Homeopathy Tips for 4/31/18 What to Do When the Chronic Case Gets Interfered With

During long term case management it is inevitable that during treatment something will come up that interferes with the remedy and the persons response. What do we do?

There are a few times when something inevitable comes up like a dental appointment or acute illness that will throw off a persons response to their remedy. These occurrences can often upset the course of treatment. When a person has been doing well taking a remedy for an extended period of time, these events or illnesses can be an upset in the healing picture.

The most important thing to remember is that if a person has been successfully responding to their remedy, especially if they have been taking the remedy on a daily basis, to not stop the remedy. In the event of an acute illness repeating the remedy more often is sometimes enough to really influence the acute.

If the acute illness is not responding and the suffering increases to the point that treating the acute is necessary, then finding the very best remedy for the case and changing it as the case evolves, is the most appropriate course of action. But do not stop the remedy that has been supporting the healing for the extended time.

The persons vital force will still need to be inspired and it is good to not loose the thread of that response. Often after the acute illness has been resolved it may be necessary to change the potency to re-inspire the vital force to the chronic expression again.

When trauma is known and planned for as in dental work or surgery etc., it is imperative that the supporting chronic remedy not be stopped. Again it may be necessary to repeat it more often during the trauma. It is also appropriate to treat the new state after the known trauma has occurred. It is not always necessary if the persons response is not so strong. But if there is great discomfort and a well selected acute remedy is given, the person will benefit.

Treating in this way may upset the original response to the chronic remedy, but if the remedy has not been stopped the person will not have to “get the ball rolling again” so to speak. The response may diminish and if after several days of the acute trauma being resolved and the person is still lacking support, then changing potencies is appropriate.

I ask my clients about dental work in the future. Sometimes if they have established a pattern of response to the remedy potencies, then I will request them to schedule dental work around the time of the natural remedy change. For example, some people will need to change potencies around the 8-10 week interval. This is always still allowing for the persons vital force to tell us what to do next, but patterns do develop in the case after time.

If they need an appointment for dental work I will ask them to make it around the 8-10 week interval so the natural time of the existing remedy will not be affected as severely. This will maximize their time spent on that particular potency.

If a person has taken a single dose of a higher potency, then the acute trauma or illness will often necessitate that the remedy be repeated again. Again, if there is an appropriate acute remedy necessary, absolutely give it. It may affect the case. Hopefully after giving a short time for the chronic state to reappear, repeating the chronic remedy will re-inspire the person into a continued healing response.

As always let the vital force tell you what to do next. These ideas are not a protocol for every single case. Sometimes what one may think as being disruptive to the case is not as traumatic as might expect. If this is the case, then continuing the daily remedy or repeating the remedy is the best course of action. Use these ideas as guidelines and you will know better what to do when a case is interfered with.


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  1. Ananta Narayan Das on

    Nice article Sir.I may add that a closely observing physician will be master in this type of case management with their experience goes deep with the years of practice.So the summery is lets watch the every case,it will teach us how to manage the different cases at various situations.

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