Homeopathy Tips for 3/23/10 The Power Behind Homeopathy

Todays newsletter is a little different than the past. I want to share with all of you a short video clip of how I understand the power behind homeopathy. This is my opinion only and I do not wish to debate it’s truth or falsehoods. It is worth watching and if it inspires any of you to consider your own ideas about the power behind  homeopathy then it has served a useful purpose. Please share your ideas about how you see the power behind homeopathy. We may all benefit from your post.

Click  HERE to view the video. It is only a few minutes long.

Thank you, Robert

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  1. Yvonne Siblini on

    First Robert,

    Its really nice to put a face to your name atlast. Like the “Unobstructed cleaner healing” sounds so logical. I always say that Homeopathy is a spiritual healing.

    You will be obstructed when saying that because of all the religions in the world today and people who dont know about homeopathy would debate what is so holy about it. Hence, its safer to say Holistic Healing. This is my opinion.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Yvonne,

      I like to keep religion away from homeopathy. I know that spirituality does sometimes get confused with religion but they are distinctly different. I support religion because it offers people a framework for belief, but at the same time can be limiting. Homeopathy really stands on it’s own and is spiritual medicine. Thanks for your comment.


  2. prof.paulo de lacerda,md,phd on

    dear Sir,

    Confgratulations for your video

    Orherwise I make a brief comment so modest but clear

    Never makes confusion or points of view involving religion and homeopathy or holistic vision of its power to cure

    Just the quanta of energy of homeopathic remedies perform it in the whole body of the man since the cell and etc.

    In ressonance with the emotional,body and soul of each one

    That is all in common sense

    Prof.Paulo de Lacerda,MD,PhD
    Retired professor of Homeopathic Therapeutics and author

  3. suresh harvu on

    Hi Robert,

    That’s a very nice concise way to know the foundation of Homeopathy. The Universal Power behind everything. Hats off to your teaching Homeopathy the Homeopathic way..


  4. Philip Joseph on

    Dr Robert has amazingly and wisely pointed out the Spiritual source of healing behind Homeopathic method & remedies. We are indebted to his extensive experiences for that. For my end I want to support that by saying that when a true similimmum is given, the patient experiences (in some cases, not all), dreams that have the patient playing an empowering role and not the role of a victim. (Example: A woman who was abused as a child when treated homeopathically as an adult experiences dreams of confronting her past abuser and defending herself successfully from the abuse – Jan Scholten & Sankaran’s cases). There is no pathological explanation for this dream on the road to her cure other than a spiritual aspect. Then also, during the provings of Cannabis Indica, a symptom was ‘a feeling that he is Christ’. No rational explanation for this aside from believing that the potensized version of Cannabis (which hs no molecule left of Cannabis) opened some door to a spiritual realm. Again, use of similimmum homeopathic remedy makes the patient more productive, more work efficient, more able to protect himself, and was reported anecdotally in prison groups to reduce in-house violence. Unfortunatley, I heard this only anecdotally and can’t recollect the exact researcher who did this tudy. Nevertheless, any remedy that does not have any physical material in it, but can have an effect on moral & ethical behaviour has no logical explanation other than a spiritual reason for the root cause of its healing power. Next, Some Aconite patient predicts his time of death and if untreated sometimes dies at that exact predicted time. When aconite remedy is given, mental fear gets better first…Why?..short of believing that Homeopathic remedy is opening some curative spiritual connection. Finally, once again anecdotally, Kirlian photography seems to capture some energy around homeopathic remedies. I could not verify this myself. If anyone can offer their experience of Kirlian photography & Homeopathy, please do so. Last but not least, BACH remedies are prepared as per Homeopathic potensization but are prescribed exclusively for treating negative emotions – fear, terror, addiction, obsession, selfishness, violence etc. Especially since it contains no material substance but acts exclusively on unproductive emotions (almost like a virtual homeopathic drugless psychotherapy). How is this possible..other than by some spiritual connection to the mind/emotions etc. Snake homeopathic remedies in their provings often experience being choked sensation and Lac Caninum (Dog’s milk) patients show a strong sense of loyalty in their lives…it is as if cure and proving is happening in a non-material dimension but in some kind of spiritual way in humans but characteristic of the creation of that species – animal/plant/mineral/imponderable etc. Just food for thought for all. Good Healing!! Philip

    • Robert Field on

      Thanks again for your wonderful posts Philip. You share so much and so many can benefit. I hope you continue to share with us all. Thanks again,

  5. Dr. Meena Khandare Supnekar on

    Yaah!!! Its true hence miracles can only happen in homoeopathy and nowhere else.

  6. Muhammad Siddique on

    What for us, we are pakistani, living a lot of tenssion, fear, every day terror attacking.
    Please Help by naming some remedies

  7. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    Dr Robert really Homeopath can show miracle power what other medical science can not be. If any tumor can be relieved by homeo one does other may not believe it but it is true. I am using only one dose of careful diagnosing medicine. I a wondering that the patient cured. This is the power of Homeopath. thanks to all. dr Rahman Bangladesh

    • Dr.H.C.Malaker on

      Thanks Dr.M.Azizur Rahman,you have stated the truth.Did you have treated any tumor on scalp? and what is its cure ratio.Please share some name of medicines those are more specific in treating tumors.Thanks for sharing your tips.Dr.H.C.Malaker,Gaibandha,Bangladesh



  9. n.s.rao on




  10. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Siddique: The situation in Pakistan is very traumatic and difficult to handle. Please try Meditation or Tai-Chi from a recognized teacher as you are in a life situation that you have very little power to prevent, but you can modify your body’s response to the situation. Rescue Remedy is a BACH Homeopathic remedy that can be thought of in situations of fear, shock, terror but you must consult a medical professional before taking it. If you look up nelsonbach.com on the web, you might find some practioners and suppliers. If you have access to a Homeopathic practioner, try Homeopathy alongside a qualified medical doctor. I unfortunately, cannot intrude on good Dr Robert’s forum to suggest a remedy, aside from general suggestions given above that should always be under medical guidance.
    To Dr Srivastava, what potency did you use, kind sir. Generally low potencies may act on a pathological level and not at a deeper level. Example: Posrinum or Sulphur low potency has been used to address browning disease in coconut trees (Dr R.P Patel’s cases were presented in Coconut growers annual conference in 70’s). Mostly at a tissue or cellular level but not very much deeper. I am sure Dr Roberts will try to answer you better than I did on your question and will not mind my humble attempts to clear doubts. Thanks, Philip

  11. Sharon on

    Dear Robert, thankyou for your invitation to share our view of the spiritual power of homeopathy.
    From what I see we all are expressions of the universal energy, individualized and focussed with our particular intent to be. As is each and every thing that exists. This intent to be is the essence of each thing.
    The universal energy constantly flows through us and takes on our particular flavour, which is then our individual expression. Our illness or disease is our particular expression of something we have chosen to learn that is important for our path. Each illness or experience has a spiritual choice or intent behind it. However very often one is not consciously aware of what this intent is. One is caught in the suffering.
    Which is where a helping hand is needed. This comes in so very many forms, homeopathy is definitely one of them. As the homeopathic remedy is the substance in its essence state, the correct remedy resonates with the person in their essence state. Which helps them to remember where they were coming from on this path, so they can find advancement or resolution. I personally like to be consciously aware of what exactly is being resolved or advanced as this helps the healing happen on ALL levels.
    The sharing of energy that brings on healing is for me one of the surest signs that we are not alone, that we are all one. A plant, animal or substance that gives of it’s energy to be diluted to it’s essence state is sharing it’s energy….the homeopath learns to apply this energy, the patient responds to it, but we can’t create it. So it isn’t ours. We can only be grateful and humble to realize that each substance has it’s own intent and path, yet all things are willing to work together. We (all things) are all, all the time, being spiritual.

    So far this is what I feel and observe

    thankyou, Sharon

    • Robert Field on

      Wow, Sharon,

      I could not have said it better. This is a very similar explanation to how I see it also. Thanks for sharing,


  12. dr.vijayendra on

    there should not have any doubt relater to power of Homoeopathy.as i worked by conducting Anti-Microbial activity and STUDY OF ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS OF ANACARDIACEAE FAMILY.i got positive result.if any body is having any doubt let them study properly Homoeopathy & its principles then say somethingrelated to system.

  13. Dana Metrailer on

    Thank you so much for this beautiful spiritual (frequency) teaching. I am a massage therapist and have been being led by my inner urgings to study homeopathy. I believe that a new frequency must be held by each of us in order to bring in beneficial changes on this planet, including healing. Your teaching connected my calling to homeopathy and this knowing about holding a new frequency. It’s all going to be/is about frequency. You will hear more from me regarding study.

  14. M. Zafar Faridi on

    Please Help by naming some remedies for elergi on all bodies



    zafar Faridi

  15. ganesh on

    please suggest some remedy in treating chronic fungi.



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