Homeopathy Tips for 5/03/11 When to Stop the Remedy

In some systems of posology giving the remedy on a daily basis is a very good idea. Especially if there are any obstacles to cure. When the person starts to lose their ability to respond to the remedy then it is time to change the potency. But how do we know when to stop the remedy all together?

Giving the remedy on a daily basis, even in chronic cases can provide a daily inspiration to the client. Each day it is like asking the client to do just a little more healing. Over time the small daily responses to the remedy can add up to significant change and usually without extreme aggravations. I find the application of this idea very useful and beneficial for most of my clients.

After several months, although this is not empirical, the client usually stalls in their response to the remedy. When it seems the forward movement has reached a plateau, it is time to change to a higher potency and continue with this method. Sometimes the client will benefit from this same remedy over a period of years following this daily repetition and changing potencies as necessary.

Using this method requires close watch for any signs of a proving or a need to make a change. Sometime the best change can be putting the remedy in water and doing a daily succussion. This will alter the potency ever so slightly and add benefit to the response.

If after using this approach over an extended period of time  the new potency does not seem to have an effect for two or more potency changes, it is time to really look at the case again and decide if the remedy is working anymore.  I look for signs of the original dis-ease reappearing or new and different symptoms emerging. When this is the case it usually is apparent to the client as well and they will be the first to say that the remedy is not working.

At this time it is really time to look at the case. I look for ways the current picture of dis-ease is similar and different to the original. Sometimes it is that the first remedy has stopped working and a new and different remedy is needed to inspire more healing, even if the original issues are still present. It is like a different facet of the same problem is now appearing that requires a new and different remedy. 

If the symptoms are new and seeming unrelated to the original problem then knowing what is asking to be healed is very important. It becomes like a new case altogether. The important thing to keep in mind at all times is that same question, “what is asking to be healed?” If you lose sight of this , you will lose sight of the whole case and begin a new series or remedies that may only be partially effective.

If the person has had no further improvement and the symptoms are few and unrelated to the original case, it is a good idea to stop the remedy all together and see what comes up in the next 2-6 months. If the changes seem lasting I will not recommend another remedy until there are a new set of symptoms to prescribe to. Hopefully this will last even longer than 6 months. The approach after this usually takes on a more acute nature as the person most likely has done a very deep healing of a chronic nature and the original dis-ease is gone.

The only other time I will recommend stopping the remedy is if the case has received too many remedies over a length of time and the case has become confused. I do not find that this is the same with allopathic medications. They can be very suppressive and may need many remedies in a shorter period of time. But if the case is moving and unfolding as the different layers of the suppression are revealed, the remedies are still working.

When the problem is too many homeopathic remedy energies have been given, the person will have some of the remedy energies in their field and it will be hard to perceive an accurate case. Then it is especially important to stop all remedies and let the person return to a more natural expression. If the person is very sensitive this can sometimes take from up to 6 months to a year. If they are not as sensitive they may show a more original expression of dis-ease after 2 or 3 months. Every case is different and you must use your best judgment to see what the client is reporting.

The true art in homeopathy is knowing when to give the remedy and when to stop. It is not always the proper thing to give a remedy. We must use our best  judgement and see the case as clearly as possible. The client is still the one to tell us everything we need to know about what to do next. This is always the case. If you always keep this in mind along with the question,”what is asking to be healed?” you will rarely be led astray, even in difficult cases.

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  1. DR RICH on

    The hardest concept to teach a healer in any school of health care is[sometimes you need to sit and wait and let nature take her course Don’t be a MD a manipulative doctor .One who thinks they are so smart that they can manipulate the laws of nature when ever they wish

  2. Lori Gertz on

    Excellent article. Insightful and comprehensive. Even where a question or two stirred, you answered it in the next paragraph. Thank you so much!

  3. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Respected Dr.Robert,

    Your observations are absolutely correct & based on
    empirical knowledge.I endorse your views as expressed
    in the article are very important for the students and
    all the new Homeopaths who want to understand how cure
    of diseases particularly the chronic diseases are done
    in Homeopathy.Very minute observations.It appears to
    that nothing more comments can be added.The article is
    self-explanatory & accurate.Thank you Robert for
    producing such an excellent article for the Homeopaths.
    Thank you.

    Kh.Mahbubur Rahman.

  4. C.Fernandes on

    Dear Dr. Robert,

    Really excellent article. It reveals the power of the remedy which is accurate for the disease.

    I would like to know whether the patient comes first or the disease is to be diagnosed. It is said in homeopathy that it is better to know the patient first before prescribing the remedy for the disease. Can you throw some lighton this subject.



  5. Dr Rajendrasinh Devadhara on

    Very imformative article, as many physician belive to change the medicine, not the potency when healing is slow.

  6. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Dear Dr. Celes,

    The patient comes first in Homeopathy.The axiom is
    ‘Treat the patient,not the disease’.If we forget this
    principle we will be failure everywhere.Diagnosis of
    the disease is the method of allopathic treatment.The
    difference between the two systems of medicines is
    like Northpole & Southpole.If you go towards the northpole
    you will far away from the southpole and vice-versa.
    There is importance of diagnosis of the disease no doubt.
    But if we concentrate on discovering the disease in
    Homeopathy,we will be failure.Because the theme is to
    find out the changes that takes place in the patient
    after being attacked by a disease.This changes having
    taken togather is to match with a remedy that can
    produce similiar symptoms in a healthy body (e.g a
    proven medicine)and that medicine is to be applied to
    the sick.Conversely,if you detect a case as fever &
    go to the materia medica or Repertory you will find
    hundreds of medicines of fever,which one will you
    apply?So naming of disease does not bear any value
    in prescribing a medicine in Homeopathy.Here we are
    to collect the symptoms of the patient & to select
    the medicine which will recover the patient even if
    the name of the disease is not mentioned under that
    remedy either in the Materia Medica or in the Repertory.

    In all & every cases you are to take the symptoms of
    the patient first without hunting the name of the
    Thanking you.

    Kh. Mahbubur Rahman.

  7. C.Fernandes on

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks very much for answering my query.



  8. Trish on

    I’ve always wondered if I could bring in extra money by creating “The Homeopathic Hotline”. A homeopath calls in (for a fee, of course), the the sultry voice on the other end of the line says, “Wait until you are sure.” Then hangs up- what do you think?

  9. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    TThanks Dr Robert for clarifying an urgent issues of the new and old practioners on Homeopathy. Pl let me know when a patient comes to failing with allopathy and other homeopathy what would be the potency to start with. some indicated it would be 1M or like. Pl advice all commenters. Thanks Dr Rahman Gazipur Bangladesh

  10. mushtaq khan on

    very knoledgeable artical with good step by step gguidance,thank you Dr. Robert.

  11. waheed on

    Thanks for keeping up our knowledge.

  12. Lisa haling on

    I would like to know,if i continue giving a remedy that works forever what would happen? would it just stop working?

  13. Mauro Teets on

    Homepathic remedies are great because it does not cost much and most of all, it does not have so many side effects and relatively safe. “’`”

    Take care http://foodsupplementdigest.com/msm-benefits/

  14. girl on

    if a patient is oversensitive and given many remedies —you say they should stop all remedies for 6 months to a year——–does it have to be this long???????can 1-2 months be enough to clear out??????????

  15. Manoshi on

    I had a severe sciatica attack two months back. I was prescribed colocynthis and gnaphyllum (30). It did not help much. After 3 weeks the potency was changed to 200. It did help and I have almost lost the pain, not all, but almost. When should I stop taking the medicine? Should I reduce the frequency of taking the medicine? Are there chances of aggravating the pain if I keep taking the medicine even though the symptoms are lost?

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