Homeopathy Tips for 2/23/10 The Single Remedy

One challenge to classical homeopaths is the new, modern homeopathic system that relies on combination remedies. There are many product lines with many different combination remedies for almost every ailment. I find many classically trained homeopaths tempted to use these products when single remedies fail. This is not the fault of the remedy, but of the prescription.

These combination remedies always have the more indicated remedies for any condition and a fancy sounding name to go with it. They come in multiple remedy combinations and multiple remedy potencies. This is a recipe for disaster when the vital force recognizes them. I have found many practitioners who claim to be homeopaths prescribing 3 to 5 of these combination remedies at the same time. This is like trying to listen to the flute when the entire orchestra is warming up. It is very confusing for the vital force.

I have had clients who have been treated this way in the past and claim that the remedies had helped. On further investigation though the remedies had an ameliorating effect at best, but did not cure. They we allopathically prescribed for the disease condition and not the person.

Hahnemann made it very clear in the Organon Aphorism 273, “In no case under treatment is it necessary, and therefore not permissible, to administer to a patient more than one single, simple medicinal substance at one time. It is inconceivable how the slightest doubt could exist as to whether it was more consistent with nature and more rational to prescribe a single, simple medicine at one time in a disease or a mixture of several differently acting drugs. It is absolutely not allowed in homeopathy, the one true, simple and natural art of healing, to give the patient at one time two different medicinal substances.”

The combination remedies have never been proven as to their combined effect. Nothing is known of the true indication other than information from provings of the individual substances. The companies that create these remedies market them as being indicated for specific disease. As we all well know, we want to treat the person and not the disease. If there is a response from the vital force, it is most likely to a single remedy of the combination and not the combination remedy itself. This is not good homeopathy. When a practitioner uses these combination’s and calls themselves a homeopath I always question their training.

There are very few times that this Aphorism has exception. Hahnemann made this very clear. I have found though that when a person is being treated with a constitutional remedy, and during the course of treatment, a severe acute or emergency illness occurs it is best to have the client continue with their constitutional remedy while introducing a new remedy to treat the acute. If the new illness has never been experienced before by the person (so it is not a return of an old symptom) I have found that stopping the constitutional remedy will slow down their bigger healing process. When it is necessary to treat a severe accident, several acute conditions that could be life threatening may be present at the same time. Treating the person with several remedies could possibly be indicated especially after the person has stabilized and multiple wounds are present. An example may be severe head injury and multiple lacerations at the same time. Arnica or Natrum Sulphuricum may be indicated and equally so Calendula could prove to be just as needed at same the time. Alternating these single remedies is the best approach. It will still be that the vital force is responding to the single remedy at each dose, but the alternation will somewhat cancel out the previous remedy. This requires much expertise from the practitioner to see how the vital force is responding and not be defeating the purpose of the treatment plan.

Another situation I see often is the dosing of many remedies due to inexperience on the part of the prescriber. One remedy will be given and only days may pass and another remedy is given. This is not the same as multiple remedy prescribing or combination remedy prescribing. This is simply inexperience and is very confusing for the vital force. These cases can be very difficult to unwind and get back to a pure expression of the dis-ease. Even though single remedies were prescribed changing them too often will compromise the persons ability to fully express the dis-ease.I have seen clients who have taken 50 remedies in the course of one year. Their cases are always difficult to perceive.

In every chronic case you must find the very best single remedy. Then you must wait to see the response from the vital force. If the condition is not life threatening we must sometimes wait a few weeks to understand how the remedy has worked. During this time the practitioner must be confident of his prescription and very observant of the client. Much could come up in response to the single remedy and if we do not understand the case we can be tempted to change the remedy. If two or more remedies were given it would be impossible to tell which remedy the vital force has responded to.

Being a good homeopathic prescriber requires much diligence and expertise. Stay with single homeopathic remedies and you will be much more successful. The case would seldom become more confusing and your chance of helping the person increases exponentially.

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  1. S K Kalra on

    The aim of treatment is giving relief, temporary or permanent. Why we should not take a relieving course of treatment, giving temporary relief with combination and meanwhile studying the case in Toto and giving permanent relief by constitutional single remedy. First duty of doctor is to make a patient pain-free so that he be able to answer long questionnaire of homeopathy.

    • Robert on

      Hi S K Kalra,

      By removing the symptoms you have made it much more difficult to find the correct homeopathic remedy. Your desire to give temporary relief is noble, but it does not take much longer to really receive the case and prescribe the correct remedy initially. The modifications of the symptoms by the combination remedy will only make your job much more difficult. If lasting healing is what you want and not the immediate palliation of symptoms then avoid the combination remedy and give the best single remedy for the case. Your client will appreciate this very much.

      Thanks for your comment.
      Warmest regards,
      Robert Field

  2. Preetika Goel on

    This is very true.I recently underwent surgery, I was confused to take both Calendula and Arnica at one time but then I first took Calendula for 3 days and then I am still continuing with Arnica. It is doing great faster recovery than this is impossible. Hats off to Homeopathy!!!!!!

  3. suresh harvu on

    Hi Robert,

    As your student, I am very convinced about the importance of single remedies. But going through Kalra’s comments on this subject, does that make Homeopathic sense and as a Doctor to get the facts of the case first, prescribe a remedy that would give immediate temporary relief and then begin to adminster the single remedy as a constitutional treatment.

    Thanks always for the great insights you provide.


    • Robert on

      Hi Suresh,

      It is possible to give immediate relief through an allopathic approach and even the allpoathic medicine. If this were the goal of homeopathy then we would all be allopaths. We must understand the sufferings and what makes the persons symptoms unique. Then we can administer the correct remedy.To remove the symptom without inspiring the vital force to do this work amounts to suppression. It is not homeopathy to suppress the case before asking the vital force to heal. I hope this makes it clear.

      Warmest regards,

  4. Marie Costello on

    Hahnemann had a reason for what he said. Experience, trials, errors. Why re-invent the wheel? Follow what has been successful all of this time. Thank you Robert

    • Dr.Sarfaraz on

      I find the article very important because in homeopathy single remedy is the basis.We must wait vital force to act unless and until it is not a life threatening situation.Un fortunately in market there are very many combination medicines,we should discourage this trend.


  5. varghese on

    I have seen homoeopaths who are trying combination remedies on their patients without taking any pain to find the true simillium. How can they claim to be the followers of Hahnemann ?

    • Robert on

      I agree totally.

  6. Gerald Field on

    Thanks, Robert, I really appreciate this information. I wasn’t clear on the treatment of an acute while a constitutional treatment is in progress. Thanks for your experience in this.

  7. Dr.G.K.Mohanachandran on

    Combination of remedies at one time is purely a palliative
    treatment ,but we have to do this treatment in some cases
    where the palliation of pain is necessary for the relief of
    the patient

  8. Dr. Amer ihsan khan on

    Well i think prescribing a single medicine takes time and much investigation which doctor is not hesitant to do yet patient is not ready to go that long. Where they r used to allopathic medicine for quick relief. Am from pakistan
    In our country patients seek treatment where medicine taken if does not work within minutes makes a doctor useless.
    And as quoted above about haneman
    “why to reinvent a wheel”
    with apology
    i dont agree with it.
    Research never stops
    why allopathy has captured the market only because of research and never ending research.
    I am using combinations and having good results from fever to hepatitis.

  9. Dr Anand Jain on

    I respect and myself try to use single remedy during homoeopathic treatment,but(I felt) today life has become very fast,every is in competetion, preparing of going ahead of other.In such a situation a patient expects a prompt relief(not ONLY cure)of his suffering,its not that you give an anti-miamatic / constitutional remedy and leave the vital force to heal by itself for months together.
    I promote the use of mother tincture / biochemic medcine for enabling the patient to go for the work Instantly.
    Time is always changing, nothing is constant in this world, then why only HOMOEOPATHY.

  10. Dayna on

    Hi there, I have just joined the mailing list. I am a qualified Classical Homeopath and Classical means the ‘use of the single remedy.’ Yes times are changing and people are going along fast but I think we tend to forget the original teachings and the proof that the ‘single ‘remedy’ works. As far as acute attacks resurfacing after the correct simillimum, these can be treated with acute remedies – but it takes knowledge and practice and a competant practitioner of the healing art to be able to do this effectively. I know in my heart that it is wrong to give combination remedies and I cannot do it. Stick to the teachings because they have been around for a long time and most importantly ‘keep it simple’ and pure.

  11. Dayna on

    Meant also to say – you are there to prescribe as a homeopath and should never feel pressure to treat or relieve pain quickly with homeopathy. Patients also need to be educated about the process of homeopathy and how it works and personally I would be uncomfortable treating someone with such high expectations. Homeopathic treatment is a gift and unless you are prescribing in a busy homepathic hospital (where you may be using a lot of acute remedies in a palliative nature), you should be very clear about how and whom your practice is aimed at, and you should be Classical in your approach.

  12. naseermuhammad on

    dear respect sur

    Homoeopathic have impotant law. allopathic system have

    no law and principal.we beleived law. Homoeoapthic doctors

    only unlaw prinicpal to use the comination medicine.

    all the doctors used drug proving remedy I chllange them

    that no one used un proving remdy that is also a law of

    Homooepathic. another law no one is authorise with

    out used potenization remedy. we believed to use single

    remedy. It required great experience. old expermetnal

    Homoeopathic doctors uesd single remedy cured chromic cases.

    I have a patient problum of vertigo worse in the bed.

    totally and similar symptom of conium . I started conium

    30 one month. no cure. same medicine I took higher than

    higher potency 200 1000 monthly basis 3 to 4 months . But no improvment. after 6 months I uses cm dose two

    doses one in the week with placebo for 15 days. second

    weak is totally cures by single dose of higher.

  13. Dr. Amer ihsan khan on

    Dayna thanks for your concern
    some here are trying to impose simply by saying those using combinations are trying to avert putting efforts for using single remedy.
    As the mentioned above which took 6 months for curing vertigo
    please be honest and say if we gonna take much time for curing shall we be able to survive in this world of competition.
    Are u suggesting Dayna
    we being homeopaths
    prepare minds of our patients to get treatment which might take 6 months or so for just vertigo
    my question is
    shall we be sincere with homeopathy or adding towards its destruction

  14. Dayna on

    Hello Dr. Khan,
    6 months is not that long to affect a cure, since the patient has probably been suffering for years.
    Might I suggest that we as homeopaths stay true to our teachings and if it takes 6 months to affect a cure then so be it. I don’t see myself in competition with other forms of treatment and cure cannot be hurried. Again I think it is about educating the patient and patience is the key here sometimes. Combination remedies can confuse the case as if that is not enough when we are also maybe having to treat amongst drug pictures to get to the real problem. Sometimes not an easy task I agree. Maybe it is different in India and people there expect immediate results?

  15. Dr. Amer ihsan khan on

    Hi Dayna
    am not from India but from pakistan though neighbours.
    And i dont know which country u belongs to?
    And i also wonder that u have so patience patients
    that is beyond my imagination.
    Dear either you are living in Heaven
    or your patients love your company.
    Just kidding… .
    It seems u not gonna understand my point or i may be not understanding yours regarding tenure of treatment.
    How if we talk about whats wrong in using combinations.
    What u think people using combinations, just pick up different bottles mix those up and give it to the patients ?
    Its not the case.
    I am here to learn and i appreciate the way u trying.
    I think u should not take it as personal that “i dont consider myself in competition”
    we are treating people i wonder if u r not aware of what is going on against homeopathy internationally
    they are opposing it just because there is no further research and it is useless just because it might take months without any benefits
    as was the case of “vertigo”
    i love homeopathy
    i like to be known as a homeopath
    and i wanna become a competant homeopath.

  16. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Thanks Dr.Robert Field for your valuable tips.Now-a-days combination medicines manufactured by different homeo labs are being used by the homeopathic doctors as those combinations are for a specific disease,after applying a combinations having 3 to 6 medicines there which one works cant be told.Though single remedy takes time to cure a disease increasing vital force.But its the real satisfaction of doctor and successful effect of single remedy.Thanks

  17. Dr. Amer ihsan khan on

    Thanks Dr. H.C Malaker
    got it well i too dont call it our practice for using combination made by labs.
    What i meant was combination made by me
    i have to take into consideration contradictory medicines
    have to be sure medicine am adding wont ruine the affects of major medicine though adding towards healing like
    for stones in gall bladder along with colilithiasis
    for stones hydrastis and chionanthus
    for pain
    cholestrinum, dioscoria and beladona
    sometimes alone while others combination of two or three.
    So please tell me whats harm in that
    and i prefer relieving my patient rather keep on experimenting.
    Am sure u know better the condition of pain in above mentioned case.

  18. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Thanks Dr.Khan for your valuable comments regarding gall stone’s pain.The name of medicines those you are using in single or combined form is for palliative not for cure,though for quick remission of severity of patient that can be used separately as hydrastis Q alongwith chionanthus Q latter others as you have mentioned.Dr.Robert Field in this topic plainly presented the system of homeopathic medicines and its use as a classical homeopath.I have treated so many cases of gall stone but result is not satisfactory we can palliate the severity of the patient but last weapon is surgery.So where is our achievement.Thanks

  19. Dr.Ranjit Singh on

    Thanks for the tips you have mentioned.These are very usefull to those who are in favour of classical homeopathy.I am agree to you.It is very very useful to all homoeopath.”The price of diamond can be expected from those
    who can recognise the diamond.”
    Dr.Ranjit Singh

  20. Dr. Amer ihsan khan on

    Palliative medicines are necessary
    how could we leave a patient in pain. So far as reducing the size of gall stones is concerned
    well here i will say
    i ve been very much successful and brought it to almost 10 from the size of 33 thereafter
    the patient could not go any further because of poverty but she is walking eating and leading a normal life without pain till now.
    When she was brought to me she could not stand pain and was advised immediate operation. By the grace of Allah she is much better not taking any medicine.

  21. Dr. Amer ihsan khan on

    Dr. Ramjit seems to be in hurry
    i just know homeopathy is based upon proviogs and its never ending
    Dr. Robert
    i appreciate the way u r helping as Dayna was.

  22. Philip Joseph on

    Classical Homeopathy stands by Single Remedy method, as the logical evidence for using it, is based on Single subtance provings & not combination provings. Once you start giving combination remedies how do you know which remedy among the combination is curative and more importantly when the patient gets an aggravation, which remedy among the combination given, does one antidote? All of them!! – oh my, now I will face the Mother of all confusions state? Likwise, will your second prescription be a higher potency of one among the combination or all of them…….But even Hahnemann on occasion did give more than one remedy and please don’t acuse me of blasphemy. Such rare occasions by the Master were observed in his “acute” prescriptions stored in Robert Bosch Hospital, Stuttgart, Germany which houses his archives. This is mentioned by Dr R Patel who did research at that hospital in early 1970’s. Perhaps due to the limited number of remedies in Hahneman’s time, he was forced to go that rare route. I agree that in chronic health conditions, Classical is the way to go. But in severe acutes (acute heart attack, stroke, drowning rescue, diabetic coma collapse, battlefield trauma), would there be enough time to get symptoms or even time to observe the patient’s apperance with precious seconds & life ticking away. The famous American Homeopath Dr H.A Roberts was a war physician, but his writings don’t give his experiences on the trauma battlefield front, although his “Sensations as if ….” book is a great guide. The patient may not even be conscious to communicate his symptoms. With even 5 indicated remedies coming up as possible here and only one remedy being the possible similimmum then a beginner in homeopathy can go crucially wrong 4 times. But here the patient does not have 4 leisurely lives to offer the beginner homeopath. What does one do here? I agree with Dr Robert of our Resonance school, that one should use single acute remedy or alternate single acute remedies and that is the only way the inexperienced will become experienced. I urge any reader who has experienced treating such acutes to share their actual life experience. In the US, mostly EMTs and Emergency units allopathically treat such patients but in some countries a Homeopath may be the only health practioner for miles around. Those brothers & sisters, Please share with us your real life experiences also. Humbly yours, for the increase of homeopathic knowledge, Philip Joseph

    • Robert Field on

      Thank you Philip for a fine contribution, Robert

  23. Dr. Amer ihsan khan on

    I totally agree with it, refering of patients need emergency facilities.
    I love to work in places like in Haite
    or places suffering from natural disasters.
    No one takes us to that position yet we r taught to bring water from river and no need to use machines which may make getting water quick,thereby purity of water will be endanger. No matter someone die of thirst.
    Everyone is writing about Dr. Robert though he is classical, must have time for people like me. Who want homeopathy to become a leading way of treatment stated by the masses and not by the classicals only in our own premises.
    A CASE
    a female aged about 29
    pregnancy 30th week.
    Scanty Amnoitic fluid
    foetus. enlarged kidneys
    with cycts.
    For the last two months or so my patients
    now foetus development seen
    almost to normal
    medicine now in use
    1. apis mel. 6
    10 drops tds
    2. Natrum Mur. 12x
    4 tab. Tds
    what u suggest

    • Robert Field on

      Hello Dr Amer,

      Apis and Natrum Muriaticum are compatible remedies and both useful in Kidney complaint. It sounds like you are doing well with the case. In any case once a remedy or remedies have been given it is now time to watch and see how the vital force has responded. It would be foolish for me to recommend another course of treatment based on the short description above. If the client is responding and doing better, then you are succeeding. Good luck,

  24. Kumar, Malaysia on

    Dear Robert Ji,

    Single remedy will do and always stick to what master has said. Why the fuss and be a good follower was my motto since I was a Homeopath. Then be a good leader in future. Thank you.

    Kumar, Malaysia.

  25. naseermuhammad on

    Dr. Amer ihsan khan on February 24, 2010

    your remarks that what about the principal law

    of single remedy. chronic cases take years. You have

    no experience look you are new homoeopathic using

    combination and destruction human being. some time

    10 medicine with potency with alkhoel that is damage

    inflammation ulceration supporation cancer of mucus

    memberance GIT or other organs. please thank about

    human being. study more the single remedy and advise

    you cure chronic cases by single remdey not by comination.

  26. Chakkarapani PSER on

    Dear Sir

    Kindly indicate which homeopathi medicine will use for regular periods to girls who are suffering from irregular periods.


  27. Dr. Amer ihsan khan on

    Am happy for both
    your comments and compliments.
    To initiate that case
    i gave her
    1.cal. Phos. 6x
    4 tab. Tds
    2. Nat. Sulf. 6x
    4 tab. Tds
    after wards
    1. Apis
    2. Nat. Mur
    cant we be trained for
    calamities ?
    I ve an organisation by the name
    shamim khanum org. For oppressed natives
    free treatment for deserving people.
    ready to help human beings as in Haite and chilly i beleive Somalia and so on
    can we be helpful there ?
    What do u say for the use of Mother Tinctures?

    • Robert Field on

      Hello Dr Amer,

      Mother tinctures can be used when there is gross pathology providing that the substance is not harmful in the mother tincture form. Potentizing the medicine reveals mush more than the mother tincture and is a more powerful form to inspire healing. Mother tinctures must be used with great care.

      Robert Field

  28. deven on

    Wheather the combination remedies should apply or not is a biggest contraversy in Homeopathy.What i think that combination of remedies act well in 90% cases.When I read the acute cases near about 70% homoeopaths claim that they are getting results in a wk or in 15 days.Now please see that In world 18% pts are treated by homeopathy.In these 17% are treated by combination remedies and because of which only homeopathy is in light.
    When we say that we use the power of remedy then it is clear that after 23c potency there is no molecule of drug is present .
    Then question of proving.We alaways say that we have only 100 drugs proved by our Master.
    I think that these drugs are only true proving.
    This is my personal opinion that if combinations are used in scientific manner {accord. to reletionship] they act alaways better.
    I am using cobinations for last 24 years and results are within 2days in acute cases.
    I am a homeopath working in villege.My pts want results quick and with help of combinations I am able to give them quick results.

  29. Dr VISHWANATH on

    does this single dose practice is suitable for acute conditions also

  30. gunalan on

    Dear viewers,
    Many homeopaths in India who is practising of ROH method is selecting the remeady only one remeady on the basis of Mental symptoms alone on the basis of one pill one dose one remedy. If u doubt, read the Books of Dr. M.L.SEGHAL REDISCOVERY OF HOMEOPATHY 12 VOLUMES. You will get enough knowledge in it. Even after reading the books. if u feel doubtful, pl. try in this method, atleast in ur selected method fail to cure the patient. Thanks. gunalan

  31. Dr Amal Metya on

    dr khan; whenever a case combie with fever like eupeto per ,cough like rumex with headache how can we treat by combine medicine

  32. Dr Amal Metya on

    dr khan; thanks a lot for valuable tips

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