Homeopathy Tips for 5/19/09 Senecio Aureus

   Senecio Aureus is a remedy that is most likely under prescribed and is useful in many cases that may be mistaken for other remedies that have an affinity to hormonal and female problems. But it is a much bigger remedy than this.

   Senecio Aureus is a member of the Compositae family of plants. It’s Latin name is derived from Senex meaning “old man” and Aureus meaning “golden”. This may be because the leaves around  the calyx looks like an old man’s beard. The flowers grow in clusters to a height of two feet and look similar to yellow daisies. Common names for the plant are False Valarian, Golden Ragwort, Liferoot and Wild Valarian. Native Americans referred to it as Female Regulator and Squaw Weed because of it’s use for gynecological complaints.

     It’s first proving was done by Small in 1866 and was published by Allen. It has an affinity to the female organs helping in the regulation of the menses as well as beneficial in complaints of the bladder, prostate, joints, kidneys, liver, mucous membranes, respiratory system, spermatic cord, spinal cord, teeth and urinary tract.

     The mental symptoms help define the remedy even further. The client may have anxiety especially for others and moods swings. They may alternate between hysteria, nervousness and restlessness and gloominess,  insomnia, despair and  sadness. Homesickness or self-centeredness may be present. Other mental conditions of confusion, indecision, irritability, lovesickness, mania during pregnancy, manipulativeness, nail biting, overseriousness, and poor attention span could appear.

      I recently had a case of a 44 year old woman who became pregnant. This pregnancy was unexpected and left her in a state of shock for a few days until the idea became familiar. Once she became comfortable in the thought of having another child she was filled with joy. But several weeks later she miscarried. She ended up in the hospital and was eventually given a D and C to remove the fetus.

     When I saw her 5 days after her operation she was suffering from a very serious head and chest cold that had just come on in the last 3 days. I inquired about her mental state and she said she was alternating between sadness about the loss and relief that her ordeal was over. But her greatest concern was for her daughter who she had not told yet and who was very excited about having a sibling. She was very concerned for how she was going to feel and this weighed heavy on her. She complained of her head feeling like a ball, fever of 100.3 degrees, burning in her chest, and very thick mucous in her sinus. She wanted to lie down and not talk with people. When I asked about any abdominal pains from the D and C procedure she reported that there were gripping and lancinating pains, but were improving daily. She had stopped bleeding that day.

     What was most striking to me was her mental state of alternating moods. She just couldn’t express how she felt because she was experiencing such alternating emotions between sadness and concern for her daughter and relief that her ordeal was coming to an end. The other part of her case was that all of this occurred after her miscarriage and abortion.

     The rubrics I chose were;

  • Chest; pain, burning
  • Expectoration; thick
  • Mind; alternating moods.
  • Generalities; abortion, complaints after

    Remedies that covered the case were Sepia, Kali-C, Kali-S, and Senec. Sepia is the only remedy that could be a comparable remedy with it’s stronger influence over the female organs. But the smaller remedy of Senecio Aureus fit like a hand in a glove, covering all aspects of the case with it’s affinity to the mucous membranes, burning and ball sensations and such a good remedy for abortion and when coryza comes instead of the menses.

     I recommended the 30C potency and to take it one time per day until three days after she is feeling like the cold symptoms have passed. She reported the next day feeling much better with a lot less anxiety. Her cold symptoms were 70% better and her fever broke in the middle of the night.

    By taking the proper rubrics it was an easy case to solve. It always amazes me how a remedy will have descriptions of a persons suffering that they didn’t even speak about. When the remedy is right it usually reveals itself even further. Hopefully this will help you so you never miss another Senecio Aureus case again.

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  1. Dr.Sarfaraz on

    This is really a useful article.I think thatvery few give Snecio aureus(golden wart)usually sepia is recommended.So I find this article inspiring one.

  2. P.Venkatappaiah on

    It is really very useful article. Usual choice would be Sepia. Little attention is paid to Senec. I am thankful to you for the revealing article.
    Thanking you and looking forward for more such tips.
    Yours faithfully,

  3. Dr azhar shahzad on

    i want to attend any homeopathy conference or any homeopathy event.please assist me for this favour.
    i shall be very thank full to you.
    yours truly
    Dr azhar shahzad

  4. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Senecio aureus(Golden senecio) common problem amenorrhea,dysmenorrhea,flour albus of the prostate gland irritable bladder,potency generally uses 3x or Q .Its acts well on women and girls with a tendency to cry and repeated multiple complains.A lot of headache,starting at the back of head and drawing towards.Pains in the limbs back and lumber area(small of the back) period arrives too copiously,too early and with spasmic pains.Cutting pains in blader.Besides this starting of menses improves all conditions.Thanks Dr.Robert Field to remind us about this wonderful medicine that was really out of mind when we get sepia,mag phos,and women friend cal phos.Your sincerely,malaker

  5. dr naseer on

    respect robert

    senecio great female remedy specially those women

    with scanty menses and no children wonderful work

    sterality for women. Increase the menses. allopathic

    system totally fail only homoeoapthic system of med

    wonderful improve and cured female scanty meneses completely . I have female new married very scanty
    cured by sencioQ
    God is very kind given the baby to that women,Homoeopathic
    belived the similar symptom of patient and the remedy.

  6. mah-jabeen on

    thank you for this use ful arcticle.

  7. karthiyaini on

    good start for me ,to use a new remedy.Thank you.

  8. Farooq Arif on

    much helpful, when prescribing Sepia it may be considered.

  9. Dr.Nritiya on

    gret sir , thanks for the insight !! ur materia skills in order to educate are realyy effective , I stiill rem the cicuta description n senecio is a feather to the cap !!

    Thanks again !!

  10. Dr.johncy solaraja on


  11. Rahul on


  12. Rev.Sam on

    God will bless you for shedding light on what is good for the rpair of our system if it goes bad in a natural way.

    Keep it up.

  13. megha jain on

    thanks for giving another option

  14. Miela on

    Very Valuable information yet generous is the act of sharing it. Thanks a bunch!

  15. Harish Gupta A.H. on

    Well innovation

  16. sumalika singh on

    thanks,for giving me such avaluable information .please discuss some useful tips about ovarian cyst and anovulatary cases.

    • Dr.H.C.Malaker on

      Did you ever try Apis 30 and Mag phos 3x.Apis has shown better result for ovarian cyst.Please give a try if any progress is found within a month then replace Mag phos with Cal sulph 3x and continue Apis. Thanks


    Dear Sir,

    I have used various medicine for knee pain in left side
    but not cured medicine used silicea,guiacum, Fromica Rufa,
    RT, Bry, sarasapunia, Acid Banjo, Chamomilla, etc


    as per my prctising experiences i agree with information given in article.

  19. Dr.Imran Ansari on

    Respected Sir
    Thanks for the useful info about Sepia The great female remedy . i am a new user of your site and i hope i will gate more beneficial info which could help me to find the best remedy for my paitent
    Dr. Imran Ansari

  20. assi on

    i belive on homeo treatment,
    very good effort from your side,
    keep it continue

  21. ginni on

    always an inspiration Robert.

  22. kusum on

    thanf you for such valued information, con senecio aurious be given to a 14 year old who is a nephrotic along with bronchial asthama?pl inform thanks

  23. ali dino tahir on

    very use ful information.
    thanks a lot

  24. knee pain treatment on

    I love reading through a post that can make people think.
    Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment!

  25. Anitha malcom on

    for wat purpose taking senecio Q homoeopathic medicine

  26. dhoni on

    my wife miss period of this month,which remedis i prefer for her to continue her period

  27. ashok on

    My wife used senecio-q-10ml nd aletris10ml for abt a week for irregular mense prblm prescribd by a doctr after more than 40days of last LMP and today we tested through a pregnanancy-card resulted positiv.
    now we r in concern that will these cause adverse effect or post birth effect on the foetus or moscarriage ??? Shud we go for abortion ??

    Plz hlp

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