I drink 2 or 3 ounces per day. Eating a pickle or a little bit of mustard will also supposedly make an attack go away.

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