Homeopathy Tips for 2/01/11 Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are a common form of headache but unique in their character and usually of a more violent nature. Allopathic medication is the standard treatment but homeopathy offers many remedies that can not only help the headache but help a person to remove the tendency to migraines as well.

 There are two basic types of migraine headaches; those with a visual aura or disturbance preceding the onset of pain and those without the visual disturbances. Common to both of these types of migraines are nausea (sometimes with vomiting) and photophobia.

Migraine headaches with aura are defined by the International Headache Society as at least 2 attacks that are unrelated to organic disease with at least one reversible aura symptom indicating cerebral cortical or brain-stem dysfunction lasting more than 60 minutes. The headache pain may precede, be concurrent with or follow within 60 minutes of the aura.

The IHS defines migraine headache without aura as happening with at least 5 attacks unrelated to organic disease lasting 4 to 72 hours duration. Pain is characterized by moderate to severe in intensity or aggravated by at least one other symptom; nausea, vomiting, photophobia or noise sensitivity.

Common to all migraine are the throbbing pains that are sometimes only one-sided or occipital. The pains can last from 4 hours to 3 days. The intensity can be great. Many times the person will not want to move and lay still in a dark room.

The common allopathic approach is with medications. There are three types of drugs used to treat migraines. Preventative drugs like Amyltriptyline, Nortriptyline, or Propanolol. Abortive drugs Ergotamine, Almotriptam Prochlorperazine are used to stop the migraines. Analgesic drugs to remove pain are Acetomenophen, Asprin, Naproxen, Coedine and Oxycodone. These drugs are not the entire list of drugs used to treat migraine but are the most commonly used. They all have side effects and must be used with care.

Homeopathy offers a much better approach. As with all acute diseases there are emotional and mental components. Understanding the person is crucial to correct application of homeopathic principles. Remember the remedy is for the person and not their disease. Because migraines are usually of a chronic nature it is important to investigate the persons history and try to perceive why the migraines are happening. If there is a clear mental/emotional reason this must be addressed in choosing the remedy. The importance of the acute symptoms and how the person reports them is very important as well. Find out how the symptoms start, if there are any exciting causes, how the pain develops, and what the pain feels like. Ask what will make the headache better or worse and if there are any other things about the migraine that might seem unusual. Their descriptions will provide the best repertizations. Below are a few important rubrics from the Complete 2009 Repertory;

  • Head; PAIN; Migraine (173) : abel., acetan., 3Aeth., agav-t., alum., am-c., 3Aml-n., 3Anac., 3Anan., anh., ant-t., 4APIS, 3Aran., aran-ix., arg., 3Arg-n., 3Ars., 4ASAF., 3Asar., aspar., astra-e., aur., aur-br., bani-c., 4BELL., bell-p., 2betul., 4BOL., both-l., bov., brom., bry., cact., cadm., 3Calc., 3Calc-acet., calc-l-n., 3Calc-p., cand-p., cann-i., caps., carb-v., carc., 2card-m., 3Caul., 2cedr., cham., 2chen-a., 3Chin., chin-ar., chin-s., 2cic., 3Cimic., cinis-p., coc-c., 3Cocc., 4COD-N., 3Coff., coffin., colch., 4COLOC., 2com., 2con., cupr., 4CUR., 3Cycl., 2cytin., dam., dys-co., elaps, 4EPHIN., euon., euon-a., 4EUP-PER., eup-pur., excr-can., foll., 4GELS., geoc-c., gink., 4GLON., graph., guai., 4HELON., hist., 2hydr., hydr-ac., 3Hyper., 3Ign., ind., 4INDG., 3Ip., 4IRIS, 3Kali-bi., 3Kali-br., 3Kali-c., kali-m., 4KOLA., 3Lac-d., 4LACH., 2lam., larr-t., 2laur., 3Lav-v., 2levi-o., 2lil-t., 3Lob., lyc., mag-m., mang-p., 3Meli., 3Melis., menis., 2menth., merc., merc-i-f., 3Mez., 3Morg., 4MOSCH., 3Nat-m., 2nelu., nicc., 4NUX-M., 4NUX-V., 3Onos., 2orig., palo., 4PAR., paull., paull-p., 2pisc., 4PLAT., 4PODO., por-m., 3Prim-v., prun., 4PULS., querc-r., rob., ros-b., 2sabad., sal-ac., sals-t., 4SANG., sapin., 3Sarr., sars., scut., 4SEC., 4SEP., 4SIL., sol, 3Spig., spong., stann., stict., 3Sulph., syc-co., 3Tab., 3Tarent., thea., ther., thuj., 2thymu., torul., tub., valer., verat-v., 3Verb., vib., wild., 3Zinc., zing.
  • Head; PAIN; Blindness or visual complaints, precede or attend (71) : anh., 3Ars., asar., aspar., aster., bar-c., 3Bell., bell-p., brucel., carc., 3Caust., cedr., chim-m., chin., coca, cocc., 2conch., cortiso., 4CYCL., dys-co., euphr., ferr-p., 4GELS., geoc-c., 3Glon., grat., hyos., iber., ign., 4IRIS, 4KALI-BI., kali-c., 2kali-hp., lac-c., 3Lac-d., lach., latex, 3Lil-t., mag-c., 4MELI., mygal., nat-c., 3Nat-m., nicc., nux-v., orob-r., 3Petr., 3Phos., pic-ac., pitu-a., podo., posit., psil., 3Psor., puls., querc-r., 3Sang., 3Sep., 3Sil., sol, spig., 3Stram., 4SULPH., term-c., 3Ther., tub., verat., verat-v., viol-o., 3Zinc., zinc-s.
  • Vision; BLURRED; Headache; before (10) : corv-c., 3Gels., hyos., 4IRIS, 3Kali-bi., lac-d., podo., psor., 3Sep., sulph.
  • Vision; DIM; Headache; before (26) : aur-m-n., bar-c., cedr., elaps, 3Gels., glon., graph., hyos., 4IRIS, 3Kali-bi., lac-c., 4LAC-D., lach., lyc., 3Nat-m., nux-v., 3Phos., podo., 3Psor., puls., 3Sep., sil., stram., 3Sulph., ther., 3Tub.
  • Vision; ZIG-ZAGS (33) : amyg-p., anh., arist-cl., calc., calc-l., cann-s., carl., cinnb., coca, coloc., con., falco-p., ferr-ma., fl-ac., flor-p., 3Graph., hura, 3Ign., 2irid., kali-bi., kola., 3Lach., lyc., 4NAT-M., ozone, phos., psor., puls., 3Sep., sul-i., 3Sulph., thuj., viol-o.
  • Eyes; PHOTOPHOBIA; Headache, during (24) : agath-a., bell., cand-a., carc., clem., 3Ferr-p., glon., 2hyos., 3Kali-bi., 3Kali-br., 3Kali-c., kali-p., lac-mat., mim-p., 4NAT-S., ozone, phel., pitu-a., pyrus-c., ros-b., sep., spig., tarent., zinc.
  • Vision; COLORS before the eyes; Halo of colors around; light (72) : 3Aloe, 4ALUM., alum-p., aml-n., 3Ammc., 3Anac., anag., anh., asar., atro., bar-c., 4BELL., 3Bry., 3Calad., 3Calc., cann-s., 3Carb-v., caust., cham., chim., chin., chlor., 3Cic., 4COCC., coff-t., colch., com., 3Cycl., 3Dig., digin., euph., 3Euphr., ferr., ferr-ma., galv., gels., 3Hep., hyos., 3Ip., 3Kali-c., 3Kali-n., kali-p., kali-s., 3Lach., mag-m., mang., merl., mim-p., nat-p., 3Nicc., nit-ac., 4OSM., ozone, 3Ph-ac., 4PHOS., 4PULS., ran-b., 4RUTA, saroth., sarr., 3Sars., 3Sep., sil., 3Stann., 3Staph., 3Stront-c., 4SULPH., 3Tub., verat., verat-v., 3Zinc., zinc-p.
  • Vision; ACCOMMODATION; Defective; headache, with (3) : 3Mag-p., nat-m., nelu.
  • Stomach; NAUSEA; Headache, during (249) : acan-pl., acon., acon-ac., adam., aesc., aeth., aids, ail., alch-v., 3Alco-s., 4ALOE, 3Alum., alum-p., alum-sil., alumn., 3Am-c., am-m., 2ambr., ana-i., androc., 4ANT-C., ant-t., 3Apis, apoc-a., aran., arg., arg-n., arge-p., arist-cl., arn., 3Ars., ars-s-f., art-tri., 3Asar., asc-c., aur., aur-ar., aur-s., 2bacch-a., bamb-a., 3Bell., bell-p., benz-ac., 3Bol., 3Bor., bros-g., 3Bry., bufo, bung-f., cadm., 3Calc., 3Calc-p., calc-s., calc-sil., cale-z., calen., 2camph., cand-a., cann-s., 3Caps., 3Carb-ac., 3Carb-v., carc., caul., 4CAUST., 3Cedr., 3Cham., chel., chin., chin-ar., chin-s., choc., chrysan., cic., cimic., cinnb., cit-a., citl-l., clad-r., cob., cob-n., 4COCC., coco-n., colch., 3Coloc., 4CON., cor-r., corn-f., croc., 2crot-h., culx., culx-p., 3Cupr., 3Cupr-ar., cycl., cyg-c., 2diox., dros., 3Dulc., elaps, ephe., erech., 3Eug., 3Eup-per., eup-pur., ferr., fl-ac., form., gels., 2gink., 3Glon., 3Graph., grat., haliae-lc., 2harp., helod-c., hep., herin., hipp., hydr., hydr-ac., hydrog., hyper., iber., 2ign., ignis, 3Ind., indg., indol., 4IP., 4IRIS, jug-c., kali-ar., 3Kali-bi., 3Kali-c., kali-p., 3Kali-s., kali-sil., kalm., kola., kreos., 3Lac-c., 3Lac-d., 2lac-h., 3Lach., lap-laz., lat-h., 2latex, laur., 3Lept., lith-c., 3Lob., lob-p., lsd, lyc., mag-c., mang-p., 3Mangi., med., 3Merc., mez., mill., morg., 3Mosch., myric., naja, nat-ar., nat-c., 3Nat-m., nat-p., nat-s., neon, 3Nit-ac., 3Nux-m., 4NUX-V., ol-j., olnd., onc-t., onos., 3Op., orob-r., 3Ost., ozone, pall., paull-p., petr., 3Phos., phys., 3Phyt., pitu-a., plat., plut-n., podo., por-m., posit., propol., ptel., 3Puls., pyrus-c., querc-r., 4RAN-B., rhus-t., ros-b., rumx., ruta, sal-ac., 4SANG., sanic., sarcol-ac., 3Sars., scorp., seneg., 4SEP., ser-ang., 3Sil., sol, spect., spig., 3Stann., stict., stram., strep-s., stront-c., stroph., 4SULPH., 3Tab., tama., tanac., taosc., 3Tarax., tarent., tax., teg-a., tep., ter., ther., thuj., torul., turq., ven-m., 3Verat., verat-v., vip., visc., xan., zinc., zinc-p., zing., ziz.
  • Vision; FLASHES (72) : agar., ail., alco-s., aloe, androc., anh., arg-n., atro., aur., 4BELL., brom., calc., calc-f., carc., caust., 3Cedr., chlf., clem., coca, 3Croc., cycl., des-ac., dig., falco-p., fl-ac., 3Glon., hep., 3Hyosin., iber., ign., iris, kali-c., kali-chl., lach., latex, leon., lob-c., lyc., maia-l., mel-alt., menth., merc., merc-i-f., mobil-ph., 4NAT-C., nitrob., 3Nux-v., olnd., op., 4PHOS., 4PHYS., plut-n., por-m., posit., 3Puls., rauw., sec., seneg., sep., 3Sil., spig., spong., 3Staph., stram., sulph., tab., tarent., telo-s., thuj., 3Valer., viol-o., xan.

Remedies that may be applicable to Migraines are many. By no means is the list below a complete list of available remedies. Investigate these remedies and study them for a better understanding.

  • Arsenicum Album – Periodical headaches. Cold applications ameliorate. Vomiting after eating or drinking. Much restlessness and anxiety.
  • Belladonna – The face is red. The pains are throbbing. The head is hot and the limbs are cold. Cannot bear light or noise. Worse from lying down. Better from pressure or wrapping the head.
  • Bryonia – Must lie perfectly still. Worse from the slightest motion. Stooping aggravates. It feels as if the brain will burst through the skull. The pains begin on opening the eyes after waking in the AM. Very thirsty. Better by pressure, worse on the side lain on.
  • Calcarea Carbonica – Chronic headaches. Congestion of blood in the head. Sensation of coldness with heat of the head. Fells as if she will go crazy. Menses aggravate.
  • China Sulfuricum – Intermittent headache. Repeates daily or weekly.
  • Gelsemium – Eyes sore with the headache. Blindness proceeding the headache. Head feels enlarged. Occiptal migraines.
  • Glonoinum – Migraine from recent exposure to the sun. Pains increase with the rising sun and decrease when it sets. Throbbing fullness. Feels as if the head will explode.Worse from the least jar or sudden movements. Headache in place of the menses.
  • Ignatia Amara – Pain as if a nail were driven through the side of the head. pains that come on gradually and cease suddenly.Pains change locations. After grief. Better from warm applications and lying on the affected side. Better from urination.
  • Iris Versicolor – One sided migraine. Onset of headache with blurred vision. Gastric or hepatic origin of the headache. Worse from rest and better for moderate motion. Right sided. Severe frontal pains.
  • Kali Bichromicum – Blurred vision or blindness before the headache. Pains in very small spots that can be covered by the tip of the finger. Pains wandering and appearing and disappearing quickly.
  • Lachesis – Morning aggravation or starting on waking. Left sided. Extends to the right side. Cannot bear to have the hair touched.
  • Magnesium Phosphoricum – Neuralgic headache. Pains are sharp, cutting, shooting or intermittent. Unbearable pain. Relieved by warmth and pressure.
  • Natrum Muriaticum – Headache in anemic school girls. Bursting pains. Periodic headaches. Chronic, periodical and appearing between sunrise and sunset. Begins with a partial blindness. Malarial headache always worse by the sea.
  • Pulsatilla – In women with scanty menses who are predisposed to weep easily. Pains extend to ears and teeth. Rapidly shifting pains from on place to another. Better by open air and wrapping the head.
  • Sanguinaria – Right sided headaches that begin in the occiput and extend up and over the head settling over the right eye. Weekly periodicity. Increases with the sun and decreases from midday to sunset. Bursting headache as if the eyes would pop out. Sleep ameliorates.
  • Silica – Chronic headaches. Mental exertion aggravates. Cold air aggravates. Better from warmth and wrapping the head. Sight disturbed, blurry after a headache. Eating ameliorates.
  • Spigilia – Neuralgic pain of a violent nature over the left eye. Pains stat in the occiput and settle over the left eye.

This list is only a few remedies that I have found to be very useful, but would by no means alleviate the need to take the case. As with any chronic condition, we need to understand the person and prescribe accordingly. Study these remedies from all Materia Medica sources. In acute cases many times the 30C potency given from 3 times per day to every hour as necessary can be helpful. If the remedy seems to work but then looses it’s ability to help, it may be necessary to give a higher potency or repeat the remedy more often. Look to the 200C or 1M when going up from the 30C in acutes. In treatment of migraines when it is chronic but the person is not suffering acutely, starting with either a low potency of 6C or 12C one time per day or giving a single dose of a high potency (1M or 10M) one time and waiting, is a better approach.  There is much help that homeopathy can provide for the sufferer of migraine headaches.

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    Your remark is important for me
    Homoeopathically yours,
    Dr sameer

    • Yvonne on

      To my little knowledge Dr. Sameer, I have noticed that even after antidoting remedies in other ways the remedy tends to do its work anyway. Fresh mint for example is a good example.

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      Hi Dr. Do you have any suggestions about diet or other things that may help migraine? If you do, please share then. I sometimes limit the scope of these articles so that I am not writing a full research paper weekly. Please forgive my shortcomings. Also I will not write about something I am unsure of. So dietary considerations in migraine I can not discuss at length. I am sure there are readers who can contribute to this much better than myself. This sounds like a great research project for you. When you have information, please share. It will benefit the entire group. Thanks. Robert

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    I have a client who is a 75 yr old lady. She has been suffering from headache since last year or so. I took her case and gave her the well indicated remedy but it doesnt seem to have helped her . There is no specific mental emotional conflict but old age seems to be problem. I gave her acute constitutional remedy. Even that is not helping .What should i do ?


    • Robert on

      Farhin. There is something you are missing. When remedies fail to work it is not the fault of homeopathy, but the fault of simply not seeing what is asking to be healed. I believe you when you say that well indicated remedies are failing. This is how I define a difficult case. Homeopathy works. In this case the correct remedy has not been given yet. My advise is to not give up as long as you have a willing client and the condition of the person does not worsen or call for other intervention. If you stay with the case and do not give up, when something happens you will learn more from one case than years of education. This is how we develop as a homeopath. There is still something that has yet to be revealed. Your job is to discover it. Remember to ” ask for help” from higher from higher powers. Then watch very carefully. Good luck.

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    Nat. Sulf 6x has helped me much with my migraine with nausea, bitter taste in mouth and bloating feeling in the stomach. Especially before or the first couple of days of Menses.

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  33. Dr.s.praveenkumar on

    hi guys..
    give tincture combination of damiana Q + chionanthus Q with selective remedy basing on constitution is much helping in curing any kind of headaches.
    give gnaphalium Q + viscum album Q+ xanthoxyllum Q combination for sciatica
    give lobelia Q + pothos Q + sambucus Q for asthama

    give guiacum Q + cimicifuga Q for rheumatic pains

    give ocimum c Q + sarasaparilla Q for renal complaints

    give acip phos Q + cephalandra Q + abroma augusta Q + syzy Q for diabetis

    give euphrasia Q + lemna minor Q for nasal allergies

    give chionanthus Q + berberis v Q + chelidonium Q for gall bladder complaints

    give viburnum Q+ xanthoxyllum Q for dysmenorrheoa

    give kreosote Q + abroma augusta Q + xanthoxyllum Q for leucorrhea

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