Homeopathy Tips for 3/15/11 The Two Most Important Words in Homeopathy

There are many challenges for the practitioner of homeopathy. Probably the greatest is understanding what is asking to be healed for the client they are working with. One way to never lose your way in case receiving is to ask the questions “What and Why?”

When a person is giving their case,  it is the homeopath’s job to figure out what is asking to be healed. The best way to never lose you way is to ask very simple questions. The most common question I ask is what. Please tell me what that felt like, or what were the circumstances that the persons story were taking place in. This really opens the door for further dialogue and better descriptions of how they feel.

Without understanding the story the homeopath has nothing to really base the case on. It is one thing to know a few symptoms and quite another to have those symptoms make sense in the context of the persons life.  Asking what a person means is more than just getting clarification. It is giving them the chance to bring their story and symptoms into a word stream that will tell more than the story itself. The words they choose will paint the picture of the dis-ease. Understanding the person from this deeper place will help you really understand what is asking to be healed.

Usually from a very silent calm place in my mind I hold the question “why?” Why is it like this for the person. What is it that happened to them to adopt such a view in life? By keeping the why question present in my mind I do not lose where I am with the person. It really keeps me current with their story. From this place I am more ready to hear the subtle nuances of what they share.

Holding these two words keeps me active with the case receiving process and leads to successful understanding of their story. There is a reason for everything. One of the easiest mistakes to make as a homeopath is to assume we understand. There is an old saying that to assume makes an ass out of u and me. We are reminded about assuming by following Hahnemann’s Aphorism 6 concerning transcendental speculation. We do not want to speculate about anything during the case receiving process. When we understand what has happened for the person and why, we are then close to knowing what is asking to be healed. Before this it is not reasonable to even select rubrics let alone have considerations for remedies.

Without knowing what is asking to be healed, we will be prescribing for symptoms only. I have never seen a successful case without knowing this. There will be no way to choose the simillimum if we do not know what is asking to be healed. This can be a difficult task for the homeopath and is equal to the clarity of the homeopath. We can not help someone who is healthier than ourselves. We will not be able to perceive their dis-ease.

When I prepare for the case I set my intention to be a clear channel, clear my space and get centered, ask for help from higher powers and hold the questions what and why in the front of my mind. This process works very well and by asking these simple questions the person will reveal what is asking to be healed. Try this sometime. It has worked successfully for me for many years now. By remembering these two most important words, and asking about them during case receiving,  your success will increase exponentially.

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  1. Lori Gertz on

    As always, so insightful.Thank you so much for sharing your process. I have only just begun my study of homeopathy but your tips are very valuable and I am keeping them in a file to refer back to in the coming years.

  2. Dr. Bilal Ahmad on

    No doubt the two words are basic words for case taking.
    Case taking is an art. What & Why are the questions which guide a homoeopath to the right path.Some doctors pose questions keeping in mind the medicines & speculation creats confusion about the treatment.If one remembers that he is treating the patient not the disease then he will not lose his way towards a successful treatment. Thanks for reminding the very basics.

  3. Suresh Harvu on

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for the great explanation of “what” and “why” . In my recent case taking, I did follow your guidelines and felt very good doing that and I was able to get the key words and statements from the client for me to go ahead with the prescription.

    Thanks again for such insight.

  4. Karen on

    So good to hear my training reiterated and put into clear words…

  5. M.El Siddig on

    Hi Robert
    This very helpful to open channels thru the case epecially closed and layered ones
    Thanks so much again for your valuble traesures , can you when you have time talk about the tools and how we can match intercurrent Rxs with the 4 Miasms so , we can be able to explore and open the case blockage.
    Thanks again

  6. Julianne P Igel on

    I look forward to your posts! Great food for thought!Thank you for your dedication to homeopathy!!

  7. KPV on

    Most homoeopaths fail in finding the similimum as they prescribe medicines in allopathy style. They pay little time to ask the what and why. Thank you dr.for the reminder.

  8. Dr. A.M Howlader,Dhaka,bangladesh on

    Very carefully I have gone through your article on the basic input the homoeopaths need to find out the real cause of disease.The answers those come out of asking question ;what; and ;why; help them to a great extent in the selection of right remedies.I shall request you to come out with an elaborate write-up on Hypertension and its effect leading to heart disease and kidney failure and the consequence if it is associated with diabetes.Thank you for guiding us with your store of knowledge.
    Dr. A,M howlader,Dhaka,Bangladesh.

  9. Asghar Ali on

    I would request the members of the blog to enlighten other members through their experiences while appreciating efforts of Dr. Robert.

  10. Robert Lal on

    Hi Robert!
    I would concentrate on these words before considering any Dis-ease. Thanks

  11. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert: Surely, the 2 words you mentioned are the keys to unlock the case. It is an art & a practice one has to remind oneself all the time to do. I would like to mention a curious case as narrated by Dr Patel that illustrates the use of observation of 5 senses. Dr Patel’s teacher Dr Bose was blind towards the end of his life due to cataracts. He once had a patient who had hydrocoele swelling complaint but had been born deaf & dumb. Now how does a blind homeopathic physician question & treat a deaf & dumb patient. Dr Bose asked his assistant physician to open the window and by the smell of the air, Dr Bose knew it had just rained overnight. He then asked his assistant to observe if the hydrocoele swelling was more now than the previous day when the patient had been admitted. On hearing yes, Dr Bose prescribed Rhododendron which has a rubric hydrocoele, swelling worse after rain. Much as it illustrates Dr Bose’s brilliance, prescribing on key note is risky for a chronic case. The “What & Why” question needs to be asked especially in chronic cases. Sometimes in cases of coma, epilepsy, fainting, vegetative state etc, one does not have the luxury of asking What & Why…In this case ask the What & Why to caretaker or parent, then observe the blueness (carbo veg, verat etc) or sweat on upper lip or curling of fingers inward (cuprum etc) and so many signs for a clue. Failing that, you might have to fall back on aetiology (what caused the coma – shock, grief, bad news, trauma etc) and try to prescribe on aetiology. I have been patients to homeopathic physician who asked me ‘ what else’ at the end of the interview. Thanks for hearing me out and pardon me if I took a lot of space.

  12. dr.ashwani kumar rai gorakhpur on

    hi sir your advise and whatever tips are more practical and useful too . So easy to understand eventhough I learn much more because your main focus on ground reality so many authores and writers presents there words tough &critical language which should not easy understand by viewers
    Dr.Ashwani Kumar Rai GORAKHPUR UP INDIA

  13. Blagovest on

    Hi Robert,

    Do you have any suggestions for homeopathic medicine or anything else for Radiation? Preventative as well as for already affected people!

    Thank you in advance

  14. Amin Parvez, Dhaka Bangladesh on

    Dear Sir

    U have done a wonderful job. pls go ahead.

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