Homeopathy Tips for 5/10/16 Modern Medicine

All over the Natural News media this week is the report that the third leading cause of death in America is Medical Error. This is a fancy way of laying blame on the system or the doctors working the system, not the system itself. It is the system that is flawed and there is something you can do about it.

The Washington Post reported that 251,000 Americans will die each year from hospital or doctor errors. That is almost 700 deaths per day or 9.5% of all U.S. annual deaths.Heart disease is the leader with 614,348 per year and next is Cancer with 591,699. The common link between these two is diet and lifestyle; although there are many more environmental effects leading to cancer.

After Medical Error, Respiratory disease is fourth with 147,101 deaths per year and then Accidents with 136,053 annual deaths. Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Flu/Pneumonia, Kidney Disease and Suicide round out the top causes of death per annum.

These facts are telling a story of our modern medical system. It is broken. If the system were working the leading cause of death would be Old Age and the next cause would be Accidents. Health and living a long life would be the norm. We call the new system Health Care. But really it should be renamed Disease Care. All modern medicine is controlled now through the FDA, Big Pharma and the insurance companies. This is all maintained through taxation and misrepresentation within our Government and the lawyers who cleverly word every document and law that effects the entire system.

The FDA’s influence  has steadily grown by controlling the products that it approves for our consumption. In doing so we are left with fewer and fewer choices especially regarding medicines and food source and quality. The blatant attacks on natural supplements, quality food and the health of the people go directly against the stated purpose of the Administration which is supposedly to protect the consumer.

With the revolving door between Big Pharma, Big Agriculture and the FDA it is no wonder that corporate profit play a much bigger concern than the health of the individuals that it is supposed to protect. We are talking trillions of dollars here with all corporate interests involved.

So with the system set up like it is what is a person to do? Well there is plenty to do as a result of this insanity. First and foremost is to take responsibility for yourself, including the ability to choose freely and not be influenced easily by the system at work. This means you need to educate yourself. Learn more about the process of dis-ease and how to maintain health. Pay attention to diet and the food you consume. Do your best to live a healthy, active lifestyle that maintains and promotes health and prevents disease.

Above all stay away from hospitals as best you can. If you end up there your chances of survival may end up being severely diminished with Medical Error being the 3rd leading cause of death. I am not advocating  to not get medical help when necessary. I am saying that avoid becoming ill by maintaining health. This is your responsibility.

Homeopathy is the safest medicine on the planet. It is also one of the most effective medicines when practiced correctly. There is no stronger healing force than the bodies own ability to heal itself. Drugs do not heal, the body heals. There is no better or safer way  to inspire healing than through the vital force’s response to a proper homeopathic remedy. This is a  system of medicine that works!


3 comments so far

  1. Sarah on

    Agreed, and love your thoughts!

  2. 24061944DR on

    Absolutely true and correct observation. Thanks Robert Field
    Dr.Mahbubur Rahman

  3. Mohammed Shareef on

    Dr. Field, you speak the truth but how could you educate the masses without being targeted by the concerned elements against speaking such truth. We can only beseech our Creator to help for the sake of good health of all human beings on this planet.

    Mohammed Shareef

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