Homeopathy Tips for 5/15/17 Vaccination Protocol

The current climate of medicine is to vaccinate everyone. I personally do not believe that vaccination promotes health or that it even works. But increasingly state governments are passing laws that mandate vaccination. School children may not be allowed to attend public school if not vaccinated. Health care and day care workers must be vaccinated in some states.

Not every person receiving vaccination wants the jab or believes in it. Some are very afraid of it and rightfully so. Decisions about receiving the vaccination shot are difficult to make. For some their livelihoods depend on it. So when you know you are going to receive the vaccination shot there are some things you can do to help mitigate the negative effects of the shot. Just as the Surgery Protocol has proven to be very useful in helping mitigate the negative effects of surgery (a known trauma) , the vaccination protocol can help mitigate the negative effects of the vaccination (another known trauma).

Keep in mind this is not to treat vaccinosis once a vaccine has been given and negative health is the end result. There are many remedies and approaches to healing once the dis-ease has taken hold. Remember, homeopathy is individualized medicine and we must treat the individual expression of the dis-ease.

Nor is this a protocol for replacing vaccination with a homeopathic prophylaxis.

This protocol is to help prevent vaccinosis and heal quickly from the injection itself and hopefully to inspire the vital force to prevent vaccine damage before it develops. If the vital force can be inspired to mount a healing response quickly it may be able to prevent the accumulated effects of the vaccine. Remember, there are many ingredients in the vaccine cocktails that can cause great harm to the body. The idea is not to treat these toxins but to help the vital force mount a healing response quickly.

  • 3 Days prior to injection – One dose of Ledum 30C
  • 2 Days prior to injection – Two doses of Ledum 30C approx 12 hours apart
  • One day prior to injection – Two doses of Ledum 30C approx. 16 hours apart and one dose of Arnica 30C timed between them
  • The day of injection – One dose of Ledum 30C, one dose of Arnica 30C and one dose of Thuja 30C prior to injection. These can be spaced out appropriately as time permits prior to the injection.
  • After injection –  one dose of Ledum 30C as soon as possible. At the end of the day one dose of Thuja 30c.
  • One day post injection –  one dose of Thuja 30C and continue for 3 days then stop.
  • One week post vaccination – Thuja 200C one dose and wait.

If there are any complications to the injection/vaccination then symptoms must be treated individually. This is where the individual symptoms will dictate the remedy. You must look for the strange rare and peculiar symptoms and find the remedy most fitting for the individual. Here are remedies from the CompleteRepertory 2015 for after injections or puncture wounds:

generalities; injuries, blows, falls and bruises; penetrating, punctured (34) : acet-ac., 3All-c., 4APIS, aran., arn., ars., calen., 4CARB-V., 4CIC., 3Con., eug., 3Ham., 3Hep., 4HYPER., 4LACH., 4LED., merc., nat-c., nat-m., 4NIT-AC., ph-ac., 4PHASE., 3Phos., 4PLAN., 3Plb., puls., 3Rhus-t., sep., 4SIL., 4STAPH., stram., sul-ac., 3Sulph., symph.

If symptoms are more general and not specific to the injection then we are treating for vaccinosis. The type of vaccination should be considered. Often the nosode of the disease that the vaccine was made from is useful in inspiring the healing response. Here are remedies for after vaccination from the CompleteRepertory 2015:

generalities; vaccination; after, ailments from (85) : 3Acon., 2acor-c., 2ammc., ant-c., 4ANT-T., 4APIS, arg-n., arn., 3Ars., bac., bapt., 3Bar-c., 3Bell., 2borrel., bufo, 4CALC., caps., carb-an., carc., 4CAUST., 4CHAM., 2cimic., 3Crot-h., cupre-l., diph., 3Dpt, 4DULC., 3Echi., 2ephe., 4EUPHR., gels., graph., 3Gunp., 3Hep., hyos., 2hyssop., 4IOD., kali-chl., 3Kali-m., lac-v., 3Lach., 2lepro., 4LYC., 3Lyss., mag-p., 4MALAND., 3Med., 3Merc., merc-c., merc-cy., 4MEZ., nat-bic., 4NIT-AC., 3Nux-v., 3Ped., 4PH-AC., phos., 2plan., plut-n., 3Psor., 3Ran-b., rhus-t., 4SABAD., sabin., sarr., 3Sars., 4SEC., 4SEP., 4SIL., 3Skook., stram., 3Strept., 4SULPH., syc-co., syph., 4THUJ., thul., 4TUB., tub-k., uran., v-a-b., 4VAC., vacc-m., 3Vario., zinc.

With so many known diseases like ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome and Autism that are connected to vaccination, it is  likely informed individuals will be coming to you looking for help. I think the ill effects of vaccination are far worse than the disease itself. We do not know the lifetime effect of vaccination as the immune system has been altered. I am not a big proponent of Homeopathic vaccination or prophylaxis, although it is far safer than the allopathic version. Unfortunately it is not recognized by State legislatures as a valid form of immunization.

A better approach is to treat the individual constitutionally and help establish better overall health. If vaccination is a must then using this guideline may help mitigate the ill effects of the vaccination.


4 comments so far

  1. Keith Kale DO on

    Here is an article comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated children – the first study of it’s kind. I also suggest watching Robert Kennedy Jr. YouTube videos on mercury added to vaccinations. Put in the YouTube search engine ‘robert kennedy jr vaccines’


  2. Laurie on

    It was very generous of you to share all this much needed info about vaccines. I am going to print it off for possible future experiences.

  3. arielbaradarian on

    Thank you for sharing Robert!

  4. Ariel on

    This is helpful… California now has mandatory vaccinations as a requirement to enroll in school and it is now much more difficult for parents to get an exemption. Hopefully sanity will return to our country soon!

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