Homeopathy Tips for 4/15/08 Case-taking Method

       One question about different methodologies in Homeopathic medicine has caught my attention. It is a common challenge when learning about homeopathy to know which method to use and which method works. There is a fairly simple answer.

       If we are doing classical homeopathy, then Hahnemann has spelled it out pretty clearly how homeopathy should be practiced. The Organon is the most direct source for this information.  Yet within modern classical homeopathy different teachers and approaches have proposed different methods for achieving success with prescribing.

        The most important point  is the homeopath being able to “see the case”.  Without this skill no method will be helpful. What does “seeing the case” really mean? It means that the trained homeopath is observing everything that the client is saying and sometimes very literally, without prejudice. It is imperative to let the words the client is saying speak to their individual expression of their vital force. They do not choose those words randomly. 

       Words are expressions of the vital force. If the clients uses a word one time …record it. If they use it a second time…pay attention. If they use it a third time…it usually is a strong expression of the vital force energy and will often lead to the energy of the remedy. 

       Every movement must be noticed. All gestures, twitches, involuntary movements will also speak to the energy of the case and provide symptoms that can be repertized and used to lead to a good collection of remedies. Remember to always go with those symptoms that are observed and undeniable. This is probably the most important rule to observe. It will prevent you from transcendental speculation and following a story in your own mind.

       When we deviate from this type of homeopathy by not recognizing the persons individual expression, then it is tempting to turn to a different way of interpreting the case. Often times this is an allopathic interpretation that other forms of modern homeopathy may address. I personally have not found them to be nearly as effective as good classical homeopathy.

       The reason for this is that there is one expression of the vital force and it is expressing through the whole person. We cannot separate the persons mind from their emotions or their bodily sensations. So to think we can inspire the vital force with a limited view of the whole is a bit short-sighted. It is a beautiful thing to witness the energy of the dis-ease expressing throughout the whole individual on all levels. When you see this you are seeing what is asking to be healed. Any other methods for finding remedies becomes almost irrelevant. If you know materia medica well or can understand the energy of the remedies it will make your job of the homeopath so much more enjoyable.

        Using classical homeopathy I have seen about an 85% success rate with my prescribing. This in my opinion is a pretty good average. Sometimes it may take one or two remedies to get the most perfect one but this can be done in a relatively short time. When I clearly understand how they have responded to the remedy I can usually determine within one to two months whether the remedy will take them very far towards their healing.

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  1. Rabindranath on

    I have not found as effective as good classical homoeo pathy by the website.

  2. Manoj on

    Thank you very much Robert ! 85% success rate is a great number. What you said is very true in the sense that if we understand the energy of the patient, it solves most of the case. It is only when the understanding is lacking that some turn to using other methods like Organ remedies, isopathy etc.

    Do you see the need for Organ remedies / other types of remedies at any point ? For example : A case where the pathology is advanced, it may be harmful to use constitutional remedies which may aggaravate the condition / damage the person. What would be a good approach to use in that case ?

    Thanks once again for the beautiful explanation !

    Hi Manoj,
    I have never deviated from the knowing and trust that the vital force rules with unbounded sway and would ever need to try to outguess what the body/being is capable of healing. Once we leave the pure principles of Hahnemann’s method we are in the realm of speculation. Even with the most modern diagnostics available, it is still trusting a diagnosis and not relying on the pure expression of the vital force if we want to give a remedy for organ drainage, for example. Always trust that the vital force could never express its dis-ease in any way but perfect. It will help remove alot of confusion in prescribing.

    Blessings, Robert Field

  3. N.guruprasad on

    thank youu very much for your suggestion. But practicallt it is somewaht difficult. As of villeges they wont express their ideas in any way than the problem, even of insistance. Most of the persons without having the knowledge of homeopathy, never spelledout their background and other problems they are suffering than the main one[vitality symptoms]. In the meantime we as doctors could not force or compell them to tell. we have to wait till the patient tell his symptoms totally. By that time the case may be complicated or chronic due to wrong remedies used by the default of the patient. [this i am writing particularly keeping in mind the villegers of INDIAN subcontinent]

    Hello N Guruprasad,
    Please read the newsletter from 1/27/09 Asking Questions. It may be helpful to the problem you describe of getting the person to talk about their dis-ease.
    Warmest regards,
    Robert Field

  4. karthiyaini on

    I am karthiyaini B,H.M.S, M.Sc practising in singapore. In these competataive and fastest world ,The Homoeopaths using combination,and mixopathy remedies. I never agree with that.your magazine gives me a lot of courage ,enthusiasm etc.you continue the same.Hearty congratulations.

  5. ghulam mustafa on

    Hay, mr.Robert
    When as we know that the disterbence of VITAL FORCE is called disease so we should to talk and examin the pt. to seperate his SENSATION,LOCATON and MODALITIES then chose the similer and single remedy then it is called classic homeopathic remedy. thanks

  6. Dr Mukund Suvagia DHMS on

    i think such discussion or teaching always furnish the way of doing….
    esp in Case Taking its more like Case Receiving …
    i used to say my pts that U describe ur experience of suffering n urself as if U R in front of mirror n nobody is there ,AS IF U R TELLING U ONLY.. without any hiderence or interference or any embarrassment…Meanwhile our skill of receiving case utilize there.I’ve done it n often succeeded..
    v cant imagine how beautifully they describe the SUBSTANCE which is not their REAL n producing TURMOIL in them…..
    In villages also, not in depth but with skill n endless effort of understanding MM n Rep may help….
    Ultimate GOAL is APHO:1 ..” Heal the sick”

  7. Robert on

    Dr. Mukund Suvagia,

    Thanks for your insight. I really like your idea of case-taking really being about case-recieving. Very good. This is so true!!!!


  8. Dr Mukund Suvagia DHMS on

    thanx for compliments
    i would welcome suggestions n critics to devlp my skills….regards….

  9. JAWAID on


  10. dr.arshad on

    My fellows, in villagers, ur observation should be keen as a child case taking

  11. Meghana patel on

    great!! Robert! 85% is good no. As you said “Homoeopath being able to see the case”.. i like this sentance very much, it is the most imp skill in the Homoeopath. All gestures and movements which are done involuntary will lead us towards the energy of the pt. which helps homoeopath to find out the exact similimum

  12. Dr.Aradhana Srivastava on

    One can clearly percieve if one’s state is not involved in the case. While recieving a case one should be more patient,and non-reactive, that make’s a better Homoeopath

  13. tariq on

    dear sir,on whitch simptoms we should give medicine peculier for exmple p come with uric acid comlain pls explain

  14. dr Sudhiir L Gesota on

    Thanks for sharing basics at foundation. Level

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