Homeopathy Tips for 5/01/12 Body Pain

Body aches and pains are one of the most common forms of suffering. The more allopathic approach is to take some pain reliever and hope it goes away. Most people in the western world live with some degree of body aches and pains and rely on over the counter medications for pain. Some people use them on a daily basis and even though they are marketed as safe, chronic use can lead to many direct effects (there is no such thing as a side effect) that can cause  organ damage and new forms of disease. Iatrogenic disease is the leading cause for return visits to the doctor.

More drug therapy will increase the chance of new body pains. I always ask my clients what drugs they are taking. Often the unknown reason for the aches and pains are related to drugs they have been taking. Stopping the drugs will usually clear the pain. 

Pain management is not a cure for the source of the problem. This is where an understanding of the body and homeopathy can be of great service. As with all expressions of disease, the homeopathic approach aims at understanding the root of the problem and the sensations that the body is producing to help find the correct remedy. Most aches and pains are acute and self-limiting. If the person simply rests and allows the body to do its own healing then often the condition improves. 

In the western world though, the days are long and it is not always so easy to give the body rest. This is where simple acute pains and injuries can become chronic.  The body is based on two sides and for a pain-free existence the two sides must be in balance. When we hurt our foot it can throw the body out of balance and the problem compounds as the body tries to compensate for the imbalance. It might not be noticeable at first but, after a pattern of compensation, a slight limp as a result of the foot pain for example can throw the back out of alignment. Months or years later a new problem can appear out of nowhere.

A book that I have found to be the most helpful for understanding the nature of chronic body pain of a structural nature is Pain Free by Pete Egoscue. He gives the most common reasons for why we hurt and the simplest exercises to correct the bodies imbalances. It is a best seller for a reason; the exercises he recommends work. They are easy to do and simple to follow. I highly recommend this book to everyone that has chronic body pain, anywhere in their body.

Homeopathic treatment of body pain can be best understood by its nature and duration. Pain after injury is acute and should be treated with remedies that address the physical injury. This does not preclude the need to take the case but the focus is much more on the injury. In long-standing, chronic body pain, a bigger picture is necessary to prescribe accurately. One needs to be very clear “what is asking to be healed” for the person. Most chronic body pain has its origins in either a drug therapy or injury. But the treatment will be for the whole person and all of the ways they compensate because of the pain. The homeopath must also look at other ways the person suffers. The remedy may not be one that is common for an acute condition and could be a remedy that only in a minor way be associated with the pain. Remember, in all chronic prescribing (body pain is no different) treat the person and not the dis-ease.

Common remedies for acute pain, usually the result of injury, are;

  • Arnica – This is the first remedy to think of in any injury to the body. It will help remove the shock of injury and especially if there has been any contusion or internal bleeding, think of Arnica.
  • Argentum Nitricum – This is often an under prescribed remedy especially for soreness after over-exertion. Arnica is more commonly prescribed but think of Argentum Nitricam when a person has over-done it. They have worked too hard or over exerted themself and are sore. It can work wonders.
  • Bryonia – Another often missed remedy when the body pain forces to person to be still and is worse from any movement. There can be swelling of the joints with distention.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron – This is the “squeaky gate” remedy. Rest always helps but the initial movement aggravates. Continued movement is tolerated until it becomes too much again. Then the person starts the cycle all over again. Rest ameliorates and initial movement aggravates but continued movement ameliorates.
  • Ruta Graveolens – After injuries to the bones or joints. Helps connective tissue to heal. Tendons sore. Cracking in the joints. Pains feel like the part is broken or has been beaten. Swelling of the joints. Worse in open air.
  • Symphytum – Often follows Arnica and Ruta well after an injury. Injuries to the sinew, tendons and bone coverings.  Joints swollen. Helps promote healing of bone in non-union fractures.

This is by no means a complete list. Always receive the case and prescribe to the biggest perceived totality. Look for what is strange, rare or peculiar about the person or their suffering. Give the remedy for the person. Even in acute pain there can be something that the person reports that is different from a normal response to the pain. Find the reason why the pain exists and how it affects the person. Often in acute cases the 30C potency works well. If it does not hold then go to the 200C or 1M potency. The remedy can be given as necessary in acute cases. Sometimes it may need to be repeated often if a higher potency is not available. If the pains are chronic then a lower potency like the 6C is a good place to start with a daily repetition of the remedy.

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  1. Syed Tareq Ahmed on

    Recently I went thru a dislocated right shoulder and Ruta helped a lot. Thanks

  2. Tajmul Basha on

    This is a very good informatin at glance.
    Further can you please publish bulletin for Rectum Prolapsus
    and for orthretis.

  3. Zille Subhani on

    This is an interesting subject. We all get several type of pains such as sudden severe pain, recurrence of joint pains, back pain, cutting or piercing pains, pain at the nape of the neck (as in Gelsemium), spasmodic pain, lightning type of pain in the muscles of the neck and back, pains fleet around the whole body, etc. Allopathic pain killers are really killer because they don’t cure the disease instead stop signals to the related portion of our brain. It is always necessary to take complete case and cure the cause of pain. In this case Homeopathy offers variety of cures which could lead to a permanent healing of our body.
    Zille DHM
    Tel: 00966504662505
    [email protected]

  4. Dr.Abdul Mannan Howlader on

    I think the remedy list could be much longer.We see many people suffer from different types of head pain which we generally term as headache and its nature also vary from person to person.Headache is sometimes termed as silent killer as others hardly can imagine its magnitude.I also think our beloved Dr. Robert also gave his views on head pain beforehand.

  5. Karen on

    I love your articles! They really hit home and they are to the point.

  6. Lori Gertz on

    Always take the case is right. I had someone give me their laundry list of pain the other day and in the end, I attributed it to unresolved grief. Her allopath gave her Nexxium. She was smart enough not to take it. Thank you Robert. I always gain so much by reading your articles.

  7. M. Siddique on

    Dear Sir,
    This is very important article you wrote, currently I have got appendix operation, used a lot of pain killer medicine, what will be the reaction on coming days I dot’ know. Please guide

  8. Tarakeshwar Rao on

    It is simple and very nice and much helping for the learners also.

  9. Mah-jabeen on

    Thanks , very useful article.

  10. Tajmul Basha on

    The medicine given is marvelous in acute and chronic cases, as per my practice. The gist given is very good. Helps to avoid Alopathec pain killers and its side effects.

  11. Tajmul Basha on



    The TRIOS in homeopathy like FEAR , PAIN and RESTLESSNESS are the most guiding symptoms in homeopathy, please refer Nash Therapeutics for detail.

    • Coco on

      Dear Dr Mazhar.I have a question if I may please.Why do you relate a homeo treatment in case of acute or chronic pain with NASH therapeutics,which is Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) medical problem???Am I missing some relation please?Thanks for your explanation in forward.

  13. Dr.S.Kalyanasundaram on

    Good and useful article.Arnica is a great healer in many types of injury how recent or remote it ie.That is why is useful in head injury also.

  14. shamim barkatullah on

    sir you always give good information about common problems. i need most recent research about epilepsy and homeopathic remedies

  15. Dr. Sameer on

    Any medicine for loose shoulder?

  16. sara gaviria on

    gran articulo de mucha importancia referente al medicamento del arnica tengo experiencia inclusive antes de una operacion funciona muy bien

  17. najmudeen on

    very nice presentation; Argentum Nitricum really helps when there is no bodilly injuries

  18. controllingchronicpain on

    useful article, thanks for sharing.

  19. gurcharan on

    Hot water/steam and Rest and good sleep are best remedies for Ache/Pain

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