Homeopathy Tips for 5/05/09 Influenza Pandemic?

     It is with some reservation I write about this Swine Flu Pandemic since it was just one week ago that it first became of the public interest. I happened to see a news report of this event and was shocked to find out that we are experiencing a pandemic. It was like going from zero to 100 in an instant.

     I remember as a child when half of my classroom at school was absent because of the flu. One might say this was an epidemic. In the newspaper there may have occurred an article about the numbers of sick but I never ever remember hearing the word epidemic or even pandemic.

     What is an epidemic? According to Yasgur’s Homeopathic Dictionary an epidemic is “an acute disease which spreads rapidly from place to place, affecting large numbers of persons. A contagious disease which spreads rapidly.”

      The latest report as of 5/02/09 there have been 800 cases of Swine Flu reported world wide. This in my mind hardly qualifies as a pandemic. A pandemic is “an epidemic of widespread proportions which may even spread across oceans to other continents.” With the world population of  6,777,449,373 as of May 3, 2009 at 19:49 GMT, 800 cases is not even a drop in the bucket compared to what is described as an epidemic of widespread proportions.

     I think that in this new age of computer technology and internet communication it is important to not lose sight of our ability to scrutinize information. I have seen only a few articles that have questioned the news reports of this new “pandemic”. The media hype is very big and can be very powerful. It is all based on fear. As I hear of schools closing, flights being cancelled and other responses to the new “pandemic”, that only supports the media’s fear mongering techniques. When it all gets reported 24 hours a day the onslaught of this message can work insidiously in a persons mind if they let it.

     Knowing that fear is the antithesis of love and powerfully shows our separation from source, we must be very careful with our thoughts. As a practitioner I have a very large responsibility to my clients to remain clear and free from fear. Otherwise I only share in the hysteria. I must remain free to use my “reason gifted mind” as Hahnemann described, to be an inspiration for my clients. For the practitioner and the client this is what healing is all about.

     Upon investigation into this “pandemic” I have found very credible evidence of this event serving corporate and political interests versus serving the highest good of mankind. The value of drug manufactures stocks have jumped dramatically and there is more talk of quarantine and mass vaccination within governments. Do not fall for the mass hysteria spreading the interests of a very small yet powerful group of people supported by the media.

    As homeopaths it is our responsibility to be prepared to treat disease. We must remain clear minded. So let this be an opportunity to study up on remedies for influenza. Rather than explain them all I will just list them so everyone with a Repertory and Materia Medica can study them more closely. These are good remedies for influenza. Remember that even in an epidemic, when a genus epidemicus remedy comes up more often than others, we still need to individualize the persons symptoms and prescribe accordingly.

Remedies to study;

  • Aconite
  • Gelsemium
  • Bryonia
  • Influenzinum
  • Oscillococcinum
  • Belladonna
  • Pyrogenium
  • Baptisia
  • Arsenicum Album
  • Eupatorium Perfoliatum
  • Euphrasia
  • Rhus Toxicodendron
  • Nux Vomica
  • Ferrum Phosphoricum
  • Carbolic Acid
  • Mercurius
  • Phosphorus
  • Sanguinaria
  • Sticta Pulmonaria
  • Sulphur

   If you learn more about these remedies, chances are really good one of them will help in most acute expressions of influenza. But always take the case and prescribe to the individual.

   Please share your thoughts.  Thanks.

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  1. dfr naseer on

    Respect reobert

    All the medicine are very important. my teaching

    experience the following symptom are important for

    influnaza. 1. body aching 2. greatsneezing 3, tempature 4. headach. 5, epidemi symptom is important

  2. drmazhar on

    Influenza is not a new disease. What is new is H1N1 virus(cause of the disease). A common Flu has thousands of viral strains. Each times a new strain is reported to affect. This virus spread due to humidity and suitable temperature. In India where the temperature is now 40 degree to 43 degree celcius. It is unlikely that such virus can thrive in the atmosphere in Indian condition. Thatis why it is not reported in India.

    What you have explained here is only epidemic and pandemic nature of the disease. In Homeopathy the cause is not out side the body, It is inside our body. Body have to fight with its own ever strong immune power with the invading disease or external virus. So

    Influenzinum 200 & Rhus tox 200 is recommended by Dr.Jahr Homeopathic therapeutics and many other practitioners like Nash and others . I feel this still holds good as prophylaxis.

    Hi Dr Mazhar,
    I agree that with so many strains of influenza, conditions must be right for an epidemic to occur and it still must be about an individuals susceptability. Thanks for your comment,
    Robert Field

  3. Renee on

    I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for addressing this topic. I feel like a lone observer in the middle of mass hysteria.

    Hi Renee, It is like sitting in the calm center of a hurricane when the hysteria happens. Keeping your center will give you great peace of mind and the ability to help many people along the way. Thanks for your comment, Robert

  4. mah-jabeen on

    Robert, Its , a main disease in the world.but in these days it shows a different name thanks for remidies .honney is the most benificiery in this disease.

  5. Michele on

    Thank you again Robert for writing about what I have felt from the beginning. There is an “agenda” to promote mass hysteria which in turn will lead to profit! Unfortunately, the process of more vaccines & fear will just compound more “dis-ease”…I feel they are “stretching” to change the state of the economy thru pharmaceuticals which is just wrong on so many levels! I personally have not joined the fearful although surrounded by family etc. that continually WARN me full force! I agree…guard your thoughts and emotions and stay well!

    Hi Michelle, To learn more about the players and the agend read Peggy’s comment below.

  6. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Influenza pandemic(flu) An acute infectious respiratory disease, caused by Influenza viruses, which are in the family Orthomyxoviridae, in which the inhaled virus attacks the respiratory epithelial cells of those susceptible and produces a catarrhal inflammation; characterized by sudden onset, chills, fever of short duration (3- 4 days), severe prostration, headache, muscle aches, and a cough that usually is dry and may be followed by secondary bacterial infections that can last up to 10 days. The disease commonly occurs in epidemics, sometimes in pandemics, which develop quickly and spread rapidly; the mortality rate is usually low, but may rise in patients with secondary bacterial pneumonia, particularly in old people and those with underlying debilitating diseases; strain-specific immunity develops, but mutations in the virus are frequent, and such immunity usually does not affect antigenically different strains.The first and formost duty is a physician to see what nature of the patient is suffering from.I myself prefer Sulphur,Pyrogenium,Baptisia,phosphorus,Gelsemium,Acconite nap,Dulcamara,Rhustox.Sulphur and Pyrogenium followed by Baptisia never disappoint me.One other medicine for senile patient who have been suffering from lung congestion with loose expectoration is Corallium.Thanks Dr.Robert for your valuable guidance which is very essential.

    Hi Dr Malaker,
    Thanks for the valuable info, Robert

  7. Kelley McDaniel on

    Hi Robert! I appreciate your comment on discernment – very appropriate in this media-hyped world we live in.

    Oh – and I’m recovering from taking in a strand of the flu bug last week. As bad as it was, I don’t think I’m part of a pandemic. (smile)


    Kelley McD

    Hey Kelly, It’s nice not include ourselves in a statistic isn’t it? Robert

    • Dr.H.C malaker on

      Hi kelly its nice to know that you are getting relief after using homeopathic medicine,your thread is really helpfull.But dont forget that your were suffering from pandenic flu lol.Regards,malaker

  8. arshad on

    I have some usefull information about flu:
    No.1 combination(ARS.ALB+EUP.PERF+GELS) works mostly on flu.With dry & high fever SULPHUR+PYROG ARE GOOD AS INTER CURRENT remedies.

  9. Paravastu Venkatappaiah on

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks a lot for the suggestions, more especially, about the media which is trying to create panic in people at large by its exggerated news reports.
    Once again thank you very much and remain grateful,
    Yours faithflly,

    You are very welcome, Robert
    Thanks for your comments.

  10. Dr. Poonam Batra on

    Dear Robert, Congrats for the article, specially reminding the physicians to possess the reason gifted mind. We see in our practise that mood or the feelings of the healer play an important role in curing the patients. So it is every homoeopath’s duty to remove the fear factor from the peopole’s mind. Unnecessary creating the terror about the spread of swine flu, would fill the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies only.

    Hello Dr. Poonam Batra, I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for your comment,

  11. Yulia Cherniakov on

    You are so right, Robert. Here, in Hong Kong, people are very scared, especially after their experience with SARS. But what happens now – the prices for masks and soap with alcohol are higher in 30% than before. And we know who benefits from this.
    Have you seen already any client with this Flu?

    Yulia, I have seen ONE client with influenza symptoms in the last several months now. I have had only a couple of reports from existing clients of flu symptoms that were unreported to me and not treated. It has been unusually quiet in the last several months. Robert

  12. dr ritesh on

    swine flue virus can be prevent by this medicines, like Chikanguniya.

    Hi Dr Ritesh,
    I am unfamiliar with this medicine. Do you have any info about this medicine, Thanks, Robert Field

  13. Suresh Harvu on

    Hi Robert,

    I am totally in tune with your thoughts about the hype and pocket filling strategies of the pharma companies. I dont’ mind if they make profits but shoudl not be done by creating the fear panic amongst people. And as usual, the mass will fall for the hype..as we have all seen it again and again. Weeds grow when the soil is not treated and looked after. This is more true of the mind.
    Thanks for the remedies mentioned.

    Hi Suresh, Very good analogy, Thanks, Robert

  14. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Dear Doctors of this forum please share your treating method of leucoderma as this white patches are being developed among in the peoples of India and Bangladesh.We homeopath generally treats the disease with Ars sulph flavum, Syphillinium,hydocotyle,echinacea, nat mur and in some time with mezereum but nothing shows perfect result within a short time.Expecting your active share.Thanks in advance.Malaker

  15. Michelle on

    I do have a couple thoughts on this subject. One is that they are only now identifying the strain of flu virus that is affecting people. There is no telling how many people have had this flu without having had it identified as such.
    My other thought is that I can’t help but wonder if this swine/avian/human flu could have come together throught the creation of vacciness with those elements.
    I think it has been blown out of proportion and some stand to gain much from it monetarily.

  16. M.R. Bahadur Singh on

    even in an epidemic, when a genus epidemicus remedy comes up more often than others, we still need to individualize the persons symptoms and prescribe accordingly. I will deal these cases like this only. I have no faith in prophylactics.
    Bahadur singh

    Hello Bahadur Singh,
    Prophyactics do not decrease susceptability. All disease originates in the vital force. I agree with you. Robert

  17. karthiyaini on

    During Epidemic attack,v have no time to individualize at Al .so the word “genus epidemicus” comes.I agree with all your points.

  18. helen kypraiou on

    dear robert, thanks to you I felt normal again. when I expressed the idea that 800 cases worldwide could not be referred to as a pandemic, people looked at me as if I were a freak. I believe that behind such a spread of fear there must be some interests that plain people like us could not know of. Something similar to this happened when the avian flu “broke out”.
    Looking forward to your next letter
    Helen Kypraiou

    Hi Helen, We are not alone. There are many of us who because of simple logic, question the media reports. Thanks for your comments,

  19. Peggy on

    Thanks for your level head. For additioanl info on the pharmacy folks look on YouTube for Len Horrowitz’s additional information on the topic which agrees wiath you entirely. In the meantime,Thanks for the remedy list for whatever kind of flu that may float by.

    Hi Peggy, I have watched his video and he seems to have done some real research and I agree with his views. It is a real eye opener. There is always a story behind the story. He exposes the real players and their motives. Thanks for the comments,

  20. dr ritesh on

    sir, please give me tips about varicosele. it cure or temprorili relife by homoeopathic medicines, thankyou .

    Hi Dr Ritesh,
    Here are some remedy ideas for varicose veins in the testes.

    Male; VARICOCELE (p, 31, 3-5) (31) : acon., aesc., arist-cl., ARN., ars., Aur., bell., Calc., carb-v., colch., Coll., crot-h., ferr-p., fl-ac., gink., graph., HAM., Lach., Lyc., Merc-i-r., Nux-v., osm., Ph-ac., plb., Podo., Puls., ruta, sep., Sil., Sulph., tab.
    Male; VARICOCELE; Blow, after a (m, 3) (3) : ARN., Ham., Puls.
    Male; VARICOCELE; Constipation, with (m, 1) (1) : coll.
    Male; VARICOCELE; Strain, after (m, 1) (1) : ruta

    You may find a remedy from this list, when combined with any sensations that the person is having, will work wonderfully.
    Good luck,
    Robert Field

  21. Dr PC Banerji on

    this is a classical example of the competition between the man and the microbe. every time man claims to have won the battle by proclaiming a newly discovered wonderdrug for the microbe, the microbe mutates and outwits man. I think it is time we stop running after the microbe and strengthen the man by building his vital force.and let this vital force take care of the microbe….

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