Homeopathy Tips for 5/20/14 Chasing Symptoms

One mistake that is easy to make in prescribing is to try to find a remedy for every symptom that appears in the case. It is easy to get lost in the bigger picture of the disease and focus on the symptoms, especially when the client is complaining about them.

When we prescribe a remedy it is for the greater expression of the dis-ease in constitutional or chronic prescribing. Individual symptoms are considered as well as the remedy that best fits the case. Often the first remedy is a better selected remedy than any subsequent remedies. During the initial case it is a little easier to see the whole of the case. After all, this is where we are focused.

In follow-ups it is necessary to evaluate the whole expression of the disordered vital force. Many times the client will return with improvements in some symptoms and others still remain. If the mental symptoms have improved and the physical symptoms remain unchanged in the first follow-ups it is safe to say that the remedy is working and the person just needs more time for the healing to reflect into the physical body.

After several follow-ups some improvements in the physical symptoms should be happening. Never does a person heal all of the physical symptoms at once and in suppressed or long-standing chronic cases it may take years to see sustained improvements.

When the client comes and complains of physical symptoms that remain the natural response is to look for a remedy that will give them some relief. If we depart from the remedy that has been working all along and become impatient, we start to chase symptoms. It is easy to lose sight of the whole picture and start to focus on individual symptoms. This is often a big mistake.

When we depart from the remedy that is working due to our impatience we have lost the case. We are now wanting to find remedies that are more limited and address less of the whole. Many times we may find a remedy that seems to help one symptom but as that symptoms starts to change other symptoms appear. Then we need to look for new remedies for that symptom. This vicious circle leads us to chase symptoms like a dog chasing its tail. It can lead to many wasted months of prescribing before the old remedy reappears and we can get back on track.

This is a mistake that almost every seasoned homeopath has made. It is not a mistake to be taken lightly. We all try to do our best and help our client. Many times the compassion we feel to end their suffering can cause us to lose sight of the bigger picture. This is something we should never do.

One way to avoid this mistake is to not stop the remedy that has been working but continue it when the urge to give another remedy happens. By continuing the first remedy there is a greater chance of not losing the thread of the healing response when the second remedy is given. This can lead to successful case management if the remedies are very well-selected. This requires much clarity and expertise of the homeopath.

So avoid chasing symptoms and always be aware of the bigger healing picture as it unfolds in follow-ups. Never lose sight of how the original remedy has worked and continues to work. This will lead to many more healed cases and your clients will appreciate you even more.

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  1. S.BHANU on

    SOME doctors are treating patients with the same remedy continuously for 6 months or one year ,is this correct as per DR.HANNEMAN`S basic founding principles of homoeopathy ?.Once a remedy has started relieving the symptoms,why to change the remedy ,and give some other remedy,which in most cases forces the patient to leave the Homeopath and start treatment somewhere else.
    WHY TO DEVIATE FROM THE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF HOMEOPATHY AND DO SOMETHING ELSE WHICH IS CONTRARY TO DR.HANNEMAN`S founding principles of Homeopathy .Now-a -days some Homeopaths are giving Allopathic medicines for immediate recovery,which is illegal and very shameful for them,being a Homeopath,they must be retested for their basic knowledge .whether they know the ABC OF Homeopathy and comprehension in the subject.They will erode the faith of people in homeopathy.Inspite of all these the number of people believing in Homeopathy is increasing day by day.

    • prasannam on

      They are not confident of the system they fallow and secondly they want to retain patients by switching in between to other systems than creating confidence in patients about Homeopathy. prasannam

  2. Sara Zaheer on

    People are aware of Homeopathy but they are unaware of the time it takes for healing to occur.

  3. dr.mohammedhussain on

    People are aware of Homeopathy but they are unaware of the time it takes for healing to occur.

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