Homeopathy Tips for 4/12/11 There Are No Accidents

You are walking along on a hike and didn’t see the root sticking up and tripped and fell. You landed on your hands and broke your wrist. Is this an accident? You are driving in your car and stop at the stop light. The car behind you does not see you and plows into your car giving you whiplash and back injuries. Is this an accident?

These types of events happen all of the time. We call them accidents as if this was something that came out of the blue with unintended consequences and by chance. Yet they occurred all the same. I contend that there are no accidents and it is all an expression of the vital force. The universe would have it no other way than the way it is. We simply can not argue the fact that should an event been different, it would have been different. At some point we end up taking responsibility for everything in our lives. This is quite empowering when we do. There really is no one else to blame. When we do, we give our power away to the others.

We can also take this another step and say that there are no disease that is accidental. Every response of the vital force will be for the benefit of the individual and their survival. The vital force is not programmed for death, but to survive. The physical manifestation of disease is another way to ensure the survival of the individual. Although we sometimes run out of time before the condition can lead to death. But the disease will reflect the immediate and long-term need of the individual. The vital force does not make mistakes. So every disease is the vital forces way of trying to bring a resolution to a problem and prolong the existence of the organism. A good analogy is while we are in a particular conflict, it is like swimming from shore. Then the conflict becomes physicalised in the material body. During this time we are manifesting the physical symptoms of dis-ease. This is the point we must turn around swim back to shore. Unfortunately we do not always make it.

Hahnemann must have realized this when he was organizing his thought about homeopathy. In Aphorisms 9 – 12 he explains the nature of the vital force and the nature of disease.  Let’s explore these a little and see what he means.

  • Aphorism 9 – In the healthy condition of man, the spiritual vital force, the dynamis that animates the material body, rules with unbounded sway , and retains all of the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards to both sensations and functions, so that our reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.

The vital force rules with unbounded sway. This means that it has all authority over the material body. It’s sole purpose is to animate it so that we can enjoy our lives. But not just for meer enjoyment but for the higher purposes of our existence. How could anything this powerful and purposeful make mistakes? I do not believe it can since it rules with unbounded sway and is of the spirit.

  • Aphorism 10 –  The material organism, without the vital force, is capable of no sensation, no function, no self-preservation, it derives all sensation and performs all the functions of life solely by means of the immaterial being  (the vital principle)  which animates the material organism in health and disease.

This spirit like, immaterial being; the vital force, is responsible for ALL sensation and function. It is the energy that keeps us alive and the energy that creates all conditions for the material being. Because this vital force clings to the material body, it  brings all of the events in our lives about. Without the vital force the material body ceases to be the instrument for the expression of our higher purpose. We call this death.

  • Aphorism 11 – When a person falls ill, it is only this spiritual, self-acting vital force, everywhere present in his organism, that is primarily deranged by the dynamic influence upon it of a morbific agent inimical to life; it is only the vital principle, deranged to such an abnormal state, that can furnish the organism with its disagreeable sensations, and incline it to the irregular processes which we call disease; for, as a power invisible in itself, and only cognizable by its effects on the organism, its morbid derangement only makes itself known by the manifestation of disease in the sensations and functions of those parts of the organism exposed to the senses of the observer and physician, that is by morbid symptoms and in no other way can it make itself known.

There is a lot said in this Aphorism. When we become ill, injured  hurting in any way, we know this by the sensations we experience. This happens because the vital force is the cause of all sensation. Therefore any outward expression is only a reflection of the disturbance in the interior vital force. This vital force is only responding to an inimical force. The vital force  is responsible for everything in our existence. So when the car that veers across the lane and misses all of the other cars but hits ours, is this an accident or a reflection of the vital force capable of expressing itself. One can say by chance that it hit our car but if the vital force rules with unbounded sway, then this could not be so. Through our susceptibility we were destined to have the “accident” because it is meerly a reflection of the morbid derangement of the vital force. A spiritual energy that effected and deranged our spiritual vital force.

I have seen 10’s of thousands of cases and find that there is always a reason for the accident. When we properly investigate, it becomes clear that at a very core level it makes perfect sense to have the experience and give the person an opportunity to evolve. Remember again, the vital force rules with unbounded sway. It can not possibly make a mistake. Even though events in our lives are not always understood easily, when we can bring the inimical morbid influence that acts upon the vital force to consciousness, we have resolved most of the need to continue with the outward dis-ease symptoms.

  • Aphorism 12 – It is the morbidly affected vital energy alone that produces diseases, so that the morbid phenomena perceptible to our senses at the same time all of the internal change, that is to say, the whole morbid derangement of the internal dynamis; in a word, they reveal the whole disease, also, the disappearance under treatment of all the morbid phenomena and of all the morbid alterations that differ from the healthy vital operations, certainly affects and necessarily implies the restoration of the integrity of the vital force and therefore, the recovered health of the whole organism.

The whole organism includes all aspects of our lives. Not just the material being but all thoughts, notions and events are an expression of the vital force. So the morbid phenomena creating the internal change is what brings about, and reveals the whole disease. One may not refer to accidents as disease but events are a reflection of the vital force and a reflection of the whole. When the derangement in the vital force is no longer present the outward manifestation is no longer observed.

I have treated people for multiple car accidents. There is a pattern to their life. Once the vital force started to respond to the remedy the dis-ease began to heal. The persons all reported that they were experiencing close calls but the accident happened to the car next to them and they were unaffected. They witnessed it but did not experience the accident. Then they report that others in their circle were having accidents but not them. Then the whole subject of accidents faded. This follows Hering’s principles as the dis-ease moved out of their being and they healed.

When a person reports an accident pay close attention to their story. Look for ways to understand how the accident is a further expression of the dis-ease. If you can follow the thread of the case, the accident can reveal much. There is usually a very good reason for the accident and somehow it will serve the person perfectly. I always ask my client this question, “How does this serve you?” Often they will tell me directly and see how it will have great importance and effect on their lives. There are no accidents, only events that occur. These events are not random and happen for very good reason.

 The universe works in mysterious ways. When we can see this, we quickly understand that we are all connected and serving each other perfectly. We may not always want what we get but it still serves us as we continue on our healing path. When we stop arguing with what is and start accepting it, we will stop giving away our power and can be more effective in our lives. It is very Zen like. Total acceptance, then subsequent action will be more productive. We will learn gaining knowledge and wisdom. This is our spiritual evolution in action. This is not by accident.

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  1. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Respected Dr.Robert,

    It’s an wonderful explanation of the Aphorisms
    given by Dr.Hahnemann in his organon of medicine.
    What a deep insight Dr. Hahnemann had about the
    vital principle which the modern sophisticated
    researches of orthodox medicines could not discover
    it till now.
    You have very correctly explained that the vital
    force cannot make any mistake.Because the immaterial
    substance is above commiting mistakes.Its a power or
    energy come from the Universal Soul in a mysterious way.
    Similarly,the vital force rules our body with unbounded
    Dr. Robert,it’s an excellent article.Thank you so much
    for such a beautiful presentation.

    Kh. Mahbubur Rahman,

  2. coco on

    You are so right on the subject Dear Robert.Beginning with any kind of stress at any even the smallest level is a beginning to disharmonize the healthy harmony in physical body and beginning of any any kind of future disease the way alopatic medicine will diagnose it.Unfortunately they are missing the fundamental reason- mental stress as a main and only trigger..Thanks for excellent reminder

  3. Agilan on

    Self I-dentity Ho’oponopono is based on the same principle where one takes 100% responsibility for everything that happens in ones life(no accidents). The practice of Ho’ oponopono is to resolve the conflicts ie., how we can erase the data(suceptibility). The data is erased with love, as love is the basis for all manifestations. It works!! and the practice brings a calmness and wholeness just like meditation.

  4. Lucinda on

    Thank you Robert and Agilan. I’ve been researching Ho’oponopono and there are some wonderful videos on youtube describing the process of transformation which occurs when misconceptions (suceptibilities) are healed with awareness and love. Y’all made my day!

  5. Shirley on

    On a personal note I suffered a physical injury ‘an accident’ at a very young age. Though the story was retold as a tragic accident, it gifted me with so much understanding and personal growth than all other experiences put together in my life. To blame and I have done plenty was only good in the short term. But holding a longer and more empowering view, it has given me a purpose by which to live my life that may otherwise not been possible. I thank my parents for participating in my growth by allowing the ‘accident’ to occur. Everything is here for us, no exceptions! Thank you for initiating this topic so we don’t collude with our clients about how tragic life can be.

  6. Bob Bennett on

    It is mysterious, but it does make sense. When I was a teenager, my father, who was a cop, told me he thought the Miranda V. Arizona Supreme Court decision wasn’t a good one. Although at that time, I hadn’t read this decision, from what little I knew I believed it to be good, and never asked any questions as to why he held this belief. While I had been a member of the law club in high school, due to medical problems, problems from the medication I was on, as well as other factors, I did not pursue a career in law. Twenty five year later, following some arrests – oversimplification, they were due to my medical condition. The Miranda Supreme Court decision (1966) requires, among other things, that indigent criminal defendants facing six months imprisonment or more be given an attorney to assist in their defense, paid for by the county. In California, like most states, misdemeanors are punishable by up to a year imprisonment. (In Nevada, it is six months, but still one day more than this decision rewquires.) This unfunded mandate for petty crimes has been a financial burden for every county in America. The plea bargain system was devised to avoid the high costs of trials. A rewards system has come into existence whereby pleading no contest can get a person out of jail in a day or two, while protestations of innocence can result in months of incarceration. Crime is rewarded while the truth is buried. Currently, one of my projects is for all misdemeanor courts to be run more like mental health courts, where causes for behaviors are looked into. While not perfect they are a step in the right direction. This is especially true as studies have shown that almost all offenders have experienced trauma and most minor ‘criminal acts’ are no more than effects of the trauma. As we begin to heal the criminal justice system, the nation should become a better place to live.

  7. philip joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert: I have also often wondered about ‘accidents’ in our lives. By this I also include illnesses and diseases one suffers from time to time. Various writers here point that these ‘accidents’ happen for a reason – that the individual by virtue of undergoing an illness or unfortunate experience in life comes out the better – either he learns some hidden lesson or make changes to his character/life-style as a result of the accident or illness. I wonder then, what role does the prevention of such illness by a vaccine play…(even a homeopathic vaccine such as China Q for preventing Malaria or taking Bell 30 or Pertussin 30 as a preventive for Strep throat). By taking a preventive remedy, are we really preventing the patient from learning a lesson in life and building a stronger character which would have resulted if he had fallen ill with that sickness?. The whole benefit of constitutional prescribing in Homeopathy is to build up the patient’s immunity so that he falls ill less & less frequently. But that seems at odds with the life pattern that he is trapped up in. All Homeopathic Masters (Hahnemann, Kent, Nash etc) supported treating patients even in late stages of incurable disease with remedies including “palliative” remedies. They felt that relief from the ‘accidental’ disease suffering either from the similimmum or a palliative remedy is the goal and duty of the physician. In my humble view, offering a homeopathic remedy to alleviate or cure any sickness is vital. It is the Physician’s noble calling to alleviate suffering and do no harm. Everything else comes later. Thank you for allowing my post even though my post seems a little paradoxical.

    • Robert on

      Hi Philip.
      Vaccination may not prevent disease especially with homeopathic remedies. The reason any remedy could work is because of resonance and susceptibility. By giving a remedy without the disease we could possibly increase susceptibility there is never a guarantee That the individual would ever get the disease. So the reason to give the remedy based on homeopathic principle (similar suffering) does not exist. Giving the remedy after symptoms appear can be based on homeopathic principles and even with contagious disease the remedy would be based on the individuals symptoms and not the named disease as a vaccination remedy is. We would never know beforehand how a person would show the disease symptoms.
      Thanks for your comment.

  8. Trish on

    I am in total alignment with what you have written today and it is no accident that I have been entertaining the same thoughts today in regards to an art curriculum that I am developing for young children for this summer entitled “Accidental Brilliance”. The title is deceptive because it ennobles the concept of an accident. I agree with you that there are no accidents, just opportunities for brilliance, information and innovation. There are so many examples of this just in the scientific realm. In all forms of expression, there is a unitive experience that is the essence of the creative mystery. There is often an association of accidents with mistakes. How could that be so? When would the vital force ever make a mistake? Some of my favorite interview questions (and “self” questions are: What could you do if you knew you could not possibly make a mistake? What would you try? What is stopping you? As an artist and a homeopath, I find that answering these questions allows me to take chances, to risk, to trust and to believe that all is perfect in every moment. My favorite description of art is: Art is a happy accident. Art and homeopathy share a lot in common. They are both examples of creative problem solving: seeing brilliance where others see problems. The vital force never fails to illuminate the way!

  9. HDr Muhammad Ayub Khan on

    Dear Sir,
    With good wishes and compliments I am thankful to you for the words of post.I being a muslim believe that vital force is a potencial force that automatically supperessed and restore its values on suffering of good and bad in body thorough the essence and sence of God giffted imulse of life which prevails till death and also called “Rough”.You can not imagine/sence the intensity of love and hat but Rough sence it and appears by face or bring to one under undesireale consequences i.e fear,impare,loss ofrememberance,conflictin,illution, illness and sometime death.

  10. dr achint biswas on

    Respected sir
    Fantastic explaination,what a deep thought in his mind,its amazing,jai ho dr hahnemann sir ji

  11. anamika on



  12. swapan lodh on

    Hi Dr. Robert,
    Being myself a homoeopath I entirely agree with e.i., with aphorisms of Hahnaemann this have long been established by the sages while searching self realisation.Since about a century inner self search (equal to vital force)has been practiced in somewhat larger scale doctrined by Paramhansa Yogananda,Swami Vivekananda,and desciples of Shree Aurobindo and so many maharishis in India.Inner self and vital force are not only akin but are the same.

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