Homeopathy Tips for 5/12/09 Healing Takes Time

     One of the biggest myths about healing is that it happens as an event. The belief of most people in the western world is that when they are sick, they can just take a drug, feel better very quickly and that is the end of it. We know this to be a little different from the homeopathic perspective.

     My teacher Vega Rozenberg taught his students repeatedly that “Time is Mercy”.  This Kabbalah understanding really does apply to the healing process. It can make all of the difference in how you view a case and proceed when you know this. If you have a clear understanding of what is asking to be healed, then it is easier to know where a person is at in their healing process.

      I find often that in chronic or constitutional prescribing the client will be feeling much better after some period of time. My expectation is that there is noticeable movement in the case after one month. But many times it is within a few months that the client feels that they are so much better they want to stop the remedy.

     At this point education and communication are very important. In the initial visit as well as subsequent visits I remind the client that healing is a process and not an event. Even though they are feeling much better,  it takes time to remove the susceptibility to their dis-ease. At first this is a new concept to most clients.

    When we are healing as a result of the inspiration of the remedy, the vital force is actually closing the window of the susceptibility to the dis-ease darkness that clings to them. As this susceptibility lessens we actually fell better. But often I find that when the person is feeling better, if they stop the remedy prematurely, they will return in a few months reporting that they are suffering again. I try to avoid this by educating them about the healing process and continuing the remedy that is working.

     It takes time to remove this  susceptibility.  Time allows us to make mistakes without the instant “karma” created by our actions or thoughts. This always is reflected at some level in a persons thinking or actions and eventually is expressed into the physical. It will be summed up in it’s totality eventually expressing a pattern in the persons life. When understood at this level what is asking to be healed, homeopathy takes on a completely different healing potential. It becomes life medicine.

     Sharing this perspective to your client will prepare them for the healing journey they are on. It is usually very comforting for my clients to understand this especially when they are experiencing the benefits of the remedy. They want to continue their treatment even when they are feeling better.

      So share with your clients that healing is a process, not an event. If they understand the depth of how homeopathy is really a life medicine then they will come for their follow-ups and do much better over time. Homeopathy heals not just the acute or chronic dis-ease but will heal a life as well.

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  1. M.Supriya on

    ya its true.most of the dr fail in educating their patients.it wil much helpful to them.the education should also be in the areas how it works in different diseases n how good it works it has to be explained to patients thank u

    Hello M. Suriya,
    Yes, I agree. Different diseases have a different expectation as to the length of cure. If the client is made aware of this from the start it will help the expectation about their healing very much. Thanks for your comment,
    Robert Field

  2. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Thanks Dr.Robert Field yes healing is a process and not an event.I have seen when a patient gets better feelings from his problem.He stopped taking medicine and as a result after few days or months he again feels that he is not good and suffering more severely than before.Again he comes or change the physician and this negligency of patient really earns inefficiency of a physician in their locality.When that patient again comes from taking short relief medicines from others and tells politely dr i have done mistake and lost money please help me.In that case i myself feel pleasure and tell the patient (healing will take time as healing is a process not an event)Warm regards,hc malaker

    Hi Dr Malaker,
    Yes, I too have experienced the very same senario many times with clients. It is unfortunate, but necessary for their learning to take responsibility in their healing process. Eventually they understand. This happens to some even when I share with them that healing is a process and they nod that they understand. It takes time for some.
    Thanks again for your comments,
    Robert Field

  3. VASANT on

    Perfect article for public besides homeopath to know about homeopathy. I have experience the facts of process of healealing and seen in patients. Nice article.

    You are welcome, Robert

  4. naomi on

    Hello Dr.M.
    I love the way you talk about healing; that healing is a process not an event.You summed it up perfectly.

  5. Gerald Field on

    Thanks Dr Robert. I had not thought about this very much, and appreciate this information. I’m sure it will be very valuable to me as a student just starting to learn homeopathy to have the guidance of these very important concepts. Gerald Field

    Hi Gerald,
    Even as a student that is not seeing clients right now, start to incorporate this idea in how you view every case you see as well as your own as you heal. It will help you immensely if your foundation in homeopathic understanding knows this concept. Keep up your studies.
    Robert Field

  6. mah-jabeen on

    thanks, Robert, this useful and practil article.


    thanks robert forgood article,
    i am from pakistan and due loadsheding i cant complete my message once and wants to know how to get rid from lost of sense of smelling if possible for you plz advise in the light of experience after flu it has been occured.steam is not good for everyone becaue i have remedy of steam that is why it has been done.
    your articel is very good thanks
    maimoona bangash

    Hello Maimoona,
    I would love to help, but there is always more to the case than just smelling loss after influenza. What else is there about this person that would lead to a remedy? What is really asking to be healed? Find other symptoms and rubrics that are indicative of the energy of dis-ease presenting in the person and you will then be pointed right to the remedy.
    Good luck,
    Robert Field

    • Yvonne Siblini on

      NOSE – SMELL – diminished

      I find that considering the lost smell could be from the fear at first… you should look into the fears and the reason for the lost sense of smell.


      Are some of the remedies that you may want to check. Good luck.


    plz comments

  9. K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

    You are right!
    Many patients feel it is waste of time and money.
    Many feel that the Dr. is unnecessarily prolonging the cure,because there are some unscrupulous Drs. also?
    So if it is properly explained to the patients,and if the patient is convinced about the Dr.’s. sincerity, it will be good for the patient and the Dr. and for HOMEOPATHY
    Thanks Dr. Robert.

    Hello K. Rajagopala Kurup,
    Yes it is unfortunate that some Drs do not have their clients well being in mind with a greater goal for their healing. I have found that educating the client and gaining their trust is essential in keeping them around long enough to see their healing. This is a very tender place between the pratictioner and the client. We must earn their trust. This requires great care and integrity. Most clients know when they are being duped and when they actually have the practitioners attention and care.
    Thanks for your valuable comment,
    Robert Field

  10. dr naseer on

    respect robert

    Your this topic regarding healing take time.

    I and my experience complete healing only homoeopathic

    systyem of medicine. allopathic healing is for the time bing. acute case cure by allopathic but chronic cases only
    system of homoeoapthic. we pround that homoeopathic of medicine totallaity cure. A patient women was suffering
    from vertigo dizzen since long. totallity symptoms and
    similarity symptom of conium. I start from conium 30
    and slow and study increase the potency about 1000,
    but slight improvment it take of healing long time at the
    end I given cm 4 doses three time a day and she
    complete cure after one year treatment.

    Hi Dr Naseer,
    Thanks for your story of healing. One year is not a long time when the cure is permanent.
    Warmest regards,
    Robert Field

  11. Dear Robert,
    I am Surya Narayan,not “Baripada” as you mentioned last.Baripada is the name of the place.
    Life itself is a process,not an event,and is run by a process of integrated auto-animated energy systems of different nature ,quality,and expression,constituting the vital force.An individual remains only in one of the two major energy systems and is able to feel ‘only’ the other energy systems where the dis-ease is located and it is quite difficult to access the area;a mystery that needs to be enlightened.
    Thanks & regards,

    Hi Surya,
    So sorry for any mistake about your name. There is no disrespect. I agree life is a process. I do not completely understand your comment though. What two systems are you refering to?

  12. Ram Dev Ray on

    Healing is a process in which the life preserving factor i.e. our vital force is acting towards the corrective way to the system and the process takes time. This time depends upon how critically our life preserving force is suffered. If due to the intake of large doses of allopathic medicine the system suffered and complex type of symptoms have developed which is not clear whether is is natural dieses or artificially occured by the hazardous doses of allopathic medicine. I am impressed by your contious tips very remarkable for the daily practice.

    Thanks a lot for spreading such valuable Tips.

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