Homeopathy Tips for 5/15/12 What is Health?

In the healing profession there is much concern about disease. The is most markedly seen in the allopathic medical world where the entire focus of the profession/industry is to make the symptom simply go away. Take a drug and this will modify the symptom and then the job is done. In homeopathy we also talk about the removal of symptoms, but if our focus is on this only we will be doing only slightly better than allopathic medicine. The removal of a symptom is only a very small part of the overall health of any organism. The focus should ALWAYS be on health not just the removal of a symptom.

If we are to understand how to help our client then we must understand what health is and not just about disease. Websters Condensed Dictionary defines health as; sound physical or mental condition. This I believe is a very brief and incomplete definition of health. There are many ways to recognize health and just being of “sound” condition is not enough.

Homeopathy looks to all aspects of the person, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Each facet of a person is inseparable from each other. My belief is that at an intellectual, and emotional level we have concepts of spirituality but the spirit is primary to all other levels of being human. In fact for all expressions of life  to exist it is happening at the spiritual level before manifestation into the physical.

Without getting too heady about the spiritual, how does this play out into our physical, worldly experience of health and dis-ease? Why do we have disease at all? Is disease simply the absence of health? And if we remove disease does that mean a person is now healthy?

I think these questions need to be answered to utilise homeopathy to the fullest. If we are being trusted with a persons health then we must be clear what health is. We live in an ever-changing world. There is always something that can affect us. From a bee sting to stubbing our toe to cancer there is always another something to have to respond to. The only constant in this world is change and it is not always easy to adapt.

The state of health is equal to our ability to adapt to our world. This is evolution. We come to this world to do our spiritual evolution. This gets played out in the physical body the spirit is animating. Hahnemann states that the spirit-like vital force rules with unbounded sway. This means it would never make a mistake. So every expression of dis-ease is an adaptation of health to survive. The vital force needs to express this adaptation into the physical. If we do not understand the conflict that the vital force is dealing with then we would never understand the dis-ease. Since there is no separation of the spiritual, mental, emotion and physical aspects of self then all dis-ease is spiritual first and eventually affects the mental, emotion and physical planes.

The mind is like a computer. It’s function is to think and generate thoughts. It is automatic and generally ruled by the ego as an aspect of self that believes it is the creator. This is the first place that disease will affect health. We will lose our ability to choose a better thought as disease plays out into the physical world.

Our emotions are the instant feedback system for the mind and body. How we feel tells us we are  in alignment with ourself or not. When we have a thought, it is the mechanism that tells us if the thought feels right or not. When we recognise that we do not feel so good about something, it is our emotional being telling us something is not in alignment with our thoughts and true self.

Eventually any conflict we have with the mind or emotions gets played out into the physical body. This is where we notice disease the most. It is usually the end result of the inability to respond to our conflict or challenge that has been presented to us. Sometimes the challenge is physical but if we look closer there is always a reason that it gets played out into the physical. In other words, there are no accidents.

We have a sentient nervous system that gives us unpleasant pain signals and this is best way to finally get our attention if we have been unable to correct the misalignment. Physical health is the absence of unpleasant sensation and harmonious function of all systems in the body. 

Because we are beings with consciousness, health is a state of greater self-awareness.  With knowingness of self  we would be able to see our conflict and respond before it ever made it to the physical. I think this is a great state of health and may be the result of many lifetimes of leading a spiritual path,  the ultimate blessing or the result of doing sustained spiritual work in this lifetime. But in the end suffering is a given and no one escapes it. If we are in a physical body, then suffering is inherent to our existence.

Because the world is constantly changing the ultimate state of health is one of being able to keep our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies in alignment while balancing in a state of dynamic disequilibrium. Imagine being able to stay perfectly aligned while standing on a ball. This is not so very easy to do. We may be able to find center and stay put for a while but eventually our attention will wander and we find ourselves having to respond to our lack of focus. We could become bored and want to move to another location and start the ball rolling, forcing us to again try to maintain balance. Or something seemingly out of our control may occur that causes us to react. A strong wind or gentle push. The next thing you know we are out of balance and gyrating to try to gain balance again.

If we can not define health then we could never know what is asking to be healed. Health is the ability to make free choices in how we respond to our world that maintains our self alignment in all aspects of our being. This is not an easy task to perform but we are all doing this naturally every moment of our lives. We unfortunately do not always have awareness of this fact. True health is knowingness of our own true nature beyond the thought and physical attachment to the body. It is a state of oneness and peace. To know oneself is the ultimate question and answer in regards to health and dis-ease. It is the problem and the solution in one paradoxical package.

I believe that awareness is the key to  healing all suffering. Self-awareness is enough to solve the conflicts we face. It is enough to notice when we are in conflict to bring the resolution to further awareness. We must look deeply though. It is not enough to say, “Oh, I’m aware of this cancer and it’s not going away. So this awareness thing is a crock.”  There is a reason the body choose to express the cancer. If one looks deeply at how the cancer experience has challenged them and continues to look ever deeper, then one will notice that it ultimately ends in a path to know oneself. Knowing one’s self  is the ultimate state of health. In this state even with cancer the suffering lessens.

To know one’s self cultivates compassionate awareness and acceptance. When we cultivate this state we are less attached to the ego’s story that we hear in our own mind. We will be able to watch, instead of believe and respond to what is often an untruth. We will have a greater freedom of choice to respond to our ever-changing environment as well as our ever-changing mind. To notice our mind and thoughts is to bring awareness to our inner world. Being unattached to the endless stream of thought that the mind generates will allow us more freedom to choose a better thought that serves our higher self. Eventually all of these thoughts and attachments filter down to our emotional and physical states. This is why there is always a mental component to any case we take and why mental symptoms and rubrics are necessary in good prescribing.

So for anyone interested in homeopathy and health we all must consider what health really is. It is the absence of dis-ease but much, much more. It is a state of being that allows us to have freedom of choice in an ever-changing world. Choice in how we will respond and with what level of awareness. Knowing our true self is the ultimate in health. This happens through increased awareness of consciousness. The ego mind will tell us it is all true but we follow many untruths from health to disease. Coming back to truth of Self is the path back to health. This is the ultimate.

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  1. Helena Simon, Ireland on

    dear Robert, if you remember, I told you about my daughters eczema brought out after Carc in the past year. She is with me in Ireland now and I had the chance to take her proper case again. It pointed to Ignatia and she is taking it now in C9 ( worked her way through C6 already) with great general improvement, especially on the emotional plane but also substancial on the skin. Given her amazing journey with the remedies she decidet to write a 20 page work on Homeopathy for her Matura- Graduation in Biology to which her teacher agreed. This morning she announced that she would mainly focus on the theme of “What is health” in homeopathic and allopathic views, given that she can feel now when she feels good versus when she doesn´t, especially focused on her remaining skin-symptoms, that heal slower than her soul, as she puts it. And when I opened the computer I saw your newsletter with the same title. How this is nice that there are no coincidences. Greetings from Ireland Helena

  2. cynthia Keller MD on

    You and your posts….ROCK. I am a MD who has considered training with you prior, but has not due to time constraints, etc. After this post….. I know I need to. Keep up wiht your great work, it is making a difference even with people you do not know are reading.

  3. Marie on

    Love your posts.. This one is such a gift to share… Itis so clear and gently but directly connects the dots for the entire integration and alignment process. Homeopathy is all inclusive for the entire being. Thanks for putting it in such a shareable format!

  4. Muhammad Amir Ashraf - Karachi, Pakistan on

    Amazing! Of all the gems of your posts this should be classed as a diamond.

  5. Dr. Sanjaya Vikram on

    Indeed this article is soul touching.Pray that people will realise the importance of sprituality in health.With prayers and lots of love to you.

  6. Mah-jabeen on


  7. Syed Husain on

    Once again a very knowledgeable article. A number of people served mankind through spirituality, likewise you are serving the mankind through your articles both directly and indirectly .

  8. dr ashwani on

    thanks sir , to searve such type of loving article specially this is HOMOEOPATHY which gives spritual healing because homoeopathy work on vital force . I think man who is sufferer first spritually than physically and it is homoeopathy who first heal spritually the physical healing automatically takes place

  9. Dr.Sarfaraz Ali,Korang Town on

    That is why by practising a tru religionone heals body and spiritual diseases.

  10. Camille Ventura on

    Thank you for addressing the question of defining health. I work with the Bach Remedies and also define health more broadly than just the absence of dis-ease. I look forward to each of your newsletters, and appreciate your thoughtful and loving contributions to the world.

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