Homeopathy Tips for 4/13/10 World Homeopathy Awareness Week

This week, April 10 through 16, is World Homeopathy Awareness Week. As we all know Homeopathy comes under much pressure from many sources including the media. Now it is our week to make a stand and spread the word about homeopathy. Here are a few ideas to help you make a real statement about homeopathy and get the word out to others. Help celebrate the birth of our great founder, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. After 200 years his work endures and is still our guiding light.

  • Call your local radio stations and ask them to make a public service announcement. They will do this as many times as they can during the week if they know. Once it gets put on a schedule they may announce this more often than you can imagine. But if they do not know about this we do not get a word of the free advertising. Include a small statement about the effectiveness and safety of homeopathy and include your phone number if you are a practitioner. This way they will call your number looking for information and you have another interested person knocking at your door. This is a great way to make the introduction and get free advertising. Spread the word.
  • Write a short letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Explain that this is Homeopathy Awareness Week. Include a short description about the wonders of homeopathy. Also include your contact number for the very same reasons as above. Some people may know nothing about homeopathy and want to find out more. Others may know some but didn’t know there was a homeopath or any local contact for homeopathy in their area.
  • Put on a free talk. Set up a free lecture about homeopathy through your local health food store, library, community center or your office if you are a practitioner. Announce this to your fellow practitioners in the area. They actually may be very interested in what you have to say and could end up bringing much business through referrals. Put up flyers in public places announcing the time, date, location, contact phone number and title for your talk.
  • If you are a practitioner you can offer a World Homeopathy Awareness Week discount. Sometimes a surprise discount for your existing clients goes far with customer relations. You can also offer a discount on their next visit for their referrals of new clients.  You can offer a special for new clients who schedule their first visit during the awareness Week. What ever works for you as a practitioner will always be appreciated by your clients.
  • Make a general public announcement by putting a sign on your car that says World Homeopathy Awareness Week. Put contact info and wherever you go others will see. It can open many doors.
  • Send an email to family, friends, your contact list announcing World Homeopathy Awareness Week. Be sure to include a little information and the offer that they can contact you for more information. Ask them to pass the email on. This is what the week is about; making contacts and increasing awareness about homeopathy.
  • If you Facebook, Twitter or any of the other social contact services put out the word. Ask your contacts to help make the World Homeopathy Awareness Week go Viral.

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to do just one thing to spread the word. Doing all of the above suggestions would start to begin to “saturate the market”. There is a point in marketing when the person has heard the message from many different sources enough times that it sticks. Doing all of these options would really get the message noticed and can start to make a difference. If you are a practitioner this is a great way to get free advertising and increase your business. If any of you have more ideas about ways to spread the word and celebrate homeopathy please leave a comment below. I love hearing from you and others benefit from your comments as well. Please share yourself.

14 comments so far

  1. mah- jabeen on

    HI , DEAR ITS good adea for homeopathy lovers

  2. Dr.Wali Khan Sarhadi on

    Thank u sir very much.
    The ideas u have mentioned are realy helpful for the awareness of publics and for the publisity of homoeopathic medical system.I appraciate ur this wonderful suggestions for the promotion of homoeopathy.I hope that ur goodself wiil also guid us in the future.
    with worm regards
    Dr.Wali Khan Sarhadi

  3. naseer on

    dear sir

    wonderful idean realy helpful day for advertisment

    publisty for this day. today I write to all the news

    papers to publish a special articles for this day.

    thaks for this suggestion.

  4. Samuel Oppong Boadi on

    hank you for the reminder.

  5. Dr.Ranjit Singh on

    Many many thanks for the reminder for the Homoeopathic Awareness Week and Samuel Hahnemann Birthday.It is a real tribute to Homoeopathy.
    Dr.Ranjit Singh

  6. Rabia on

    nice idea but but homoepathy should be introduced on every important platforum.

  7. Rabia on

    yes it is nice but

  8. Dr. M. Zaman Khan on

    Many people die and extinct ultimately no one remembers them. On the other hand, some die to live like the great Hahnemann

  9. parvaneh on

    hi , many thanks, thanks, thanks, in my opinion you are one of Gods angel.

  10. B.K.Khurana on

    I pray tribute to Hahnemann who was in fact a special messenger of Almighty to invent and propogate Homeopathy for salvaging the mankind suffering from numerous physical and mental maladies. I firmly believe that any body may rise to undermine homeopathy, homeopathy will spread for the welfare of mankind through out the world.

    I salute to Him.


  11. meera-MUMBAI on

    I Really respect Dr Hanemann Very much . I always remember his birthday And my colledge days when we use to celebrate it .But now being a homemaker & mother of two kids I find it very difficult to explore my knowledge about homoeopathy.I reslly want to start my practice again .

  12. Lakshmanan Menon on

    Homoeopathy is a God given gift to mankind. There are so many diseases that can be cured by homoeopathy treatment – where alopathy has been a total failure or has no medicine without more than one side effects. Let us all salute the great master Dr. Hanemann.

  13. harikumar on

    Its a very great message to be forwaded to all the people all over the world. The value of Homoeopathy will be spread amoung the whole community of the world.

  14. C.Fernandes on

    Dear Sir,

    I pray my due respect to Hahnemann who was in fact a special messenger of Almighty to invent and propogate Homeopathy to all those suffering from numerous physical and mental maladies and getting permanent curable results. I firmly believe that any body may rise to undermine homeopathy, homeopathy will spread for the welfare of mankind through out the world.

    I salute to the great founder of Homeopathy. Long live his message to all mankind on earth.



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