Homeopathy Tips for 4/04/17 Concerns About the Future of Homeopathy

I just returned from the Joint American Homeopathic Conference in Atlanta. This is an annual conference presented by the National Center for Homeopathy. It was my first conference in a while and I was really surprised by what I experienced.

When I was studying homeopathy in the 1990’s there were many conferences and speakers that exposed much new information about homeopathy. In some ways I look back on these times as the heyday of the current homeopathic renaissance. The speakers were dynamic and enthused. There was never a conference I attended that did not inspire me and left me feeling excited to be learning so much and a part of such a great movement.

I did not get to see all of the speakers at the conference but those I did attend were less than dynamic. Most were MD’s and ND’s. Some of the content presented was not purely homeopathic. A homeopathic remedy may have been mentioned but the focus of the cases or presentation was from a naturopathic or medical perspective. There should have been more pure homeopathic cases. Where were the Hahnemannian Classical homeopaths?

There was also a marketplace where different organizations and vendors presented their goods. It was nice to see most of the Homeopathic pharmacy’s there along with the leading homeopathic software programs. North American Society of Homeopaths was there representing professional homeopaths from USA and Canada. A couple of schools had booths there. Vaccine awareness and Health Freedom was represented also. There were quite a few booths with essential oil products. This was surprising since most strong smelling products are contraindicated with homeopathic remedies.

What was really missing were young people. I would say the average age was well into the 40’s if not the 50’s. Young people are the future of homeopathy. As the older homeopaths retire or worse, die, there needs to be an army of new, young homeopaths to fill the ranks. It was very telling to see all of the older homeopaths in attendance.

So in conclusion I was saddened by the lack of inspired presentations that were of a naturopathic or medical slant. Homeopathy is a science and art that stands alone. It should be kept that way. As more and more alternative therapies get confused with homeopathy it becomes diluted and the art of prescribing becomes lost. This combined with a lack of young people was very telling for me. Because of this I worry about the future of Homeopathy.

So if you are a classical Hahnemannian prescriber and care about homeopathy’s future, invite a younger person to share with. Get them excited about this wonderful healing art. We need to spread the good word and do all we can to bring young people into our profession. Show them the power of pure homeopathy. When there is a great influx of youth asking for more information about true, classical homeopathy, then maybe these conferences will change. For now it was a sad eye opener for me.

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  1. Roz on

    I would like to see classical Homeopathy remain pure. Diluting Homeopathy with western medicine or herbal practices will undoubtedly lead to prescribing the wrong remedy or multiple remedies, with clients possibly giving up in despair. Subsequent ‘bad mouthing’ of Homeopathy will probably follow with more attempts to eradicate it. Most of our children and grandchildren only know western medicine and we need to share Homeopathy with them. Is there a TV spot or video streaming for you in the future Doc??

  2. yogamamaonline on

    I have noticed the trend for many years now.

  3. lucindacch on

    I also attended the JAHC in Atlanta but had a different experience. I attended all but concurrent sessions. My favorite talks were by Louis Klein, Divya Chhabra and Pierre Fontaine.
    Louis Klein is doing important work adding many remedies in the Orchid family to our Material Medica. He emphasized over and over the importance for all homeopaths to participate in provings. The findings on his provings on his web site and in his new book. Very interesting.
    Divya Chhabra believes the key to finding the simillimum is to be found through specific cues which are from the unconscious mind. She shared cases and some about her insights.
    Pierre Fontaine is a very powerful and passionate homeopath treating mostly autistic spectrum children.
    All are homeopaths only practicing homeopathy.
    The marketplace did have people selling soaps and jewlery as well as representatives from NASH and Hahnemann Labs among others. Actually I found the marketplace to be a fun place to meet new people and hang out. What was for sale was insignificant. I agree essential oils shouldn’t be for sale there. That’s kind of a no brainer.
    I encourage anyone who has a passion for homeopathy and is interested in expanding knowledge of MM as well as meeting other homeopaths to attend the JAHC conferences. This was my 4th conference and I learn so much every time.
    I missed a premiere showing of the movie Just One Drop. I was visiting family 🙂
    Lucinda Sayre CCH, RSHom(NA)

  4. ellen kire on

    It has been over 5 years since I attended a JAHC conference but I recall that others commented on trend of declining attendance overall each year…..perhaps due to the increasing number of online homeopathic seminars, courses, and workshops being offered that offer quick and easy learning…… which are often free or inexpensive and appeal to newcomers exploring homeopathy, as well as those with more experience. There is so much available through the internet so you do not have to travel, pay for lodging, and admission fees. We live in such a busy time that is difficult to find the time and make the commitment. Perhaps the increasingly negative skepticism- the worldwide attacks on homeopathy that are taking their toll? However, on a positive note the NCH manages to increase its membership every year because interest and awareness of homeopathy is growing! So not all is doom and gloom!

    I do agree that those with a medical background are the majority of presenters each year and real classical homeopaths seem to be losing ground..with classical homeopathy becoming more diluted as other healing modalities are added into the treatment which is a shame. it would be good to see more newer classical practitioners as presenters instead of just the more prominent ones that everyone knows…some new blood…with fresh outlooks. But it is expensive and not easy to secure a slot to present.

    It is a wonderful experience to go and meet other like-minded folks..and for networking so hope the annual conference will continue and be sustainable. I would prefer to only see homeopathic products offered since this is a homeopathic conference and skip all the other stuff but I know this brings in money to support the conference financially. Lastly I will add that I do not see a problem with essential oils in terms of antidoting homeopathic remedies- that has been my experience. since they are not homeopathic I do not think they need to be at a homeopathic event such as this.

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