Homeopathy Tips for 2/16/10 Favorite Medicines

It is easy to become complacent and prescribe favorite medicines when being a homeopath. If we are lulled into a stupor seeing many cases they may all seem to have similar themes and therefore similar remedies. Be very careful when prescribing to treat the person and not the disease. As well we should be very careful in selecting remedies that fit the case rather than remedies for similar cases we have seen before.

In Aphorism 257 of the Organon Hahnemann made it clear we should take great care not to develop favorite medicines; ” The true physician will take care to avoid making favorite remedies of medicines, the employment of which he has, by chance, perhaps found often useful, and which he has had opportunities of using with good effect. If he do so, some remedies of rarer use, which would have been more suitable, consequently more serviceable, will often be neglected.”

We must select very good rubrics for the case and understand what is really asking to be healed. In addition to this we must do precise research and investigate all of the remedies that may be applicable to the case. If we settle for any remedy based on a previous experience we will no doubt miss other opportunities, for often there is a much more suitable remedy for the case.

Read about every remedy and learn about it’s natural history and what the substance is about. Study the mind section. Study its most common indications. Study it’s modalities. It will help you find the simillimum remedy when our prejudice about remedies do not exist. We need to be free to consider any remedy, not just those remedies that we are familiar with.

The same is true for forming prejudice about remedies that we have used in the past with less than desirable results. Hahnemann continued in Aphorism 258; “The true practitioner, moreover, will not in his practice with mistrustful weakness neglect the employment of those remedies that he may now and then have employed with bad effects, owing to an erroneous selection (from his own fault, therefore), or avoid them for other (false) reasons, as that they were unhomeopathic for the case of disease before him; he must bear in mind the truth, that of medicinal agents, that one alone invariably deserves the preference in every case of disease which corresponds most accurately by similarity to the totality of the characteristics symptoms, and that no paltry prejudices should interfere with this serious choice.”

Notice how Hahnemann was very careful to warn us of having prejudices. There are no such things a better or worse remedies. It is only what we may project onto them that makes them so. If our research and understanding of the case and the remedies most suitable for it is thorough,  it will be easier to have good judgment. We should have no fixed ideas about the case or the remedy. From our unprejudiced place we can correctly see and apply the best suited remedy. No two cases are the same. Because one remedy may have worked for one case and not another, it should have no bearing on the case before you. Select the remedy as if there were never a case even similar to it. Select the remedy from understanding the essence of the case and if the remedy is truly homeopathic it will fit in it’s totality.

I recently had a case of Sarcoidosis and Kidney stone as the main ailments. Selecting rubrics was easy but the case analysis did not hold up so well to many rubrics. Only the polycrests were present. I was searching for a remedy much more specific to the case. By changing the repertization to a word search for Sarcoidosis in ReferenceWorks and using the results as a rubric and combining it with Bladder; calculi, the results were impressive. Three remedies came up. It would have been easy to make a case for Lycopodium or Pulsatilla if I wanted to. But I would have severely prejudiced the case this way. The other remedy was Beryllium Metallicum, a remedy that I had never prescribed before. When I read it it fit like a hand in a glove.

If I had prejudices about favorite remedies I may have missed this remedy by trusting my first repertization whose results included many of the polycrest remedies. But by being free to analyze the case in a different manner it actually became very easy. We must be willing to let go in each and every case. Let go of the favorite or the ones you want to avoid and simply see the case and do good investigations of the materia medica. It actually makes our jobs much easier and more successful prescriptions can be given.

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  1. Peter Bezemek on

    Well, it’s funny, but what you presented seems to me exactly like the practice of favorite remedies you warn us before. It’s just you picked SOMEONE-ELSE’s favorite remedy (for Sarcoidosis), not your own. (Which is not necessarily a bad thing – maybe Beryllium is a specific for this kind of diasease)

    When you search for remedies based on the name of the disease, you are not treating a person, you are treating a disease. While I don’t blame you, it’s not exactly the best teaching example 🙂

    Anyway, I wonder what exact materia medica did you read to find that the remedy fit so well (for the sake of the patient, I just hope it was not based on Scholten’s fantasies) as there are not that many MM dealing with this remedy and the information is quite scarce.

    Personally, I would have to be VERY sure to start the case with such a small remedy. Btw. Lycopodium and Pulsatilla both have a listing for “Sarcoidosis” 😉

    Finally, did the remedy do any good or do you still have to wait for the outcome?

    Best regards,
    Peter Bezemek

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Peter. Thanks for your comment. I kind of agree with you. It may not have been the best example of favorite remedy. But I was thinking how easy it would be to give either Lyc or Puls based on repertization. Knowing their essences though kept me from this. The example is really a better one for changing analysis methods. I always say the person and not the disease. But in this case selecting rubrics about the person always led to polycrests that wernt for the person or the case. Yet after changing strategies and reducing rubrics to two Beryllium came forth. When I read the remedy it had general symptoms and particulars that fit him. Beryllium never came up with the original repertization yet the materia medica included the symptoms. Had I stuck to the original analysis I would have been wanting to choose a remedy based on incomplete and eventually a prejudiced favorite. I’m glad I was flexible and not stuck when just didn’t fit. I have not seen the results yet. It was just prescribed. Thanks again for your comment.

      Robert Field

  2. S K Kalra on

    I got a serious lesson today. Generally we tend for polychrests or generally used medicines. Success in Homeopathic treatment needs time and hard work. Shortcuts do never pay.

    Dr Hahnemann was not only a Philosopher, Doctor etc He was gifted with Divine Power also. He could foresee the fatal error in future could be done by Homeopaths.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi S K Kalra. You are so very right. Hahnemann saw very early on the pitfalls of being hasty and tried his very best to warn us. I totally agree with you. Robert

  3. Dagmar on

    Hello and thanks for this input..What would you suggest for neurosthenia?Thanks

  4. Desiree Duong on

    I have conversed with you briefly via email in the past concerning a homeopath in the Atlanta, GA area. During that time you mentioned that you did phone consults, and listed a number. I cannot find that number and am wondering about your rates for such services. Just to refresh, I am pregnant with my 6th child, if that helps jog the memory. Thank you. 404.932.7648

    • Robert Field on

      Please call my office at 775-827-0222. Thanks.
      Robert Field

  5. Dr R K Gupta, B.H.M.S. on

    Thanks for informative e-mail to refresh our knowledge of organon of medicine & giving your experience about Beryllium Metallicum, which I too have not prescribed yet.

  6. Trish on

    Your generosity of spirit and your commitment to all of us and the Art of Homeopathy and also your great courage to wonder, to learn, to experiment and to explore are so evident in your writings. Thank you for being so aware and willing to share your waking journey with us. I get that you don’t have to be right, you just have to be present. That takes alot of courage and I applaud you. The body never lies- it cannot, so even if the smaller Rx does not cover everything like the Peter above commented, the body will produce symptoms of what is needed next. Not that we treat our patients like lab rats, but it is an ongoing dialogue. We have to know where the patient has come from and where they are headed and always know that we are moving in the direction of cure. The body will not give us bad directions if we are aware with all of ourselves. Thank you for your writings from HOME.

    • Robert Field on

      Trish. Wow what wonderful insight you really have grasped the beauty of homeopathy. You comment of not having to be right, just present is so very true. Rightness happens when we are diligent but free to be in the present. Eventually we arrive at knowingness. Thanks so very much for your comment.

  7. Anthony on

    Hi Dr Robert & friends one problem i face is not having all the remedies available. There are so many new medicines for me it would be almost impossible to keep them. The cost is another issue, you may not use the remedy again. I have found the Polycrests to work well for a very high percentage of my clients.If It is requried i will give 2-3 remedies to cover the case. Kind Regards.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Anthony.
      I understand your predicament. How can we give the remedy if we don’t have it? You are doing the right thing by giving what you can but try ordering remedies from Hahnemann Labs in California or Helios in England. You may not be able to get the remedy the next day but maybe the next week. They have every remedy between them. Good luck.

  8. Farhan Nadaf on

    Thanks for the information. I got cleared now why not to use the same remedy for the another person. Thanks a lot

  9. naseermuhammad on

    Respect robert

    prescribe favorite medicines require great experience.

    You have approached Rubric similar characteric symptom

    and totallity & Sarcoidosis about Beryllium Metallicum

    casetaking for repertorization and correct rubric is essential for repertor. trace out different rubric with
    character symptom to similar of medicine and patient.
    I personally have know that is favoriate medicine of the doctor as well as the patient.

  10. B.K.Khurana on

    Thanks for the article wherein an advice is given to the Homeopaths to refrain from treating patients repeatedly with favourite medicines. Inspite of reading such knowledge imparted by Hahnemann one tends to commit this mistake while diagonising the ailment.


  11. celes on

    Dear Dr.Robert,

    Thanks for enlightening us on this topic. It throws a lot of light when the picture of the case is dark by reference to the list of rubrics via MM.

    Sir, I would like to know my mother is suffering from Urniary infection as well as her eyesight is weak. Also her hearing is getting weaker and sometimes while she walks she slips and injuries herself. She gets too worried about things. She is now over 80 years old. Is there any hope for her recovery of eyesight without going for cataract operation or is there any remedy for her hearing.

    Please do the needful and oblige.



    • Robert Field on

      Hi Celes. Homeopathy can help. In the aged it may not have the miracle effect you desire though. Cataract surgery is very advanced and easy these days by qualified doctors. Take her case and give the best remedy. It cannot hurt. Good luck.

      • celes on

        Dear Mr. Robert,

        Its kind of your to reply to my query. But you know my friends mother who had undergone cataract surgery was addmitted to the Hospital whilst undergoing operation. Her blood pressure shot up and she collapsed and so Sir, we are afraid to take our dear mother for cataract surgery because of this confusing reports we heard.

        Is there a remedy for Hearing as she is not able to hear what ever we say.
        In fact, we have to repeat and shout so that she can hear. Pls. advise.



      • Robert on


        As always the remedy is for the person and not just a hearing condition. Someone needs to take the case and prescribe for the person not the disease.

        Robert Field

  12. arushima gupta on

    sir , its nice of u to give me such valuable knowlegde thanx a lot

  13. K.Rajagopala Kurup. on

    I suppose individualisation is the ideal work. But I also feel when every thing fails, we should try to use our own discretion to help the patient, if good result comes!

  14. chandni on

    thanx 4 lovely advice.it wud surly help in better prescription

  15. ghulam muhammad on

    Hello diar robert,
    thanks for informative e.mail to refresh our knowledge of organon of medicine & giving your experience about berylium metallicum . thanks again for your comment.

  16. satya on

    thank u for ur service.
    please send me details.


    my baby is an IUGR at birth followed by septicemia,he started gettng epilepsy at the age of 2 yrs, NW he s 2yrs 9 mths old,he s on 3 types of allopathic medicines,
    i hv startd homeopathy under another homeopath 9 months back,he exiperimnted him with ARTEMESIA-30,ANTIUM CRUD-30 ANACARDIUM-30,CICUTA-30,AND SOME BIOCHEMIC,with no results at all
    nw i discontinued evrythng as he s gettng viral infectins since last 3 mths off and on.
    his seizures are under ctrl with Allopathic med,bt his spasms are as it is
    i will be thankfull if you advice me regardng this

    • Robert on

      Hello Dr,

      The case is far too complex to recommend a remedy without seeing the baby. If you are not satisfied with the treatment from the homeopath, then try another different homeopath. Homeopathy can help but your child will need to be understood very well to find the best remedy.
      Good luck,


  18. Kumar, Malaysia on

    Dear Robert Ji,

    Thank you for the lovely article. Good to refer and refresh Organon.

    With Best wishes.
    Kumar, Malaysia

  19. satya on


  20. celes on

    Dear Sir,

    Yesterday our pet male pomperian bit my sister whilst she was giving him bath. She rushed to the doc who gave her injection and said after 1 week she has again to take the injection and later after 1 month and then 3 months. But the swelling is there. The Doctor told her if the dog dies within 10 days she will have to take antirabies injection. Doc has prescribed lot of tablets. She is worried because she never expected the pet male pomerian dog to bite her.

    She is much worred about the tablets and the injection. Is there any homopathic remedy for such dog bites. I hope by her worried she does not loose confidence. Please advise in such cases what is to be done.



    • Robert on


      The homeopathic remedy Lyssin (Hydrophobinum)is a very good dog bit remedy and will also help in the treatment of rabies if that is the case. Try a 30C or 200C potency and look for a response. Good luck,

      Robert Field

  21. celes on

    Dear Dr. Robert,

    Thanks for prescribing the remedy. I will try it today.

    Best Regards


  22. sumalika singh on

    sir,tell me the meaning of research inrespect to homeopathy.If we established a research center then what are our limitations and norms.

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