Homeopathy Tips for 4/02/13 Recognizing the Ripple

When we give a remedy we expect that a person will get better and the path to wellness is easy and straight forward. Nothing could be further from the truth. Often during healing we have the expected aggravation but there are other times that come up that do not fall into the aggravation description but need to be understood.

There is no cure without an aggravation. This most homeopaths have come to accept and expect to see. There are a lot of ways to recognize the healing by aggravation and amelioration. Sometimes these are very clearly presented by the person. There are other less noticeable forces that also work to bring about change and they do not fall into the class of aggravation but need to be understood also.

When a remedy is given and is recognized by the vital force a wave of energy is initiated. This energy usually is accompanied by amelioration of the presenting symptoms and an upsurge in energy. The person will usually report they are feeling better even if the initial physical symptoms are not improved significantly.

Once this wave leaves it is bound to bounce back and when it arrives there will be something of the original theme attached to it. This wave can be on any time length. It can sometimes bounce back into our experience in days, weeks or months. The timing is up to the individual and not determined by the homeopath. But it should be recognized because it is important. If this can be seen then it will help the person very much by explaining it to them. When they can make sense of it the energy will not stick. If we can’t make sense of it then we assume that the original disease is back and in force.

I will share an example. I received a very good healing. All of my back pain had disappeared. Four days later on attempting to fix a water problem my back pain reappeared as if it had never improved. The theme of water has played a large part in my story. Once the water issue was revisited my back pain returned. There is seemingly no connection between my back and the water yet returning to the water problem triggered the back pain. One may say that is pure coincidence but I see it differently. It is not an accident at the same time the back has been helped is followed by the “new” old challenges with water. It took four days for the wave to go out and a re-challenging of the theme to appear again.

Now is the time to be aware that this process is in play and not to attach too much to the event. It is kind of like being an Akido master who can see the opponent coming only to step slightly to the side and use their energy to let them move by without expending any energy of our own to stop them; no resistance. By recognizing the connection I was able to simply watch the process as my body was wanting to respond. It did it’s little dance with the issues of water and by simply seeing it for what it was I let it go quickly. The healthy response returned and the pain went away.

If I were not aware of this process it would have been easy to attach to the event and make false assumptions that the healing never lasted. I share this info with all of my students and clients when I am able to perceive it in them. This avoids many of the freak outs and the extra remedies that one may be impelled to prescribe. By simply noticing and letting go the rebound of the healing and dis-ease I returned to health quickly.

You should be cognizant of these little stories  that your client may relay to you. It is in the story we learn so much, but can be tempted to believe that the remedy is not working. Then it is very easy to want to give another remedy and really mess up a very good healing response.

Look for ways that shifting changes follow a theme, especially after a seemingly good healing response. Resist the urge to either stop the remedy or change it to another that will most likely not be as good of remedy. It is always good to stand in your decision about remedies and not be too willing to change them quickly. By simply having a greater understanding and ability to share with your client you will be able to help them even more and never interfere with a good healing response.

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  1. Sci on


    it is not true that there is no healing without aggravation !
    The presence of the aggravation depends of there remedy given !

    There are remedies which can act similar or complementary to the disease.

    In first case they produce a kind of artificial disease which will erase the disease afterwards – hence the aggravation – and in the second case they erase the disease straight away.

    In the first case you erase fire with fire, in the second case you erase fire with water.

    So there is aggravation only when the ACTING force of the remedy is similar to the disease. This does not have anything to do with “similia similibus curentur” which describe something else..

    I talk about the acting force of the remedy. Some remedies have both kind of acting: thery are acting similar to certain diseases and complementary to other diseases. So it depends also of the disease treated.

    Everybody who used homeopathy has experienced healing without aggravation. I know that this small little fact is ignored because
    the homeopathy cannot see inside the remedies to see how they really act.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Sci,
      I understand your observation. The remedies do not “act” at all. They do absolutely nothing except through the principle of resonance they can inspire the vital force. To inspire is to initiate movement without force. The remedy acts to inspire the vital force into a response only. Everything comes from the vital force. When the vital force is responding it is taking energy from the immaterial and animating the material, ie the body. During this response the body will present signs and symptoms of the dis-ease during the response as it expresses the energy of the dis-ease to a more peripheral layer of its being. When this energy is increased by the vital force expression it is seen as an aggravation. The vital force must do this to heal. But not all increases in the symptoms are aggravations, as per the ripple effect I am referring to above. There can be homeopathic suppression also. This is when the vital force has responded to the remedy and no aggravation occurs. I have seen this and when the vital force finally does express the aggravation they are usually more severe. Sometimes a suppression can last a very long time with homeopathy.
      I hope this helps,
      Thanks for your comment,

  2. Lucinda on

    Thanks for the conversation and observations! It’s fascinating!
    I was looking for references and explanations regarding homeopathic aggravations and was drawn to The Science of Homeopathy. Vithoulkas says “In the vast majority of patients, the homeopathic aggravation can not be considered harmful. The defense system always obeys the fundamental principle of cybernetics, which states that any highly organized system will react to any stress with the best possible response of which it is capable at any given moment. That is why if there is a pathological symptom which can cause damage to the system, such as very high blood pressure, this dangerous symptom will be immediately ameliorated while other symptoms may be aggravated during the therapeutic process. ” Page 228-229
    Could it be this principle which explains a cure without an aggravation?

  3. Robert Lal on

    Very informative !

  4. Dr. Amjad Shaikh on

    Very precise and educative. You always drive the point home. Its a great service to Homeopathy and Humanity as well.

  5. dr.mohammedhussain on

    Very precise and educative. You always drive the point home. Its a great service to Homeopathy and Humanity as well.

  6. Sci on

    Hello again,

    let’s not forget that whatever Hahnemann said about the VITAL FORCE it is based on SUPPOSITIONS. He has chosen this neutral word not to go too deep into mystical or esoteric terms. Anybody who knows a force or energy without a body that produces it ?
    Light without a bulb, a candle or a star ?
    Radioactive energy without radioactive material ?
    Heat without something that burns or that produced infrared radiation ?
    Gravity without a planet or a star ?
    Magnetism without a magnet or electric source ?

    NOBODY can name a form of energy without something that generates it.
    So who has the VITAL FORCE, that abstract thing Hahnemann invented to describe something. Most homeopaths, like all physicist talks about “forces” and “energies”
    as they would be something on their own, but, as with ANY form of energy or force, this is only a feature of some object/body, being alive or “dead.”

    Hahnemann made clear that the vital force does not belong to the body…and the healing it is not done in the body…but by the vital force.
    So who does the vital force belongs to ?
    To the SOUL, that immortal etheric body.

    “The remedies do not “act” at all – yes the remedies DO ACT !
    Yourself uses this word in this circumstance probably daily !

    Since nobody can see the soul and it is working principles, nobody can say – based only on suppositions – what the remedy does exactly and WHERE.

    So whatever is based on speculation it remains a speculation.

    Maybe you wanted to say, that the remedies do not act in the BODY, which is definitely true, because the remedies are spiritual/etheric nature and cannot act in the material body.

    So the remedy act, but in the soul. In the soul something changes because of the remedy and after that the soul – which is the doctor and master of the body takes care of the body and heals the body.

    But we cannot say “the remedy does not act” ..nor that “it does not do anything”. nor can we apply some theoretical explanation borrowed from physics to explain what the remedy does and what not.

    Only with knowledge from God somebody can know how a homeopathic remedy really works, because we don not have the eyes to see it nor the brain to guess the truth
    from invisible complicated things like the soul is.

    We borrowed the “energy” and “force” terms from physics, but they are mostly used wrong !

    Because force is often the effect and not the cause.

    A small example: a rocket fired does not go high in the atmosphere because of some
    theoretical force, but because the air underneath is being condensed. Same principle is used by a helicopter. If you put condensed air in the balloon (pressure) you have the same effect. Why does the balloon fly ? The ultimate reason ? Because the air gets out or
    because some imaginary force press the balloon in the opposite force ?
    The movement is only the effect of the air getting condensed at the
    hole of the balloon, which simply presses the balloon in the opposite direction, same as we push ourselves away from a wall, when we push the feet against it.

    Reality vs. theory. True explanations vs. scientific explanations.

    Basically homeopathy is the science where something definitely works but nobody can explain exactly where, how and why. All explanation models – Hahnemann’s too – are based only on some suppositions which can help getting a virtual explanation, but this must not be the TRUTH and it does not represent the truth.

    If somebody can deliver a real explanation, this it can com only from the divine, it will be simple and will definitely contradict our knowledge and wrong way of thinking based on “science” models.

    The explanation given to me above above aggravation and amelioration it is true and can be observed by any homeopath and even most patients. A real FACT cannot be simply eliminate by an explanation, it requires a good explanation or…a “I don’t know yet”

    We “know” things not because we understand, but because we “believe” somebody, usually a authority.
    Hahnemann talked about vital force, everybody uses this word, but nobody can really tell WHAT it is, except for repeating Hahnemann words or making some new own theory about it. If Hahnemann would have tol you what I told you above, maybe you would have believed this too know.

    So, real knowledge and believing are very distinct things.
    When homeopathy knows so little about the soul, where the remedy acts, how can it know something about the HOW and all other details ?

    Thanks god the remedy work and we can find them often without even knowing how they work, where they work and more than that without knowing what happens ind the body !

    Homeopathy is actually best compared to this: a car mechanic is trying to fix the motor of car. But he never saw a motor in his whole life, nor will he be able too see one. Based on some observation from the past he can guess which tool is best to fix it (the remedies) and he gives the tool to the car. The car is either fixed or it is not fixed and then the mechanic try another tool. The mechanic will also never know what the tool did exactly inside the car, he can only observe some changes.

    It is amazing that this kind of fixing works !
    But only because it worls this is not a reason to say now : “we know exactly what happens, .. what the vital force is, how the remedy works…” Because either Vithoulks, nor Kent, no Hahnemann, no other homeopath ever knew this (while being in flesh on this world, maybe after their death). We only know symptoms and a remedy that match that symptoms and some causations connected to some remedies. That is it.
    We know very little about this homeopathy miracle.
    We only can know more if you get informations from the divine source, otherwise we will remain blind for these things.

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