Homeopathy Tips for 5/13/08 Remedy Relationships

It is important to know about the remedies in our Materia Medica and their relationships. I often see a case improve dramatically with a given remedy but not go on to cure. With a little knowledge of remedy relationships some of the more perplexing cases can be improved by giving a complementary remedy to the first remedy prescribed. It must always be that this second remedy is indicated and not just given routinely.

When you see a child with recurrent high fevers that yield to Belladonna, but the fevers continue to reoccur then often Calcarea Carbonica will be the chronic remedy for these acute states.

Natrum Muriaticum sustains the same chronic relationships to  Apis and Ignatia. It stands to reason since Natrum Muriaticum shares many common themes to both of them. One can see the relationship of the crystalline structure of Salt and the crystalline structure of the honeycomb and crystallizing of honey. Often it will be difficult to tell the difference in skin eruptions that have a similar appearance to the both. And one does not need to search far to see the similarities in grief between Natrum Muriaticum and Ignatia.

When Pulsatilla has been of great service but finally helps no more, new symptoms will often point to Silica and it can be given with great confidence. Often a confirmatory symptom of the new Silica state will be white spots on the nails. I see this often in my practice. I remember a case of a young girl 9 years old of a timid nature with stomach pain starting before school each day. This was accompanied by much anxiety around her friendships at her school. Pulsatilla helped tremendously. But after several months she was back to having the stomach pains again. I repeated Pulsatilla and no real improvement again. Still not willing to give up on the remedy I increased the potency but the anxiety only became worse. After seeing such improvement initially, I wanted to believe that the remedy was the best one suited for her. But the results did not prove this. I re-took the case and the two leading remedies were Pulsatilla and Silica. I examined her nails and sure enough there were white spots and I gave the Silica with great confidence. Needless to say her anxieties went away along with her stomach pains and even the timidity improved dramatically. One might say that Pulsatilla was the wrong remedy initially but I could only give the remedy that I trusted was correct. Pulsatilla helped, but Silica cured. It helped for me to know their relationship.

Just as some remedies complement each other, others can be inimical. Be careful when prescribing Phosphorus and Causticum subsequently. Also Apis and Rhus Toxicodendron do not work well together. One can easily see their similarities especially in relationship to the skin and eruptions.

Always read the relationships section of the Materia Medica when investigating a remedy. Many times a simple note about a the remedy relationships or other remedies with similar actions can be most useful. The Materia Medica, even though very incomplete, offers us many jewels to use in our prescribing. These have been observed by masters for many years and are there to help us. We only need to be thorough in our investigations and proceed with patience and confidence.

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  1. patricia marie on

    thank you! i especially needed to know the white spots on the nail info! how about warts in a family?

    Hi Patricia,
    This would be an indication of the Sycotic miasm; the results of suppressed gonnorhea somewhere in the family lineage. Taking the case and finding a remedy of the sycotic maism would be helpful.

    Robert Field

  2. ghulam mustafa on

    Yes Mr.Robert every third pts.complant to his physician that first two or three days given medicine work very well and then are you change the medicine ,that was the time to give the pt.comlemantary medicine with the first given remedy.


    Thanks for this news letter.complementory medicine and relationship of drugs play very important role in practice. I had this experience in past. very informative letter.

  4. Rabindranath on

    This is very helpful for my personal practice.I want to know day today new experiment of H-medice.

  5. sneska on

    Hi Robert,
    thanks again for your great tips.Do you think that Puls and Sil are complementary because of their sycotic nature.What do you think about miasms?

    Hi Sneska,
    I do consider maisms when casetaking. But to limit a case analysis to a maism would not be a good idea. If the case analysis has clear indications like the comment above concerning warts, then it can be used in the analysis. Usually if the indications are clear, the remedy will also be under the miasm as well. I do not base any case solely on miasm though. I do see often when a very well selected remedy is given and it helps so much but not quite a cure, then if a remedy covering the clear indications of the miasm and the totality of the individual is given, cure often ensues.
    I do not have any great ideas why Pulsatilla and Silica are complementary. Maybe it is the yielding nature in each of them although Silica being very hard is still yet brittle and Pulsatilla, the windflower always changing, the masters found these alternating states in enough individuals and through their observations made this discovery.
    Thanks for the question, Robert Field

  6. Raquel Perez on

    The information is extremely helpful,I must thank you for taking the time to share this info which is so valuable and precious, Thank you

  7. DR.Manjunath shinde on

    After treating a carbuncle with hepar sulph kindly enlighten me about the chronic/complementary remedies needed.

    Hello Dr Manjunath Shinde,
    Two remedies, Lachesis and Silica are remedies for carbuncles that are also compatible with Hepar. I would look at the acute expression of the carbuncle and the chronic more “constitutional” state of the individual to determine the remedy choice. Remember the remedy is for the whole person and not the carbuncle. It is best to always take the case and give the appropriate remedy. Do not limit your choice to only the above 2 remedies. This would not be good homeopathy.

    Blessings, Robert Field

  8. Dr.Nittur guruprasad on

    thanks for the tips. definetely it will help in my practice, ofcourse to the patient

  9. Dr.Nittur guruprasad on

    i will very much thankful if i had a correct remedy for chronic cystisis after gonorrhoea supressed. The patient is chronic burning since starting of urinals and ended with severe burning while passing last drops. The said case was treated allopathycally by allmeans and left out. Here both wife and husband are suffering with the same problems since long

    Hello Dr. Nittur Guruprasad,
    As always it is necessary to take the case of each of the individuals. Mental symptoms will help guide you to the correct remedy along with clear physical symptoms. Their story will tell you what rubrics to choose. Remember that when a gonnorehea discharge has been suppressed it will return upon the cure. I repertized Gonorreha suppressed and Urethra, burning during urination. 42 remedies came up covering the case. In the absence of any mental rubrics it would be difficult to offer you any remedy ideas. Whatever remedy it is will have the burning during urination though. This is undeniable.
    Robert Field

  10. DR Bhavana Gururaj on

    Thank u…Such tips will definately help us in our practice…I also want to share in my practice I have seen patients needing Nux vom for gastric ailments..only acts acutely..and chronic can be cured with Kali carb..
    Thank U..

  11. dr ejaz hasan on

    Lots of thanks for tips.should we advise our patients to vaccinate their child?

    Hello Dr Ejaz,
    I do not believe vaccination is necessary or good at all. It confuses the immune system and can create a liftime of trouble.

    Robert Field

  12. dr ejaz hasan on

    one query is that usually patients comes with bundle of symptoms,some sycotic some syphilitic and some psoric so which if we repertorise,gets a common polychrest remedy.will u suggest correct method.thanks

    Hello Dr Ejaz,

    Thanks for such excellent questions. It is best to not consider the miasm when initially taking the case and focus on what is undeniable about their symptoms. This will end alot of confusion and speculation and allow you to focus on the person before you. Don’t worry about the miasm. It becomes a label that will create prejudice. It can be a good tool for understanding the concepts in homeopathy, but usually, if focused on too much, will put the person in a box of our creation as we miss the simple expression of the dis-ease that the vital force is animating with such brilliance. I hope this helps. Stay with what is undeniable.

    Warmest regards, Robert Field

  13. Monina Vazquez on

    Hi Robert, I have been ejoying your tips and other people’s comments. It is very helpful.
    Have you ever thought of giving some tips for treating kids with ADHD? Seems like all of them have the same symptoms and it is confusing to pick up on the ones that will bring you to the right remedy.

    Hi Monina,
    Once again it is important to take the case and look for anything that is unusual about their behaviors. Sometimes it is the littlest of things that will lead to the remedy. There is no “one size fits all” in the treatment of ADHD.
    Blessings, Robert Field

  14. Yvonne Siblini on

    I have know that THUJA 30 for a few days works well after a vacination. And should the patient have an aggravation ARSENICUM 7CH follows well to settle down the fears of the movement.

  15. dfr naseer on

    respect robert

    relation ship with medicine and symptom

    require great experience.

    my experience the following medicine .

    Nat mur with sepia is female symptom

    bell and bry relationship respiratoiry and throat.

    sul and nux relation with heamorriods and stomach

    colch and benic acid with relation of rehumatism

    and gout.

    hepersul and bell both related to the throat infection.

    Allium cepa and nat mur related to catarrah and allegic symptom

    Ipece and ars alb both relationship for asthma.

    calc carb and calc phos relation ship in childrem

    but constitutional is different.

    Hello Dr Naseer,
    Your info is correct but only in a very limited way. Each homeopathic remedy carries an energy much greater than the simple indications. When you know the essence of the remedy and can apply it, they will be able to inspire much greater healing potential. The remedies are much more than the simple indications.
    Robert Field

  16. Papu on

    Hi Experts
    I gave patient calcerea carb as a constitutional medicine
    and patiend one small cyst,after giving remedy cyst completelly gone but after 8 days there r 2 cyst,what should i do?

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