Homeopathy Tips for 4/29/08 First Follow-up

When we have given a remedy, how do we know that it has worked? How do we know that the well selected remedy that was given with confidence, is right?

The first follow up is as important as the original case-taking. When we have given a remedy it is essential to determine if the remedy has worked. This can present problems at times. The client does not always report in glowing terms that the remedy has been helping. Sometimes it takes a bit of investigation to find out what has happened since they have been on the remedy. This is where good notes from the original case are essential. We must be able to investigate whether the vital force has responded or not.

I find that the first follow-up is best scheduled for around 4-6 weeks after the initial visit unless there is a very serious condition that is needing more attention. It is best to conduct the follow-up in a similar fashion to case-taking. Let them speak. Many times they will tell you that the remedy has had no effect but when allowed to speak they may tell you all of the wonderful things that have been happening in their life. They will not necessarily attribute this to the remedy. They may tell you that their physical sufferings are actually worse.

I do not become alarmed at this. After they have had time to share their story, then is the time to start an investigation. Ask them particular questions regarding their condition. Use your original notes, and go over all of the details of their story. You may find that they have actually changed significantly. The reason is that the response to the remedy is often so subtle that they do not recognize that anything has changed. It feels normal to wake up each day and not evaluate our days regularly. When we are feeling better, we just are feeling better. The client will not always report that they have noticed it.

Pay close attention to how they look. When a remedy is working they will always appear a little younger or healthier. Even if they report that their sufferings have been worse they will often say that they are feeling better. It doesn’t seem possible that they could feel better but suffer in a worse way. I have seen this many times.

If after investigation they still report no change, and you have been retaking the case, you can recheck your rubrics and compare to the original case. Maybe they have come with a different story on their first follow-up. It will then be necessary to reevaluate the case and possibly prescribe a new remedy. This does not happen often. If the same remedy still fits the case it may be a problem of potency or that they simply have not had enough time on the remedy. Also ask if they have handled their remedy correctly and avoided any coffee or camphor that may have been interfering with their response.

I remember one case that came for her follow-ups routinely every 8 weeks. Each time she reported that nothing had changed and each time I retook the case it was the same remedy. After the 4th follow-up she returned and was ecstatic with joy. She said she woke one morning and everything had changed. When I inquired further she was very emphatic, “EVERYTHING HAD CHANGED!” I never changed the remedy but did increase potency during this time. All of her symptoms disappeared and she was literally changed overnight. I do not see this often but if I had left the right and true remedy she may never have received the help she needed. Always trust that if you are confident in the remedy, let it work. We do not get to choose when a person will do their healing.

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  1. Dennis on

    Excellent first follow up info. Cannot over-estimate how important it is to know and understand. Thx.

  2. I.Rabbani on

    Excellent job being performed by your esteemed organization to serve the huminity, I appreciate it,

  3. ghulam mustafa on

    Hay Mr.RObert
    yes you are saying right correct poteny is actually similer remedy . In 1990 when i start my clinic a pts.40 years old come to my clinic with her husband due to cadic orifice pain all symptoms calls to carbo-veg i give him 3x, 30, but no relif next day i give her 200 10%relife was noted i again repertrized the case the find out remedy was same at last i give her only two globules of same remedy in CM potency she sleept with snoring on my clinic,s banch.
    DR. Ghulam mustafa pakistan

  4. dr naseer on

    respected robert

    two impotant jobs for doctors who

    already given in news letter who to homoeopathic remedy work great experience have
    given full confidence of similar remedy.casetaking generally or casetaking for
    repetory is great experence require.investitgation require according to
    totallty sympotms, it require great experence
    specially chronic cases. casetakiing according
    is waste experience materia medica pathology
    and other science sujects great clinical experience of potency and dose.

  5. Dr.GOPAKUMAR G. on

    First of all we must see if there is any improvement in the GENERALS,then we can be sure of the remedy.I feel that there is nothing like follow up,we take this idea from Allopathic mode of thinking.If the remedy we choose is GENETIC CONSTITUTIONAL SIMILIMUM it will work and just watch wheather it FOLLOWS UP Hering’s law of cure.
    Best follow up is giving placebo to patients who do not follow the evolution of disease and theory of suppression.Those who can understand this and if they are convinced of our explanation of the progress of disease and theory of suppression will not even require placebo.Most importantly we must change the Allopathic mindset in the patient,because all including Homoeopaths have this type of mindset and everything goes wrong.

    Hello Dr,
    I agree with your last statements very much, that we need to help change the allopathic mindset of the patient. including the homeopaths who are prescribing. Following Herings Law of Cure is a great way to stay focused on what comes up after the client takes the remedy. Good observations.

    Thanks, Robert Field

  6. Yvonne Siblini-Lebanon on

    I once has a patient who said that nothing has changed at the follow-up. After going through the case there was an apparent 70% change much to the surprise of the patient.

    Its always wonderful to see a patient after the first follow-up. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and encouragement to do more.

  7. prof dr siraj ud daulah on





    FIELD ,


  8. Instantly Ageless on

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