Homeopathy Tips for 3/07/17 A History of Resonance School of Homeopathy

I am Robert Field and the founder and owner of Resonance School of Homeopathy. It has been almost 10 years that I have been writing this free bi-monthly newsletter. Usually I write about something informative or of interest in Homeopathy. But today I have decided to write a short history about our school and how we got started. You might find it interesting.

After studying with Vega Rozenberg at ESSH School of Homeopathy in Arizona I came to Reno, NV. in 1999. Shortly after arriving I started to work at a very busy Alternative Medical clinic. I was the resident Homeopath. Actually I was the only classical homeopath in Nevada at the time. We operate under the Nevada Homeopathic Medical Board and are a State regulated Board of Medicine. I became an APH (Advance Practitioner of Homeopathy) in Nevada. This allowed me to legally practice homeopathic medicine here.

As a part of the clinic’s policy I was seeing all new patients of the clinic and doing classical homeopathy with them. During the 8 years I worked at this clinic I saw over 10,000 patient visits. This gave me a world of experience, and a lot of contact with the community I was helping. Quite a few people took a great interest in homeopathy. It was new to them and when they experienced good results they wanted to know more.

I was asked many times to explain homeopathy, which I did but was always with a time limitation. I was never able to really tell the full story to those interested. Then came the multiple requests to teach about this wonderful medicine. So in January of 2001 I held the first class for those interested in learning more. To my amazement 25 people showed up. We had a grand time and I was really able to start to explain the truth about homeopathy. For them to really see how it was done we did a few volunteer cases.

Everyone had such a good time we agreed to do it the next month and set a schedule for the coming year. We have been meeting one weekend per month for the next 16 years to date. As the students have evolved my teaching style has evolved some also. I have defined the focus of our school to training homeopaths. Now all student/practitioners have the privilege of inviting anyone they feel they can work with to the class for us to receive their case and learn homeopathy by doing it.  It is the best way to become a homeopath.

Now our school operates like a private clinic that serves a small portion of our community. For years we did this free of charge. But after compliance became an issue we had to charge a small fee to help create the value that was being shared but not recognized. It made all the difference.

After creating a website and online presence I started to get many requests to come to other parts of the world to teach. I love travel but for recreational purposes, not because I have to. Since 2011 it has become something of a nightmare. I was unwilling to travel so I had the dilemma of how to share what was being asked for. At the time YouTube and online streaming of videos was just beginning. It was in its infancy stages and around only about 6 months old at the time.

At the encouragement of my dear brother Greg I started to video all of the classes and create an online program. The real challenge came when editing the content was necessary. It was very expensive to hire an editor so I learned this process myself. Realize please, I am not a computer  person. So the learning curve was big, but I persisted and became quite good at it. I recorded the class and made it available for four years. After that I could not sustain the extra hours of work necessary to provide more. But what we do have is excellent and a wonderful opportunity for people all over the world to study from live cases and follow-ups.

I then decided to offer more to anyone who is interested in what I have to share about my unique view of homeopathy. I started this Free Homeopathy Tips Newsletter in 2008. I have been sharing every two weeks since then. It is amazing how time flies.

So we continue to meet every month for a two day weekend and do live cases and follow-ups training future homeopaths. And the online course has students from all over the world. I would say we are a small school but the student/practitioners we have are some of the very best. I have seen people go from an idea of wanting to help others and not knowing a thing about homeopathy to becoming the finest practitioners. It really is my joy to see others evolve.

So for now Resonance School of Homeopathy continues and we are healthy with a wonderful student body.  I continue to write these newsletter for all of your enjoyment. We have 3,500 subscribers the world over. I hope it helps fill you up in your own personal evolution. It has been a quite a journey and I am happy to have shared it with all of you.

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  1. Lora E on

    It’s been amazing to watch the school evolve over the years. Glad to be a part of it and hope to be back in class in person soon. Much love and gratitude to you Robert 🙂

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