Homeopathy Tips for 5/17/11 I’m a New Grandpa!

Needless to say there is a great amount of pride in my words today as I am a new grandfather to a beautiful baby boy. This is not my first grandchild but this little guy is very special. I was privileged to attend his birth and help with homeopathy through the labor and delivery. I thought it might be nice to share of the experience.

Firstly I have to give all of the credit to my daughter (in-law, I really hate this phrase; she is as close to me as my own blood daughter) This is her first child and she was very dedicated to taking good care of herself during the pregnancy. This I think had the very most to do with a successful delivery and healthy child. She did not drink any alcohol, ate only foods that would support the pregnancy, took her vitamins, stayed active and comes from good genetic stock. I think all of this combined made for her pregnancy to be very easy. She never really experienced morning sickness and I never gave her remedies during the pregnancy.

My wife and I were invited to participate in the birth. Needless to say we were very excited and felt quite blessed to be a part of such an intimate and sacred event. We got the phone call that contractions had begun and there was a significant discharge around 3 PM. We were attending a wedding then so it was not a convenient time to just drop everything and come running. This was the very first signs of labor so we knew we had some time. We arrived to find contractions around 5 minutes apart but not unbearably strong. They were felt primarily in the back. After waiting for several hours to look for changes I gave one dose of Nux Vomica 30C to help. Really nothing seemed to change in the next few hours.

My son and daughter did a home water birth with the help of a midwife. It was near midnight when contractions became a little more intense that the midwife arrived. She checked for dilation and said that there was no real advancement and that we should all go home and get some sleep. This was not going to be quick. We went home but the sleep was fitful.

Around 6:30 the following morning we got word that the night was long and they got a few blinks of sleep between contractions as well. But things were now picking up and the intensity, duration of contractions and frequency were definitely accelerating. We arrived by 7 to find that yes, she had advanced but I really expected them to be stronger. Mom would breath through the contractions and then rest cross-legged on the bed, eyes closed, looking like Buddha. It was really impressive to see how she was handling the labor. Because it seemed slow to progress I gave one dose of Caulophyllum 30C. 

Around 8:30 the midwife returned and checked again. Yes things were advancing but still quite slow. She was only 3 centimeters dilated. This seemed very slow to me and I really wondered if Caulophyllum had helped. I asked what was happening and she said that everything seemed dry. That she was feeling OK physically but really wanted to get this over with. After another half hour it was clear that her level of anxiety was building and that Aconite 30C was indicated.

Within minutes she reported she felt so much better. Everyone could see the shift as well. Around 11 am she was quite uncomfortable and felt the need to push. It wasn’t time yet and the midwife suggested she break the placenta to relieve the pressure. I suggested a remedy and all agreed to give it a try before doing a mechanical intervention. We decided to wait one half hour. If it didn’t break after the single dose of Gelsemium 30C then the midwife would break her water.

At 11:30 still no flooding. So the midwife went to her kit to get her tools. Just as she walked back in the room there was a gushing sound and the water broke bringing a temporary relief. We all agreed that the remedy worked and that she takes a half hour to respond. The next stage was coming quick where she became 10 cm dilated and it was time to get in the tub of warm water and push.

After about 10 minutes of pushing it seemed that again things had stalled a bit. My first inclination was to repeat Caulophyllum again but frankly I did not ever see great results from the first dose. I asked again how things were feeling and she replied, “Dry. Everything feels dry. Like it’s stuck because it is just not slippery.” That was the second time I had heard dry and I was off to investigate the dry remedies that could be used during parturition. After a quick read of the repertory and Materia Medica Jaborandi seemed to jump off the page. Here was a remedy for tedious labor. The normal secretion of the vagina has dried up. Os unyielding and pains decrease in force.  I did not have the remedy but was not deterred.

I wrote Jaborandi 200c on a blank piece of paper. I placed a glass of water with about 4 ounces of clean filtered water in it over the name and prayed for the next 3 minutes that the energy of Jaborandi 200C would be infused into the water. I then returned and asked her to take a sip and hold it in her mouth. Within minutes everything really changed and soon the childs head began to appear. The dose seemed to be like magic.

Within 3 giant pushes there appeared floating in the water the most beautiful baby boy. He was gently floated to the surface and held with his face out of the water where he began breathing. At first his color was grey blue. But after only about 10 seconds the most amazing flush of pink came over his entire body. It was like seeing an octopus change colors. He opened his eyes and looked around. What a miracle. There was not a dry eye in the room. After another 5 minutes the cord stopped pulsating and my son did the honors of cutting the cord. He was now free. It was another 5 minutes before he let out his first cry. What a gentle way to come into this world.

Moms afterbirth happened with only 3 strong contractions and it was time to get out of the tub. With mom safely at rest and the child examined they were again united. I knew all was well when after hours of pushing and very little conversation she yelled out, “I feel great!!” She finally caught up to the endorphin rush. I gave a dose of Arnica 30C to mom and a dose of Arnica 30c to the baby. Arnica is such a wonderful remedy for any traumatic experience. It also helps with hemorrhage. She was not bleeding heavily but had lost a significant amount of blood. That evening she was pretty wiped out and I gave her one dose of China 30C. She said she felt better within the hour.

The next morning we returned to check up on their first night with their new child. All went pretty good but I noticed that when the child was sleeping he would involuntarily jerk as if startled. I investigated what else had occurred during the night and that if at any time they needed to put him down and he was at all alone he would be very upset. They also said that if they turned out the light he would cry. Now I had heard enough. I gave him one dose of Stramonium 200c. Stramonium is very good for being in the birth canal too long. The entire labor was 27 hours so this qualified. This is not unusual for a first child delivery though. Subsequently the second night was much calmer than the first and everyone actually slept well. He has not startled during sleep since.

The next day I asked mom how she was feeling and she said, “I felt good energetically but feel so stretched out down there.” I was hesitant to treat this because her milk had not come in. I did not want to give her too many remedies in succession. The midwife came and suggested that we wait another 24 hours before worrying too much about her milk. She assured us that  the baby would be alright. He was sucking good and getting colostrum. So I gave mom a single dose of Staphysagraia 30C. Oh boy did this remedy work. Within minutes she started to have major contractions as her uterus was shrinking. These lasted most of the night but by the next day she said she felt so much better and that her tummy had shrunk substantially.

By that afternoon she said she felt that her breasts were getting full and about to explode. Her milk came in very quickly and now the child would be nourished. During the first 3 days after his birth he lost 16 oz. This is not unusual. But the real test comes in how fast he could gain it back. After one week he had gained back all but 4 oz. This was a real sign of health and all is well. There has been only one other remedy given to the baby since birth. After day 3 he developed a sticky discharge in is right eye that would glue the lid shut. 24 hours after one dose of Euphrasia 30C his eyes are clear. Mom has received one more dose of China 30C after one week for a general tiredness. It is such a good remedy after loss of vital fluids and an ordeal.

So now the new family is doing very well. Everyone is adjusting perfectly to their new lives. I am happy to say I was able to witness the miracle of homeopathy again but this time was a little different. A bit more special. There is a very little boy in this world that will grow up to know me as his grandfather. This brings me such a good feeling I cannot begin to describe. The circle of life continues.

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  1. Roger van Zandvoort on

    Congratulations. Unlike with your own children, you can spoil them and it is the parents who need to take care!!

  2. Yohai Rabkin on

    Hello Dear Robert,
    So very happy for you all.
    Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family.
    Thank you for sharing the experience and the Homeopathic thinking with us. I have been a keen reader of your letters form the start.
    With Kind Regards

  3. Sarah on


  4. Priya on

    congratulations :)there really wasnt a dry eye reading this one:) such wonderful results and such a lucky baby to have homeopathy in his life right from the moment of his birth.

  5. Yulia on

    Congratulations once again, Robert!
    Even I’ve heard the story during our teleseminar, it’s still so exciting.

  6. Robert Lal on

    Dear Robert:
    Thank you for sharing your experience. Your step by step treatment is worth noting. Keep sharing such events !

  7. Dr. A.M Howlader,Dhaka,bangladesh on

    Congratulations on being the first grandpa and also being the witness to apply your lifelong field of research in great science Homoeopathy.I think here is your great success that you have the satisfaction and shared the whole episode with us world over.we are also happy with you.We shall be more happy if you come up with follow-up of your most dearest grand child who has just put his feet on this earth.I have four grand children and those are dearest to me next to anything.Thanks again for sharing the three days long drama of Grandpa and Grandcha.


    Congratulations!! What a privalege! I pray that your family will be blessed beyond your imagination. I am a grandma and only the best is good enough for my grandson, thats why he is treated only with homeopathy and a lot off love.

  9. srinivasarao on




  10. philip joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert: What a wonderful account you gave and there was an abundance of homeopathic gems in it on the remedies given by you and why it was given to learn and understand. To top it off there was even a comment from Roger Van Zandvoort, the author of Complete Repertory. I most humbly do have a few comments. Would Arnica have helped just after birth to both mother and child for the general bruising and shock that must have occurred to various tissues during birth. Also, it is a common practise for homeopaths in another country to give one drop of Sulphur 30c on the baby’s tongue within 2 weeks of birth. Although the prescription is maybe unhomeopathic, it is often observed that this wipes out the psoric taint that almost all mankind is born with and such babies grow up without allergies, stronger immune system and less skin complaints etc. This has been observed time and again by the older homeopaths (who practised in the 1950’s and passed this wisdom forward by sheer dint of practical experience & folklore). I tried to research the validity of this recently but many of those homeopaths had passed away or I could not get in touch with them, but their writings do contain this advice (Dr T.S. Iyer (who studied under Dr W. Younan), Dr Singhal, Dr Santwani, Dr Diwan Harish Chand etc). Pardon my constantly asking questions even on this joyous occasion – I am rejoicing at your triumph of homeopathy in child birth and humbly asking questions to learn and gain from your wisdom. Thanks, Philip

  11. Dr Anukant Goyal on

    congratulations and best wishes to your whole family

  12. Muhammad Siddique on

    The story is risky, Learner may avoid.

  13. Suresh Harvu on

    Congrats Dr Robert. A great account of what went through and the power of intent when the remedy was not physically available.

  14. docteur eugenie on

    congratulation. a little recommendation to enhance breast feeding ricinus 5 and lac caninum

  15. Marta Olson on

    Blessed Be! The word awesome is overused in American society. The awesomeness of experiencing birth ,much less the birth of your grandchild, is truly AWESOME. I can tell you are still floating from the presence. Love it!

  16. Helene T, md on

    Dear grandpa Robert & family, Congratulations!!! … on the birth of a healthy baby, a trusting daughter in law & the wonderful results of homeopathic remedies.

  17. Dr Anand Kumar Jain on

    Congratulatoions !!!
    & thanks for sharing a wonderful & rare Experience with us.

  18. Ariel on

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey and joy. We are so happy for you and your growing family!

    Blessings to All!

  19. Sarah on

    Congratulations!! Wonderful news!

  20. Dr. Rabia Jehangir on

    Congragulations & best wishes for the whole family,it as very interesting & informative to know your successsful experience.All the homoe doctors should learn confidently so that they should use right med at right time.

  21. Monina Vazquez on

    Congratulations Robert and Kristen, now you know what a wonderful experience is a birth of a loved one. Now you are “abuelitos”.
    Just want to share I call my children’s husbands/wives
    “daughter in-Love” “son in-Love” sounds more appropriate with the feelings.
    A big hug for you both!

  22. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Respected Dr.Robert,

    Heartiest congratulations for becoming the proud grand-pa
    of your special grand son.
    Also,thank you very very much for sharing your experience
    with all the members of our Homeopathic forum.I am
    personally very happy to participate with all of your
    happiness.Congratulations to the mother also.
    The entire episode ended well with complete success.So,
    there is nothing to be said.
    But the first question is why Nux Vom was given when the
    cheif indicative symptom ‘Every pain during labor produces
    a desire to defaecate or to urinate’was absent.Back pain
    during labor is a common symptom & many remedies have
    The last remedy selected was Jaborandi,when the normal
    secretion of the vagina was dried up & the patient was
    telling ‘Dry,everything feels dry.’Is this not a contra-
    indicative symptom of Jaborandi,whose key-note symptom is
    ‘Increase of secretions,i.e.colliquative states.’
    It appears to me that your prayer for last three minutes
    with your spritual power had set every thing right.
    Congratulations once again.

    Kh.Mahbubur Rahman,

    • Robert Field on

      Hello Kh. Mahbubur,
      I chose Nux Vomica because of the back pain. Yes it is common but this was her only unique complaint. I wanted to help provide some relief for the concentrations of her pains. It did help, but never even began to remove the pains there. They simply lessened in their intensity. Jaborandi has the indications of the vagina being dry. It also has the “other side of the coin” as most remedies do. It was the perfect choice and worked very well. I do not believe that I influenced her delivery. I was actively holding a very safe and sacred space for her process but did not do anything myself other than ask for help. If there was any real help then it was of the divine. The remedy came into being by the grace of G-d, not my vibration etc. It was a prayer for Jaborandi 200c to be in the water. This is something that anyone can do at anytime they do not have a remedy available. I suggest trying it. The worst that can happen is nothing.
      Thank you for your comments,

  23. ASGHAR ALI on

    Dr. Robert. Congratulations. Dr. Muhammad Siddique(17-5-2011) takes the story as risky with advice to learners to avoid it, WHY? Do not the remedies work wonders at the hands of the masters who believe in the trio God-Doctor-Client.

    I shall be obliged if any of the learned doctor can help me by suggesting treatment of my grand daughter now 2.5 years old. She was a breech baby but delivered normally. Baby did not cry for little time and was oxyginated. The baby did not indulge in normal activities. She did not respond, did not grip and did not hold her neck. Peadatrics declared her to be late. No medication except physiotherapy. All tests were normal. The baby is making slow progree. She now holds here neck but still does not sit, walk and talk. Does not reach out to things and does not grip. She moves her hands and legs in all directions but perhaps involuntarily. On times she appear hyper-sensitive and laughs bit loudly. Often sleeps late in the night. Physical growth is normal. She has normal growth of teeth.

    I shall be grateful for help.


    Asghar Ali

    • Robert Field on

      Hello Asghar Ali,
      Look at the rubics below. Investigate the remedies that could be applicable for her arrested development and involuntary movements and laughing loudly. If the child did not breath well at birth then one remedy to think of may be Opium. It is one remedy that covers the entire case as well.

      Generalities; DEVELOPMENT arrested (61) : aeth., agar., agki-p., aloe, alum., aur., 3Bac., 3Bar-c., bar-p., bor., bufo, buni-o., cadm., 3Calc., calc-f., 4CALC-P., carc., caust., chap., chin., cupr., des-ac., elmen, excr-can., 2hoch., 2hyos., kali-c., kali-p., kreos., lac-d., lant-br., lant-p., lyc., mag-c., mag-m., med., merc., nat-m., nep., nitro-o., op., per., ph-ac., 3Phos., pin-s., pitu-gl., plb., 3Plut-n., rhod., sabal., 3Sec., 3Sil., sulfa., sulph., syph., tanac., thuj., 4THYR., toxo., tub., vip.

      Mind; DEVELOPMENT, mental; arrested (21) : aeth., agki-p., aloe, aur., bac., bar-c., bar-p., calc., calc-p., caust., chap., excr-can., 2hyos., kali-p., nitro-o., op., per., syph., thuj., toxo., tub.

      Mind; TALK, talking, talks; slow learning to (29) : 4AGAR., alco-s., aloe, bac., 3Bar-c., bell., bor., calc., calc-p., carc., 3Caust., 3Excr-can., 2hoch., lant-p., mag-c., med., 4NAT-M., nat-p., nux-m., op., ph-ac., phos., puls., sanic., sil., sulph., 3Thuj., tub., vip.

      Extremities; MOTION, motions; involuntary (69) : acon., 4AGAR., 3Alum., 2apoc., aq-mar., arg-n., asaf., aur., 3Bell., 3Brachy-s-p., 3Bry., butho-t., calc., camph., cann-i., canth., carb-v., caust., cham., chin., chlor., 4CIC., 3Cocc., colch., con., 3Crot-c., 3Cupr., 3Gels., glon., 4HELL., hydrog., 4HYOS., hyosin., 3Ign., iodof., kali-c., 3Lach., lath., lyc., m-art., meny., 3Merc., mosch., 4MYGAL., nat-m., nept-m., nux-m., nux-v., 3Op., phos., phys., 3Plb., pyrog., rham-cal., rhus-t., samb., sep., spig., staph., 3Stict., 3Stram., stroph., stry., tarent., thal-s., thuj., verat., verat-v., zinc.

      Mind; LAUGHING; loudly (16) : agar., 4BELL., beryl., c-di-o., cann-s., cocain., croc., hydr-ac., 3Hyos., 3Hyosin., kreos., mobil-ph., op., plat., 3Stram., 3Verat.

  24. Meena Supnekar on

    Congratulations for being a grandpa and also to ur family.

    thanx a lot for sharing ur homoeopathic experience and how nicely u gave the symptoms and the indications of the remedies.

  25. syed Husain on

    Firstly congratulation to become Grand pa. Secondly for sharing the whole story of delivery, providing the medicines you used. I agree with the views of Dr. Mohammad Siddique. On the other side people will not contact to a homeopath at the time of delivery. This matter pertains to your own family and you have taken the risk.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Syed,
      I am not sure what risk was taken. Childbirth is not a disease. It is a serious event that anything can go wrong with though. Billions of women give birth. I did not choose the home birth. The parents did this and felt very comfortable with the midwife who has delivered over 1,000 babies. She was very experienced. Also a hospital was no farther that 10 minutes away. But as far as risk is concerned there must be trust that the situation would be acurately assessed and the proper experienced professionals would be availabe for help. This I think minimized risk.
      Thanks for your comment,

  26. Robert Field on

    Thank you to everyone who has congratulated me on become a new Grandpa. I am bery happy for the parents and myself as well. We all have a very healthy and happy baby.
    Blessings to all,

  27. sanjay jain on

    Hello Dear Robert,
    So very happy for you all.
    Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family.
    Thank you for sharing the experience and the Homeopathic thinking with us.

    sanjay jain

  28. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    Congratulation for grandpa and wish goodhealth to all of you. Best complements. Dr Rahman

  29. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Dear Dr.Philip Joseph,

    Thank you for your comments on giving Sulphur 30 to a
    new born baby within two weeks of its birth.We can have
    a little discussion on it.
    What the old Homeopaths or new Homeopaths say does not matter.we should see what the Organon says or does it
    comply with the basic principles of Homeopathy.Now a days
    all most all babies are born with mixed miasms,a very few
    may born with a single or original miasm i.e.psora.So,
    what a single dose of sulphur 30 can do in such a condition.
    Sulphur is no doubt the king of psora i.e psoric remedy.
    But inspite of being the King itcan do nothing on psora
    unless the symptoms agree.Psorinum is also a great psoric
    medicine.The basic idea is that Sulphur can remove or cure
    those symptoms which it can produce on a healthy person.
    The symptoms which Sulphur produce in a healthy person
    resembles the symptoms of psora,so it is antipsoric.But
    it cannot cure or produce effects on psora unless the
    symptoms agree.
    I think,the old practice is based on assumptions only.
    Or,in some cases the medicine was similiar.
    Thanking you.

    Kh.Mahbubur Rahman

  30. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Respected Dr.Robert,

    There is nothing to be said after reading your above
    reply.But is there any symptom of labor in Jaborandi?
    I did not find any, in any materia medica even in the
    encyclopedia of Allen.I also consulted the repertories
    of Kent & Robin Murphy,but did not find the symptom.
    I shall appreciate if you kindly enlighten me on the
    point & the forum will be benefitted by it.
    Thanking you once again.

    Dr.Mahbub.(Short name)

  31. Phili Joseph on

    Dear Dr Mahbub: I would like to respond to your questions. First, Please look up Complete Repertory (no cost downloadable version from their web site is available)and please refer “Female, Dryness, Vagina, delivery, parturition during: acon, ferr, bell jab. Next also look up Complete Repertory – “Female, Dryness:” many remedies listed and Jab is also one of those listed again. The well known author of Complete Repertory Mr Roger is one of the first contributors in this blog (by the way). Now coming to your comment about Sulphur 30c etc. I don’t always look to Organon to validate each and every Homeopathic principle. Times have changed and Homeopathy has to keep up with the times. Hahnemann praised Mesmerism and Hypnotism as therapeutic tools but not every Homeopath today embraces these tools in their daily practise. Likewise Hahnemann (6th edition) discovered LM potencies but today almost 90% of world’s Homeopaths a still stuck in X or C potency. So also, Hering’s Law came after Hahneman and Kent’s Very high potency use came after Hahnemann. So I dont consider the Organon as having a final answer for all things Homeopathic. Hahnemann in his time had a very limited remedy list and subsequent remedy list used by modern homeopaths has quadrupled. Modern Homeopaths were not content to stick by Hahneman’s limited remedy list. Since a large percentage of present mankind has psoric taint (even adnitted by Hahnemann himself), the Doctors like T.S. Iyer etc found clinical success by prescribing routine Sulph 30c to new born babies. They all understood the importance of indiviualization but they were only trying to alleviate certain inheritable tendencies by using a routine application of Sulphur. They evidently had enough success with it as they practised for many years and their observations were based on long lifetimes of clinical practice where they often treated upto third generation of families. If the baby was not psoric in nature, then Sulphur 30C (1 pill) would be like vibrating tuning fork that has no resonance to their Vital force vibration and would just pass through them without any effect. Thanks, Philip

  32. monica on

    Congratulations to you and your family and thanks for sharing such an intimate event!

  33. dr Ashwani kumar Rai on

    Regards ,sir I study intire article ,Congratulate for new commer in your family ,thanks for your keen observation on the ground of which you makes simillimum prescription but I really surprise how could it possible in abscence of any medicine just to write the name of Medicine on blank paper & put on it in water & sake them well whatever medicine is & even that should worked

  34. Ragnheidur Olafsdottir on

    I so happy for you

  35. pragya on

    congrats Dr robert, everytime i read your tips on homoeopathy i m inspired a lot. thank u so much.

  36. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Dear Dr.Philip Joshep,
    Thank you very much for your nice reply.Actually I am inclined to buy the
    Complete Repertoy 2010 for a long time.But the book is not available
    in our country.The e-mail address wherefrom I can consult the book is not also known to me.Thanks for quoting from the repertory.
    But I beg to differ with you in other points of your reply.The earth moves round the sun.This is universal.We cannot disagree.Similarly,we cannot
    disagree with the basic principles of Organon,if we are to practise homeopathy.”What a drug can cause,it can cure,if properly administered”.
    We can not defy it .The basic principles like.the methods of preparation of drugs,dynamization of
    the medicines,methods of provings,case taking,principles regarding administration of a drug,Homeopathic law of nature,individualisation of each
    case,the principles involved in the cure of diseases etc.etc we cannot
    ignore or change.
    It’s true that everybody has freedom to comply with the principles of organon
    or not but it is the foundation.One of my friends had once told me that he had found a new method of applying medicines & getting very good results.
    I was very much interested.But he would not disclose his secrecy.After
    long request & against pledge that I will not disclose it to others he revealed
    his secracy.The method was that he had been mixing several drugs
    comprising the several symptoms of the patient,ina bottle of water.I could not believe it.However I explained &convinced him that this is a wrong
    It is also true that time has changed & Homeopathy has to keep up with the times.Yes Homeopathy is also doing that.Neither Dr.Hahnemann nor his
    Organon has restricted provings & introduction of new drugs in Homeopatthy &,uses of higher potencies.No man in his one life can make
    anything absolutely perfect to meet the needs of the ages.So,dr.Hahnemann
    could not also prepare & used the higher potencies as Dr.Kent used.Even the LM potencies used now a days were not used either by dr.
    Hahnemann or Dr.Kent.Does it mean a deviation of the principles of
    Homeopathy.It is the demand of the time.
    Dr.Hahnemann recognized Masmerism as a system of treatment which was
    followed from ancient times.Homeopaths having strong will power can practise it.But neither he stated the methods of masmerism nor he invited
    the Homeopaths to follow it.So, it is not a violation of organon if Homeopaths
    do not practise it.
    I think routine application of Sulphur 30 to a baby within two weeks of birth
    is a prejudice.A renowned Homeopath like Dr.T.S.Lyer would have
    definitely applied the medicine on strict individualisation.
    Thank you once again.

    Mahbubur Rahman.

  37. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on


    The name of Dr.T.S.IYER has been written as T.S.Lyer through mistake.
    in the above reply.Sorry for the mistake.

    Mahbubur Rahman

  38. Dr.Aradhana Srivastava on

    I had read this in abook P.S I love u…………
    If I knew that Grand children are so much fun….
    I would have had them before having my children…..

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