Homeopathy Tips for 4/20/10 The Problem with Homeopathy

I receive many requests from all over the world to initiate scientific research that proves homeopathy is a valid medical science. Many want to have it be accepted in the same terms as western allopathic medicine. I endorse this idea but find that there are some fundamental differences in trying to prove homeopathy’s veracity. In many ways it is like trying to compare apples and oranges. They are both fruit but much different in flavor, texture, color and just about every other way as well.

Hahnemann gave us a guide through the Organon. There are many practitioners now who say we need to overhaul the Organon and reexamine the principles and prove them so Homeopathy can stand as a valid medicinal science when compared to Allopathic medicine. They say we need more double blind studies. We need more ways to bring proof that homeopathy works. This way mainstream medicine will adopt homeopathy and we can be a legitimate medical science. I hope and pray that this can all come to pass; but there is a problem with homeopathy.

Hippocrates first mentioned that like cures like approximately two thousand years ago. Hahnemann reminded us of this two hundred years ago. What Hahnemann gave us that makes homeopathy so difficult to understand is potentization. When our remedy dilutions go beyond Avogadro’s number of dilution then there is nothing left of the original substance. This is where modern science looses it’s ability to quantify homeopathy. We are then forced to return to the basic premise that homeopathy is not a physical medicine. If we try to fit homeopathy into the same box as allopathic medicine then we are trying to make it a physical medicinal science which it is not, and can never be.

I am hopeful that a shift in consciousness will expand the frontiers of medicine. When this occurs homeopathy will not be compared to allopathic medicine and will then be recognized as a different form of medicine all on it’s own. We can thank the discoveries made through quantum theory and physics for helping to blend the lines between the physical and the non-physical world.

The work of  Benoit Mandelbrot with fractals helps explain homeopathy as well as any other scientific study. Masaro Emoto’s work with the memory of water has been another great addition to helping explain how it is possible that a substance potentized in water can retain an energetic imprint. Studies in Holography, where we can prove that all of the parts of the whole are contained in all of the separate parts including the whole. These examples are more in line with proving homeopathy than most double blind studies.

This new line of thinking requires all of us to accept the basic premise that homeopathy is really spiritual medicine. It is based in the non-physical energy realms and not even comparable to allopathic medicine. What brings the two systems into conflict is that the end user, the suffering patient, is the common denominator. With out the patient, we would not have a need for  either medicine. But suffering is inherent in the condition of man and our desire to reduce suffering and create a cure is needed.

The proof then for any medicine is in the results. This leads us back to double blind studies and other ways to prove homeopathy. I think that these studies are necessary. The real problem is because homeopathy is such individualized medicine how do we evaluate any of the medicines accurately when the variable of the patient and the medicine are always changing. Double blind studies are well and good for an allopathic approach to medicine but really do not work so very well when it comes to homeopathy.

Every time I give a remedy and share about the positive possibilities of the remedy with my clients, I always say, “the proof is in the pudding”. This means we do not know the end result until time has passed and a response is seen. This is true of all healing responses. It becomes very difficult to quantify homeopathy within a specific physiological parameter. This method works well for allopathic medicine though. We can not just force homeopathy into the very same methods of evaluation as allopathy. They are not the same and never will be.

We need new ways of looking at the model of health and disease and where true healing comes from. When the basic premise for the medicinal system is understood then we can properly evaluate them. Homeopathy is spiritual medicine. It will be properly evaluated when it is recognized as such. Until then the problem with homeopathy will still prevail and the search for legitimacy will continue.

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  1. Sarah on

    Really, modern medical practice has yet to prove it is valid medical science.

    Since I was a baby unwillingly having my tonsils removed and forcefully subjected to innoculations and nothing but painful treatments of little avail, I wondered how the public can accept such abuse.

    One day Providence had a homoeopath give me some tablets of Hypericum. My system told me it was good. Much later I found out why (I had had a big injury to my coccyx in the past).

    I became a homoeopath on-the-spot. With homoeopathic treatment, I experienced amelioration of a lot of the medical abuse of the past. It began to make sense.

    We humans either don’t believe in God or think He is awfully stupid. It makes perfect sense that Our Creator would create a world in which cures to our ailments lay in all things around us — plants, rocks, sea, life. And the cures would be in the spirit of those things.

    Very clever, indeed, and worthy of a Supreme Being.


  2. hitesh on

    hello sir,the basic problem with homeopathy is that the selection of right medicine for every single patient is very difficult. in allopathy the tablet paracetamol will bring down body temperature inalmost 100% subjects.this is quick and easy as well, despite of thefact that it has harmful effect on liver over long term use.in homeopathy the response is fast(in some cases faster than allopathy)but problem is to find right medicine for every single person which is time taking and requires lot of knowledge as well.
    thank u

  3. Dr K L Rana on

    Yes I have been hearing the Homoeopathy is not valid medical science, but has been surprised to the fact that why? I have been practicing since 2003 and except for some using Dr Hahnnemann S principle of SIMLIMUM, cured many people. Cured Asthma, Cancer, Thyroid, Heart and many more. If this is not a science, how Allopathy is a science? As I have studied, science is what which has cause and effect relationship. Here Homoeopathy is true and has been treating not but curing diseases.I being Homoeopath. Homoeopathy as provved treats people based upon the Mind, Fear, Modalities, craving & Aversion and other symptoms. When we give medicine based on above symptoms, it is not beating into the bush; we give medicine after analysis and based on cause and effect relation and that is why I consider it as a science. Forget what others says it. In Art of Living, it is taught that don’t be football of other’s opinion. If you have facts and collected truthflly, we should consider it as science and continue to work. Dr Hahnnemann, left Allopathy due to the fact that it creates diseases rather then cure. It has power to treat and cure I thinkas per the facts and statistics available. I would like to give one example, around five years back there was one boy about 8 years. He suddenly stopped going to school and parent were very much in worry. He was taken to Doctors and Psychatric but of no avail. Parents came to me and I just inquired from the child and recorded the symptoms. As told while he was in bed, he was visualising some thing like ghost (a black figure like a person) no other symptoms was there. I gave one dose of Aconite 30C and asked him to see me again next day, but the medicine was not repeated. After about 5 days the child himself went to school and there is no problem till now.

  4. Poonam on

    Don’t let others limited perspective of you, define you-Virginia Satir, poineer of family therapy.

  5. Dr K L Rana on

    Many times I have cured very chronic case with one dose based on the simlimum. Due to lack of symptoms, I have given medicine based on clinical symptoms and cured the diseases. Hopefully, everyone will agree that Homoeopathy is science and has capability to cure the person as a whole rather than treating disease.

    So, my dear colleagues, have confidence in you and Homoeopathy medicines and work for the same. Once I was travelling in AC Bus and one person was siting besides me. He was having wheezing problem and I asked him since how long you are facing this problem. He said,”since 15 years.” I asked him, have you ever consulted Homoeopath, reply was no. I asked him to consult Homoeopath, probably you would be alright. He said, It is not a science and that is why he did not. Can you find some bahavioural dispersion here. He was a Doctor in one of the Post graduate Medical in Gujarat. From this I construed, MARNA MANHOOR, PRANTU APNA FUNDA (THOUGHTS) OT STYLE OF THINKING CHANGE NAHEE KARNA HAI.

    WHAT IS THERE IS HOMOEOPATHY IS A SCIENCE HAI KI NAHEE, AGAR BO THEEK HO JATA HAI TO USKA BHALA HAI KI NAHEE. These are the people spoil the system. Rigidity, creates the problems and which spoils the society. Be flexible, humble and compassionate towards self and others. This will build the SAMAJ.

    I have written much, if any body does not llike it ignore, otherwise create this kind of thinking in the SAMAJ, My Homoeopathy will create wonders. Even at this stage, lots of wonder has created Homoeopathy and I believe this is a science and science and science. Nothing else. If not Allopathy may not be a science.

    In 2005, a person met with serious accident. He was in Hospital having fever which was not being cured in Orthopaedic Hospital. After about 20 days I visited the patient not as a Doctor but as a well wisher. I inquired about every thing from Doctor there. Upon this I requested the Doctor, if fever is not being cured or treated , may I give him Homoeopathy medicine. He said I have called one senior specialist from Ahmedabad, if that fail, you may. By chance that also failed. I gave him medicine and after 3 days there was no fever. Doctor hugged me after when I visited Hospital and was surprised. What kind of example would you like to have. By the grace of GOD, I have treated/ cured many case which were faild with Allopathy. I believe in Homoeopathy and will continue as beliving that it is a science.

    Hopefully pardoned me for such a long write up.

  6. Dr K L Rana on

    Dear Poonam

    I have not consider other with limited perspective, I have only written the fact about Homoeopathy and some cases of Allopathy came after treatment. I respect you and your profession and not criticizing. I have only written that Homoeopathy fraternity should believe on self and consider it a science based on the pronciples which Dr Hahnnemann laid after lots of research from 1793 up to 1843 and later many Researchers in the field.

    Sorry if you have taken to heart.

  7. Dr K L Rana on

    Dear Poonamji

    Virginia Satir is a family therapy involved in open and reciprocal sharing of affection, feelings, and love. I don’t think, I should write much about it. I feel the genuine sharing and think we should treat the Homoeopathy a science rather than treating it not a science. I thank you for the comments and it will further lead me to real world of love and affection. I would like to say, in Munaa Bhai MBBS has made on the similar concept. Let us be friends and will share many more thing of science and the ………..

  8. Philip Joseph on

    Dear All, As Dr Robert has pointed out, Homeopathy is a healing method that works above avogrado’s number, above a physical realm and above material effect. But Holographic methods, Kirlian photography, etc give us some idea of the mechanism of it’s healing operation. But although I agree with a lot that Hahnemann & Kent and Boenninghausen and others said, I think the modern practioner has to be aware of something deeper to arrive at similimmum remedy today. Simple mathematical matching of of symptom counts to rubric counts unfortunatley is not successful all the time. One has to look for the picture behind the picture. The hidden behind the seen. The invisible behind the veil. Look for the story behind the patien’s narration. Of late I have experience with a person whose every peculiar symptom matches Lycopodium (burning between scapulae, heat & cold sensation alternating in big toe, re-echo of phone/human voice in ear, distended feeling of carotids, flatulance, mild mannered, afraid of new situations, hunger after eating etc). But he always expresses ‘abandoned and alone’ in his talk in his life story and even that is his greatest fear (Stramonium). He does not have even one peculiar of Stramonium aside from aversion to black, but Stramonium is his remedy. So in that respect, I think we have progressed beyond the old healers & writers (Hahnemann, Kent’s methods etc) who emphasized peculiar and general symptoms, whereas now the focus is on the core life story of the person or the central feeling or delusion that the patien’s life revolves around. So is this kind of homeopathic detective work and practise difficult to master?…..It is very challenging to say the very least. For acute problems, yes, the quick and trusted method of symptom matching to rubric matching will work in most cases, but for chronic diseases, simple symptom matching does not seem to be successful in every case. Your comments are very welcome and I thank Dr Robert for this article that invites dialogue and self-introspection. Thanks, Philip

  9. n.s.rao on

    stephen Hawkings has opined that to unravel the mysteries of the univerce the present logic of the science is not adequate .terefore science has its limitations,trying to rationalise homeopathy with that logic is untenable and futile.the scope of homeopathy is like the vaste expanse of universe.as science can not measure the suffering,so homeopathy doesnot require the authentication of the same science .

  10. Philip Joseph on

    Dear All: I forgot to mention (as a continuation of the previous article post) that the Stramonium patient whose whole life, fear, feeling, emotion, delusion centered around being alone in this world, abandoned, in wilderness also wanted to read the Bible for help, leaned on the Bible for support. Aside from that and an aversion to black color, no other symptoms of Stramonium were seen, but Stramonium was his remedy. Thanks, Philip

  11. Salvador on

    Dear Homeopathy´s Friends,

    Once Homeopathy could be get for Scientistics tricks, Homeopathy would be dead, because the point of view is diferent; in Homeopathy is Holistic point of view and a Wholistic Sciense and Allopathy is Mechanical Thingking.

    Besides the fact of nowadays there are some brigdes between both shores. You just now the term: `Integrative Medicine´

    If you can know more about ways of proving Homeopathy like a Science I advise you to study Dr. Pratfull´s Vijayakar from Practical Homeopathy books and essays.

    • Prem Bharati on

      Thank you for very intresting and controversial topic. I do differ in ideas. I strongly believe that Homeopathy should undergo research not for other but for ourselves. We do know that Homeopathy works wonderfully. But sometime we have to go ahead with challenges. our medicine are prepared in special way that everybody has to accept because it is the way it is prepared and it is wonderful. I believe there are various methods of proving and research. when conventional medicine can apply various research methods why can’t we? We have been doing very well in holistic as well as clinical, therapeutic approach. I think there are hundreds of research going on in postgraduate studies in India , europe and other countries. These research or dissertation should be well supervised, critically analyzed and publish which will make future generation homeopath to go ahead with solid grounds. Therapeutically and clinically also we can show wonderful results using classical approach. It is just to present the same food another plate but if we are challenged i think we must accept it. We are completely aware of all mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspect of Homeopathy. I believe that currently Homeopaths are more in number than it was hundreds of year ago so it is us how we can take our field ahead.

  12. suresh harvu on

    Homeopathy being an Energy Spiritual healing, it could be comapred with the Quantum Touch (other terms being Pranic Healing). Anyone in this world can testify if they are ready to be a candidate that a person trained in Energy Healing can pass Energy and the other person can FEEL the vibration/energy in his/her body. And how can Science prove this? But the person in question can prove it through its effects. Homeopathy is one such wonderful Energy healing. It is by individual who sees the effect is the proof that Homeopathy works and is recorded. The other day, one of my friends lost her voice 100%. I gave her one dose of Causticum and in 15 minutes, she regained 100%. Without doubt, the word must have spread that would make the community think better about Homeopathy.

    Thanks Robert for bringing up such great topics.

  13. S K Kalra on

    Homeopathy is quoted to be Spiritual Medicine Science. Spirit is considered to be a minutest particle of GOD. So to prove Homeopathy a Science, one is required to prove GOD. No one in this world can prove it. Why we should & how we can measure dimensions of GOD or Homeopathy with the Allopathic yardstick. Even we may raise a question to them. Let them prove that Allopathy is a Science. We, if measure through Homeopathic yardstick, will find that Allopathy is no Science or Art, it is only Commerce & Economics. Actually Homeopathy is most subtle Science & Art. Do not let Allopaths ask questions. We should ignore thier foolish queries.

  14. Michelle on

    My father who worked for decades as an electronic technician once made the statement that smell is on the electron level, and we know that strong smells like mint can antedote a rx, so I don’t have a problem seeing homeopathic rx as material. However, I think they are influencing the non-material (as far as we now know)vital force.
    Vithoulkas has designed some trials which were supposed to be carried out in a hospital setting, as I recall, but for the most part homeopathy will not be validated in the same way as allopathy. Much of this has to do with how we interpret what we see- are sx gone because they were suspended/supressed or were they extinguished by the vital force, for example. Some of these disputes are not well solved by trials.
    People who reduce everything to chemical reactions will never be satisfied with the homeopathic model of success.

  15. Dr K L Rana on

    Today one TV channel was telecating one discussion on Ashtma and Renowned Doctors of Allopathy, one Homoeopathy and Yoga expert were discussing many aspect of medical science used for treatment of Ashtma. One of the reference was there that no medical science it self complete and Dr K K Agarwal President if medical Association of India had a reference that Homoeopathy mother tinctures are similar to that of Allopathy liquid medicine. But he said he is not aware of the pills how those works. Since Dr Hahnnemann and other great masters had done substantial research and still it is going on, and the concept of SIMILIMUM is very much true and valid. Except for a few cases, it has worked very well and Homoeopathy fraternity should stict to it that Homoeopathy is a valid science. I was watching Aasta Channel and BAWA RAN DEV JI was telling that one of the Homoeopath informed him that Homoeopathic Doctors do not give medicine but placebo and it has no medicine, still it cure patients.

    All the very nice to all of you.

  16. Dr.Aradhana Srivastava on

    Thank you for such an enlighting article..
    I think we should think about developments in homoeopathy in a positive way.Rather than wasting time in comparison with Allopathy.

  17. Dr. Kumar, Malaysia. on

    I totally agreed with Dr.Aradhana. Why we wasting time. Let us discuss worth for us in our practice.

  18. dr. ghulam mustafa on


  19. mazhar jameel on

    Dear Sir
    Such controversies are emanating from the period of Dr. SamuelHahneman itself. It is of course a fact and rather mystery that can not be explained. Silica (silicea is an insoluble substance but after 6x trituration it becomes soluble and we get potencies upto Millicimal in Homeopathy (Ref: Materia medica pura). So what remains in the end of potentization is the curative power of the medicine in the solution and not the actual medicine which act in the inner dynamism of our body. No body has seen disease and so also the cure, It is the state of the body which determine health and disease.

    mazhariihr Bangalore

  20. dr.johncysolarajac on

    [email protected]

  21. dr.johncysolarajac on
  22. Ray Malecki on

    Here’s my 2 cents.

    Attempting to “prove” that any form of non conventional medicine works is an inefficient use of resources.

    The opponents of actual healing are not engaged in, nor do they have any interest in, any honest attempt to uncover scientific truth. All the big players already know that alternative healing works. This is easy to demonstrate. As Dr Hahnemann said: “Repeat the experiment. It cries aloud”. The AMA and pharma cartel oppose Homeopathy BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT WORKS. Thia was true when the AMA was founded, and it is even more true today. See Harris Coulter’s learned work on this topic.

    The actual battle now is over the minds and patronage of all our brothers and sisters on our planet. That is where we would best focus. The best use of our limited resources is to heal as many as we possibly can, and encourage those who know the truth already to disseminate it as widely as they possibly can.

    Isn’t that what Dr Hahnemann did in his lifetime? He didn’t squander one whit attempting to “convince” any of the evil men who had sworn an oath to act in the best interests of their patients, and then alligned themselves with obvious death, destruction, suffering, and general mayham.

  23. theaurumproject on

    From Australia, our group would say there is no problem in homeopathy other than that we work in our practice seeing patients each day and we don’t document whet we do. All the pregnant mums who are helped from their morning sickness with Pulsatilla. All the ear infections where Belladonna eases the inflammation. All the stomach upsets where Nux vom eases the night. If the whole planet could see the results and statistics then we would be better off. The quote by Gandhi “Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond all doubt safer, more economical and the most complete medical science” is essential to write on every homeopathy website – What we do well is helping people towards health. We do it every day in our homeopathy practice but still nobody really knows about it. Therefore, each and every one of us probably needs to be more involved in homeopathy research, literature review, data collection, auditing and higher education. Lets document our success!

  24. Dr. Nancy Malik on

    Homeopathy offers long lasting to permanent cure, treating the disease from its roots, for most of the ailments. Homeopathy does not treat superficially by just driving away the symptoms but heals the patient from within.

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