Homeopathy Tips for 3/31/09 Kidney Stones

      Kidney stones occur in about one in 1,ooo persons. The passing of kidney stones can cause excruciating pain. Homeopathy can be very useful in helping to heal the susceptibility to kidney stones and during the acute pain of passing them.

     Kidney stones are called renal calculi. They are crystallized mineral deposits that develop in the renal pelvis or calyces. Calculi develop when calcium and other minerals, such as uric acid, crystallize in the kidney. These can break off and enter the ureters causing pain (renal colic) during the spasmodic contraction of the ureter.  Sometimes complete blockage of the ureter happens. This is a serious situation and needs prompt attention. If the stones are small enough they can pass unnoticed.  

       Renal colic is  characterized by excruciating, intermittant pain, usually in the area over the kidney in the small of the back and spreads across the abdomen often to the genitals and inner thighs. Other symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, abdominal distention, chills, fever, and blood in the urine. The urge to urinate can become frequent as the stone passes down the ureter.  

        Diagnosis is usually based on the type and location of the pain and the presence of blood in the urine. X-rays can detect calcium stones but a radiopaque dye is needed for  uric acid stones. If the stones are large enough sometimes ultrasound can detect them. Common treatment for acute renal colic is lithotripsy. This is a treatment using sound shock waves to shatter the stone, breaking it apart so that the smaller pieces can be passed without pain. It is relatively safe but requires a hospital procedure. If this does not work often surgery is necessary if there is a complete blockage.

      Always drinking alot of fluids will help increase urine production and help flush stones out.  Diet can help in some instances depending on the composition of the stone.

        Rubrics from the Complete 2005 Repertory that may be useful in coming to a remedy for kidney stones are;

  • Bladder; calculi
  • Urine; sediment; renal calculi
  • Kidneys; pain; calculi, from bladder
  • Urine; sediment; sand, gravel, small calculi
  • Kidneys; pain; left, colic with
  • Kidneys; pain; right, colic with
  • Kidneys; pain; colic
  • Kidneys, pain; colic, pain in extremities with
  • Kidneys; pain; colic, paroxysms between
  • Kidneys; pain; colic, pressing glans amel.
  • Kidneys; pain, colic, vomiting with
  • Back; pain, colic in

     The most useful and indicated remedy for help with the acute pains and passing of the stone is Berberis Vulgaris. This single remedy will work most of the time. It is the very first remedy to think of. It covers the majority of the symptoms of renal calculi.  Common sensations are bubbling pains in the kidneys, severe pain in the kidneys, pains radiating or extending to the testes. Pains may radiate, change locations or emanate from the small of the back. Usually the 30C or 200C potencies will work best in the acute. Repetition as necessary. Other remedies that can be very useful and should not be ignored

  • Lycopodium – especially if the symptoms are right sided. Must strain to urinate. Urine burning hot
  • Sarsaparilla – Also right sided pain.Can pass urine only when standing. Pain in urethra extending to abdomen.
  • Benzoic Acid – Urine strong smelling. Pains suddenly change locality.  Useful in uric acid calculi.
  • Calcarea Carbonica – Urine dark, sour, foul or strong odor. White sediment in urine.
  • Calcarea Renalis – Left sided pain. vomiting with pain. Blood in the urine. Helps dissolve stones since it is from the kidney stone.
  • Lithium Carbonicum – Pain in bladder extending to testes or spermatic cord. Right sided kidney pain.
  • Pareira Brava – Must get on all fours with head pressed to the floor to urinate. Constant urging to urinate with great straining. Pain extending down thighs.
  • Urtica Urens – Blood in the urine. Uric acid calculi. Urine suppressed.
  • Cantharis – Tenesmus. Constant desire to urinate. Burning, scalding cutting pains. Blood in the urine. Urine passes drop by drop.

Study your repertory and materia medica. Kidney stones are a chronic condition that makes itself known in a very acute way. When considering remedies to help reduce the chronic expression of this disease, always include mental symptoms and remember to prescribe to the essence of the case; to the person in their totality. Never forget Berberis in the acute expression; it will help more often than any other remedy.

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  1. Rahul on

    Good tips

    • Dr. Fazal dad on

      Good morning sir.
      thank u for such a good information but it would be more better to mention the required potency.

  2. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Dear Dr.Robert thanks for your most valuable tips for treating kidney stone.As regards Berberis Vul its the wonderful remedy as i have treated so many sufferers with Berberis 200c,Calcarea Carb,Cantheris and Lycopodium and my sucess rate is satisfactory.I would like to hear from other learned doctors of this forum about their best clinical achievement in treating stones over 10 mm.Thanks again for your hard work.Regards.Malaker

  3. S.ROQUIA on


  4. mah-jabeen on

    HI, Robert thanks
    I want this useful remidiy.





  6. Chokka Raj on

    Very Nice Tip,

    As pointed by Dr. Malaker, if stones are bigger in size whether any of the above remedy helps to reduce /spit the size of kidney stone to sand size and expell through urine?

    I welcome similar tips for Gallbladder Stones.

    Thanks and Regards

  7. K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

    Thanks, Mr. Robert

  8. Ejaz Mahmood on

    V. Good tips, it will help us

  9. R. D. Ray on

    Dear Dr
    I agree with this suggestions recommended for renal stones.
    Sarsa parilla and Berberis is most frequently used medicines for such type of colic sysmptoms. Calcatre and Lycopodium can also not to be forgotten. As in Homopathy there is no specific medicine for any diseases and symptoms are only the guiding parameters still I can say first attention to be paid to those medicines suggested by you.
    Thanks for your valuable suggestion.
    Hoping to receive such tips frequently.


    dear Mr. robert
    good morning
    thanks for tips.

  11. sachin goyal on

    Apart from the above medicines,what i use in my daily practice and found them really effective are combination of THLASPI.B.P -Q,OCIMIM CAN-Q ,SOLIDIGO VIRGA-Q,B.V-Q,SARSAPARILLA-Q,HYDRANGEA-Q,PARIERA B-Q,OXYDENDERON-Q,VESICARIA-Q,COLEUS-Q,URTICA URENS-Q. IT is a very effective combination for expelling calculus even more then 12-14 mm size.IT also control renal colic even far better than pain killers.

    • dr sameer dhokale on

      Mr sachin,plz discus more on doses/how to dispence this combination to the pt.plz share other combination for another chronic diseases if you have.

    • arshad on

      dear sachin goyal would you please send me other effective homeo combination for other diseases?
      Ill oblige you.

  12. Dr. Poonam Batra on

    I manage most of my cases with Berb.vul. 30. ocimum can 30,repeated every 15 minutes, as per requirement, in case of severe colic, if this does not help, Parera Brava Q,10 drops in half a cup of water in repeated doses, always alleviates the pain. Nux. Vomica 200, in case of frequent ineffectual painful urge for urination.

  13. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Thanks Dr.Sachin Goyal for your effective tips for treating kidney stone.Really combination of medicines serving quickly as mass patients are geting quick relief or cure.Will you further share your dose schedule to make the issue clean?Malaker

  14. neetha on

    Thanks it was in deed a very informative tip

  15. Humayun on

    Thanks for your valuable informations

  16. dr.geeta on

    yes its really good tips.as i know berberis is very good remedy for kidney stones,n i used 2 treat some pt’s.

  17. Dr. K L Rana on

    I have used Berberis, Lycopodium, Calc.c for Kidney stone problem and got good results.

  18. shankar on

    My wife is suffering from acne. I will be grateful if someone could suggest a remedy. Am willing to share specific information. Am residing in a country where this remedy is not available. She is being treated by a doctor in South India for over a year with hardly any improvement at an exhorbitant cost (INR 2,000 for a 3-month course…!) Am aware that homeopathy cures in the most cost-effective manner.

    Hi Shankar,

    I am working on a low cost online repertization program that will allow you to share cases with the community as well as do the case yourself. Please watchyour emails for the announcement. It is not too far off.

    Robert Field
    Resonance School of Homeopathy

  19. MONINA on

    Thanks Robert for the tips.

  20. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Dear shankar will you please tell what kinds of acne she is suffering and how old she is?Generally we found 2 types of acne i.e acne rosacea and acne vulgeris.Please also detail how is her bowel movement.What kind of cosmetics/foods help to aggravate her acne.Soon after your details i will be able to suggest you medicines.Thanks,malaker

  21. M.Supriya on

    Thanks for your tips Dr.roberts
    apart from these tabacum can be also used for left sided renal colic associated with nausea n perspiration it is used in acute conditions successfully

  22. Adnan Hadeed on

    Thank you Dr. Robert to sending valuable tips for kidney stone treatment. I appreciate you for this knowledgable tips and case analysis for kidney problems.

    Thank you and expecting more valuable tips from you.

    Best regards


  23. Adnan Hadeed on

    Dear Dr. Robert,

    Will you please help me to control on premature ejaculation because I suffer from this desease since a long period. Even then I have five children out of them two are male and three are daughters. During entercourse i feel too much sensation and some heart pulputation this is the cause I feel a lot of inspiration and immediate ejaculate before my partner.

    My age is aroud 43 pleas send me any good suggestion tips and effective remedy name that I may get permanent fure, I have lake of desire also not properly erection but in the early statege it was too for some times in the teen age I was also involved in musterbation also but musterbation I left before 20 years this is my self control.

    As my case mentioned above please give me good suggetion tips and more effective viogra medicine, I am cool as well as more ambitious and tempered mind.

    Thanking you and waiting your valuable knowlege.

    best regards


    Hi Adnan,

    I’m sorry but even with your honest sharing there is not enough information to prescribe a remedy for. It would be best to contact a homeopath in your area and have them give you a remedy. You will have much better success than me recommending something for you with such limited information. Good luck,
    Robert Field


    Thnaks Robert,

    for fruitful information about kideny stone , calculi, pain etc. eash and avey thing in your suggested remedy. sir, i am also a homeopath i have a problem for a year back i got flu soi took some alopathic med. and also balm for nose opening but unlucky every body in my home was suffering like me and noses are open but i got my smelling power deteriorated and unknown smell like spirit in watermelon and parfume is giveing me also very bad smell cant explain i tried so many allopaths and homeopaths for his rmedy to clear my sense of smell b/s of steam. maimoona bangash


    kindly reply me


    on website

  27. dr ghulam mohydin on

    thanks for your tips.

  28. dr sameer dhokale on

    Thanks Dr Robert,does combination works? plz discus different combination for different diseases.

  29. LP on

    Hi Dr Robert,

    My mother, aged 73, has recently been put on dialysis. Doctors say her kidneys are 90% failed and her urea level is 220, creatinine is 12.5. She has stopped eating almost completely and is suffering from constant nausea, frequent vomiting and sudden motions she cannot hold to reach the bathroom 10 feet away.

    She has been on homoeopathy for most of her last 20 years and would prefer a remedy that doesn’t get vomitted out quickly after ingesting.


  30. Ajay Kumar on

    Dear Mr. Robert,
    My father is 74, he undergone TUR (Trans Urethral Resection) surgery about 15 yrs back when his urinary track was completely chock due to increase in size of prostate. Recently he started feeling burning sensation during passage of urine also needs to give/stand some extra time to clear it out. He is firm believer of Homeo medicine, is there any suggestion to improve upon his current condition. At present he is taking URIMAX 0.4mg tablet.

  31. Dr Monika on

    I am working with Dr KK Goyal, you will be surprised to know that he doesn’t have any mother tincture in his clinic, while he is very famous in treating kidney patients.
    he says, every thing is controlled by the vital force, so there is need to activate the vital force by well selected potentised medicines only. patient should not be treated on physiological level.

    • Dr.H.C.Malaker on

      Dear Dr.Monica thanks for your effective information.As you are working with Dr.KK Goyal and he is famous for treating kidney disease.Will you further help us as how he is diagonising his patient i mean in what parameter he uses to select the remedy?Thanks

  32. Rizwanul Haque on

    I am 52 years old. For the last 10 years my right hand trembles particularly at the time of writing. Trembling increases when I write infront of some people and at the time of stress.Iam taking “Inderal” since long which of course decreases the symptom but I want effective homeopath medicine to be fully cured. Will you help me, a lot of thanks.

  33. syed husain on

    Very informative article and tips,but Idid not find tips on Hearing problems particularly since birth. please provide the tips for the same.


    Sir Basically i am lab technician but i know somthing about great homeo medicine i read about renal calculi
    what u explain its realy amazing its very useful for calculas pt.

  35. Pravin on

    My mother has a 22mm uric acid stone in right kidney
    The right kidney is now smaller than the left kidney
    Please tell which remedy(s) is best for uric acid stones. She does not have any pain at this time. She has high bp and black rings under her eyes.
    Please help

  36. Dr.Mrinmoy sasmal on

    Dear Dr.Robert,
    thanks for your information.i am also a successful physician treated so many cases of renal stones upto 10to 17mm stone expels through ureter.iam using berberis v Q,hydrangeaQ,eqisetum Q,cantharis Q,pareira Q,tabacum 200, lyco 30,sars 30,medo 1m,thuja 200,thalaspi 6 according to symptoms similarity.

  37. Dr.Mrinmoy sasmal on

    Hi Dr Robert.
    You have any experience in treatment of Willsons disease?with zinc acetate im trying to give a similar medicing to a small 12years female child in my clinic.pls send a reply.

  38. Rosemary Huhman on

    Kidney stones can be treated by ultrasound if the stones are not very big. Thus, early detection is very imporant. ;;`.’

    Many thanks http://www.healthmedicinelab.com/ingrown-toenail-treatment/

  39. Shahid Ali Khan on

    Four months ago suddenly it started paining in my stomach and back side. In ultrasound nothing was found but when KUB xray test done their was 1 stone of around 6 mm on the top of kidney. after a month of allopathic treatment it came down in the center of Kidney. ppl suggested me to go with homeopathic treatment for faster result. I switched to homeopathic medicine for 2 months but when again KUB xray was done the position of stone was same. I am very much depressed since I am not able to get rid from this stone. In homeopathic medicine doctor told me to take 20 drops of each said medicine with water thrice a day – B.vula , hydrazene , painform. I am not able to read the name exactly.

    Please suggest me with which homeopathic medicine should I carry on and their daily dosage. I will be very thankful to you.

  40. Rajesh on

    Without surgery remove kidney stone. Dissolve Renal calculus(kidney stones)with pure herbal medicines.Are you suffering from U.B.,Ureter,KIDNEY stones?Everyone knows that kidney stone is an excrutiating painful problem n surgery is the only solution for get ridoff,but now-a-days it is not true.India’s well known ayurvikalpa kidney stone treatment n research center has already treated more than 3000 patients successfully.There r no need of Lithotripsy or open surgery.
    My medicine is available in powder form n have no any side effect.After yrs.of research,we present a miracle stone dissolving package,cost 4000/-for complete course of 8 weeks treatment. Our medicine doesn’t only dissolve kidney stones,instead it destroy the root causes n we guarantees that u will never get Kidney stone again in ur rest life.If u have any query then Contact to…Dr.RAJESH KUMAR(BAMS,MD Ayur.Gold Medal,D.Ac.SriLanka) zafarabaad,Rohaniya,Varanasi(U.P.)MobNo…….. +919889971201.

  41. o.p.vishwakarma on

    A case of renal/kidney stone as a calculi in left side kidney. There is seen two nos. Caculi in left kidney in USG. One is sizes of 12:9 mm in upper portion and second is sizes of 16.9 mm in middle portion in left kidney.
    Please guide me for above patient to treat/remadies in homoeopathy medicine. Reply soon.
    With regards.

  42. deepika on

    dear sir. i got 3 stones in left kidney measuring 11mm, 10.5mm and 20mm in pelvic region . plz guide me to remove the stones.

  43. Bilal Ahmed on

    Love you all . You are really awesome people and your tips are so informative and effective.
    Thanks all of you.

  44. Renee on

    what is another name for Calcarea Renalis i can’t find it with the Renalis at the end of it?

  45. chandani bhandari on

    Hi…will u please tell me effective medicine or possible treatments for 11.4 mm stone in left kidney of my mother whom age is 45. I’ll be obliged to you. Thanking You

  46. S.ZAHID BASHA on

    Sir I have 6mm calculi in rt kidney and pain. What to do plz give me good advice.

  47. Pradip Kumar Bala on

    Sir, You take my respect first. I, Pradip Bala has been suffering from Kidney stone around 9 mm with pain in both Kidney since 2010. My financial condition is so bad. Pls. advice me, what is the best homeopathic treatment to disolve stones without operation ? Thanks, PRADIP BALA

  48. M Fayaz on

    Goodmorning I am fayaz pkd patient with big kidnystonea about28mm l want homeopathic best combination for this life threatning situation please help me in this regard will be thankful

  49. Jhajhadiya on

    In my left kidney 5 mm and 6 mm total 2 stone are present without any pain since May 2013.
    I have used berberis continur about more then 6 months but have not any benefit. That was useless for me. Plz advise me CALCAREA CARBONICA 30 would be helpful for me.

  50. Sukhdeep Singh Mann on

    Hello Sir….
    I sukhdeep Singh form Bathinda.I suffer from kidney stone on right side of 17.5 at PUJ.I already take 2 times medicine of homopathy but no result found.Please tell about proper treatment.

  51. dr rakesh goel on

    dear doctros
    my 6 year old son is suffering from left sided reanl calculi multiple stones with sizes 28mm, 12mm, 11mm, 7mm, 6mm,10mm, 9mm. he is on burberis vul and hydrangea. there is small decrease in size of stone from 31mm to 28mm. but now since last six weeks he has no response with medicine. please advice treatment for my son. will he require surgery or this condition can be treated with homeopathy.

  52. Dr.hansika on

    Thank u sir for such a good information..but I had one que whats scientific reason behind it how homoeopathic medicine expelled the renal stone ..please give me ans

  53. Russ Giacomo on

    Dead pent subject matter, Really enjoyed reading.

  54. Raju John on

    left kidney stone at PUJ of size 30mm, i cant afford surgery please suggest
    Homeopathy medicine or a Homeo Doctor.

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