Homeopathy Tips for 2/09/10 The Person Not the Disease

Several newsletters ago I had a request for clarification about the comment that “the remedy is for the person and not their disease.” I want to explain further now.

Homeopathy is individualized medicine. A constellation or picture of disease is painted by the symptoms a person has. They are NOT their disease. They are a living expression of energy, made in the image of G-d, and a part of all creation.

Dis-ease or “disease” is an energy that clings to this person. It could only be known by the animating vital force. Otherwise if there were no animating vital force then we would say that the person were dead. As the vital force rules with unbounded sway, it makes no mistakes and has the principle of survival built into it. It wants to reflect this ever expanding continuum of life force expression that it is a part of. This is why Hering’s Law of Cure (from the inside out) makes real sense, not just because it is observed so frequently.

The only way disease could ever be expressed is because of susceptibility. This susceptibility resides in the vital force at the spirit level. All disease, in essence, is a disease of the spirit. Once the darker dis-ease energy has clung to the vital force it can become animated and known. When this is observable, we say that the person has the “disease”. This is not true. If it were then we would never, ever heal from any disease. It would become such an integral part of us that it could never be cast off. We know that the vital force animates this disease but it is also the vital force that will cast it off and heal. Remember in Aphorism 1, Hahnemann says, our high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure as it is termed  (removal of symptoms, returning to health).

We acquire disease to help us gain consciousness about our spiritual path. Disease becomes a spiritual reflection of where we are and where we have been, giving us a new opportunity to learn and spiritually evolve. We have a new opportunity to choose differently when we heal.

The disease is just the outward expression of the inward disturbance to the vital force. Because there are as many diseases as there are persons to express them, it is not the disease that we are inspiring to heal with homeopathy, but the person. Every persons disease is completely dis-similar and unique, even though we see common traits to the outward expressions.

It is because of the western model of material (physical) disease that we have come to understand that it is a “disease” that should be treated; a collection of symptoms that have been named. This model works when the spiritual vital force is not included. But when you look deeper at the beauty of the homeopathic system it is not a system based on the physical. It is really spiritual medicine.

So the next time that you are asked to help someone heal any “disease” named illness, think twice about what you are really doing with homeopathy. Having this bigger understanding will help you to really get what is asking to be healed. The “disease” will be a perfect metaphor for the spiritual evolution of the person. Treat the person and not the “disease”. You will be much more successful in your prescriptions.

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  1. Kumar, Malaysia on

    Dear Robert,

    What a wonderful explaination. Your description is absolutely correct. The present situation is to treat the poeple so that the world will be better place to live. Thank you.

    Kumar, Malaysia.

  2. C.Fernandes on

    Dear Mr. Robert,

    It is a wonderful and meaningful explanation. It really explains the character of the person which will help to diagnoise the case in a better and faster cure.



  3. chandni on

    Dear Mr.Robert
    ur explanation is quiet valuable.it will surely help in better diagnose n prescription.
    thank u

  4. Marie Costello on

    Thank you Robert,

    This explanation is so simple. If one will follow, the complications will cease to exist or at least make it less complicated. Thank you.




    • I fully agree with you.
      There is a great world operating on spirit within every system and what we study/find in allopathy or homeopathy is only a tip of the ice-berg. Simple mention of spirit or vital force does not explain anything at all.It is true that that remedy is needed for the person, not the disease.This has been felt ONLY by the forefathers of homeopathy but a clear-cut picture of the great world, based on scientific logic and practical verification of the facts through treatment is still the basic challenge for homeopaths as well as allopaths/scientists.To accomplish this, knowledge of homeopathy,science , entry into spiritual level and throwing out word knowledge is an essential pre-condition.
      Thanks for your unbiased comment. I feel that helps to open our eyes.

  6. Dr.Fazal Khaliq on

    its a convencing explanation and basic principle of homoeopathy.

  7. Marta Olson on

    In support of Homeopathy as a scientific study;
    The discovery of the human genome and genetics has made great strides in understanding the ” human condition”. I find it so refreshing to be studying genetics and learn that the most recent evidence points to a persons “vulnerability” to a certain disorder. Within the diathesis stress model for understanding psychopathology, “individuals inherit tendencies to express certain traits or behaviors….. however, without the stressor, this disorder may never be expressed.” Barlow and Durand
    As has been taught through Classical Homeopathy (to me through Robert Field), this vulnerability is THE cause of disease.
    Though the acknowledgment of spirit is not a part of the model as of yet; It is my belief that as the thread is followed, so shall they find the creator.

    • What is vulnerability ? What is its cause ? How these are linked to spiritual forces ? How does a new born child suffers from leukemia or similar severe disorders ? Why cancer, diabetes etc. still defies all types of treatments ? What are genes / What are sperms & ovum ? Are they mere words or some physical/laboratory analysis ? What is vital force really ? What is a person in toto and how is he influenced by the internal & external environments ?How life/thoght flows automatically ? what is the source of your thoughts,actions,contemplations ? Thousands & thousands of such questions should be asked and jugglery of words is never the answer.It has no power to heal.On the other hand, even if one delves a little deep into the spiritual system through feeling, you can find much better remedy & quick action, and you can also heal the person through right talk from the feeling. That is the heart that heals actually, not the brain nor the rubrics.Homeopathy has been developed from the heart of forefathers of homeopathy, not the brain. Unfortunately, present-day homeopathy is only mental,intellectual, bookish.
      Mass/body/physical are misnomers, according to the latest revelation of science. Thinking of genes as matters analyzing their physiology as the present day science does, takes one in the opposite direction of what really they are. hence all sorts of confusion in finding the truth of life and all its aspects- disease,psychology… Without realizations of the inner truth, vulnerability, cause of diseases are words only,totally superfluous. Intellectual analysis has blocked the allopathic science and homeopathy also suffers from the same thing. One must pay much importance to the feeling because that is the gateway to the hidden spiritual system where lies a great world. Without entering into and seeing the truth yourself,bookish knowledge won’t be of any help there. That’s why that is still obscure.You can’t enter there with prejudiced knowledge, totally impossible. Feeling is the only way. There comes the medicine spontaneously.

      • Marta Olson on

        Though I completely agree that feeling is a vital part to understanding,the reality is….. as it stands within the Western world- there will be no acknowledgment or advancement without the scientific method applied to your work.
        Such things are seen as hocus pocus- but… when the scientific method is applied, suddenly the magical becomes more concrete.
        For those from which innate and intuitive understanding comes “the truth” , or the right remedy: this understanding is coming from the most high or divine. But, Hahneman cautioned against such jumps with the gut. The right remedy comes through careful observation and then choosing of the most relevant rubricks. Many, many provings have been done in order to give such rubricks the foundation which leads the Homeopath to the remedy.Not by hunch, but by painstaking observations- written and compared to other subjects.
        Just as Darwin “knew” his theory of natural selection was correct: it was not until recently that genetics has been able to prove his theory correct. Now the bigger meaning surrounding why one such organism is vulnerable while another is not on a spiritual level is yet to be discovered. But it can’t even be alluded to until the “matter” part of the puzzle is solved for the scientific mind.
        Like it or not, unless the planet arrives again to such a simplistic state that it takes hundreds of years to resurrect itself: This is the brutally slow evolutionary process of man’s current understanding.

  8. margarita on

    Hi, Mr Robert,

    I’ll promise that I’ll remember always your sentences:

    ‘All disease, in essence, is a disease of the spirit.
    The “disease” will be a perfect metaphor for the spiritual evolution of the person.
    Treat the person and not the “disease”.’

    Thank you so much

  9. Yvonne Siblini on

    So very nicely explained, look deeper and deeper helps.

    Just want to share news that homeopathy is going to be used in Haiti for the earthquake survivors V. D Kaviraj is on his way there right now.

    Please click on this site for more details if you want to donate or volunteer to promote homeopathy, which is more needed without side effects.


  10. Anthony on

    Thanks Dr Robert Treating the person & not the disease is the only way to get to the real issue. Thanks again.

  11. naseermuhammad on

    Respect Robert

    Important topic discuss today. Homoeopathic

    system belived its Principal of individucation of the

    patient of mind ,Phyical. chronic case by repertorization

    take history of head to toes symptoms. every patient is location sensation modalities concoment and pathology miasmatic background require great experience to treat the patients.

  12. ghulammuhammad on

    Dear Mr,Robert,
    It is a wonderful and meaningful explanation. It really explains the character of the person which will help to diagnose the cure in a better faster cure.
    thank u brother,

  13. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert: Thank you for your root cause explanation of disease as a vulnerability or susceptibility of the individual vital force and of healing reaction also inherent in the vital force. But I want to add a few things I gathered from great stalwarts experiences in homeopathy. If a vital force has vulnerability or several vulnerablities (ie genetic dispositions), why does one vulnerability show up more than the other. The situational delusion of the individual at the moment in his/her life or (in the case of an infant)of the mother in her pregnancy is what causes this root to dominate in symptoms. For example, can an individual with Causticum or Staphysagria roots express their sense of injustice or indignation in a situation where they should not express it. Example – whene they are the spouse of an abusive tyrant or a poor servant of a punishing master or a liberal writer in a dictatorial government. Any expression by them could result in more abuse or imprisonment or even execution/loss of life. To survive in this “situation”, the root most suitable to survive in that “life situation” takes prominence. One of the allied subservient remedies/roots may show up – Causticum – fights injustice – its allied subservient remedy – Nat-C, Calc-C etc that are meek may to the forefront. I have always wondered if 2 twins were brought up in different families – one in a loving family and one in a harsh family environment – would both twins show the same genetic diseases or remedy pictures over their entire lifetimes. I am not sure of the answer. I am still learning. But I want to give food for thought for all. Any thoughts I expressed here are not my original, I owe a lot of my thoughts to the writings of Dr Sankaran. He may be right or wrong, only time will tell. Thanks, Philip

  14. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    Thanks Dr Robert explaining the basic Homeopathic issues not treat the diseases but the person. I fully agree with you and some times follow this at practicing here in Bangladesh. I will also thanks to Dr Philips Josep and Dr Marta olson’s comments and views. We gained some more scientific matters through this comments page. Thanks to all commenters for expressing new ideas and strengthen Homeopath when someones are strongly against Homeopath worldwide. Thank you again. Rahman (Bangladesh)

  15. Somesh Duggal on

    It is convincing.Please keep sending such write ups.
    With best wishes,
    [email protected]

  16. Somesh Duggal on

    It is convincing.Please keep sending such write ups.
    With best wishes,
    [email protected]

  17. Surya Prakash on

    Dear Dr,
    All your tips are very educative and most usefull for a practitioner like me. I need your guidence and tips in trating chrnic bleeding piles and fistula kindly send me the guidence.

    thanking you,

    yours faithfully,

    Surya Prakash

  18. RahmanDr M Azizur on

    Thanks to all. This is my new mail address and new health care research center for practicing Homeopathy here in Bangladesh. Pl contact me and advice me time to time for learning homeopathy well. thanks to all for helping me.

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