Homeopathy Tips for 4/28/09 Vibration

     I came across this quote from Abraham-Hicks and thought it summed up pretty well the reality of our existence and how homeopathy works as well.

     “You live in a pulsating, vibrating Universe of advanced harmonics. Everything that exists, in your air, in your dirt, in your water, and in your bodies, is vibration in motion—and all of it is managed by the powerful Law of Attraction. There is nothing that exists outside of this vibrational nature, and as you learn to accept your vibrational nature, and begin to consciously utilize your emotional vibrational indicators, you will gain conscious control of your personal creations and of the outcomes of your life experience.”   Excerpted from the book “Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth & Happiness”

      In Aphorism 9 of the Organon Hahnemann says, ” In the healthy condition of man, the spiritual vital force (autocracy), the dynamis that animates the material body, rules with unbounded sway, and retains all of the parts of the organism in admirable harmonious, vital operation, as regards both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument of the higher purposes of our existence. ”

     This vital force that rules with unbounded sway is immaterial. It is a vibrational energy that is a part of the whole of all things vibrating with advanced harmonics. So finely tuned is this vital force that it recognizes other vibrational patterns of energy around us.  We experience this through our emotional feed back and sensory systems of our body. The feelings we feel and the physical sensations of pain or pleasure tell us how we are doing; how well our reason-gifted mind is being employed.

      When we are not feeling well it is a disturbance in the spiritual, vibrational, vital force.  It is our feedback system telling us something is not right. These sensations and how they are described become the basis for our first understanding of what is asking to be healed. But at a more subtle yet powerful place there is a vibrational pattern of energy that is running through us that is creating the discord. It is this discord that needs to change before any change could ever be noticed by our sensory feedback system.

        When a remedy is made it is diluted and succussed many times until far beyond Avogadro’s dilution there is nothing left of the original substance. But there is a vibrational pattern of energy left that we are only now being able to detect with modern scientific instruments. This pattern of harmonic vibrational energies is what can be recognized by our vital force. It is only through the resonant harmonics that this could occur.  If the vibrational pattern were so different the vital force may recognize it, but would not be inspired. When they carry a similar harmonic,  resonance  happens and the force of all creative expression is released. This is healing.

      When the healing is happening it gives us freer choice to use our reason-gifted mind. When the vital force is vibrating with  discordant vibrations we call this dis-ease. But when the vibrational pattern starts to come into  harmonious expression we call this health. Our emotional feedback system experiences this a a clearer state of mind, happier feelings and the ability to choose for ourselves better. We are in greater harmony and less discord.

      The vital force rules with unbounded sway and will directly influence the physical body as well.  The bodily sensations of pain or discomfort will change and we will experience feeling better as we heal.  Our bodies know how to heal. If we give the correct vibrational pattern of energy in the form of the remedy then this healing can be inspired.

     There is no separation of the mental-emotional-physical part of our being. It is all one expression even though we talk of them separately. If we keep the picture of  everything in the universe as harmonic patterns of energy and ourselves a part of this harmonic pattern of energy then it will be easier to understand how homeopathy, employing vibrational patterns of energy, could ever work. It makes perfect sense when understood from this level. Changing the vibration is the same as changing the vital force. When this  changes the perception of our being changes and sensations change. This is what homeopathy and healing are all about.

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  1. Dr.Rubina Altaf on

    you have given very use ful,basic information.It wil helpful for biggeners.thanking u.

    Dr.Rubina Altaf

  2. Dr.Tilak raj on

    It is Learning to Attract Health, Wealth & Happiness” to every human of the world.


    Dr.Tilak Raj

  3. Michele O'Brien on

    Thank you so much for this! Speaking of the law of attraction…this came to me @ the perfect moment as I have been introducing homeopathy to my family (very stubborn, closed minded and scientifically guided by habitual allopathic treatments when the solution to heal is at their fingertips)and now I have a perfectly written–concise article that I can share with them and not overwhelm them! For me personally, I always look forward to seeing your tips in my e-mail box as I know it will be EXACTLY what I require in that moment! THANK you again for sharing your insights! P.S. I am making progress with them as they have finally opened up to trying some of the remedies! (They are finally frustrated with being over medicated with terrible side effects!

  4. Rhonda on

    As always you have brought a better understanding of how the body heals if only more people would understand this Homeopathty would be in the forfront of healing today. Thank you for your words of widom.

  5. Benjamin Hardt on

    Good thing to work on.
    “You do not exist, I do not exist, mass does not exist, everything is a vibrational frequency.”
    Thank You-

  6. K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

    vibration is the universal truth

  7. karthiyaini on

    very class!

  8. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Dear Dr.Robert thank you for your effective tips,yes vibration really i think shows the ways to make homeopathy more potential(here is a quote from Dr.SAMUEL HAHNEMANN)’Hahnemann at all times used only the well known small pellets…moistened with the 30 th dilution…he would dissolve one or at most two in eight to fifteen tablespoons of water and a half or whole tablespoonful of French brandy in a bottle and thoroughly shake it up. Only one tablespoon of this solution was put in a tumblerful of water, and of this latter the patient would take only a coffeespoonful until he observed some action.’ [Boenninghausen, p.212]

  9. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Dear Dr.Robert please let us know from your experience as what remedy is suitale to restore or to protect the body from disease like keeping normal all the vibration of the body.As antioxidant doing to some extent.Our remedies,selenium,zincum met,pulsatilla,acid pic,china,baryta mur,acid phos,avena sativa etc etc.Apart from this which remedy has been found suitable like an antioxidant in our homeopathy.Thanks

    Hi Dr Malaker,
    If there would be an antioxidant like remedy then the application would be allopathic. This is not homeopathy. Remember, the remedy is for the person and the expression of the vital force, not a drug to effect specific change to a biological process. Threat the whole vibrational expression of the individual and then change occurs at the biological level. It is all about the spiritual, energetic, vibrational vital, force expression uniquely through the individual, that would give you all of the information to apply the correct remedy and inspire healing. It is never about the disease.

    Robert Field

  10. Dr.Sarfaraz on

    I am always waiting these tips, this time a very important topic has been touched.I am extremely expressed.
    Few people and in some sects brandy is not taken,do you think that a few drops of honey can be put in a diluted form.

    • Dr.H.C.Malaker on

      Thanks,pure drinking water without brandy or honey makes the remedy more effective.Presently some are using ENA(Extra neuritic alcohol)to preserve the remedy safe for a certain period.

  11. DR Syed Najm-ul-Hassan on

    After having an attentive study of your article,I feel3 the vibrational aspect in homoeopathy has to be considered playing an impartive role towords natural healing.One can’t deny the facts narrated by you in a very useful explaining way look faward to hear more from you.Thanks again.

  12. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    I would like to request all the learned doctors of this forum to please share their experience to make the homeopathic more effective and popular in the day to come.Sharing of knowledge is a great donation as well as a holly gift to the leanrers as those will help to treat a sufferer.Thanks to Dr.Robert Field as he is doing very hard work for homeopathy.Malaker

  13. Anindya Das on

    Thank you for recapitulating the concept of vital-force and disease. It is helpful for both, the beginners and elders in homoeopathy.It is also refreshing to get a touch of homoeopathic philosophy among a lot of clinical & medicinal tips provided continuously by you.

  14. andrea on

    very good will be passing it on to those in the know and definitly to those who choose not to see or listen

  15. You are nearer the truth.But the fact remains how we are lost and what is the track in between.

    Hi Baripada,
    Remember that healing is a process and not an event. As mankind is in an evolutionary state, we are changing all of the time. At the present moment it may seem as if we are lost but if we trust our process and continue to focus on our own healing and spiritual evolution, we do affect the whole. This is the only way it changes. Keep the faith.
    Blessings, Robert Field

  16. ginni on

    Love it.Next step attracting the vibration of the remedy in it’s purest form through the light body using thought alone.x

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Ginni,

      The first law of the universe is “Energy follows intent” Keep your imagination (image in your mind) pure and you will do this very thing. It works. You can give and recieve remedies this way. The problem is keeping the focus long enough to give or recieve it. This is why even though the remedy energy is not physical it is attached to a physical substrate and works. When our thoughts are more pure we will not need the aid of the pellet or the drop. Keep working on this. Let me know how you do.

      Blessings, Robert Field


    Is it hypotheses that vibrational force corrects our body vitality or disearse cure. but how we can measeure this energy isthere any instrument which can measered energy even in high potecy. we request you if any article includes all such answer will highly significant to us


    • Robert Field on

      Hi Dr. A K Srivastava,

      There are some studies that support the vibrational qualities of remedy energy. But like most scientific experiments to prove something, we have to prove it obtusely by observation of an effect rather than a direct scientific observation. We have such a multitude of these observations collected in Materia Medica through direct observation of people and provings.I have read other scientific articles that attempt to prove the homeopathic energy. I do not have one in front of me to refer you to. If I come across one I will forward it. If any one reading this forum has an article to share, please do so. Thank you.

      Warmest regards,
      Robert Field

  18. mah-jabeen on

    Robert, this is a strong truth of life .thanks again for all use ful information.

  19. Ashutosh Nath on

    Excuse me for detailing below case history of a girl. Please study the same & put forward the remedy by email: [email protected] to save a poor family.

    Female 19 yrs; good health; black complexion; thin and slim body; studying in degree course; reserved; irritable; obstinate; indifference; sentimental; aversion to company; absent minded – went to emersion procession of last Ramnavami – started video recording – suddenly returned home – drunk approximately 60 ml raw brandy – first time in her life and fell asleep.

    Mother guessed – woke her up- rebuked – she confessed. Incidence shocked her much of being demoralized. The situation aggravated further when her mother detailed the happenings to her father who is staying far away and by profession a school teacher as well as a homeo practitioner. She even asked her mother to kill her. She is the sole daughter of her parents.

    She was given Nux Vom-30 ( 2 doses ). From 3rd day she started behaving in different way. It is somewhat wild – steps are like dragging – no talk to anyone –complete dislike to everything and everyone – aversion to food staff – less sleep. Remedies applied: Picric Acid-200 (2 doses) – excellent immediate results – but it did not sustain longer. Remedies followed: Ignatia-30; gel-30; Arg. Nit-200; pul-30 & bell-30 at random doses. No appreciable improvement. Mental symptoms are changing. At present seldom responds to parents. Thinking for ignatia & nat mur for the next remedies. Kindly suggest remedy to cure her.

    I once again apologies for killing ur valuable moments.



    Hello Ashutosh,
    I would be glad to help but this case is incomplete. What I do know is this girl seemed to change overnight from a wonderful girl to gross disregard for herelf and her parents. It is like something broke inside of her. This is what I do not understand. What is it that broke and how is her behavior now the very best solution for her. If you understand this you can then know what is really asking to be healed. You must investigate further, talk with her and have her tell you her story. Let her complain. Encourage her to let it all out. Then you will see where she is stuck and why it is happening this way. When you have more information contact me. It is only a hunch but investigate the remedy Veratrum Album.

    Blessings, Robert Field

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