Homeopathy Tips for 5/06/14 Staying Current with Oneself

The subject of why we get sick the way we get sick is often discussed in our class cases. Students are really starting to see the patterns of how mental/emotional conflicts eventually get expressed into the physical body and are then noticed as illness or disease. The question came up this weekend about what to do about mental/emotional conflicts when they arise so that the physical illness can be avoided. Obviously good homeopathy is essential to accelerate healing. We are doing this consistently.

But the real question then was how do we avoid the eventual physical expression of dis-ease armed with such knowledge. The answer is by staying current with oneself. This means being actively aware of the roots to our thoughts/feelings and of our responses to the challenges in life. No one is immune or free from the challenges that arise in the course of life. One week we can feel on top of the world and by the next week enough challenging situations have arising that we then feel buried on the myriad ways we try to survive. This is life.

Responsibility is our ability to respond to life. When we take responsibility for our thoughts and feelings we are being aware of ourselves and not blaming others for our responses. This is quite empowering. Once we blame another then our power has been given over to another and we become dependent on them changing for us to have our happiness. It never works even if they did change. Most often the other person does not change and we are left needing something from outside of ourselves to complete us.

This dis-empowered dependent state is a clear indication that we are not taking responsibility for ourselves and not looking inside for the solutions to our conflicts. We are not staying current with ourselves when we are looking outside for the answers to our problems and conflicts. This is not to say that healthy communication and the expression of ones feeling should be avoided. This is quite the contrary. Expression of our feelings is healthy especially when there is no blame. This does in fact lead to healthy communication with others.

The problem often lies in the fact we don’t look deep enough inside to understand our feelings. Many times the reaction to situations in life are habitual and patterned. It takes great dedication to taking responsibility for oneself to see them though. Self control is necessary to stop the habitual behaviors to life’s challenges and look inside to really try to understand how we are feeling. What is the source of this pain I feel? This is a challenge that must be met with a real desire to be responsible for oneself and every feeling that we generate. No one outside of ourself is truly responsible for our feelings.

When we are current with ourself we can then experience the challenge or painful event and recognise our feelings about it without blame. From this place we are then able to share with another our most truthful self. If this is done without blame then the other person has the ability to change in a meaningful way to avoid the conflict in the future. They would not have to be defensive if there was no blame. These are healthy tools of communication, but they are dependent on staying current with oneself.

Problems that seem to occur over and over in life can then be met in a more honest way. We become a more aware individual and our lives reflect the more truthful aspects of ourselves. We then have more freedom to feel and more freedom to choose. This is a higher state of health and is best done with the help of good homeopathy. The remedy may help a person to see their patterns more clearly and to have some support to face them in a more responsible way. Having this information may help guide you to help yourself, or your client, avoid the eventual painful expression of mental/emotional conflict becoming expressed into the physical. They will be much more current with themselves and can then break the mental/emotional patterns that bind them.

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  1. Bernhard on

    All fine in theory however people are not all ready to commit to the perfect storm and will always need some sort of therapeutic intervention.

  2. Maria De Fátima Magalhães on

    l agree with Bernhard,people will always need help to get out of these situations in life that are habitual and patterned.

  3. Robert Field on

    I also agree. This is why good homeopathy can be the biggest help of all. Remember, the question was, ” armed with this knowledge, how can we avoid the physical expression of our mental/emotional conflicts” Most people are not armed with this knowledge. Education is a vital part of every case I do with homeopathy. So I will share at the appropriate times this type of information with my clients. Often it is received as a reminder because innately people know much more than they or the homeopath thinks. It is just that they need to remember.
    Thanks for your comments!
    Robert Field

  4. Nancy Johnson on

    Thank you so much for this expression… Our core responsibility in life must be to seek to be current with ourselves so that we may relate authentically to others. This truly is a challenge, since life’s currents bring ongoing changes to our “stabilities”. We must remain open-minded enough to let go of even what we had perceived of as truth, if it changes… Because truth is the one thing that does not change. To always follow truth is our best path.

  5. Patricia Artis on

    This rings a few bells! I appreciate the re-inforcement of the lessons I’m learning about being/staying tuned in and doing the inside work that needs to be done. Responding to life is so much better than reacting!

  6. Frank O'Neill on

    This is a deep truth! Health=Mind, meaning the VIEW I’m operating from determines my susceptibility to illness. This must be why MIND symptoms are most important in Homeopathy. For me, ‘staying current’ means noticing the FEELING of health within the silence in me when I notice an instance of flu symptoms or a muscle twinge or whatever coming on, and how there has been a subtle shift in feeling tone toward a VIEW of dependency, appeasement, trying to be right, panic or whatever historical habits have been stimulated. I then ‘remember’ that FEELING of Health, centeredness and independence, which attunes me to let go of the habit view fomenting the illness that’s coming on. For me it’s important not to do any psychoanalysis or moralizing first, but to first shut off the mind and start with just feeling the feeling and wondering. Then insights into compassionate behavior and clarity arise on their own.

  7. anvandemoortel on

    In terms of homeopathic treatment, the ‘good’ thing about it is that people don’t need to know/dig in/educate themselves because they most likely will come with physical pathology which they can describe in length. If we homeopaths can coach them into drawing the local complaint to the general level we can find that matching remedy. And from there it is a smoother ride to self-awareness if that is the person’s choice or blissful ignored continuance of their lives. Whatever was an issue, will not be an issue anymore.

  8. Dr. Anindya Das on

    Very good discussion among you. We all should know that ‘where we are?’ in respect of our knowledge base and its necessity to upgrade before Prescribing medicines in Homoeopathy.

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