Homeopathy Tips for 4/07/09 Comments on Cancer

     I have been working at a cancer clinic 2 days per week for the last year and have made some general observations about cancer. I’d like to share a little of what I am learning. This may be helpful.

     There are two general personality types I have observed. One is the person who believes he can heal and has strong faith in a power greater than himself who is assisting his healing. The other is a person who does not have this belief and wants the “Doctor” to heal him. I have found that from this very basic belief structure there is a much higher percentage of  improvement with those that are taking responsibility for their healing and asking for the help of a higher power.

      This basic belief system also reflects in their life and how I address the case. I always try to get as much information as possible from each client about their life, their diagnosis and health history, paying close attention to the words they choose to describe their sufferings. Those clients who can share with rich descriptions of  their sufferings are more easily prescribed to. The mental symptoms will help guide me to the remedy.

        Those persons who are looking for a “cure” from their doctor usually do not provide such a keen insight into their sufferings.  When receiving the case and it feels like everything is revealed from questioning, it is more difficult to get the rich descriptors of their suffering and physical symptoms take a greater priority.

         Those clients who have been to the allopath and received chemotherapy, radiation or surgery never seem to respond as well. Their immune system has been compromised and the toxic effects of the chemical drugs often creates as much pathology as the original expression of their cancer.

       Those clients who have received a diagnosis and have chosen to not go the allopathic route have many times endured horrible threats from the oncologist about their life expectancy and choice to not do the drug therapies. Often the shock of diagnosis coupled with a “death sentence” will require a dose or two of Aconite to help these people.  The doctors approach is as important as the therapy. Those people with a stronger will and ability to take responsibility for their illness are making healthier choices and always do better than those who do not take the same level of responsibility.

      Another interesting observation is that suppression is a part of the cancer personality. I have prescribed Carcinosin and Staphysagria more often than any other two remedies. I am very careful to not form a prejudice about the case or the remedies. The common denominator of these two remedies is the suppression of the natural inclination. At a deep level the cancer personality has gone away from their  most natural emotional responses in life. I believe this is one of the roots of cancer.

        The duration of their illness also plays a big part in their recovery. Those clients who are still of vital strength do better. Those clients who have suffered for much longer before starting homeopathic treatment do not seem to do as well. I believe this is a reflection of their vital force and how much energy they have used up in the disease expression and what kind of reserves they have to heal themselves with.

       Where I have seen the best results are with those clients that are newly diagnosed and can clearly look at this as a wake up call and not be overwhelmed by it. They are ready and able to see that this more serious dis-ease expression is trying to teach them something and they are willing to go through the experience to learn their life lesson. I see homeopathy helping these people the very most.

       I will approach these cases to help them with their life lessons and not focus on the pathology as much. They do very well with this approach and as they heal their life they heal their cancer as well.

      One year is not a long time with a focus on cancer. I have treated many cases of cancer in the past, but working at the cancer clinic has brought many more cases. I am still watching for new clues and insight into cancer as more and more people come for treatment. I will keep you posted on any other observations.

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  1. vasudevan krishnan on

    I’ m newcomer to homeopathy and Tq for the tips you are giving. It is very heartning to know that this much dreaded disease can be cure by homeopathy.As you say, the words the patient say should be studied carefully to understand the nature/extent of the disease is simply marvellous. Kudos to you.

  2. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Dear Dr.Robert thank you for your clear descriptions towards treating cancer.Its a new advice in that case, believe and mental condition should be given prirority fast.Onece there was a slogan cancer always give no answer.Your tips and treating techniques are remarkable.Please keep informing over this forum whenever any new achievement that you get while treating the patients of cancer.May God bless you a long peceaful life.Regards.Malaker

  3. Yvonne Siblini-Lebanon on

    I would like to share this with you. I hope this is not going out of boundaries with you Dr. Robert, if it does you can delete this message.


    This Website provides an insight into the phenomenal and unprecedented success of treating the most difficult diseases of the world like Thalassemia and Cancer using Advanced Homeopathy, supported by real life patient information. It is also the gateway to avail this very advanced form of medical treatment.

    More than 14 Million prescriptions have been successfully served from our clinics till date and over 95% of our patients have avoided surgery for many critical cases.

    Dr. P. Banerji’s Homeopathic Healthcare Centre is headed by Dr. Paramesh Banerji, whose family has been offering homeopathic remedies for over 5 decades now through a network of clinics and a Global Telemedicine Centre headquartered in London.

  4. Suresh Harvu on

    Dear Dr Robert:

    Great deal of information. Couple of things if you would like to also comment on :

    a) I have seen Wheat Grass do it’s “magic” in a close friend of mine who underwent multiple cancers.

    b) Also, recently came across the ThetaHealing that focuses on the internal belief system to cure dis-ease that was given up by the medical community.


  5. Dear Dr.Robert,
    All your articles are highly interesting and valuable.This particular observation,related to cancer, depicts your god-given heart for serving the humanity compelling you to focus on the life processes behind the suffering.This needs in-depth research and entry into the hidden source of life.All fatal diseases can be treated then and recovered.But the fact is that the patient is then in an irreversible state of life and vital force.God blesses you to carry on.
    With my love & regards,

  6. Marie on

    Excellent! My mother is one of those who was diagnosed … and with God’s help … the cancer is eliminated. The attitude of the person is so important as you said.

    Thank you Dr. Field & thanks to the others who share their important information!

  7. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Hi yvonne sibline,I dont like to say anythings but so far i know Dr.P.Banerjee and its clinic completely based on strict commercial.They serve prescription after getting their specific fees.The example as you have raised here not at all desirable or acceptable.Mr.Robert Field everything he is donating here are most valuable without any money please remember.I know Dr.Ramakrishnan,Dr.P.Banerjee and many other of the world who are claiming to cure cancer leads to doubts.Dr.Robert Field sharing his best achievement here.I would like to request learned Dr.Robert Field to please delete the thread immediately and also ban Yvonne siblini immediately in the greater interest of this fair unique forum.Thanks.Dr.H.C.Malaker

    Hi Dr Malakar,

    I went to the website that was referenced and from what I could understand it seemed that the approach of the clinic is very allopathic even though they talk of homeopathy. Remember that homeopathy is the reason to give the remedy and not the remedy itself. Their “proven system” is not based on the patient but on the disease condition. This is using homeopathic remedies with an allopathic intent. In my humble opinion this is not homeopathy as Hahnemann described. I appreciate your concerns and I think you may even agree with me. I will choose to leave the post in the hopes that all who read this will see the truth. I understand your concerns. Thanks for the kind comments.

    Robert Field

  8. Dr.L.M. SHAIKH on

    Its a good article. I have been also involved in the cancer treatment and had majical experience of curing.lmshaikh

  9. Yvonne Siblini on

    Dr. H. C. Malaker

    I dont mean to sound defensive but dont we have to be unprejudiced?

  10. K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

    Dear Dr. Robert,
    I also agree with Dr. Malaker.
    I have practical knowledge about one of the highflying homeo clinic of international repute doing pure commercial work and even extent their knowledge for armtwisting / or blackmailing the patient by keeping the patient on tender hooks in the name of chronic conditions.
    The patient is made to suffer from down to up and then down, and the process is going on
    Your comment that the patient’s will to help himself and asking for help helps a lot.
    this can be extended to each and every cases.
    Thanks for details.

  11. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Thanks Dr.Robert Field and Dr.K.Rajagopala kurup for valuable comments.Really we should try to share our best clinical achievement of homeopathic medicines.Our systematic treatment may safe many many patient from certain type of surgery like tumor,ovarian cysts,eye problem,kidney stone,enlarged spleen,pollypus,warts,deformation and so and so.We are not less than dr.P.Banerji lol but we never black mail any patient over website.Malaker

  12. Yvonne Siblini on

    I was born and brought up in India, married to a Lebanese and looking at the posts here, I’m ashamed to to say that this is coming out of qualified homeopaths and fellow citizen.

    Each one has a choice in life. Its always nice to have a broader view. Dr. Robert is being very unpredujiced here and I just wish we could follow that. Pointing fingers is a childish thing to do.

    God bless and peace to all. Be happy.

  13. Ray Malecki on

    Hi Robert,
    It is wonderful that there is a clinic where a classical Homeopath is helping cancer patients! How did such a place come to be? I would love to establish such a place in Utah.
    Best wishes,

  14. Dr. Poonam Batra on

    Congrats Robert for the great work you are doing with cancer patients, and also for your honest comments. I really feel surprised for the high claims made by some homoeopaths that they can cure any disease. My personal view regarding cancer is that we can stop the patient going into cancerous state if we get the chance to give constitutional remedy, before the disease progresses. I would like to quote a case of mine of chronic leucorrhoea in a lady with lot of emotional suppressions,bearing the torture quietly, a few doses of Carcinocin, at few months interval, cured her persistent problem and she regained her health. Now her attitude towards the maintaining factor of her husband’s tormenting nature is changed. She no longer takes the indignation to her heart and suffers silently.
    I have seen Ars. alb bringing the peaceful death for my father in law who was diagnosed with advanced stage of cancer.
    So, all the best for your efforts.

  15. Dr naseer on

    dear robert

    Carcinosin nosode is deep acting remedy. I cured of the

    female her mammary glands of the left side to hard

    and painful. after use the carcinsin the hard and pain

    cured. mamary glands become small cured 50%.

  16. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    When cancer of any nature is found at the first stage Carcinocinum should be kept in mind next other remedies after studying the patient’s modalities.Learned participants of this forum please share your best wonderful remedy thats effective while giving treatment to the patient.Another wonderful remedy is Thuja Occidentalis due to its proliferative properties,Thuja is a welcome agent in the additional treatment of carcinomas and many times experienced considerable success in its effect.Thanks malaker



  18. ginni on

    I really enjoy this site and all the interesting information offered up. As homeopaths we learn to be unprejudiced and willing listeners. I am disappointed to read such a harsh response that asks for someone to be banned from the site for offering up information that they thought might be informative. come on guys, big heart, big mind, that’s what it’s all about. I personally have seen carcinosen work it’s magic in so many different ways which says a lot for understanding the soil/miasm. cheer up Yvonne I’m sure you were only trying to be helpful xx

  19. Carita on

    Hello Dr Robert. Would like to know if the clinic you work at has a website. If not, the name and location would be helpful to have for reference. You may also answer me off list if you want. Thank you.

  20. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Hi ginni, welcome,perhaps you are aware of that this site is not for advertisement purpose and those sites offering treatment after receiving money are completely commercial.The site of Dr.P.Banerji is an example,you cant expect any suggesstions from that site nor any name of medicines they are using like allopathic style.I personally think there is nothing to learn its can be earmarked as advertisement.Mr.Robert Field is sharing his best clinical achievement here for the greater interest of homeopathy,other doctors are also sharing their best experience.So there is nothing to get shock as yvonee is working for Dr.P.Banerji its clear from the topic posted above.Regards,malaker

  21. M.Supriya on

    thanks dr its a great work i hav given cadmium sulph for 2/3 cases for chemotherapy bad effects i.e vomitings,weaknessetc.it worked effectively

  22. Yvonne Siblini on

    Malakar, I dont know if you have read my post above that I am an Indian living in Lebanon married to Lebanese and what I have missed to mention is that I dont work for anyone. Seems to me like you have a problem with reading the material. Cant belive you are and Indian homeopath.

    There seems to be a competition within yourself. I am not competing, you seem to be. I have not even met Banerjee. Please understand that you should realise that everyone here is just putting their views and each one can take a view if they feel its right. So what is your problem?

  23. Yvonne Siblini on


    Besides CARCINOSIN Organ-specific remedies, carc-ad-storm(stomach) including Ceanothus (spleen, pancreas, liver), Terebinthina (bladder), Plumbum iodatum (brain), Hecla lava (bone, bone marrow), Sabal serrulata (prostate), and Hydrasti(stomach).

    Big remedies like Arsenicum, Conium and Thuja can help

  24. Yvonne Siblini on

    For those who like to read

    A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer

    Author: Dr. A. U. Ramakrishnan and Catherine R. Coulter

    Please note I’m not advertising but sharing my little knowledge.

    Jai Hind

  25. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Hi Yvonee,thanks for your clear descriptions,yes every one comes here to read the tips made by Dr.Robert Field,do you perhaps know he is making every tips after rendering very precious time and hard work.We natuarally come here to have some better idea about homeopathic medicines and its clinical achievement those we cant expect from any books of homeopathy as maximum homeopathic medicines yet needs to be proved those were not possible during the tenure of sir hahnemman.(please see your comments More than 14 Million prescriptions have been successfully served from our clinics till date and over 95% of our patients have avoided surgery for many critical cases.Thanks

  26. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Yvonne i have no problem you please come and share your knowledge but please dont post such web from where we cnt expect any help(please look over the thread of Dr.K. Rajagopala Kurup. on April 7 , 2009

    Dear Dr. Robert,
    I also agree with Dr. Malaker.
    I have practical knowledge about one of the highflying homeo clinic of international repute doing pure commercial work and even extent their knowledge for armtwisting / or blackmailing the patient by keeping the patient on tender hooks in the name of chronic conditions.
    The patient is made to suffer from down to up and then down, and the process is going on
    Your comment that the patient’s will to help himself and asking for help helps a lot.
    this can be extended to each and every cases.
    Thanks for details.

  27. Dr. K L Rana on

    I have cured a few cases of cancer, one breast cancer on both breast and one major case of WBC increased to 96000 and in another case 46000.

    All the persons are fine and there is also no recurrences.

    Besides, a case of a women of 27 yrs with family history with so many complication, cured about 4-5 yrs back. She is married and now is living with husband happily.

  28. Dr. K L Rana on

    The above cases have been cured with homoeopathy only. Homoeopathy is a wonderful and cure any thing.

    Some time I also wonder when I get the quick results and patient response.


  29. Dr. N J Shah on

    Dear Dr.
    It is great to learn that worldwide people are practicing homoeopathy for a cause and that is “service towards humanity” I am in the field of Assuring Good “Quality of LIFE” through HOMOEOPATHY to such patients who have contracted illnesses like CANCER & AIDS with MARVELLOUS results & in around 40 % of the cases have also witnessed regression of disease.
    My observation is also based on Mental state in diseased condition and i observe that such patients either fall in rubrics like Carried desire to be, Clinging, Naive, Credulous, Hopeful,Light desire for, feeling of wretched in delusion etc, etc.
    once again it is a great work keep it up, ALL THE BEST!!!

  30. Robert Field on

    Hello Everyone,

    It is with some contentment that I read all of the posts today. The discussion is spirited. Even though a bit contentious at times, I am happy that all of you are participating. Just a reminder to be respectful. I want to answer a couple of questions that have come up.

    1) How do we have Homeopathic medical clinics here in the US?..from Ray. In the state of Nevada we have a Homeopathic Medical Board which regulates alternative medicine. I am licensed here in Nevada and there are alot of alternative minded Dr’s doing alternative medicine here. The unusual thing is that the clinic I work in is the only one using classical Homeopathy in addition to their other modalities. At times they do conflict. I remain resolved to help as much as possible with each case though because the intent from all of the Dr’s I work with is the same; to help the person heal. Unfortunatly some of the treatments can be hard on the patient and the approach is allopathic. But not in every case, and those that the Dr’s are doing good nutritional and supplemental therapies without any other harsh treatments do the best. But not all cases are the same. Thankfully we respect each other and offer the best of our knowlege and work well together. It is because of this that out efforts actually work. The clinic is Reno Integrative Medical Center in Reno, Nevada. 775-829-1009

    Only becaused Carita asked am I sharing this. This site is not about a commercial endorsement. This is a result of a strong desire from myself and Resonance School of Homeopathy to share the wealth of information available in homeopathy right now.

    So please continue to share your experiences and ask questions. I am happy to share.

    Robert Field

  31. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Thanks Dr.Robert Field for your comments above.I personally hate the commercial endorsement cause i like to know better clinical achievement of learned doctors participating here in addition to your active help.The vague reply will not help any body to learn so please dont hesitate to share with the name of medicines.Warm regards,dr.Malaker

  32. Carita on

    Thank you for the center’s information – and for your willingness to share it (this speaks well of you too). I am far from Nevada at the present time and have no need of the clinic. It is just wonderful to know of places like this that are open to alternative treatments and I like to keep track of where they are. Here in the midwest I have not found so many as in the west (having been in CA for many years). Thank you – you do a wonderful job promoting and supporting homeopathy, a modality I am much in alignment with and am studying.

  33. t a karim on

    many people doubt can they use homeo with allopathy?pls answer;why the homeopaths are not writting the name of medicines on the cover which is given to patient some donot give any prescription slip at all.if u give the prescription the patient can understand the effect of homeopathy

  34. Tandra S Mukherjee on

    Sir I have a question we always use homeopathy so far but few days ago my cousin was having problem to swallow solid food on visiting the docfound a tumor said to do a biopsy the result of which is negative but since the problem persisted to take a second opinion he went to vellore there after all examination they have found two spots in the lungs &liver they said they will not operate&he has to undergo radiation &chemo .
    Now I would like to know if he should straight go for homeo or take radiation &then go for homeo can you please advise as they plan to start soon .I will look forward to hear from you by return mail & then decide .

  35. vaibhav on

    Just wanted to know best treatment or doctor for treatment of Aggressive Fibromatosis tumor in right chest

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