Homeopathy Tips for 2/24/09 Surgery Protocol

     Homeopathy can be a very good in helping others through the trauma of surgery.  When we know that someone is going to have anesthesia and surgery there are very good methods of preparing that person for the trauma they are about to experience. I have found that this protocol is very useful. It helps with excessive bleeding and recovery from anesthesia when applied correctly. I have used this protocol with many people and the usual response is, “my doctor said that he has never seen anyone recover so quickly.”

       This is one of the few times that I ever apply homeopathy with a more allopathic intent. Remember that we always prescribe a remedy based on the symptoms of the individual and never in a routine way. Let the person guide you to the remedy. But with surgery that is planned it is a known event that the body will be experiencing trauma. By following the protocol recovery can be improved tremendously.

      Arnica is one of the best remedies for any trauma. It also is a very good remedy for recovery from anesthesia. Follow the protocol below;

  • Three days pre-op take one dose of Arnica 30C
  • Two days pre-op take Arnica 30C two times per day
  • One day pre-op take Arnica 30C three times per day
  • Day of surgery take Arnica 4 times before surgery commences.
  • Post surgery take Arnica 30C every 15 minutes as soon as possible in recovery during the first hour.
  • After the first hour repeat Arnica 30C every hour for the duration of the day.
  • One day post-op take Arnica 30C every four hours for the duration of the day.
  • Day two post-op take Arnica 30C four times per day.
  • Day three post-op take Arnica 30C  three times per day.
  • Day four post-op take Arnica 30C two times per day.
  • Day five post-op take Arnica 30C one time per day and continue until full recovery.

     As you can see the protocol increases the frequency of repetition of doses leading up to  the surgery. Just after surgery the repetition increases a lot then starts to decrease as the body heals. I use this protocol for people that I am not able to manage directly.

     If  I am treating a client and have more direct access to them and know how they are responding I may change or add a remedy to the post-op protocol depending on how they are responding. Other remedies that I find are helpful are:

  • Staphysagria- This remedy is for cuts. The person may be feeling violated in some way after the surgery.
  • Millefolium- When bleeding does not respond to the Arnica.
  • Nux Vomica- Indicated for nausea and vomiting after anesthesia.
  • Acetic Acid- Also for the ill effects of anesthesia.
  • Phosphorus- Good for anesthesia and vomiting especially if anything swallowed is immediately vomited.
  • Calendula- good for the tearing of tissues associated to the surgery and for the healing and antiseptic qualities for healing the skin.
  • Hamamelis Viginica- For hemorrhage from surgery.
  • Hypericum- for excessive painful response to the surgery or nerve damage.
  • Bellis Perennis- follows Arnica well and especially useful to trauma of the abdomen.

     Any of these remedies when given in the 30C potency at regular intervals appropriate for the case should provide relief for your client. If it is necessary to give the remedy very often to maintain a healing response then possibly a higher potency will work better. Try the 200C or 1M potency.

      Keep in mind that homeopathic remedies are energetic in nature and even though they are a medicine there are no contraindications or compatibility issues with standard allopathic medications. The remedies are not of the physical realm and will not interfere with any other drug. They can be used with great safety in addition to allopathic medications for pain or infection etc.

     Keep these remedies in mind when someone you know is scheduled for surgery and you may be able to help them more than any other way. Be respectful of the physicians that are also working for the patient. They many times do not know about homeopathy and will resist any other medication that is offered to their patient. This is when being educated about homeopathy and being able to have family administer the remedies according to the protocol can still benefit the person.

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  1. Dr.sharebano. on

    Dear Dr.rober,
    thanks for the valuable tips for surgery.

    I havegone through your surve but ca’ntget cliping properly

    so plz send me those cliping properly.

    once again thanks.

    Dr Sharebano,
    I do not understand “cliping” What do you mean?
    Robert Field

  2. K.M.Sreenivsan on

    The treatment method with Arnica is very good and will
    usefull many patients

  3. Dear Dr.Robert many thanks for this very effective surgery protocol.Specially the pre and post dose schedule that will undoubetely help to many doctors.Arnica is a specific wonderful remedy that can be used with other modern medicine is a well indication.Thanks for your hard works.Dr.H.C.Malaker

  4. M.IRFAN on


    • ilham on

      Hello Doctor,
      My name is Ilham. I am from Sri lanka. I am a student . I live in Harrow, London. I am Science student. I have a 2 Years experience of this field. I would like to practice your surgery. Please if you can help me to full fill my likeness.

      Many thanks.

  5. Lumber and cervical spodylosis. on

    Dear Dr.Robert i appologize to disturb you and your valuable time.Now a days many ppls are suffering from cervical and lumbar spondylosis and as a result they completely become unable to walk,catching things with hands.Even after surgery of cervical and lumber spine they cant walk without any support of others.Kindly do something with your expert knowledge so that we can help such patient with our wonderful remedies.I also invite other doctor to please share their best clinical achievement here.With best regards,yours truely,Dr.H.C.Malaker

  6. Dr.Ranjit Singh on

    Dear Dr.Robert,
    Many many thanks for this very effective Surgery Protocal esp. the pre & post doses schudele. It will undoubtedly help to many doctors as well as patients.Really Arnica is unfailing remedy which will not create any hinderance with modern medicine.A lot of thanks for the hardship you have taken for the homoeopathic bretheren and the society.
    Dr.Ranjit Singh

  7. K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

    Dear Dr. Robert,
    I was not knowing much about this protocol. Thanks a lot.
    I agree with Dr.H.C.Malakar, about the incidence of Spondylosis. Once the problem is highlighted, kindly look in in to it.
    Thanks, once again,
    K. Rajagopala Kurup.

    Yes I will look into it and address it in a future newsletter. Thanks.
    Ronert Field

  8. Suresh Harvu on


    Great tips in using Homeopathy with Allopathic procedures. As others have mentioend, your service is synonymous to the way homeopathy works. Homeopathy inspires the body to heal and you inspire fellow human beings to inspire others.

    Pray, we catch up on your noble aspirations.

  9. Dr.A.H.Nasir on

    Dear Robert, Thankyou for usefull tips about pre and post operation. I have used many time arnica and calendula and got very good result. You are doing well for the benefits of humans. Thanks again.

  10. amy on

    Dear Dr. Robert,
    Can you advise as to whether or not arnica would be appropriate for pregnant women possibly facing cesarean section?
    Amy A.

    Hi Amy,
    Because homeopathy is energetic medicine there are no contraindications or compatability issues with other drugs. Ceserean usually happens with a spinal block. Consider remedies after that are indicated for puncture wounds, especially Hypericum because of the nerve and spinal cord. Doing the Arnica in peparation will be useful. Also consider Staphysagria for the laceration and cut to the abdomen. Bellis Perrenis may also be useful.

    Good luck,
    Robert Field

  11. MONINA on

    Dear Robert:
    Thanks a lot for this newsletter, it will be very useful to advise anyone to prepare for surgery.
    Arnica is a great remedy! I have used it a lot with great results.
    Blessings to you!

  12. Rooksie on

    Great pre and post op remedy list. Amy mentioned c-sections – I wish I had this information 20 years ago! I’ve forwarded it to my doula friend who recently had 2 clients that both ended up with c- sections in the same week.
    Robert would post a similar list of remedies to be used during labor and immeadiatly after delivery?
    Thanks again for a most informative and valueable newletter.

  13. Yvonne on

    Dear Dr. Robert,

    I was always under the impression that Arnica should not be used just before surgery as it has an infinity to nerves. Please clarify this for me. Thanks you very much.

    Hi Yvonne,
    The real essence of Arnica is trauma. Hypericum is really all about nerves. The body goes through trauma during anesthesia and surgery. I have found this protocol safe and effective. I will have to share more about Arnica in future newsletters. It’s essence is to “bring back to center”. Nerves are involved in any remedy simply because of sensations. But arinca is about trauma. I hope this helps.
    Robert Field

  14. Sabahat Kazmi on

    Dr Robert
    Thanks you for a most informative and valueable newletter. Dr.H.C.Malaker has mentioned the problem of people suffering from cervical and lumbar spondylosis and as a result they completely become unable to walk,catching things with hands. Is there any soln without surgery.
    Dr Sabahat Kazmi

    Hello Dr Sabahat Kazmi,
    The spine is the central column in a person and reflects much about them. Homeopathy can help a person heal. I will have to write a future newsletter about the spine. It is really too much for here.
    Thanks for your question.

    robert Field

  15. Dr. K L Rana on

    Dear Dr. Robert,

    Sharing of information gives lot of satisfaction and the fraternity can use the same for welfare of mankind.

    Thanks a lot

  16. Prabhat Tandon on

    Thanks for the informative post ! There are few others along with above mentioned drugs.
    1. Rhus Tox : corresponds especially to injuries of the ligaments; it is probably our best remedy in sprains due to over-exertion. Sprains of single muscles or groups of muscles, from lifting weights, stretching arms up high to reach things call for Rhus.
    2.Conium. Injuries and bruises of glands, especially of the mammary glands.
    3.Sulphuric acid. Long-lasting black and blue spots with soreness, occurring in weakened cachectic individuals.
    4.Lachesis. Poisoned wounds
    5.Aranea diadema. Haemorrhages after gunshot wounds.
    6.Ledum :Punctured wounds, also wounds of parts where the cellular tissue is wanting. It has proved useful in mosquito bites, bites of insects and stings. It seems to supply the gap left by Arnica, Calendula, Staphisagria and Hypericum. Thus Arnica for contused wounds, Hypericum and Calendula for lacerated wounds, and Staphisagria for incised wounds, while Ledum is most useful for the punctured variety, as from nails,awl, eatc. It has proved useful in severe felons caused by a prick of a needle, and in bites of small animals as rats. Nash remarks that for a “black eye from a blow of the fist no remedy equals Ledum in the 200th potency”.
    7.Ruta : It is to tendons, bursae and joints what Arnica is to muscles and soft parts. Inflamed ganglia on wrists, strains of tendons with weakness loss of motion and aggravation by change of weather, and by damp weather rare additional indications.
    8.Symphytum :Injuries to bone, such as a bruises of bones or fractures indicate this remedy. It greatly favors the formation of callus, and always allays the irritability often found at the points of fracture preventing the knitting of the bones.Traumatic injuries to bone and periosteum about orbit call for Symphytum.
    & last not least is the Rescue Remedy . Since last one year I have relied on Rescue on number of occassions & it never failed me . Though it’s not a homeopathic medicine , it’s a bach flower with a combination of cherry plum, clematis, impatients, rock rose, star of bethlehem . It’s a all purpose emergency mixture for shock, terror, panic, emotional upsets, stage frights, examinations, dentistry & other emergencies.The main advantage of bach flowers are that they can be combined with any indicated homeopathic medicine with absolutely no interactions .

    Hello again Dr Prabhat Tandon,
    Thank you so much for sharing homeopathic information so freely. This is what I hoped for by writing this newsletter and forum. I appreciate your valuable additions as do all who are interested and learning more in homeopathy.
    Blessings to you,
    Robert Field

  17. Pre-post surgical protocol. on

    Thanks Dr.Probhat Tandon for your nice and clear briefing.Will you please think over my request for cervical and lumber spondylosis?Regards,dr.H.C.Malaker

    Hi Dr Malaker,
    Yes I will address this in a future newsletter. It may be a month or so before I will get it done. Please be patient.
    Robert field

  18. Nabeel Iftikhar on

    Dear Doctor

    Can Calendula be used for the recovery of the skinn even after around 9 months of surgery? Can it heal the scars?

    Hello Nabeel,
    Calendula is very anti-septic and can help heal wounds to the skin and tissues that have been torn. Old scars can be helped to heal with Vitamin E oil rubbed into them daily. If the scars have become keloid and raised there a re a few really good remedies that may help. Look at Silica, Badiaga, Carcinosin, Flouric Acid and Thiosinaminum. They are most indicated in keloid.

    Thanks for your question,
    Robert Field

  19. Old wounds and scars on

    I have found good result in treating keloid that formed after stich of a cut with Thiosinamium 30.It was out of my knowledge that vitamin E oil can heal scars and keloid.Thanks for sharing.Clinical achievement is better proof to treat a patient without any hesitation.Thanks for very effective share i also request learned participating doctor of this forum to extend their hands of co-operation in the greater interest of homeopathy.Regards,dr.H.C.Malaker

  20. sachin goyal on

    i m suggesting a very successful formulae for cervical spondylosis .
    Conium 1m & Bryonia 1m od is very effective in vertigo associated with spondylosis.
    cocculus200 helps in preventing vertigo & nausea.
    Podophyllum 200 is a very good remedy for spondylosis.
    Theredion200 Also acts well to combat vertigo.
    Gelsimium200 do well in occipital &nape of neck pain.
    Morphine200 is useful both for vertigo & nausea.
    Radium brom 200 can be used at alternate days.
    this is a very useful formulae & i have found it effective in almost 99% cases

  21. Cervical and lumber spondylosis. on

    Dear Dr.Sachin goyalon,thank you for your nice share in this way i like to know whether conium maculatum and Bryonia Alb 1M can be used once in a day or combindly.As i know that conium mac is very effective on ascending degeneration of vertebral column(particulary motor nerve line) and Bryonia Alb just to combact pain which increases during movement.Kindly help with dosage schedule and that will ease its application.Hope to hear from you soon.Regards,malaker

  22. Cervical and lumber spondylosis. on

    I again request to learned doctor of this forum to please suggest medicine that can help to increase the power of legs ceased due to cervical/lumber spondylosis.So that patient can walk without support of any kind.Thanks in advance.Malaker

  23. dr renu bishwas on

    this is my first interaction with this site & i am too glad to go through it;i would like to add certain tips &also ask few of my queries as & when time permits.till than thank you!

  24. Rochelle on

    Wow that Arnica routine is way OTT in my opinion. That way it could cause bleeding and unwanted effects!!

    I have prescribed this protocol hundreds of times and never once has the bleeding you suggest occured. Quite the opposite. Recovery is usually shortened by half or more. Most report that thier Doctor has told them he has never seen a person recover so quickly.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Robert Field

  25. ginni on

    I too was under the impression that arnica before operations should be used sparingly because of bleeding so I have been cautious before ops but often recommended 3 a day afterwards. your method is very encouraging to a new homeopath. as usual thank you.

  26. Dr Anand Kumar Jain on

    Great going through the site…
    A great and informative experience.

  27. Ajeet on

    Dear Sir

    I want a perfect healing for head injury of my friend during accident and about 20 days back. The problem was he had injury in left cerribulam ( Left side & back of head, just above the neck). My friend was lyng motionless and not responding. But Now he is moving his right arm and right leg slightly , having sensation feeling.

    Kindly advice for nervous healing and prefect working of nervous system so that my friend become alright once again.


    Ajeet Kumar

    Hello Ajeet Kumar,
    Arnica is always indicated in any trauma injury. Try the 200C to start treatment and then 1M potency if it fails to continue progress. Natrum Sulphuricum 200C is the best for head injury. You could alternate the remedy with the Arnica in the 200C potency to start out. Let us know how he progresses.
    Good luck,
    Robert Field

  28. Head injury on

    Did you applied cupram met and nat sulh? Cupram met is a great remedy for head injury.Nat sulph has also the same strength.Please use cupram met 6 1 dose in dry form 4 times a day maintaing an interval of 3to4 hours.Continue for 5 days.Use nat sulph 1M weekly 1 dose till recovery.Please off cupram met on the day when you will give nat sulph.Thanks,dr.H.C.Malaker

  29. sachin goyal on

    dr malaker u can use conium and bryonia once a day with the interval of 12 hrs atleast but in acute conditions u can use both the remedies with 2 hrs interval till complete palliation.

  30. Dr Prabhat Tandon on

    @dr malaker & dr sachin Goyal
    one thing I must add in the cases of cervical & lumbar spondylosis is the vast role of acupressure & physiotherapy . Homeopaths generally depend too much on medicines alone often neglecting the physiotherapy . There is a post on cervical spondylosis which I have written about 2 years back though this post is in Hindi,but here you can find some images of acupressure exercises which I often advice to the patients & they are quite effective .

  31. Dr.sharebano. on

    Dear Dr.Robert.

    you have ask me about clipings, what is it? one of your mail is about survy. in that mail after giving information about me there are some photographs with some sound, that icould not get properly so i asked for it.

    Dr Sharebano,

    I am sorry but I think you are mistaken. I have not written about scurvey or posted any information regarding it. Please accept my apologies but I do not
    have any information as such.
    Robert Field

  32. mah-jabeen on

    thanks for this useful remady

  33. Yvonne on

    ARNICA, CALENDULA, HYPERICUM & STAPHYSAGARIA in a low potency is very good for a speedy recovery after surgery


    are very good for the spine in low potency along with a chiropractor or oesteopath.

  34. Dr. Varsha Deshmukh on

    Hi Doc I got ur mail with tips for surgery protocol. I want name of one drug which called some like as LENTICUM. plz inform me the correct name of the drug

  35. Lenticum on

    Dear Doctor Varsha Deshmukh,the name of LENTICUM doesnt exists in homeopathy data base.I may kindly be excused if im wrong?Will you please mention for what reason you are trying to findout that name?Thanks dr.H.C.Malaker

  36. Anthony on

    Hi Dr Robert I have Found Kali Bich 30/200 very useful for Spondylosis either Cervical or Lumbar. I suggest lying on the floor with feet up on a chair and a rolled up towel under the lower back. Regards Anthony.

  37. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Thanks Dr.Anthony,will you please help whether what or which medicine can re-gain the strength of legs affected due to lumber spondylosis?Thanks for your essential thread.

  38. kanti on


  39. Ugwu Thedore on

    Thanks for your wonderful lecture.

  40. Dr naseer on

    dear sir

    this topic with medicine wonderful and interesting

    for daily practice. silicia 200 wonderful remedy for

    foreign body. small needle prode in sole of feet heel

    the sugen operated two time but needle spread in heel.

    silicia 200 4 doses cure and broken the needl in heel.

    calandula ointment one baby who burn from the hot water

    she require the surgery but cure calandula homoeopathic medicine,

  41. Ugwu Thedore on

    Ithank you. I am benefitting.

  42. Salva on

    Dear homeopathy friends,

    I would like to pose a question, how do you see homeopathy like a preventive treatment before a disease might appear?

    Thank you very much for all of you!

  43. lakshi on

    hi sir..i have keloid on both of the ear lobe.i have undergone surgery 2 years before,but again it reoccurred.now i am taking homeo medicine for 3 months..but still there is no significant change.plz help me by posing remedies here sir

  44. prem kapoor on

    Dear Doctor,
    I have been unable to walk after an accident-even the few steps.What is the reason and what remedies, you would advise me. Thanks.
    Yours truly,
    Prem Kapoor

  45. Julia Vazquez on

    I am caretaking an 80 yr old woman who has Parkinson’s Disease. She will be having extensive dental surgery in the near future. I see the above recommdations regarding arnica prior to surgery and hope to have her on that protocal. Additionally would you recommend nux vomica for the nausea and anesthesia symptoms that may occur? and how about hypericum for the damage to nerves in the jaw/gum area? Would you advise taking all of these together on a given day and is spacing them at different times effective to let the action of each work?

  46. Marleina on

    I will be undergoing spinal surgery soon & am grateful for your information. How do I receive the Arnica in the recovery room? Could I ask the doctor to allow someone in there with me as soon as I am there? Any advice would be welcome.
    Thank you

  47. susan on

    What happens if you break out in skin eruptions from arnica?
    Arnica is not an easy, neutral medication.

    Surgeons are very concerned with what one consumes in the week before major surgery like joint replacement. For instance, tea is prohibited.

  48. minti singh on

    I believe in homeopathic treatments n am on it for breast cancer

  49. Snehlata on

    I m a student of homeopathy.my friends alway argue that homeopathy not is for surgery cases and it is highly risky.i want to know what we can use remedy in violent damages or troma?is it risky or not.? I m encourage to read ur line,plz give more lines.

  50. Snehlata on

    I m a student of homeopathy in india.my friends alway argue that homeopathy not is for surgery cases and it is highly risky.i want to know what we can use remedy in violent damages or troma?is it risky or not? I m encourage to read ur line,many allopaty surgen uses homeopathy but our physician why afeard.plz give more lines.

  51. DIANA on

    Hello! I am a teacher from Romania and I am in very much pain. I had a lombar pain which got down to the left leg,,,down to toes…and I can not find a position ti sleep. I am under treatement RUTA CH9, DISCI LUMBALES CH9, RUS TOX CH7, ARNICA CH5 10 GRANULES PER DAY. dDOES TEH PAIN WILL GO AWAY?

  52. sabby on

    Dear sir,
    Pls any medicine for anylosing spondylitis,i have some fusion also at thoracic , kindly give remedy

    thanking you in anticipation of some hope from homeopathy


  53. wright patterson dental clinic on

    I am sure this article has touched all the internet people, its really really good post
    on building up new weblog.

  54. Schneiderhan Susan on

    I am having hammer toe surgery on 4 toes each on both feet Mar 4 2013 at 8:00am. How does one take Arnica 30c 4 times before surgery without being up all night. what should the spacing be. Other homeopathists have suggested higher potency Arnica immediately pre and post op —such as Arnica 3 pellets 200c or arnica 1M anf then Arnica 200c 3 pellets for 3-4 doses every hour post op. What would you recommend. Others have suggested taking ascending dosages of arnica 30c starting 3 days prior to surgery. so many recommendations–what to do?? can one go wrong with taking the higher potency arnica day of surgery pre and post op??? I also was going to take yannan paiyao 1st and 2nd day ost surgery and then after that The great mender? any suggestions for dosages? do’s and don’ts??? thank you for any help/considerations. Sonny.

  55. Joann on

    what about taking Arnica 200C before and after knee surgery? What would the dose and application be? Thanks

  56. juliana on

    what if the arnica wasn’t taken prior to surgery?

  57. Zackary Blosser on

    Merely wanna admit that this is handy , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

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