Homeopathy Tips for 2/21/12 Astrology and Homeopathy

I recently had a question from a client that made me think a bit. He asked, ” Which is more powerful; Astrological influences or Homeopathy?” After some contemplation ( this is something I have never pondered before) I answered Homeopathy. Here is my thinking and why. It also inspired me to investigate the Spagyric remedies and some information I have on Astrological homeopathy. Just because I have investigated this subject does not make me an astrological homeopath, whatever that means. I am a classical homeopath who prescribes by Hahnemanns’ method of single remedies based on the law of similars. But I have found some interesting stuff that I’d like to share.

Firstly I have consulted with very good professional astrologers in my life and have been given very good information. I do not claim to understand how the astrologer was able to determine such accurate information regarding conditions in my life but I can safely say that the heavens are definitely influencing aspects of our lives. I do not live my life based on these observations but they have been highly useful in understanding particular events.

The way I see it is that just like gravity has a more powerful effect the closer you are to a particular mass or body the same applies to the planets. The effects of these influences have been recorded through the ages and the study of the heavenly bodies and how they influence life is known as astrology. Each planet and stellar systems play their interactive role or dance with each other. These influences, like gravity are subtle. But through the study of astrology they can be profound as well.

I think the subtle influences do have an effect on our lives. Each has a particular influence based on where we are born on the planet and in what relation to the zodiac. But these influences are more like a predisposition and not absolutes. We are here as spiritual beings at the end point of G-d’s creation. We have freedom of choice and consciousness that allows us to be co-creators with the divine.

Even though influences from the stars can have profound effects they do not overshadow the power of the vital force. This vital force is responsible for all expressions of life as well as healing. So if conditions in our life are challenging we can always reach a better state of health by the inspiration from a homeopathic remedy. Once this vital force is unleashed it is far more powerful than any external influence including the influences of the stars. I believe that the power of the planetary pull is more powerful than the homeopathic remedy because it is a measurable influence in the realm of the material. But the homeopathic remedy does not materially affect us directly. It acts as an inspiration unleashing the power of the vital force. This power is the true creative power that has created the heavens and earth. This same power brings us the creative power of life. It is life force. This is a much stronger force than the influence from the stars. This is the same force that has created the stars and the universes.

Some homeopathic Materia Medicas include information regarding the planets and their affiliations with remedies. The Lotus Materia Medica by Robin Murphy lists particular remedies and spagyric essences for the major signs of the zodiac. Below are a few of the planets and their associated remedies;

  • Jupiter; Stannum met, Lyc, Chel, Hydrastis, Leptandra, Cholest, China, Nux-v, Tarax, Mag-m, Alfalfa, Carduus mar. Podo.
  • Mars; Ferr-m, Ferr-phos, Acon, Apis, Arnica, Bellis-p, Staph, Calen, Canth, Hyper, Nat-s, Nux-v, Urtic-u, Crat, Echin, Ham-v, Mill, Plant, Sang
  • Mercury; Mercurius, Drosera, Lobelia, Kali-m, Rumex, Tub, Bac, Cham, Igantia,   Ant-t, Grind, Verbascum.
  • Moon;  Arg-n, Luna, Carc, Cina, Cocc, Con, Hell-n, Hyos, Ipec, Kali-phos, Nux-m, Phos, Opium, Anac, Stram, Avena sat, Lactuca sat, Valeriana, Passiflora, Ginko.
  • Saturn; Plumb, Silica, Calc-carb, Calc-fl, Carc, Arsen, Hekla lava, Graph, Petrol, Strontium carb, Cadmium sulp, Thiosinamum, Ceanothus, Symphytum.
  • Sun;  Aurum met, Nat-m, Euphrasia, Glon, Cactus grandifloris, Digitalis, Sol, Crataegus, Heliantus, Apocynum.
  • Venus; Cuprum, Puls, Berb-v, Caul, Benz-ac, Med, Staph, Sepia, Nat-p, Ter, Apis, Thuja, Equis, Sars, Sabal, Damiana, Helon, Solid, Petroselinum.

In the spagyric method of constitutional prescribing the remedy is based on the persons Planetary Constitution. This is NOT homeopathy. The constitution type is based on personality, behaviors, body type, skin and hair color etc. The day of the week the person was born also factors into the constitutional type.

  • Sunday – Sun Constitution
  • Monday – Moon Constitution
  • Tuesday – A Mars Constitution
  • Wednesday – A Mercury Constitution
  • Thursday – A Jupiter Constitution
  • Friday – Venus Constitution
  • Saturday – a Saturn Constitution

There are also the Lotus Growth cycles of a person’s life that follow seven-year cycles. These are associated with the cycles of human development.

  • Moon Lotus – birth – 7 years
  • Mercury Lotus – age 7 – 14 years
  • Venus Lotus – age 14 – 21
  • Sun – age 21-42 years
  • Mars Lotus – age 42 -49
  • Jupiter Lotus – age 49 -56
  • Saturn Lotus – 56 – 63
  • Moon Lotus – age 63 – 70 years
  • Mercury Lotus – age 70 – 77 years

As you can see much thought has gone into astrological influences and combining them with homeopathy. Although none of these are from the pure Hahnemannian perspective of prescribing they might be useful for some homeopaths who are very learned and interested in astrology and homeopathy.

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  1. Amulya Kumar Mishra on

    Does Astrology really works in Homoeopathy?

    • Robert Field on

      Using astrology to determine a persons remedy is not homeopathy. But the question “does it work?” bears an answer. I personally do not use astrology to determine the remedy for a person but astrological influences are real and this is more information that others may find useful. Hopefully some of the readers can shed more light on the subject. Thanks, Robert

      • yogamamaonline on

        I know of a homeopath who uses her knowledge of numerology, which is similar to astrology, with great success.

  2. Coco on

    the subject to my understanding is not about astrology working with or not working with Homeopathy but rather about total interaction and influence among every part of universes as all is one.Every movement,thought,action has a consequent reaction and brings final result always changeable as nothing is permanent except change

  3. Dr A.Jeevan Jaya on

    An interesting article.Sometimes in a difficult cases we have to use our discreation to cure the patients with our experience by resorting to astrological help.The illness is due to effect of ruling adverse planets having its effect on the pateient at that time.The astrology has prescribed certain plants and also Homeo medicines to ward off sickness.I have used the help of Astrology ,Mantras to ward off illness with the help of Homeo Medicines and worked very well.The time of administering the medicine is also important.For ordinary practioner it is difficult and it requires vast stud y and knowledge.

  4. Ariel on

    Interestingly, the remedy I am on, Aconite, does fall under the planet Mars which is one of the ruling planets for Scorpio. In my western astrological chart I have four planets in Scorpio… Sun, Moon, Mars & Neptune.

    My husband has four planets, including his Sun in Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter. A remedy that we are exploring for him is Lycopodium which is listed in the Jupiter. A remedy that has been helpful for him several times when he got sick is Nux vomica, which is also listed under remedies for Jupiter. When you think about it, Jupiter is about expansion, more, bigger, more. Both Lycopodium & Nux have issues with excess. My husband does tend to do things to excess, which is a part of the nature he was born with.

    I believe the astrology helps us understand our natural tendencies and inherent nature. The homeopathy helps to give us choices about how we use our inherent tendencies. In the case of Jupiter, with the inherent nature of expansion, with homeopathy, one can shift a pattern of excess from things that can be harmful to a pattern of expanding blessings for humanity.

    I don’t think that I would use this as a way to prescribe, but I do find it fascinating to explore. Thank you Robert!

  5. Lucinda on

    Ariel, what a beautiful comment, thanks! As I am now studying for the CHC exam (confusingly, the exam for the CCH credential) the topic “astrology and homeopathy” was the last thing on my mind until just now. It’s refreshing and I agree, fun to explore!
    Thanks, Robert

    • kevin on

      I am considerably more versed in astrology than homeopathy, but given the theories of both I am convinced someone versed in both fields should be well able to look at a client’s chart and transits and prescribe at least as accurately as by looking and talking directly to the patient. The comments in the article about astrology are definitely of the well-inclined but lay variety.

      • kevin on

        Of course I would want-and do expect-my homeopath, like any other doctor, to look at and listen to me, just as an astrologer listens to a client to have certainty as to how the energies mediated/signified by the planets etc are manifesting in life. But fundamentally we’re dealing with energy signatures and patterns and homeopathy is not significantly different than the talismanic and alchemical methods of applying the theory to bring about changes to greater health etc.

  6. Dr.S.Kalyanasundaram on

    Astrology and Homoeopathy can go together sometimes.

  7. Syed Husain on

    A very interesting article. I agree with the views that Astrology and Homoeopathy may go together sometimes.

  8. Ashok RajGuru on

    Some observations regarding astrology.

    Life force is an expression of Karma. By itself, it is not capable of curing or even lessening the chronic miasm ((Introduction to 6th edition of Organon). The astrological chart is a reflection of the Karma that has wrought the soul into a corporeal body.

    The planetary influences have little to do with gravity, else Rahu and Ketu (the Nodes) which have no material existence and are merely the intersection of two loci would not define the principal theme of life. Most Western astrological charts are not based on the visible zodiac, so planetary influences that were correct during Babylonian times no longer hold good. To overcome this deficiency, it is better to apply Vedic astrological principles to cast the chart.

    Regarding constitution, the Ascendant will influence the physical constitution most and a good guide would be to see the 6th and 8th houses (and their rulers) besides the Ascendant in the Rasi chart.

    The day of the week cannot be fixed by any astronomical observation, hence we cannot use it effectively for any material description or definition. A better guide is the asterism (Nakshatra) which is an astronomical phenomenon.

    Indeed remedies can be associated with planets. The influence could be tied to the principal miasmatic influence. For example, Moon is Kapha and Vata, so we could ascribe Sycotic and Psoric remedies to it, while Saturn is principally Vata so Psoric and Syphylitic miasms would be governed by the Grim Reaper. Each planet and House has an organ affinity. Therefore, chart reading needs a multi-dimensional approach to determine constitution, miasm, organ affinity and time when Karma will ripen to bear fruit.

    • Camille Ventura on

      Thank you for your explanation regarding both the difference between vedic and western astrology, and their relationship to remedies as you see it. I am a lay person in both homeopathy and ayurveda, and I read this column faithfully. I appreciate your contribution on this topic.

    • Raphael on

      The western astrology schools that (like vedic astrology) are based on the visible (true, actual) zodiac are called SIDERALIST. They take into account the shift that occured over the centuries, while the tropicalists do not.

      (There’s differences between vedic and western sideralist astrology, but I don’t know enough to explain any. At least, both start with the true zodiac…)

    • kevin on

      The asterisms, or constellations, for which the zodiac signs are named are human groupings of stars almost none of which have actual astronomical relationships (exceptions for e.g. the pleiades who are a part of the asterism Taurus). Western tropical astrology uses the fixed stars as individuals but the zodiacal positions are defined seasonally-Aries begins with the sun’s position at the vernal equinox. So, in a sense, “Scorpio” refers to “the middle month of fall” as defined by the sun’s passage, and this provides obvious cues and clues to the meanings of the signs. To the understanding tropical astrologer, the sidereal and Vedic complaint about the constellations is like confusing Tennessee-a human-conceived geographical region-for Appalachia, an objective phenomenon: a mountain range. The stars exist, and some constellations have some relationship with themselves, but most are arbitrary human-made cognitive groupings for ease of navigation. That is, the sidereal perspective doesn’t even make more sense from the animist grounds it typically claims, but the tropical zodiac is based, like the highly effective nodes which are definitely too neglected in much western practice, upon “objective” mathematical relationships in the heavens. The signs are named for the asterisms in them as we codified our astrology; they are not the constellations, which vary between cultures. (The Arabic mansions of the moon, defined by her passage across the ecliptic, are similar in that way, and though I don’t work with them personally, I know some who swear by them and the logic makes immaculate sense to me.) Various schools of astrology do work, thanks to the harmonics implicit in the universe (like transposing from one key or mode to another….same tune, different feel) and the angles between lights/points and the astrologer’s relationship to the intelligences behind/beneath/beyond the celestial bodies, but it is at best uninformed and at worst duplicitous and unmagnanimous to misrepresent our practice in that way.

  9. larry on

    I think most would consider homopath being something tangable and study of astrology being more mystical in nature. I feel it’s an individual decision and your personal belief.

  10. Dr.Rawkrishna on

    Interesting subject, I never tried, I will.??????

  11. Brian Marsh on

    I have worked nearly thirty-five years for the integration of Classical Homeopathy into the mainstream society. As demonstrated by this column on Astrology in Homeopathy Tips, I sometimes wonder if we will ever reach the world through Hahnemann’s life-altering philosophy. One is a proven Science to whom the well-studied will come; the other is a retread philosophy devoid of logic. Choose wisely!

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Brian,
      As evidenced by the numerous articles to your right, I too am a classical Hahnemannian homeopath, wanting the very same for homeopathy. This article is of simple interest and not necesarrily to create a new system for homeopathy. I even think I mentioned that above in the article. Thanks for your comment.

  12. Mir Rabiuzzaman on

    whoao! amazing

  13. dr ashwani on

    Its not matter of astrology n homoeopathy but it is matter of to serve humanity what is the way it is scientific and I think astrology is also a science and an Art we take it as a science we must gain result

  14. Robert Lal on

    If astrologers can cure a dis-ease why to look for homeopathy?

  15. Ashok RajGuru on

    Every healing modality has its place under the sun and also has its limitations. Why look for surgery, CPR, dentistry if Homeopathy has all the answers? Science is an exploration of the perceptible world – it merely touches the 4% matter that pervades the visible Universe. Homeopathy, Astrology, Morphic Resonances, TCM, Prayer, Hypnosis and Noetic Sciences examine the remaining 96% of Dark Matter that are part of existence. Homeopathy works on principles of Energetics, as do Astrology, Morphic Resonances, TCM and Prayer and a host of other fields of knowledge.

    Hahnemann laid great stress on lifestyle, diet, thought patterns, and attitudes and let me assure you, Astrology can guide a person in these areas and help well-being and health. Disease is but a disturbance of the Life Force and anything that can help restore its dominion over the entire economy of Man needs to be accepted by a Healer so that the patient can lead a life for the higher purpose of existence.

  16. harish srivastava on

    There is so many system of treatment, so no doubt in your articles, but it need more research.

  17. J. S. Rana on

    Very interesting topic and very useful for all homeopaths. Yes Astrology do help to diagnose the problem, if you go through the astrological charts. All plants relate to some of planets due to its taste and textures and medicines we extract from these plants also relate to planets. If you go through astrology, you will find the main cause of the problem and then you can treat better to a patient. Some times all of a sudden some particular disease occurs at a particular time of age without any reason. For Example a rich man always sitting in a very higenic environment, even then he is infected by some infection and where a poor man always lives in exposure of infections, nothing happened to this poor man. In case of rich man, when time of his disease stars come, he will be infected with infection, even he is sitting in a very good environment. If a homeopath treat this rich man according to his planet who is creating or giving the disease, he will get success in his treatment.

  18. Dr Abhay Patil on

    I am a classical homoeopath and using astrology with homoeopathy for past 4 years. Astrology helps us in finding the predisposition of person which otherwise is difficult in sycotic cases and children. The chart helps in verifying physician understanding of patient.

  19. Lenoxus on

    Astrology and homeopathy are both a thousand times as effective as one another.

  20. Dr Abhay Patil on

    We have started applying astrological concept in children who are mentally compromised like downs, cerebral palsy , Autism and getting excellent results . In such cases history for homoeopathic prescription is very limited but when combined with his horoscope gives an insight in patient .

    • dev on

      plz share ur details

  21. Dr Abhay Patil on

    For eg i would like to share a common chart found in majority of patients who require Lyopodium as constitutional medicine . They usually have a scorpio Ascendant with Jupiter in 2nd or 5 th house . Mars or Sun in 10th. 2nd or first house .Moon is in watery of windy sign.

    • dev on

      sir plz share ur email id…

  22. Sophie Chaldean on

    In Germany there are several astrologers Who are also homeopath Andreas Kruger, also a good website http://www.andreasbunkhale.com

  23. don on

    How can i find a practitioner that deals with these remedies?

  24. alex on

    Astrology and Homeopathy: Quest for the Least Common Denominator
    Practical astro homeopathy. How to find constitutional remedy using the birth chart


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