Homeopathy Tips for 2/01/16 A Few of My Favorite Books and Why

Everyone has some favorite books. Homeopathy has thousands of books by many authors over the years. And in the healing or spiritual arts there are maybe millions. I want to share a short list of my favorite books, homeopathic and otherwise. These are books that I enjoy and refer to often as life comes up. I hope you may find these as enjoyable as I have over the years.

Probably my most favorite book of all time is The Eye of the I, From Which Nothing is Hidden, by David Hawkins. I will quote the back cover as it probably says it best, “The Eye if the I is a brilliant work that dissolves the barriers between the known and the unknown, between science and spirituality, and between the Newtonian linear paradigm of the ego and the nonlinear reality of Enlightenment. With the resolution of the self, the Self shines forth and reveals one’s true identity.”

I find this book filled with insight that inspires and is a “go to” book when I need a reminder of the truth of my being. If you haven’t read this book, do so now. It will help you become a better homeopath also.

My favorite homeopathic book along with the Organon, is Prisma by Frans Vermeulen. Prisma is a Materia Medica that includes an accurate essence at the beginning of each remedy description. These essences I have found to be some of the most valuable short descriptions of the energy of the remedy outside of my teacher, Vega Rozenberg’s essences. In addition to the essence he includes natural history, uses of the substance in the world, Pharmacology, toxicology, clinical effects, natural history, folk medicine, and some proving information along with the affinity of the remedy, Modalities, and Main symptoms. With so much information it is still a distilled Materia Medica and will not overwhelm. His Synoptic Materia Medica is a similar volume of smaller remedies. These two Materia Medicas are my most favorite and “go to” sources for information about remedies.

An older book that may be hard to find but has helped myself and others without fail is Why is This Happening to Me…. Again, and What You Can Do About It, by Dr Michael Ryce. This is probably one of the quickest books you will ever read and can be read in two sittings easily. The part I love most about this book are all of the Key thoughts and bold type with important words. This book is another “go to” reference for the reminders of a different and true perspective on the challenges of life. But this is not the best part of the book. Along with the text is a worksheet that when done repeatedly, one per day, can change everything about the problem you have been struggling with. Virtually every person who has used this book and done worksheets for one month has significantly changed a difficult problem in their life. It is a process that realigns us with ourselves. If you can find the book, use it. Don’t let it collect any dust. It can help you more than you will ever believe.

The first book of spirituality I ever read was BE HERE NOW, by Ram Dass. It is a book about his spiritual journey and meeting his guru. It is filled with much insight and is a fun read. It is not written like any other book you have ever read.

When I want to understand metaphysics in a deeper way and learn more about the hidden meaning of symbols, numbers, sacred geometry, pyramids, music, and much more I pick up The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, by Drunvalo Milcheizedek. It is a two volume set and holds more secrets that have been explained in depth than any other book I have ever read. These two books hold the keys to consciousness over the history of our earth through the ages. He has done an amazing amount of work to bring together many ancient civilizations and the mystical truths they held. It is like holding the keys to understanding consciousness through the symbols of the past.

I will leave you with one last favorite book that is more of a guide and workbook for enlightenment. It is not an easy book to read as such, and is written to be a workbook for daily conscious living. This book is A Course In Miracles, by The Foundation for Inner Peace. It is written in a more biblical verse and can be a little difficult to understand at times. It must be read with a thoughtful mind and heart. The second half of the book are 365 daily exercises. The book is designed to take you through a year of thoughtfulness and to initiate a peaceful and centered heart. It really is a book that can open the doors to enlightenment. It is a book that must be lived and not just read to reap the full benefit.

Interestingly enough only two books about homeopathy were mentioned. The Organon, by Samuel Hahnemann, is really the best book about homeopathy ever written. It holds the keys to the “how to” of homeopathy. Without this book I would probably not be sitting here and even sharing anything in the Homeopathy Tips newsletter. It would not even exist. So the last kudos goes to the Hahnemann and his Organon of Medicine.

I hope you will share some of your favorite books with all of the readers.  Your comments are always welcome. Others will benefit from your sharing. Thanks.


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