Homeopathy Tips for 3/03/09 Motion Sickness

     Motion sickness, which includes airsickness, carsickness, and seasickness, is an acute condition that causes a feeling of nausea and malaise. It is usually accompanied by vomiting, headache and vertigo. There are drugs to help prevent this condition but homeopathy offers one of the best solutions for prophylaxis as well as treatment.

     Motion sickness is cause by an over stimulation of the vestibular nerve in the inner ear which controls balance. The condition is usually brought about by motion that is accompanied by acceleration and deceleration. The body has a hard time keeping up with the continual changes brought on by the constant motion and movement.

      Motion sickness is common in children who are susceptible to the motions of riding in cars and boats. Once motion sickness sets in the first symptom is usually nausea. This can be accompanied by sweats or chills, dizziness, hyperventilation, headache, anxiety, inability to concentrate and sometimes claustrophobia. Vomiting can be violent and prolonged leading to dehydration. Often the person will not be able to hold down any liquids and this can become a serious situation.

     Rubrics that can be helpful in repertizing motion sickness are;

  • Generalities; travelling, ailments from
  • Mind; anxiety, motion from, aggravates
  • Mind; fear narrow places
  • Stomach; nausea,riding in ca, while, aggravates
  • Stomach; nausea, seasickness

     Often giving an indicated remedy a day or two before travelling can  be prophylactic. Remember to choose a remedy that is reflective of the persons constitutional state. Even though motion sickness is an acute condition, it is only through a person’s susceptibility that it occurs. Hering said Nux Vomica was the best preventative,  Opium offered the quickest relief, and  Cocculus and Petroleum were often most indicated.  In the Complete 2005 Repertory there are 65 remedies listed under Stomach; nausea, seasickness. Consider these more common remedies;

  • Arnica – Usually a more sudden onset. Often the nausea will be accompanied by a bruised, achy feeling. They just can’t get comfortable.
  • Cocculus – The characteristic symptom is a hollow feeling in the stomach. It can be brought on by watching moving objects.
  • Nux Vomica – Nausea before travel or during the voyage.
  • Opium – Hot or cold sweat on the forehead. Drowsiness and sleepiness will usually be present. A mental fog often ensues.
  • Petroleum – Face pale. Dizziness, even while lying. Hering suggested Petroleum if Cocculus fails.
  • Tabacum – Cold sweat, chills and deathly nausea. Vomiting with pallor and cold sweat over the whole body.

     As in most acute conditions the 30C potency will often be best. Repetition of the dose depends on the persons response. Giving the remedy a few days before travel will often be helpful if the remedy has proven to work in past situations. There is some evidence that eating Ginger will help with nausea of motion sickness. Massaging an area about an inch above the inner wrist will stimulate acupressure points that can relieve the nausea as well. There are now wristband products available that stimulate this point and claim to prevent motion sickness.

       Homeopathy still offers the best and safest treatment of motion sickness. If you or someone you know is prone to motion sickness do a little research into how they typically feel. Then get a few of the most indicated remedies for their condition and have them available during travel. You might be helping them in a way that no drug ever could.

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  1. dr achint biswas on

    did a good work

  2. Dr Prabhat Tandon on

    Cooculus & Apomorhine are my favourites. I mainly depend on cocculus as a first choice & it never disappoints me .a hardly two doses are necessary ; one an hour before a start of journey & a another dose is needed if nausea prevails during the journey . Apomorphia has gained quite a reputation for the cure of seasickness. There are no special indications for its use, except that it has vomiting of cerebral origin. It should never be given lower than the 6x potency Theridion has proved useful in seasickness in nervous women; they shut their eyes to get rid of the motion of the vessel and grow deathly sick. Staphisagria has also attained some success in the treatment of seasickness. Glonoine is the remedy especially when there is giddiness, warm sickening sensation in the chest and stomach and a faint feeling. Tabacum produces an astonishing resemblance to seasickness and car sickness and car sickness, and in the higher potencies is sometimes very efficacious.

  3. Dr.L.M. SHAIKH on

    people generally ask for bus/car sickness.Petroleum works better,it never failed me.

  4. Dr M.Supriya on

    sometimes people get car-sickness when climbing up hill then coca will be much helpful coming down hill-borax i have used cocculus and petroleum successfully half an hour before journey

  5. Rooksie on

    As these remedies deal with nausea would any of them be used for morning sickness as well?

  6. Dr. vijay kumar shaw on

    It’s a good job to maintain the confidence of youngstar in homoeopathic world.

  7. Dr M.Supriya on

    in regards to rooksie dated march 3,as we deal with symptomatology we can give this to morning sickness no problem

  8. Niaz Muhammad Khan on

    Dear Doctor,
    Thank you I student of DHMS last year I read you mail specially “Homeopathic tips” many information by this chapter my query this in Momeopathic successful treatment of Allergy and Lecuderma (Vitilago.
    Kindly guidline me.
    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely
    Niaz Muhammad Khan

  9. Dr.Ranjit Singh on

    Dear Doctor Robert Field,
    It is a good job to create a confidense in youngsters of homoeopathy.
    I used cocculus indicus and petroleum In car or bus sickness and always remaind successful.
    Dr.Ranjit Singh

  10. MONINA on

    Great tips Robert, thanks a lot!

  11. Dr. Varsha Deshmukh on

    Thanks for the tips Doc. waiting for ur reply on the drug name LENTICUM.

  12. Dawn Thane on

    Hi Robert,

    I just want to say thanks for a reat newsletter. I am still trying to get together funds to study homeopathy, and in the meantime just reading everything I can get my hands on. I really enjoy your newsletter.

    Blessed be.

    Dawn Thane

  13. Dawn Thane on

    Hi Robert,

    I just want to say thanks for a great newsletter. I am still trying to get together funds to study homeopathy, and in the meantime just reading everything I can get my hands on. I really enjoy your newsletter.

    Blessed be.

    Dawn Thane

  14. mah-jabeen on

    Hi, dr, thanks alot for useful remidies. take cre.

  15. Dr.Ritesh Wilfred on

    hi sir,
    ur information is truly fruitful,cocculus n petroleum r really gud 4 the purpose

  16. sushila on

    please guide about my husband, he is having alergy in eyes(mucus ,iching, redishness) &indigestion ,gestric truble,headach most of the times one side,he burp even if he drink water.in morning he go twice or threetime topass stool,in case if he avoid than headach will start.from last 6months he is taking nux vomica feeling better but not good enough.i will be thankfull to u if u suggest any sulable medicine.

  17. MooniniaAging on


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