Homeopathy Tips for 4/10/18 NASH and Our Professional Organizations

Community is what happens when more than one person comes together with a common interest. Professionals come together to form a community and homeopathy has come together as a profession. The North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) is the leading professional organization  for homeopathy in North America. What must a professional organization provide for their members?

Firstly, our professional organizations need a clear understanding of the profession and the ability to advocate for the professional. Because homeopathy is a healing art and falls under the general idea of alternative or natural medicine, this involves working with others. So our professional organization needs to protect the public as well as protect the professional homeopath.

To protect the public, having a very high standard and competency is paramount. NASH has the highest standards of any credentialing organization in Homeopathy. The Council for Homeopathic Certification has testing for their title of CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath) Once this title has been earned there is a yearly registration fee to maintain it. Nothing more is provided than the permission to use the title. The standard of testing is much lower than NASH’s standards. No cases are need to be presented to establish competency. This is a very dangerous thing as more and more people can be under trained and not have the experience necessary to be a competent practitioner. This does not protect the public fully from an unqualified practitioner.

NASH requires 10 independent cases to be presented with at least 6 months of follow-ups. This insures that the professional homeopath (RSHom) has shown competency in actually doing homeopathy and not just passing a didactic, multiple choice test. This is very important since a person seeking homeopathy needs to be sure to have a competently trained professional who has experience. Only after proving their abilities as a practitioner can the person earn the title RSHom (NA) (Registered Society of Homeopaths, North America). This is the most respected title and has world wide recognition.

NASH’s goal is to increase the legitimacy of the professional homeopath. As a part of their bylaws they can lobby on behalf of the profession. This is a huge advantage to being a registered member. As a registered member you have an advocate for your profession. Attaining the RSHom shows your competency and your alignment with an organization that will do its best to protect you and your profession.

Other benefits to being a member of NASH are;

Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics promoting a self-regulated profession. Clients can depend on a high caliber experience.

The American Homeopath: a highly respected and widely read annual journal providing members the opportunity to publish articles, research, provings and more. This alone is worth the price of your membership renewal.

Professional Referral: Our online directory promotes your practice providing, bio, phone, practice specifics and website link.

Promotional guidelines to safely market your practice and to address the media.

Self-regulation with A cohesive Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics create a safe practice environment for our members and our clients. NASH has an established grievance procedure to help mediate conflicts and protect both the professional and the public, believing that we, as a professional organization, are better equipped to arbitrate such disputes than governmental bodies.

Professional Liability Insurance providing high quality coverage with an A rated carrier. General Liability and Computer Information Security and Privacy coverage endorsements can be added to your insurance policy.

Legal Defense Fund to help offset costs for registered members should a dispute arise. It’s nice to know should the need arise that someone has your back.

LegalShield extending discounted rates on all LegalShield services. This is a fantastic deal to have an attorney on retainer for very little money. This service extends far beyond the scope of just homeopathy. This is for every legal question that may come up anywhere in life.

Archibel: RadarOpus homeopathic software discount – a Single Intuitive Interface for everything a busy homeopath needs: Repertory, Materia Medica, Patient Files.

Compass Software discount – a paperless office specifically designed to organize your entire homeopathic practice.

Full Slate Online Scheduling Program has everything you need to manage a busy schedule. 10% discount to NASH Registered Members.

NASH Foundation supporting educational and research projects that members pursue. This is another great resource for members needing support in their research projects.

Lending Library offering a collection of recorded past conferences for your listening enjoyment free of charge. Another wonderful perk. Think of the books you don’t need to buy!!

Webinars offering online opportunities to share knowledge, resources, and provide continuing education opportunities.

Mentor Program provides opportunities for associate and student members to benefit from the expertise of experienced homeopaths. For students this is a most necessary benefit. Get help on cases as you develop your practice.

Volunteer Opportunities allowing us to pool our talents to grow homeopathy.


Discounts with Associated Organizations: OHM Pharma, Washington Homeopathic Pharmacy, and more.

Private Discussion Forum: a LinkedIn forum where our membership of professional colleagues can support each other’s clinical practice.

Full voting rights in Society elections and decisions.

There are 5 levels of membership with NASH.

The Registered Member is the professional homeopath who has proven competency and earned the title RSHom (NA)

The Associate Membership is for those people who are not professional homeopaths but who support the Homeopathic Profession. There are many benefits to this level of membership far beyond donation.

The Student Membership is for students attending a Homeopathic School. Again there are many benefits as well as having an advocate for your profession aspirations and an avenue for credentialing.

The School Membership is for any school of homeopathy that wants to support the profession and have NASH as a professional organization support them.

The State /Provence Membership if for any group or organization that has a minimum of 7 active members and wants to join NASH and have member benefits.

With so many ways to enjoy the benefits of an organization that is working for homeopathy, joining now is a very good idea. NASH is a non-profit organization and all of its members are volunteer. This is not an organization that is out to take advantage of its members. It is an organization that advocates for its members. There is strength in numbers. As a community we need to stick together and support each other. We also need to support the organization that is supporting Homeopathy. NASH is what is supporting us. Click HERE NOW! https://homeopathy.org/

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